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Devil of the Highlands files Devil of the Highlands, read online Devil of the Highlands, free Devil of the Highlands, free Devil of the Highlands, Devil of the Highlands 09e840dd4 They Call Him The DevilHe Is The Most Notorious Laird Of Scotland Fierce, Cold, Deadly And Maybe Even Worse Yet Evelinde Has Just Agreed To Wed Him Anything, She Thinks, Is Better Than Her Cruel Stepmother Though Evelinde Should Be Wary Of The Rumors, She Can T Help But Be Drawn To This Warrior For The Devil Of The Highlands Inspires A Heat Within Her That Is Unlike Anything She Has Ever KnownThey May Call Him Whatever They Wish, But Cullen, Laird Of Donnachaidh, Cares Only For The Future Of His Clan He Must Find A Wife, A Woman To Bear Him Sons And Heed His Commands He Has No Need For Beauty Or Grace, But One Taste Of His Lovely Bride S Sweet Lips And The Sultry Feel Of Her Skin Arouse An Untamed Passion Perhaps There S To Marriage Than He Thought

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    These characters were just too dumb to hate I thought the opening of this book was the fucking best opening of a book ever, and Lynsay Sands is another author on my must buy list It doesn t seem to matter whether it s a paranormal or a historical, her stories have humor and heart and leave me feeling good when I m done Standing room only on the train, heat index already at 115, nauseous service dog, and this book Ok I m done with this book and let me tell you it s funny, exciting, and has lots of love Here is a summery of the book enjoy.Evelinde is promised to The Devil of Donnachaidh and all she has heard about him are EXTREMELY horrible things Have you ever had your nipple sucked accidentally Have you ever sucked someone s nipple accidentally Cullen is no dummy and his instant attraction to Evelinde causes him to move quickly to get her out from under her stepmother He doesn t talk much, but he does grunt and growl A LOT Scottish is an awesome language It s uncanny, said a senior researcher, speaking under condition of anonymity, they have improbably good sex like a couple of blow up dolls I like sex scenes The great thing about them is tha they are usually the parts of the book that it opens to naturally, because when you re rubbing one out you tend to open the book a little wider So you go looking for the parts of a library book that open easily, like Evelinde s womanhood I laughed so hard I had to wash my face and can t fathom obvious to the village idiot type ideas like how a person might want a change of clothes when moving to a new home or that maybe you should stick around to introduce your new wife to your family Or talk to her, ever Lots of humor, lots of hot lovemaking, and a happily ever after filled with love I enjoyed Cullen and Evelinde immensely Mostly because there was no contrived plot device to keep them apart this book cares about the woman s orgasms than a lot of porn I ve seen, and people who are forced into other marriages, they are just fucked Each of the main character s learn a little something important about the other and all the miscommunications that they had had in the not so distant past are easier to understand But don t these people know there s so much better porn out there Whiskey tango foxtrot ___________ my sincere apologies, Esteemed Literary Group i know this was an assignment that i should have completed i just could not do it let s pick a better book for the next go round although i suppose better is purely subjective and so i have presented to you my very first Drunken Review in the form of a very special Review Mash Up Guess the Reviewers i can take no credit for a single phrase above the italics, i just don t have it in me now, and i feel it s time that other reviewers work for me those were some good pisco sours i had tonight the ceviche and those beef heart skewers were pretty tasty too woot

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    Freak Talent Baffles ResearchersScientists at the world famous Goodreads Institute of Bodice Ripping Studies say they are baffled by a man who is able to evaluate a book simply by picking it up and riffling through it for five seconds.The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for Goodreads policy reasons

