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Medusas Web chapter 1 Medusas Web , meaning Medusas Web , genre Medusas Web , book cover Medusas Web , flies Medusas Web , Medusas Web 1b88e5c3fb1d6 In The Wake Of Their Aunt Amity S Suicide, Scott And Madeline Madden Are Summoned To Caveat, The Eerie, Decaying Mansion In The Hollywood Hills In Which They Were Raised But Their Decadent And Reclusive Cousins, The Malicious Wheelchair Bound Claimayne And His Sister, Ariel, Do Not Welcome Scott And Madeline S Return To The Childhood Home They Once Shared While Scott Desperately Wants To Go Back To Their Shabby South Of Sunset Lives, He Cannot Pry His Sister Away From This Old House That Is A Conduit For The Supernatural Decorated By Bits Salvaged From Old Hotels And Movie Sets, Caveat Hides A Dark Family Secret That Stretches Back To The Golden Days Of Rudolph Valentino And The Silent Film Stars A Collection Of Hypnotic Abstract Images Inked On Paper Allows The Maddens To Briefly Fragment And Flatten Time To Transport Themselves Into The Past And Future In Visions That Are Both Puzzling And Terrifying As Madeline Falls Completely Under Caveat S Spell, Scott Must Fight To Protect Her But Will He Unravel The Mystery Of The Madden Family S Past And Finally Free Them Or Be Pulled Deeper Into Their Deadly Web

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    wheelbugs and spiders and salome, oh my sometimes i think tim powers doesn t love me as much as i love him or maybe it s just that he looks at my goodreads page and sees i have only read three of his books before this one and he just doesn t understand that it s not always about quantity with me that i love The Stress of Her Regard SO MUCH that even if i d only read that one single book by him, it would still be tru luv 4eva not to self get a better tattoo artist and maybe finally fix that drawer because sometimes i felt that this book was really just out to get me allow me to invite you to my inconsistency party one of the things i love about tim powers is how little he cares if you are keeping up, as a reader he s going to tell the story he wants to tell and if it takes you a hundred pages to realize you are reading the best book you have ever read about byron, well, that s your problem and you ll reread those early pages later when you know exactly what s going on and be better for it i love it when authors like david mitchell or jonathan carroll or books like The String Diaries invent all new mythologies and introduce the reader to creatures or rituals they will not encounter anywhere else.AND YET here, i felt like tim powers was mad at me and absolutely did not want me tagging along to where he was going i have difficulty processing stories about time travel and alt universes and butterfly effects and all that and this book is conceptually similar to that but also completely different so i was adrift pretty early on you know how if you read a lousy book about vampires that is poor in its descriptions you can still fall back on hundreds of years of vampire lore to fill in the blanks and at least muddle your way through well imagine if there were no vampire books ever and i m not saying that this is poorly described or not well written i m just saying my brain has always balked at abstractions and this being a whole new kind of abstraction my poor fingies were slipping off the ledge from the get go.greg was fortunate enough to get an arc of this through work, and he generously let me read it first because he knows i love tim powers and he thought this was a haunted house story because that s what the back cover wants you to think but it s not, strictly speaking, a haunted house story it definitely has elements of gothic horror and there s a big crumbly house and the restless dead, but that s all layered underneath a much less typical version of a haunted house story that owes way to science fiction than horror from the back cover cuz i m never going to be able to explain it myself A collection of hypnotic eight limbed abstract images inked on paper allows the Maddens to briefly fragment and flatten time to transport themselves into the past and future in visions that are both puzzling and terrifying.puzzling, certainly, to my poor dumb brain.it is full of sentences like this and i don t consider this is a spoiler, even though it comes towards the end of the book, because it makes no sense out of context, and it only half makes sense to me in context Madeline s eyes widened and she nodded So when you look at it right now, you ll be the Scott who looks at it later, after you ve found out where she is He nodded Hurry But don t look at it yourself It doesn t make sense You ll find out where she is now because you ll eventually know where she was now Spiders see it all at once, not divvied up into then and now and later Hurry i m with madeline in the it doesn t make sense camp but it does make sense, to people whose brains work that way there were plenty of times i understood what was going on and got caught up in the momentum and i gleefully thought i get it i get it this is fun but then something else would happen to confound me and i would stumble and growl like an angry dog.on the one hand, this might be the kind of book that is better on the second read but what if it s not that would be like not liking kids but having a baby anyway because everyone claims it s different when it s your own and then discovering that s completely untrue and then you ve wasted lots of time rereading a book or birthing a kid same thing so even though i know i didn t enjoy this book as much as i d been hoping to, there are still plenty of things that even dummies can appreciate i love how scott, in particular, feels ripped right out of some eighties movie with his long haired motorcycle heroics and his aol account okay, so aol is post eighties, but it s still wonderfully throwbacky since this takes place in 2015, and since i thought i was the only one still using aol, i feel like this is tim powers saying hello to me, and that is very cool hello from the shortbus, tim powers i also loved the synchronicity of my having read this book, featuring rudolph valentino and natacha rambova, the same week that american horror story ALSO featured the pair, and that since this book doesn t come out until january, i am likely the only person that will ever have this image in their head while reading about their old hollywood glamor there s a sort of similar treatment between the two storylines which is kind of neat to have experienced back to back, although i m not in love with this season apart from the costumes and soundtrack also, cool page design, even in the arc bonus points for names like genod and claimayne and best line award goes to She loves you the way a drowning person loves somebody they can push down and climb on top of so, while i still love tim powers and i am not covering up my tattoo, this is not my favorite of his books, even though there s enough great scenes that i liked it even when i was drowning.look away come to my blog

