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    The cover of this book proclaims Phyllis A Whitney to be the Grand Mistress of Romantic Suspense I would have to agree that she was for her time Published in 1960, Thunder Heights tells the story of Camilla King Camilla has inherited Thunder Heights from her estranged Grandfather However, she is forced by the terms of the will to live there with her two spinster aunts and an adopted cousin, none of whom are real happy about the last minute change made in the will The suspense builds slowly as small incidences occur that leave Camilla unsure who to trust While one of her aunts continues to fight the will, the other harbors terrible secrets The man her grandfather had treated like a son, Ross Granger, agrees to stay on to help Camilla learn about her grandfather s business The two get off to a rocky start, but end up falling in love However, they both have obligations that may keep them from ever having a life together The only complaint I had with the book was that a time period was never stated Obviously it s a historical novel, not a contemporary But, I could never find where the exact period of time was stated I found this frustrating because I couldn t get a feel for the manners, clothing, society, etc Although horse riding apparel was described, I couldn t tell how far back in history we were talking Nevertheless, our heroine was not some overwrought, hand wringing, melodramatic female.She did find herself frustrated with learning a business, but was believable and strong The suspense was killing me by the time I got to the last 50 pages or so Very well done.Although this is an old book, if you are a fan of mysteries or romantic suspense, you won t be disappointed.

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    When we first meet Camilla King, she s twenty three years old and, finding herself freshly dismissed from her situation as governess for the Hodges Family of New York City She s standing in front of her bedroom window, taking it all in, the breeze ruffled tree tops of Gramercy Park, the passing hackney cabs on Twenty First Street, and an unguarded bowler hat tumbling across the street as I read that, I could got a powerful sense of how unanchored this young lady must have felt in those moments My guess was confirmed when Phyllis Whitney chooses to let me in on the fact that this is actually Camilla s second failed attempt at keeping a job as a governess By the end of page one, I knew that Camilla King is at a crossroads, and I was already quite sure I was going to like this novel My first clue of this came as I realized it was the author s choice to place her ruminating protagonist in front of a window as opposed to something like a mirror That told me something about Camilla King right away she s a forward looking character It was Bill Withers who said something that I thought related perfectly to where Camilla was at the time of the first chapter I feel that it is healthier to look out at the world through a window than through a mirror Otherwise, all you see is yourself and whatever is behind you And we know Camilla has two particular experiences that she wishes to keep behind her In both cases, she s proven to be too outspoken for the tastes of her employers The first time, she spoke out against her employer s inappropriate advances, and in the second, she spoke up about her opinion that Mr Hodges was overly harsh and unfair with his children I respected Camilla s courage and at the same time understood how that courage, while admirable, comes with complications As I read, I found myself relating to Camilla in a powerful way as I thought about circumstances in my own life where I took a stand and then paid a price for that stand I should clarify I paid a price in the short term, but ultimately, there were so many rewards for doing the right thing it just took time I would do it the same way if I had the chance to repeat my past I was hoping the same for Camilla King that her courage would be somehow rewarded, and thankfully, the author gave me clues to indicate this would be so.The first clue came when I read about Camilla s late mother Althea, and the way she remembered her as a graceful woman who knew how to love and who always seemed to carry an aura of excitement with her And even though Camilla was only eight years old at the time of her mother s death, she was old enough to see how much her father John esteemed and deeply loved his beloved bride and how much she loved him in return The author tells us that Althea possessed grace, and since we learn that Camilla is so much like her mother, we know she has this character trait as well Knowing that Camilla, like her mother before her, was a graceful person, I also knew she had the capacity for happiness This combination of grace and happiness would, I was certain, lead her down a positive path Denis Waitley captured this idea when he said the following Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude I also noted how Phyllis Whitney tells us, early on through the telling of Camilla s childhood, that she is a contented person Camilla was an only child, but is described as a very good student at school, she s given a fair amount of freedom and finds many amusements to fill her free time She s lonely on occasion, but is contented We know that this would partly come as a result of the kind of father John was to her