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Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) explained Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) , review Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) , trailer Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) , box office Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) , analysis Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) , Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2) ff06 The Legendary Battle Carrier UFS Phoenix Is On The Run In Outer Neutral Space Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande And Major Trace Thakur Are Determined To Use Neutral Territory To Broker A Peace Between Humanity S Warring Factions, Away From Fleet S Strong Arm But As Machinations In Fleet Command Send A Legendary Warrior From Trace S Past On A Sworn Path To Kill Her, There Arises In The Territory Of An Insectoid Foe An Ancient Enemy From The Nightmares Of Spiral History, Bent On Phoenix S Destruction

  • Kindle Edition
  • 494 pages
  • Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2)
  • Joel Shepherd
  • English
  • 05 September 2018

About the Author: Joel Shepherd

Joel Shepherd is an Australian science fiction author He moved to Perth, Western Australia with his family when he was seven, where he later studied film and television arts at Curtin University He now lives in Adelaide.

10 thoughts on “Drysine Legacy (The Spiral Wars, #2)

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    One of my favorite things about reading a series especially a series like this where I ve grown to really love the characters is revisiting those characters I was attached to them after just a few pages in Renegade, and even though I started this book almost immediately after completing the first, it still felt like I was being reunited with old friends whom I hadn t seen in years Erik and Trace continue to be wonderfully complex and well written characters, and I absolutely love their banter and the way they bounce off one another Erik s relationship with his spacer crew and Trace s relationship with her marines are both humorous yet realistic and powerful As a whole, the crew of the Phoenix really is one big family, a theme that is revisited several times throughout the book I also loved how so many of the other characters got a chance to shine too In the first book, the only POV characters were Erik, Trace, and Lisbeth, but many of the secondary characters still made a valuable contribution Now some of those characters have become POV characters, and I absolutely love the way this was handled They probably wouldn t have been able to carry these scenes in Book 1 because the readers didn t know them well enough But like I said, now they re like old friends Erik and Trace are both essentially trying to figure out who they are and where they belong, and events in the series have been such that they re both getting pushed in directions neither of them expected to go when the whole story started We see Erik take a big step at the end of this book, even so than in Renegade The jury is still out on Trace, though we re seeing hints of her inner conflict as she tries to figure out what she believes in Her development is of a slow burn, but if it happened any faster, it wouldn t be realistic for her character.I also enjoyed seeing a bigger variety of alien species in this story All the political diplomatic aspects of the relationships between all of these civilizations help give the world or should I say universe a lot depth As with Renegade, it gave me a lot of Mass Effect vibes, and I love that In terms of story, there was a lot of building on events and plot points from Book 1 that I d either forgotten about or that seemed insignificant at the time In Renegade it s established that there s something big going on behind the scenes, and in Drysine Legacy all the clues finally start to make sense and come together to form a bigger picture I shouldn t spoil anything, butsentient machine race that s been lying dormant for thousands of years Yes please This is a story about alliances, secrets, camaraderie, and trust, all with awesome combat sequences which I m pretty sure contributed to an absolutely insane dream I had the other night The tension in the last several chapters of the book left me exhausted.All in all this was an excellent second installment in this series I m not sure if I liked it quite as much as the first one, ergo my actual rating is like 4.5 stars parts of it moved a little slow and I had hoped Colonel Khola would play a larger and threatening role But of course there s still a third installment coming, one that will likely contain a variety of highly anticipated final showdowns, and even when the plot moves a little slow, the characters are still consistent I can t wait to find out what happens next

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    The first book in the series was an excellent action adventure space opera, with a marine woman commander who really knew her tactics and her strategy, and how to use all the necessary weapons This one is so blah that I gave it up today in favor of other, better book on my sidetable.