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    Medusa s Web is a mind bending story about two siblings that have to uncover occult secrets about their family Secrets that goes back to the 1920 s Hollywood Scott and Madeline Madden are summoned to Caveat, a spooky crumbling mansion, after their Aunt Amity s suicide It s been years since they have been back there and the old mansion brings back memories Their cousins Claimayne and Ariel are living at the mansion and they are not too happy that Amity apparently wrote a new testament one hour before she died that requested that they stay a week at the place and if they do will they inherit the place.Medusa s Web is not like anything else I have read Mind bending is the perfect way to describe the book Claimayne and Ariel Maddens use eight limbered abstracted images inked on paper to be able to transport themselves into the past and the future Scott and Madeline by mistake looked at a spider when they were young when they found envelopes with spiders after their parents had disappeared That has affected them throughout their lives It s a spider they should never have looked at.It s hard to explain this book without giving the plot away I found the book deeply fascinating although sometimes it was also quite mind blowing confusing to read I especially liked the link to the past to the 1920s and I loved Rudolph Valentino s part in the story I wish I could write about it, but I will settle with that it gave the book a bittersweet tone, especially towards the end of the book.The spiders was a bit confusing at first, I didn t read the blurb before I read the book I just gave it a glance I don t want the read something that gives the story away So, it took some time for me to really grasp what was going one It didn t help that the body jumping sometimes was a bit abstract explained, especially since Scott and Madeline didn t know what they were doing at first, and what the spiders really did I was intrigued, confounded and absolutely charmed by the book and I will definitely read from Tim Powers Thanks to the publisher that provided me a copy of the book through Edelweiss Read this review and others on A Bookaholic Swede

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    A new Tim Powers novel is always cause for rejoicing around here, and this one was excellent When the aunt who raised them commits suicide in a spectacular fashion, Scott and Madeline Madden are summoned back to her mansion to stay for a week until the will drawn up just before her death is tested But the cousins who still live at the mansion, Claimayne and Ariel, don t want them there, and a secret magic threatens to draw them back into its power Still, how much can happen in a week The magic is complex and creative, mingling aspects of addiction with a form of time travel and alien presences in a way probably only Tim Powers could manage Each of the four main characters is affected by it differently Claimayne embraces it, Ariel is trying to get free of it, and Scott and Maddy are trying to benefit from it without being overpowered by it I loved the complexity of keeping track of when everyone was, particularly Scott s use of it in the first climax there are two, which is one of the weaknesses of the book Powers never fully explains how the spiders come to be, though one way of creating them is revealed the spiders used by Scott and the others are modern interpretations of something older than they can imagine It enhances the mystical creepiness of them in a way I enjoyed.Powers is famous for his secret histories, and I d have to say this is one of the weaker ones in the sense that very few of the historical figures are well known enough to give the story the oomph something like The Stress of Her Regard has However, Rudolph Valentino as a character works perfectly as someone I could imagine a modern girl falling in love with across time The historical segments play out sequentially, doling out just enough information each time to keep me interested without being confused given that they are all results of time traveling, sometimes with multiple characters I did love the sense of place the story has, with its setting in and around Hollywood It feels very immediate, and the description of the mansion called the Caveat it has the word carved to one side of the door, and the other side has been destroyed so you don t know until the very end who s being warned left me with a very Miss Havisham feeling about the whole thing.Speaking of Miss Havisham, Ariel totally has the same vibe that unlucky in love, dried up spinster who maybe doesn t want to be vibe view spoiler I was so glad Ariel and Scott worked out their misunderstanding Don t get that look Scott and Maddy are adopted cousins I was pretty sure from the beginning, when Ariel reflects on the rejected love note she gave Scott, that Claimayne had interfered in their relationship On the other hand, that they can realize they re in love after I don t remember how many years of her hating him that was a little too easy But I wanted it to happen, so I let it go hide spoiler