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    These characters were just too dumb to hate I didn t give a shit about them or their weak ass romances or the lame, obvious solution to the mystery that everyone else in the town keep there seem to only be like 20 people living here for Duncan to be lord of, which is lucky because he s a dim bulb has been studiously ignoring for years because solving it just made things awkward for everyone Those medieval Scots, so c est la vie with their public undressing and seducing of teenagers and dismissal of serial murders Oh well These things happen Why look for trouble I felt like I should feel sorry for Evelinde, who aside from some good kilt lovin has a pretty horrific life Her dad dies and she s left to be abused by horrible stepmother, who hates her for no reason She gets married off to a guy she expects to be cruel She falls Out of trees, off horses, into streams, down stairs, in the path of bulls Evelinde spends the whole book black and blue Poor klutz Her husband, while actually kindly and good in bed, is emotionally deaf and can t fathom obvious to the village idiot type ideas like how a person might want a change of clothes when moving to a new home or that maybe you should stick around to introduce your new wife to your family Or talk to her, ever But in fact, I only ever felt a slight cringing pity for her during scenes like the one where her new neighbors show up for an unannounced inspection of her right after she gets her gown torn open by a bull her husband was baiting nice, right and then has her husband drag her around by the back of her dress like a naughty child being humiliated by old fashioned parents I couldn t really feel for her because 1 see paragraph one, and 2 the author continually undermined any emotional pathos with slapstick humor I never managed to decide whether Sands was meaning to be funny or not, but her characters constant pratfalls into streams and over fences certainly distracted from any potential emotional engagement.The only person I genuinely felt sorry for was Maggie, Duncan s dead first wife She was in love with a man who merely tolerated her and hardly cared when she died And she died quite young, murdered by someone she trusted Her death is merely a plot device if not for its relationship to other murders no one would even bother to investigate it But we re not supposed to care about Maggie Apparently, Duncan s neglectful treatment of his first wife isn t supposed to reflect badly on him Because he s a man And men don t get the feeling stuff, or converse except with each other, about manly thing like horses and hunting Only men who are Vile Seducers make small talk with women.This wasn t a good mystery, and it shocks me that Sands appears to be a successful romance writer While I ve read offensive and worse written romances, this really lacked an emotional register I won t even get into how inauthentic her medieval Scotland is or how people didn t wear kilts till the 16th century

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    Wherein we learn, ladies, that it s not such a bad thing if our fellas don t talk to us, as long as they buy us stuff Wherein, likewise, the fellas learn that it is their duty to talk talk, or the people you love will die And, as usual, everyone lives happily until the next time their clothes accidentally fall off in public such a nuisance People have basically said all there is to say about this book, so I won t keep you for very long The accidental nipple in the mouth part was the best part, no doubt Because who can t identify with the idea of having a stray nipple wander into somebody s mouth My nipples are always wandering off somewhere, forgetting to call when they stay out past curfew Believe me, I counted myself lucky when they made it through high school without winding up on a milk carton And it s kinda nice in the book how whatserface s nipples were pointing in the right direction no need for a dreary love triangle I can get behind that.But, it s also true what you hear about the rest of the book being pretty blah The resolution of the mystery was about as tame as you could possibly have made it Definitely the most boring option No real character development happens throughout other than above noted talk not talk conflict Everyone basically stays the same, and the hijinks stop after about page 100 Also, apex of her thighs I know we re running out of descriptors in this day and age, but really That is a linguistically bankrupt moment in literature.The nice thing about the nipple business was that it had a recognition of how silly these sexy books are And there s a sort of appreciation of the funniness of bodies that is cool and there was a literally ripped bodice, which is funny ish But, seriously, if you can t tell your nipples are in some dude s mouth, you need to get tested for a nerve disorder I am concerned for this girl s health Milk cartons aside, that s the kind of thing you think you d notice Anyway, I basically agree with Ms Sands premise that it s nice when guys do nice things, but it s also nice when they talk I can get behind that It s probably why so many men are just devouring this book men love to read books that give helpful tips about relationships Fact What No, you re saying It s just us girls over here bitching about how dudes only want to talk about superficial stuff Aw, man Well, I guess that s cool, too And also, ladies, be us not daft, and let us remember our own lesson of contentment as long as those men remember to bring us our gowns and our jewels and our damn tapestries oh, and remember not to view spoiler kilt people for us hide spoiler