According to the telling of Camilla s childhood, her father, upon the death of his wife, seemed to transfer that extra measure of love to his daughter John, a peaceful, scholarly man by nature, took the time to show love to his daughter, and did so within the environment of a quiet, peaceful household It is that sense of freedom given to young Camilla, combined with her father s steady, unreserved love that I guessed to be a source of her contentment, despite the early loss of her mother Whitney also tells us that Camilla is a combination of dreamer, and realist A dreamer by nature, who learned how to be practical as she helped her father after Althea s death The other reason why I liked Camilla right off was that she had a way of earning the loyalty of the people in her life We see this in the novel s opening scene, Camilla looking out the window of her room while Nettie, the parlor maid is tearfully packing her bags Nettie is heavyhearted as the reality of Camilla s departure sets in Nettie believes her to be a pretty and clever governess the right choice for the Hodges children The author makes a point of telling us that packing Camilla s bags is not part of Nettie s work duties We realize she just wants to do this out of her own free will So Camilla has earned the admiration of the housekeeper, and when it comes to fiction, or real life for that matter, I know to trust and value the opinions and views of housekeepers It takes great skill to know how to serve others Camilla is happy, courageous, graceful, contented and adventurous young lady who earns the trust and loyalty of those around her My guess was that every one of these traits would be sufficiently drawn on as the story progressed In that opening scene, Camilla considers where she might go next She remembers that she has wealthy relatives in the city, but she won t be in contact with them due to the fact that she knew of the stories of how her grandfather, Orrin Judd, mistreated her mother and how her father John greatly disliked him for it She never knew exactly what the nature of her grandfather s fault was, but her father always insisted that she have nothing to do with her mother s family She held to that way of thinking out of respect for her father But despite the fact that she was taught to ignore her mother s family, she did know a few things about them, including the fact that her grandfather, Orrin Judd and his daughters lived in a great house on the Hudson named Thunder Heights It was on that, her last day at the Hodges home that a man named Alexander Pompton came calling for her The man turns out to be her grandfather s long time attorney, informing her that she s to travel to Thunder Heights the very next day to visit Orrin, the haste, Pompton tells Camilla, is due to the fact that her grandfather is gravely ill with a heart condition and that he s now confined to his sickbed Camilla protests, informing the attorney that her grandfather actually disowned his daughter her mother and that he would have nothing to do with her family Pompton then drops a bombshell on Camilla, her grandfather actually kept very close tabs on Althea over the years, and that if she were in need, at any time, he would have helped, even though he and his son in law John were at odds The lawyer informs Camilla that John was mistaken in blaming Orrin Judd for the death of Althea Camilla considers this, remembering that her father came back from her mother s funeral, convinced than ever that Althea s family was fully to blame for the accident that lead to her death Camilla remembered that her father didn t want share the cause of her mother s death with her, instead preferring that Camilla remember her mother as she was in life She tells Pompton that she never knew how her mother died and that her father, upon returning from her mother s funeral, reminded her, once again, to have nothing to do with her grandfather or any member of her mother s family The lawyer reminds Camilla that her father has been dead for a number of years and that she s now a grown woman Perhaps she should make her own decisions in this matter He suggests that Orrin, a dying man, may have regrets He also tells Camilla that he knew Althea to be Orrin s favorite daughter He informs her that Orrin wishes to see her and that it would be good for her to make his acquaintance, and observing Camilla s strong resemblance to her mother, he says he s confident that her presence would bring happiness to her grandfather The lawyer s encouragement comes with a warning that she should visit Thunder Heights for no than a day or two and that Camilla s Aunt Hortense may make things especially unpleasant for her as she s still holding to a grudge against her sister that seemed to start when she left Thunder Heights in order to run away with John King The lawyer warns Camilla that her grandfather, in his weakened state, may not be able to fully prevail an atmosphere of welcome for his granddaughter, but balances this warning by mentioning that Camilla s other aunt, Miss Letty was a gentle soul and would most likely treat Camilla with warmth He goes on to briefly inform her about Booth Hendricks, a man of thirty six who was adopted by her Aunt Hortense when he was ten years old and an associate of her grandfather, and engineer named Ross Granger who was due to visit right about the time Camilla was to visit Will you give your grandfather this last pleasure