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    It s a beautiful universe, with aliens that are worth seeing The story is great, but the writing is poor.It would be an excellent book if it was 250 pages long Alas, we get lost in interminable chatter, in incomprehensible descriptions, in boring monologues to die Overall the characters are not endearing, except maybe the Koshi This book looks like a very long staff meeting interspersed with some action scenes, not necessarily successful though I will not have the courage to continue, this kind of extended prose exhausts me And it makes me angry because I will not know the rest of the story

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    This took way too long to get going, once it did, it was OK Ended well Good setup for the final book.

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    Thought the first book in the series not particularly memorable, but good enough to read further Quit the second book halfway though just got worse and worse, and eventually I decided to stop wasting my time Basically, a bad David Drake novel And made me realize why Drake doesn t include aliens in his Honor Harrington novels he can t write them, and knows it Shephard can t either, but unfortunately doesn t know that Most of the aliens aren t alien at all just humans in costume.I started highlighting particularly bad bits for future reference as an aside, always a really bad sign and probably to some extent a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy A few Captain Jen an alien nodded, intensely serious Erik had never met a barabo quite so intensely serious Skah answered reluctantly, the very picture of a boy being told to be good and work hard even if he didn t want to Which is particularly horrible because Skah is an alien child, but apparently one that acts just like a human boy There was real fear in his dark eyes But not cowardice, because this fear was not fear for himself So long ago it makes my brain hurt to think of it As a female marine Sargent, apologizing for several crew deaths that were to some extent her fault, leaves the acting captain s quarters Good, now get And he gave her a whack on the backside as she departed, because it was what the Captain had always done to crew feeling sorry for themselves Seriously, WTF Jumped up Lieutenant slaps a marine officer on the ass, telling her to get back to work Really, it s just bad And I say that having read and enjoyed his prior Cassandra Kresnov series which I now realize shared some of the shortcomings found here Eg, the protagonist there, even though an AI, seemed no different other than super competency and ability from any human I think it didn t bother me there because part of the story was that she was so advanced she was basically human but in actuality I suspect was largely because Shephard isn t an advanced enough writer to write convincingly from an alien perspective which I appreciate probably isn t an easy task.

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    Quite good On to the next book.

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    I can t get enough of this series No romance in this one either but the world building and characters are so interesting Love the adventure with aliens Unfortunately I really need to get my TBR pile down so I will be throttling my next purchases of this series.trying to fight the addiction

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    Worthwhile and Fast Paced SciFi Adventure Read Drysine Legacy, Book 2 of The Spiral Wars series, continues a fast paced, entertaining and much better than average, SciFi storyline In the future, humanity is involved in numerous interstellar struggles with organic and AI alien races There is also the struggle within humanity spacers vs worlders, the human division created by the near genocide inflicted by aliens and the destruction of Earth as humanity s home A human warship, Phoenix, is caught in the center of the competing human, alien and AI interests.The writing is crisp, fluid this eBook author actually knows how to write There are plot and science issues that might trouble some readers, but compared to the vast majority of SciFi eBooks, the flaws are few and infrequent Only minor need for editing is required.This book and the prior one are recommended.

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    Second book of the series This is not a stand alone book, and having read Renegade is necessary if ones want to make sense of it More characters are introduced, and some unlikely friends are met The story is well built and internally consistent Characters make sense, except maybe for Fleet Command machinations which are a bit far fetched I don t know, I understand that bad guys are sometimes necessary to build up a story, but there s need to be a reasonJoel Shepherd remains an excellent author of SF, and this book is well worth reading Looking forward the next and presumably final book.

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    A little talkier than the opener, I think, but still top drawer military SF with great action scenes, pacing, character chemistry, and widening of the overall stakes Unlike the first episode, there is also some acknowledgement that ammo and other supplies actually need to be replenished The cast of aliens is strongly reminiscent of that in C.J Cherryh s CHANUR series one type even speaks in pidgin like the Mahendo sat and Shepherd s prose, particularly when describing battles, is similar too Hope he can keep up the pressure in future episodes, because it s been a fun ride so far.

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