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Silent Running chapter 1 Silent Running , meaning Silent Running , genre Silent Running , book cover Silent Running , flies Silent Running , Silent Running 0eceed194981f Running Is A Way Of Life For The Schneider Family, But Not In The Same Way As It Is For Most Runners Twin Brothers Alex And Jamie Schneider Are Severely Autistic They Are Nonverbal And When Anxiety Takes Over They Bite Themselves Or Slam Their Feet Into The Hard Floor, They Cannot Tell Their Mother Robyn If They Are Hurt Or Hungry, And They Can Never Be Left Alone Yet They Have Run Almost Races, Including Six Marathons The Boys Parents Have Also Turned To Running To Battle Health Issues Father Allan Successfully Manages His Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis With Vitamins And Miles And Miles Of Jogging On The Trails Near Their Long Island Home, While Mother Robyn, Who, While Undergoing Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer Six Years Ago, Laced Up Her Own Running Shoes For The First Time And Headed Out The Door, Determined To Run Her Way To Recovery In Silent Running, Robyn Schneider Shares Her Family S Incredible Story Of Triumph In The Face Of Enormous Hurdles, And Of The Shared Passion That Has Fueled Their Fight It Is A Story Of Hope And Of Never Giving Up

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    Before it happened, one of my greatest fears as a parent was a diagnosis of autism in my young child It s a milestone that doesn t get talked about, but one that every parent is quietly waiting to check off their child s developmental list First steps check First word check Old enough to no longer be considered at risk for an autism spectrum diagnosis check But an increasing number of parents these days don t get to check that last one, including myself and Robyn Schneider, the author of Silent Running My son s autism spectrum diagnosis wasn t a huge surprise He d never been very responsive to calling of his name, never made much eye contact, was fascinated by odd toys and knick knacks he would always carry around a red block wherever he went in his early days of walking, holding it like some kind of talisman, even when performing a difficult task like climbing stairs, when he could have used that other hand for balance We got him into early intervention, and even though we suspected a spectrum disorder, we never directly spoke of autism, using hushed tones and treating it as the Voldemort of our household the disorder which shall not be named We got his hearing tested it was fine , had him tested for sensory disorders a possibility, but also possibly related to a spectrum disorder , and eventually, tested for autism.The diagnosis that he was on the spectrum was both devastating and a relief Now we knew, and now we could do something about it We enrolled him in ABA services and anxiously awaited progress His first words, robust eye contact In our minds, he d be a regular kid in no time But, as we discovered, that s not really how it works It s all about small, incremental gains, the kinds that don t happen overnight.Through it all, the thing that has amazed me the most is how little any of it matters Sure, there are sacrifices and challenges, but at the end of the day, all that really matters is his happiness and our love for one another.That s something that Robyn Schneider wonderfully captures in Silent Running There is no question that the Schneider family was dealt a difficult hand in having a spectrum disorder diagnosis in both of their identical twin sons, especially at a time the mid 90s when we understood even less about autism than we do today ABA services were still nascent and hard to come by, and support and care were harder still Robyn and her husband were left to handle the bulk of her children s care on their own, all while supporting their family financially as a two income household Their struggles and triumphs make up the bulk of the book s early chapters, and truth be told, there are many of each throughout From being the driving force in the creation of a special services school for children like their own, to devastating health diagnoses, the Schneider family s seemingly unwavering sense of optimism and thankfulness for all the good they have in their lives is infectious and serves as an inspiration for all readers.Many times throughout the book, I couldn t help but smile and think of my own little guy in seeing the clear camaraderie between the twins, even with their limited capacity for verbal communication Although he is still non verbal, my son finds so many wonderful ways to communicate, including unexpected displays of affection Seeing how well the Schneider twins, Alex and Jamie, are doing despite their challenges, to say nothing of their unbelievable triumphs there is no question that Jamie is a better runner than 99% of the people who will read this book he puts my PR to shame , is not only heart warming, but truly inspiring On a personal level, seeing how the twins have brought their family closer together in ways previously unimagined both Robyn and her husband took up running with their sons, and the positive effects both mental and physical are mentioned throughout the book , has given me hope that my son will make his own discovery of hidden talent as he grows, maybe even something of which our whole family can take part.In short, this is a great book for anyone looking for something to inspire them The obstacles the Schneider family has overcome are enormous I ve barely scratched the surface in this review , but their triumphs are even greater I look forward to sharing it with my son when he s older.

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    Robyn K Schneider s memoir, Silent Running Our Family s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism, shows that as mothers, we can handle almost anything including conditions that initially seem to threaten what we want for our children In her book, Schneider reflects on being a mother of twin boys, both of whom had significant symptoms of autism For this project, Schneider collaborated with author and former Literary Mama editor Kate Hopper to write her story The book brings readers into Schneider s world as she grapples with feelings of both loss and determination in her quest to meet and ultimately accept her sons needs And although my own boys have faced different challenges with their bodies and with their learning such as food allergies and ADHD I was quickly pulled into Schneider s dramatic story about learning how best to raise twins on the autism spectrum and found myself particularly moved by her reflections on hope, loss, and perseverance that are universal to so many aspects of parenting.Read Literary Mama s full review here Running was also recommended in a Now Reading post by Literary Mama staff There are times you pick up a book, and it becomes a fast friend you can t imagine letting go I haven t read a book in a while that I couldn t put down, but I do so love that feeling.In her selection, Social Media Editor Caryn Mohr captures the intensity with which you can love a good book I just devoured Silent Running Our Family s Journey to the Finish Line with Autism by Robyn K Schneider and former Literary Reflections Editor Kate Hopper The book delves into universal themes of loss, hope, and resilience that resonated deeply with me as a parent of children with special needs Spanning from her twin sons dual diagnosis of severe autism at a time before it was a household word to their first marathon finish, Robyn Schneider advocates for her sons needs unrelentingly Many mothers will see themselves in her drive to build a joyful life that is different from what she had imagined she honors their needs without letting them define her children Robyn s positive attitude even in the face of her and her husband s own medical issues is an inspiration to any parents facing adversity who have worried about what would happen to their kids This is a triumphant story told with love and honesty, complexities and realities it s a powerful tribute to the sons at the heart of it I couldn t put it down Literary Mama s full Now Reading post can be found here

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    This is the story of a mother of twin boys who have a high level of autism IT occurs during the 1990s before support groups additional funding better understanding was easily accessible This mother faces great decisions with these boys They are loud, occasionally violent difficult to control so she investigates the latest research to help her boys to get better I was impressed with the overwhelming support that she was able to get, experts that she met, the determination that she demonstrated throughout the years of this book Many questions were faced left without answers She learned to enjoy the smallest of successes along with the milestones Every parent should read this book..

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    A must read book.This book is book an inspirational This book will not try to convince the reader about autism spectrum beliefs This book is a honest narrative about a family s journey dealing with autism Keep writing and running.

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    This book is inspiring on many levels As a runner, I enjoyed how running transformed two lives in such a positive way As a human being, I enjoyed how a family and a community came together to overcome adversity I m a great believer in physical fitness playing an important role in mental health This book showed how passion for a sport can lift lives in deeply meaningful ways.

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    This story is amazing the sons of these parents show true perseverance Because of their parents a awesome support group The trials but also tribulations shows how unconditional love prevails If you do not know Of An autistic child I am sure you have encountered a child this journey For this family a life time commitment makes you truly appreciate how theyLive each day with struggles of autism you will not be able to put this Book down

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