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    I enjoy fast paced, well written, and easy to connect with books and Off the Grid delivered Swept away in amusing anecdotes, vivid descriptions, and Ron s philosophy on life I flicked through page after page not wanting the story to end From fending off bears, fighting forest fires, and hiking the Appalachian Trail this book belongs on the shelf beside Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson However, if you are looking to simplify your life, Ron s entertaining recollections of shopping only twice a year, and his daily efforts and resourcefulness is inspirational With practical information like keeping maintenance logs for his machinery to the cost effective planning of a homestead, from someone who has lived as close to wild nature as you can get, this book will also appeal to want to be preppers and homesteading types It truly is a book for everyone What remarkable human beings Bravo to Ron and Joanna.

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    I have a lot of questions about what kind of person Johanna Melchiore is, because her presence in this book amounts to little than helpmeet Presumably she s just as enthusiastic about the isolated self sufficient lifestyle as her husband, and this book is in no way presented as a personal biography, BUT, there are a lot instances of tone and asides that are supposed to be amusing that kind of make me want to write Johanna a letter to make sure she s still into it up there All that aside this is an interesting and informative discussion of two bonkers people living ten thousand miles north of everything on their own in Saskatchewan Refreshingly matter of fact you kind of expect that a book by a guy who is so extreme off grid etc would be super snobby about lazy modern conveniences, etc, but no Writing is interesting and thorough and easy to read, if not inspired I would have liked discussion about the process of selling the remote Maine homestead and buying the remote Canadian plot, and about the seasonal jobs they do Isn t half the interesting thing about a book like this hearing details about how people afford to do it Did you really make enough from logging in Maine to be able to just buy all the equipment you have up there Also, emigrating if you present a convincing enough argument you ll be fully self sufficient, does Canada just let you in I read about this in the back of Mother Earth News magazine and it sounded so bonkers I had to track it down My copy s on ILL from the Air Force Academy library, so go figure.

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    Ron gets it As a half a century long off grid person I can say Ron and his wife understand how to be successful This is not a step by step how too book, but a book on the general mindset it takes to make it long term.These are the key points you will find in this book if your dream is to build a long term homestead Have to love outdoor work Do not use drugs Have a spouse that is your partner and friend Do not shun technology to make your life easier Do not go into it believing you can live like a 17th century peasant Enjoy learning about every subject that pertains too your survival Avoid debt and pay it off early if you do Try and start with a nest egg You will always need some income.And number one you have to love freedom than relying on others to provide your security.In the 1970 s millions of young people tried going off grid but only a fraction lasted than a decade I highly recommend this book if your goal is long term off gridding.

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    I enjoyed this book It was the memoirs of a man and his wife that live in Northern Saskatchewan, off grid and very alone You may think it sounds dry and boring, but I thought it was very open and readable, not dry at all In fact, I thought it was quite gripping, but then again, I find an off grid lifestyle rather interesting.If that sort of lifestyle attracts you, even just reading about it but not wanting to do it yourself, grab a copy of this book It s almost as good as going off grid yourself, without leaving your comfortable life.

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    Excellent read The chronicles of Ron and Johanna were intriguing This book will ALWAYS be within reach and help keep me in check It s so easy as to be a city dwelling, money chasing, rat race living individual The road less traveled seems so far off The stories encapsulated in this book will hopefully inspire us all to do something different Ron details his Appalachian Trail hike, bicycle ride from Washington to Maine, logging adventures, and tremendous move to Hockley Lake.

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    Loved it Anyone who wishes to live alone in the wilderness should read this What fearless pioneers to brave a basic life without the safety net of civilization.

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    LovedExcellent book, very enjoyable, can set recommend for anyone interested in going off grid Very envious of his lifestyle Thanks Ron

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    Be very impressed with this book, I recommend it.

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    Great insight of building a life off gridBrilliant read, giving insights of life and adventure, of living off grid and making the most of life Highly recommend 5

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Off Grid and Free download Off Grid and Free , read online Off Grid and Free , kindle ebook Off Grid and Free , Off Grid and Free c22d48bb5871 Off Grid And Free My Path To The Wilderness Is The Story Of The Journey Ron Melchiore Undertook As A Young Man From The City, First To Homesteading In Northern Maine And Then To Living In The Bush Of Northern Saskatchewan He Has Lived Off Grid Since Approximately And Speaks Candidly About The Joys And The Tribulations Of His Chosen Lifestyle In This Nonfiction, Ron Shares The Diversity Of His Experiences In An Easy To Read, Humorous, And Sometimes Harrowing NarrativeThe Book Includes His Hiking Of The , Mile Appalachian Trail In Winter, Bicycling Across The United States, Homesteading Off Grid, And The Terror Of Being Surrounded By A Wildfire And Surprise Encounters With Bears, And For Readers With An Outdoors Spirit, People With An Off Grid And Self Sufficiency Bent, And Dreamers Who Like To Read About Adventure, Ron Hopes To Inspire Others To Take The Road Less Traveled Ron Has Been Published In Back Home Magazine, Small Farmers Journal, And Countryside Magazine Ron S Site Is Inthewilderness