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    Lynsay Sands is another author on my must buy list It doesn t seem to matter whether it s a paranormal or a historical, her stories have humor and heart and leave me feeling good when I m done.Evelinde is living under the thumb, and temper, of her horrible stepmother With her father dead and her brother fighting in the Crusades, there s no one left to protect her So when her stepmother calls for Evelinde with a smile she knows it s not going to be good Then she learns she s to be married She s going to get away Unfortunately for her, her stepmother has betrothed her to the Devil of the Highlands, a man feared and reviled across Scotland.Duncan knows about the rumors that surround him He s a man of few words and knows the worse his reputation, the less actual fighting he has to do His first wife died under suspicious circumstances which only added to his infamy but he NEEDS an heir He doesn t expect anything than a pleasant marriage and children It doesn t take him long to realize Evelinde needs rescuing, but from the moment they meetthings just seem to go from strange to stranger Lots of humor, lots of hot lovemaking, and a happily ever after filled with love For a historical with a strong, silent Scot in a kilt, and a woman who wants the words toodon t miss Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands You ll be smiling for days

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    I was in the mood for a fun, lighthearted romance when I picked up this book, and Devil of the Highlands delivered Evelinde s wicked stepmother arranged for her to marry Cullen, the Laird of Donnachaidh because of his bad reputation as a harsh ruler and murderer, wanting to see her suffer in a marriage to such a ruthless man Evelinde and Cullen have a chance meeting before the ceremony and Evelinde instinctively knows the horrible rumors about him couldn t possibly be true They have a genuine affection for each other, not to mention chemistry, immediately Cullen then goes to great lengths to whisk Evelinde away, so she won t have to spend one second with her evil stepmother.It takes Evelinde time, but soon she understands that even though her husband rarely speaks to her, or anyone, his actions tell of his true fine character and his feelings for her Cullen gradually learns to communicate with his new wife, and she learns to accept him, meeting each other halfway I loved how the characters got to know each other They weren t separated by a plot device, and they didn t hold back from each other because they were afraid of their feelings They truly interacted with each other, getting to know the good and the bad, and fell in love Evelinde was a sweet, talkative lady, who was very accident prone However, she was also very intelligent and was usually able to get herself out of the sticky situations even before her husband arrived to help I loved Cullen, talk about the strong, silent type His motto seemed to be actions speak louder than words He was one of the most caring, thoughtful, noble heroes I ve read about for a long time My only problem with Cullen was that he wasn t in the last 1 3 of the book enough I would give the first 2 3 of the book 5 stars Yes, the beginning has some silly parts that might not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed the funny scenes and would ve liked the silliness and humor to continue for the entire book However, in the last portion of the book, the romance really took a backseat to the murder that Cullen was accused of as the Devil of Donnachaidh Although the mystery was well done and I didn t even see the culprit coming, I wanted romance Sadly, Cullen seemed to turn into a background character as Evelinde solved the mystery I loved the first part of this book, the humor and genuine feelings between the characters was such a relief to read I was just disappointed in the end because it focused too much on the mystery I will definitely look for historical romance by Lynsay Sands in the future Reviewed for