The lawyer asks, causing Camilla to seriously consider the idea for the first time This turn in her thinking begins as acceptance, There s no reason why I can t catch tomorrow s boat as you suggest she concedes The lawyer, having secured her agreement, leaves Camilla to herself, as she sits there alone, all of these new revelations begin to sink in and her hesitancy begins to turn to enthusiasm as she imagines the possible adventures that may come when she visits Thunder Heights I really liked how the author reinforced Camilla s love for adventure in the pages that followed These glimpses into her venturous nature helped authenticate her decision to go to Thunder Heights in the first place, even against the lifelong, often repeated wishes of her beloved father that she never visit her mother s family, or even step foot on Thunder Heights This was one of the first scenes that reinforced how adventurous Camilla actually was It happened when she boarded the four deck boat that will take her to Westcliff, which is near the Thunder Heights estate It s a windy day and gusts are fiercely blowing across the deck of the boat Almost all of the other passengers have sought refuge and comfort in the salons, but Camilla desires, above all, to drink in every aspect of this experience Over her hat she tied a gray veil that matched her gray tailleur suit, knotting it in a bow under her chin Then she went out on deck into the very teeth of the wind.the wind had increased its velocity, tearing at her hat as if to snatch it from beneath the enfolding veil, pulling black strands of hair from beneath its brim Camilla pushed them back breathlessly and laughed into the gale in sheer delight There was something satisfying about resisting its elementary force She would choose a storm any day to brooding safely in the shelter of a small gray room whose very walls shut her away from the tempests and clamor of life I absolutely loved what Phyllis Whitney did with this small scene For one, as I mentioned above, it made Camilla seem real, vivid, causing me to imagine her in detail, and secondly, what a wonderful and absolutely captivating way to describe this lively young woman There were a number of enchanting scenes in Thunder Heights that stirred my imagination One in particular was when Camilla arrives at Thunder Heights and is ushered into her assigned bedroom It turns out to be her mother s own childhood bedroom Whitney does a fantastic job of helping us see the room itself, the pink marble mantelpiece carved with a rose leaf design, French clock of gilt and enamel and the little French chandelier, adrip with crystal As I read these descriptions, I tried to imagine how it might have felt for Camilla to enter this space, to occupy a place that was so important to a mother who she lost when she was so young This was a forbidden place, one was warned from for so long, yet it was a place that was central in the childhood life of her mother What a befuddling mix of emotions this must have been But what I loved best about the way Whitney crafted this scene was the way in which she assigned human qualities to the room itself This was her mother s room She wanted to feel it, to believe in it, to reach across the years to her mother through it But the room, though charming, remained remote It was not yet ready to accept her, to speak to her I had to stop reading at this point and just imagine how Camilla would sense this, how it would be presented to her mind and to her heart Winning over the spirit of the bedroom of her late mother was just the first step in the larger aspect of challenge that Camilla had before her, that was to reinvigorate and renew the Thunder Heights estate itself Not just physical improvements to the home and grounds, but a renewing of spirit, to the house and the people who lived in it Phyllis Whitney put this challenge in beautiful words She felt a little saddened by the deterioration that she saw everywhere in the house How shining and rich everything must have been in the heyday of the past and could be again, if only someone cared It was not lack of wealth, but a disintegration of spirit that lay behind the neglect Phyllis Whitney skillfully stirred all of these ingredients together, setting the tone, just right, in order that a superbly told story could unfold in the chapters head She achieved all of this and in Thunder Heights I truly loved this story, as I did Camilla

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    2017 Summer Lovin Reading List 2.5 starsA disappointment, as I had high hopes of Phyllis Whitney So many gothic romances are set in England, at first I found it refreshing to read one set in New York instead But I just couldn t connect with the heroine, Camilla King, who seemed to be unrealistically na ve, especially for someone who had been through so much loss and was supporting herself through governessing The big party that happens close to the book s ending would have been better placed in the middle or slightly before that, and to have introduced at least one other man into Camilla s sphere of influence As things stood, as a reader I knew she would have to end up with either the artist or the engineer advisor Whitney spent very little time letting Camilla form relationships with either one of them As a result, when the choice was made at the end, I just couldn t feel it was realistic she barely knew the man she ended up with.