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    A deteriorating, creepy old Hollywood mansion full of secrets An old Hollywood family reunited due to the matriarch s dramatic suicide A magical drug like addiction that allows users to trade or share bodies, for a price A loser brother and his even losery sister are dropped into this and must solve the mysteries of their aunt s identity, their parents disappearance, and a long lost film sought by multiple nefarious parties.While it did become hard to put down toward the end, Medusa s Web is not Powers best work I liked his odd characters he pits a doofy brother and doofier sister against their cousins, a smiling near quadriplegic and a spiteful harridan No likely heroes here And his mystical stuff is fascinating in its potential At least initially.But the author loses all control of his supernatural elements It commences well enoughpeople who look at certain eight limbed patterns on paper leap into one another s bodies for brief periods, allowing for existence overlap and a sort of pseudo time travel But Powers starts tacking on other, badly contrived, effects Most users suffer mounting health problems from looking at spiders But some arbitrarily get a vampiric result instead, allowing them to stay young indefinitely Suddenly possession gets tossed into the mix And random but narratively convenient spiderless time travel, out of nowhere Also, I could have done without the cinematic action packed climax Powers should have stuck with the cerebral stuff view spoiler Loved the prophetic references to The Fall of the House of Usher hide spoiler

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    REVIEW MEDUSA S WEB by Tim PowersReading any book by Tim Powers is to enter a universe of possibilities, where dimensions cross and probabilities intertwine A universe of magic in the broadest scene, where anything within and beyond the range of thought is the universe which Mr Powers imagination populates I first stumbled upon this author years ago when I discovered LAST CALL, and immediately was enrapt Mr Powers interweaves classical mythological strands and personages into consensus reality, so that the themes and figures coexist with our contemporary culture, able to impact us.In MEDUSA S WEB, the beauty and horror of 1920 s Hollywood align and affect 2015 Hollywood, as occult practices known to the Sumerians and Babylonians of antiquity find practitioners in the 1920 s, extending into day MEDUSA S WEB is fable and fantasy, magical realism at its height.

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    Given the option I d probably rate this at 3.5 stars I m a long time Tim Powers fan and I had this on pre order for months It delivers some of what we ve come to expect in any Tim Powers novel meticulously researched history re imaged through a lens of magic In this case, we have 1920s Hollywood and spiders strange geometric shapes which, when looked at, connect the viewer to other times and places, including other people who have looked at the same spider in the past There are spider addicts, and recovering spider addicts, and a shadowy group trying to get hold of the big spider which is a sort of Platonic ideal of spiders which which possibly grant a certain kind of disembodied immortality through the ability to connect with all those who have looked at spiders before.However, I felt that the writing in this novel was not up to the standard of Powers best Declare, Last Call, Expiration Date What particularly bothered me was an odd sort of proceduralism, where he would take some relatively straightforward activity Scott starting up his motorcycle, driving around certain neighborhoods in LA, sweeping up a broken dish and describe it in very procedural detail for no apparent reason This didn t add to the sense of verisimilitude or tell us anything about the characters through how the actions were done, it mostly just told us that Powers had thought through all the details I enjoyed it fairly well, and there were some individual scenes which were brilliantly executed and right up there with Powers at his best, but significant stretches of the book read as if they were a revision short of finished.

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    Another one sitting read from the great Tim Powers I ve been a fan since reading THE DRAWING OF THE DARK in 1980, and over the years since he s never failed to astonish and entertain me with his skill and imagination This is no exception.Medusa s Web initially sets itself up as a Gothic horror, with its rambling old house and disfunctional and weird family members, but Powers quickly spins things off into fractured time streams, plots within plots and a mystery dating back to 1920 s Hollywood A word of warning though if you re an arachnophobe, it s probably best to avoid this one, as there are spiders here that ll haunt your dreams.As ever, it s all heady stuff from Powers There were a couple of places where I felt the complications of the mythos he built, and the amount of exposition needed to keep the plot going, was in danger of bringing the whole thing crashing down but Powers is a master juggler, and keeps all the balls in the air just long enough to speed us along to the finale A very enjoyable way to spend the day.

