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The Futility of Loving a Soldier pdf The Futility of Loving a Soldier , ebook The Futility of Loving a Soldier , epub The Futility of Loving a Soldier , doc The Futility of Loving a Soldier , e-pub The Futility of Loving a Soldier , The Futility of Loving a Soldier d155762495b Eleven Stories Of What It Means To Love A Soldier A Girlfriend Explains Why She Knew Her Boyfriend Wouldn T Come Back From The FrontA Stranger Reminds A Veteran What Matters In LifeA Wife Struggles To Trust Her Husband With Their Baby After He Returns From DeploymentOld Friends Search For A Way To Reclaim The Dreams And Plans Of Their ChildhoodA Woman Haunted By Her Experiences Finds An Unlikely AllyOne Man S Enlistment Creates Ripple Effects For Generations As Four Sons Seek To Make Sense Of What They And Their Fathers Are Fighting ForThe Stories In This Collection Explore The Physical And Psychological Effects Of Combat, Both On Those Who Serve And Those Back Home Told From The Points Of View Of Spouses And Children As Well As The Soldiers Themselves, The Stories Tackle Eleven Different Scenarios Spanning Five American Wars Guilt And Acceptance, Despair And Hope, Selfishness And Sacrifice, And Above All, Love, Blend Together As Characters Come To Realize Maybe Their Feelings Aren T Futile After All

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    I had to stop reading this and set the book down a couple times I had five combat deployments and was married through all of them Over the years, I ve read many accounts of soldier life that were hollow and inauthentic, sometimes insultingly so But, this collection hit home in many ways I wouldn t say it was a fun read, but it was often a powerful one It brought up a lot of emotions, but ultimately in a cathartic way I think this ED s best one yet.

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    The Futility of Loving A Soldier is a collection of short stories Spanning decades of war, these are vignettes of the people who worry, grieve and wait for those that fight, die, and are wounded in mind and body.Anyone who has known or loved a soldier will relate to some, if not all, of these stories Significant is that these are ordinary people, thrust into life altering decisions to kill their fellow man The stories provide insight to that and .A brother of mine who served in Viet Nam, struggled with PTSD for years, and ultimately took his life These stories hit home.Highly recommended you will listen over and over.

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    This book was a pleasant surprise I didn t expect to like this book because I m not particularly interested in war or sad topics, such as losing a loved one I got this book because I was selling copies of my book at a local event, and traded with other local authors including Martin This collection of 11 short stories is different than usual because the stories, whole and complete, are still linked together in a way that is fresh The son in one story grows up to be the father in another story, and the grandfather in another This clever device allows for deep character development without much writing Hence, Martin was able to contain several full stories within just 84 pages But what I enjoyed the most about this book was the complexity of emotions Wonderful.

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    This anthology of short stories packs a powerful punch The theme centers on how some soldiers can fail to adjust to their homecomings For those unlucky veterans, there s no neatly fit back into their former lives They have difficulty living up to their own expectations as well as those of others Choices are made, some with long lasting consequences Fortunately, there are rays of hope here that belies the title of the book A dog, a childhood friend, a child of a new generation offer keys to unlock the weighty chains of PTSD and unreasonable expectations In addition, the author has supplied a list of resources for veterans in the back of the book.

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    I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways It might be a bit of a stretch to call some of these stories, all eleven together doesn t even equal eighty five pages And they can be a bit confusing since there is a set that s semi continuous following each successive generation of military fathers and their soon to be military sons There s also a connecting story that goes with the last story but none of the connecting stories are sequential, they re intercut with stories that don t have to do with their timeline Each story within itself though is concise, almost to a fault, as several of them end just when it seemed like they were getting going.

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    An insightful and sensitive account of the lives of those who fall in love with soldiers and who must live with the shattered lives of those who go to war to protect their country and their loved ones I particularly enjoyed the way the various stories in this collection interwove with each other When I turned the last page, I was disappointed there weren t any My favourite tale was the first one from which the title of this novel was taken A must read for anyone who has loved or known a soldier.

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