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    Lord deliver me from dead exes I am so tired of reading books where the dead ex becomes a secondary character because they are discussed so much In this book the death of his first wife was a mystery to be solved so she was discussed a lot Joy.This book was strange The beginning started off with almost ridiculous comedy Frustratingly so While the scenes were funny, it was just so OTT that I was exasperated than amused The heroine is so sweet and innocent I hate to call her TSTL She does not necessarily go do things to purposely put herself in harms way, but she lacks all common sense and is so clumsy it is ridiculous Maybe in a different mood, I would have been amused.Cullen is absolutely one of the most frustrating heroes ever He barely says two words to her He talks to others, but never to Evelinde He genuinely sees no reason to He thinks his actions should speak for him At first I could not figure out if he were 16 or 70, he was so inept at dealing with a woman And he had been married I finally deduced that he was 31 so he should have been able to carry on a conversation at this point in his life Being so obtuse, he was insensitive, unthinking, uncaring and, in general, a jackass to Evelinde She tried hard to no avail At some point a friend told him he needed to speak to her, so, calling it his duty to speak to her, he continues to remind himself of his duty , when before he would not speak Romantic huh Somehow they end up working through their issues I just did not feel it I cannot understand what she ever saw in him Even when he started saying a few words.Safety Gang view spoiler When they meet she has just been told she was betrothed He was there to marry her But they did not know who they were They ended up in a compromising position and she allowed him to get to 3rd base I think before saying No Technically not cheating but it was a little inappropriate for my taste.His wife is dead for 2 years He loved her More in a brotherly way, but was happy with her.He still has his wife s chest of clothes in his bedroom and because he neglects to give Evelinde anything to wear she has to wear the dead wife s dress YUCK hide spoiler

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    Nope, couldn t hack it, sorry fellow RBRS ers Ites Standing room only on the train, heat index already at 115, nauseous service dog, and this book My whole being just cried out NOOOO, and I skipped through the last five hours of audio in about twelve minutes.My God this is terrible I mean, okay, the part where he tripped and fell and his mouth accidentally landed on her nipple as a literal plot point was funny, and the fact that her nipple was described as trembling was funnier, but then it all just went embarrassment squicky For the characters, for the author.I still have opinions, though Of course I have opinions.I was struck by how much like and I can t be the first person to make this comparison I was struck by how much like commercial video porn this is Two people, he defined by his nasty reputation, her by uh I got nothing here She was a woman And they have improbably good sex like a couple of blow up dolls Only in the case of this romance novel, the background gestures at context involve an arranged marriage and something something family secrets something Instead of, say, a cheerleader selling cookies knocking on the door of a lonely middle aged guy Also, this book cares about the woman s orgasms than a lot of porn I ve seen, though I m not sure I believe hers any than one usually does Anyway The point being that these people are so empty, so arbitrarily jerked around a farce of a story commercial video porn turned into a book and aimed at women That s what it reminded me of Which, okay, sure But don t these people know there s so much better porn out there

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    Evelinde has incurred enough torment under the abusive watch of her step mother, but her latest act of arranging her marriage to the Devil, Laird of Donnachaidh could seal her fate forever Evelinde is not sure what is worse, staying with her step mother and the cruelty or marrying a man who is legendary for his brutality with rumors surrounding of the underhanded way he took over as Laird of his clan.Cullen, Laird of Donnachaidh has lived his life with integrity, he is a fair man to those that know him, but he has never wasted his time trying to discredit rumors When he happens upon Evelinde she has no idea who he is, her carefree manner and lack of clothing keep Cullen intrigued He plans to wed and bed her quickly before heading back to his castle, but after a rocky start he finds a protectiveness that has never happened before for his sweet Evelinde.Enjoyable story, Evelinde is sweet and you see glimpses of a temper Cullen is quiet and tries to show Evelinde how he feels through his actions but the two don t seem to connect where that is concerned, for Evelinde expects words and lets her mind ramble worrying about what Cullen thinks, whereas Cullen is dedicated to her heart and soul and doesn t realize she doesn t understand that Not as sassy as some of the highlander stories I have read, but I think the next couple of books will get better as it goes along.

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    My first by this author so I don t have anything to compare it to It was OK, but the writing style seamed very simple I don t mind that style when the story is humorous, but this wasn t a particularly funny read Odd and amusing, but not funny It kind of felt like I was reading a childrens book if not for all of the sex The hero and heroine were not the brightest people either, both repeatedly making poor decisions with obvious consequences No author is for everyone, and for me I think she is simply not my cup of tea.

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