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    I m tempted to say something terribly cliche about Tim Powers being a national treasure, but a writer as audaciously _original_ as Powers does not deserve cliches His ability to pick up seemingly random threads of history and make them _make sense_ together, and relevant to the present, is unparalleled His best books, like _Declare_ and the Last Call Fisher King trilogy, move the mind, the heart, and the aesthetic sense whatever that is , equally._Medusa s Web_ can stand with these books unashamed Principally and at the surface, it is the story of the last four members of the Madden family Scott and Madeleine their cousin Claymaine and their other cousin Ariel Claymaine is the sole child of Amity Madden, who recently died in a particularly gruesome suicide he and Ariel have lived all their lives in Amity s house, Caveat Her will, made only an hour before her suicide, leaves the house to Scott and Madeleine, which Claymaine and Ariel naturally resent.But first Scott and Madeleine must spend a week at Caveat, which they both left years ago Aunt Amity raised them after their parents disappeared, and she often seemed to love them than Claymaine But the atmosphere at Caveat was poisonous, and so they each left as soon as they were able.Now they return, to find the atmosphere deadly than before Claymaine and Ariel have become users of spiders, a way of travelling through time into someone else s body for a few moments When Scott and Madeleine arrive, Ariel is on a spider trip into her own future, and seems surprisingly friendly towards them shortly thereafter she becomes quite hostile and is shocked to learn of her future self s behavior.The story, set in the present, manages to involve characters like William Randolph Hearst, Rudolph Valentino, Alla Nazimova, and many other silent era film stars and crew It resolves the mystery of the death of film director Thomas H Ince on Hearst s boat in 1924, and why the 1933 silent film _Salome_ was Aunt Amity s favorite movie.There are also mysterious people who want these secrets Some will kill to get them Some will do worse things than that.It s that kind of book.Calling Powers s books urban fantasy does them a severe disservice, because they don t deal with traditional fantasy tropes dumped into a modern setting They are, perhaps, in line with the work of Charles Williams, whose novels tended to be centered on an eruption of the supernatural into quotidian English life But Powers is less overtly theological in his interests than Williams and his books wander near the realm of alternate history into the much rarer and harder to pull off secret history At this point I must confess to a slight personal relationship with Tim Powers going on thirty years ago, he was a teacher and I was a student at a week long workshop I imagine that he would not, today, know me from Adam, but I have some lasting positive attitudes which may slightly color this review so take it cum grano salis.

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    If any big city in the United States seems less likely to harbor ghosts than Los Angeles well, no, that s not true, now that I think about it So many hopes and dreams, both fulfilled and otherwiseL.A must be full of ghosts, if such lingering imprints from life exist anywhere.Tim Powers knows this He knows Los Angeles intimately, its street corners and alleyways, its histories and moods, the way so much darkness hides beneath its sunny stuccoed exteriors And in Medusa s Web, Powers recreates a little bit of that old Hollywood magic.Caveat is a house a mansion, really, though fallen into disrepair up in the Hollywood hills, north of Sunset, west of Gower It was owned, until a week before the novel begins, by the formerly bestselling novelist Amity Madden Until she climbed up onto the roof of Caveat and blew herself up with a grenade Amity s will recently revised stipulates that her adopted children Scott and Madeline must come to Caveat and stay for at least a week to inherit anything, but perhaps not all that surprisingly Ariel and Claimayne, who lived in Caveat alongside Amity for decades, are not eager to see Maddy and Scott arrive.And then there are the spiders.This being a Tim Powers novel, there s going to be a lot to its ghosts than mere ectoplasm The spiders aren t real arachnids, of course they are intricate eight legged representations which, if gazed upon, have the power to unmoor the viewer from time, taking them to past or future The process is not without costs, but the benefits can be substantial.Scott and Maddy have little experience with the spiders, apart from one traumatic childhood incident Ariel and Claimayne, on the other handMedusa s Web is many things It s a ghost story, a Gothic haunted house tale with many classic trappings It s a time travel fantasy with science fictional underpinnings It s a love letter to a bygone Los Angeles, and a road map for present day L.A It s a piercing look at the way people hold onto their misconceptions, and how much that can cost them and the people around them It s a complex tale, told straightforwardly.And, being a Tim Powers novel, it s well worth the read

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    A new a Tim Powers book is always a three part pleasure The first is initially reading the book His contemporary novels are like walking through a darkened room filled with half recognized shapes The room slowly lightens as you move through it faster and faster and then suddenly, you re there in the light.The second is rereading the book Now that all is clear, you can see where all the pieces inevitably fit together to make the whole The third part is rereading the book in a few years when you half remember the book and can recognize the pieces as you reach them You enjoy the ending as a partial surprise I m sad because I ve just finished the reread and as usual, it was a wonderful experience.Brother and sister Scott and Madeline Madden arrive at the house and grounds of their aunt as requested in the aunt s will Aunt Amity committed suicide a week ago and their presence is required for some reason for them to inherit the house Living in the house are their cousins Ariel and Claimayne Ariel has a long held grudge against Scott and Claimayne is just weird in a slightly nasty way Scott and Madeline are not welcomed and the weirdness starts pretty quickly.To explain is to give away information that is revealed as we go and it would take away the enjoyment of having your questions answered by events in the plot Tim Powers books always start out with a small group of people and eventually the situation is bigger than the people involved You don t know where he s going, but once things start coming together and snowballing, it gets hard to put the book down The characters are interesting and often unusual, but not cartoonish The dialogue is natural and specific to each character and the descriptions bring you into the story.Tim Powers is on my two person list of authors I buy in hardback he is just that good.

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