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Jackals (Balance, #2) quotes Jackals (Balance, #2) , litcharts Jackals (Balance, #2) , symbolism Jackals (Balance, #2) , summary shmoop Jackals (Balance, #2) , Jackals (Balance, #2) 5d5768fd Book Of The Balance SeriesThey Ve Escaped The Bunker, Their Lives Now Their Own Experts In Subterfuge, Discovery Unlikely, But Knowing What They Know, Can They Leave Well Enough Alone Rena S Disclosure Changed Everything Why They Were In The Bunker, How Michael Can Do What He Can Do And Most Importantly, How To Bring About The Fall Of The Elite More Secrets Are Yet To Be Revealed What Is The Nexus, And How Its Existence Jeopardizes The SuperElite Who Are The Jackals Most Importantly, Why Is Michael The Key To The Collapse Of The Elite World Order Michael And Rena Race Around The Globe, Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, England And The United States Acting Against The Jackals The Most Powerful People In The World Doing What They D Been Trained To Do Infiltrate And Assassinate Michael Embraces His Mantle As The Harbinger Of Death, Taking His Reputation To New Levels Rena Proves To Be The Dangerous Than Any Realized, Discovering The Theory Of Jackals

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    Yes, yes I know This section is meant for reviews But, as I stated in my review of Balance, here was a better place to talk about the the book When I started the Balance series, my goal was to write a book, a story, I wanted to read Before I ever had any idea of the story for Balance, I had the list Bullet points of things I liked and didn t like about the books I d read So, on that day while mowing the lawn, the entire story for the Balance series came to me Several aspects changed, but the story remained The introduction of Meg, Leonidas relationship to Rena, The Theory of Jackals were those quirky points that made the story in Balance jell Meg was needed as the catalyst, the fuse, to bring about the end of the book, and Leonidas was needed to propel the series into Jackals and ultimately Alpha When I came up with the Theory of Jackals, I thought it was an original concept, then as I sat back and looked at it, I realized it s the basis of almost all reality TV The manipulation and gamesmanship So, to use that concept to build a dystopian espionage action story was a ride to create And you can t have reality TV without romance, and the relationship of Michael and Rena was so much fun to develop.One of the biggest complaints I ve personally had with so many stories I ve read is the drudgery of the real time story You know the one, where you live vicariously through every day of the characters lives, where between actual excitement, you re dealt with the melodramatic boorishness of the characters lives where they go through bouts of self doubt and minute highs I know, that s how you build drama and depth I don t mind that if the depth doesn t come at the expense of the story and excitement A great symphony always has massive movements, plunging lows and soaring highs, and always with a breathtaking crescendo So, in an effort to build those highs and lows, Jackals is written to capture the movements so then the progression I felt that Balance was the character development story, while Jackals and Alpha were the actual story, the real plot of the Balance series In Balance, the actual plot is kept from the reader, given away in pieces to be understood at the end A puzzle to assemble, without knowing what the end result was supposed to look like Alpha, and especially Jackals you re given the picture in the explanation of the Theory of Jackals and the Nexus early on, but the pieces are handed out in a manner that you ll be trying to figure out how they fit together Every chapter in Jackals is meant to be a story that builds to the endgame, almost like individual pieces that comprise the concert In each chapter the characters evolve, along with the plot, and every chapter has highs and lows.Jackals was the book I experimented with my writing style, and the reader will see that You ll see juxtaposed chapters, chapters almost entirely comprised of dialog, and others heavy on narrative As with Balance, I tried to write an immersive story, where the reader is pulled inside the book, experiencing it with the characters still maintaining a third person POV I m surprised by the reaction of readers that have commented to me about the immersive style.In Jackals, I stepped everything up from Balance a lot action, manipulation, emotion and ton visuals The piano, blue balls and Harbinger Rising were my favorites to write So enjoy.

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