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    I guess the late Phyllis Whitney born 1903, died 2008 is, in Victorian Gothic romance, the U.S equivalent of Victoria Holt 1906 1993 , and, in romantic suspense, she s our own Mary Stewart 1916 2014 Whitney was the contemporary of those two known English authors and actually began writing Gothics and romantic suspense before them Her first romantic suspense book, RED IS FOR MURDER, was released in 1943 Stewart s first MADAM, WILL YOU TALK was from 1954 And the first Gothic by Victoria Holt pen name of Eleanor Bufford Hibbert for that genre is MISTRESS OF MELLYN from 1960.I was a devoted reader of all three authors in my tweens and teens and so have a soft spot for their work, but I do confess to finding Mary Stewart s writing superior to the other two and Victoria Holt s Gothic atmosphere superior to that of Whitney s Even so, I was delighted to see that many of Whitney s books are now being released in e format and am enjoying a trip down memory lane whenever I find one at a bargain price Several were 2.99 or 1.99 in price recently and I snapped them up This one is a Victorian Gothic set in New York of the late 1800s It s a typical Gothic set up with orphaned, impecunious heroine in her 20s working as a governess when she is summoned to meet her dying grandfather and the two sisters of her late mother A mother who, BTW, died some years ago in mysterious circumstances her father refused to talk about.The setting is the gloomy mansion Thunder Heights on the Hudson River near Dunderberg Mountain Dutch name that translates to Thunder Mountain but is not to be confused with the Disney version Grandfather unpredictably leaves everything to our heroine This, predictably, doesn t sit well with the rest of the family, i.e., the two aunts and the adopted son of one of them.Everyone is strange or moody, as befits a Gothic There s, of course, that mystery about how the heroine s mother died, but is there someone trying to kill our lovely heroine in the present time Hard to tell which of the three family members, if so Or maybe it s all three in collusion And, as is the usual case in a Gothic, there are two possible love interests The love is a bit underdeveloped and unconvincing and runs hot cold, but then that s also to be expected We wouldn t want a Gothic romance to get outside the formula lines, would we This is fun as a trip down memory lane and it s old enough to be forgiven for its many faults.

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    I started devouring Phyllis A Whitney s books even when I was back in elementary school in the 1960 s and got them from my parents bookstore but somehow missed this one which came out in 1960 This edition was printed in a limited number and I am fortunate enough to have gotten hold of one of the 80 copies from my library Camilla King is in her early 20 s and a governess in New York City We don t know the exact year but early 1900 s I would guess She has just lost her second job when her boss thinks she is not tough enough on the kids She has no where to go as both parents are dead but before she has to leave the house, an attorney shows up and tells her that her grandfather who she has never met is dying and wants for her to come upriver to his estate at Thunder Heights.Thunder Heights is where her mother grew up with her sisters Hortense and Letty in a wealthy household dominated by their business mogul father One day school teacher John King met the family and eloped with Camilla s mother, the spirited youngest daughter Althea Orrin Judd, Althea s father disowned Althea and developed an instant hatred for John King, feeling he was beneath his daughter Later, when Camilla was 8, Althea had been called to her father s deathbed only he didn t die to be reconciled with him While there, she had a suspicious accident and died A bitter John King felt she was purposely killed and kept Camilla away Now, Orrin is again supposedly dying and calls for Camilla.The next day, Camilla is on a boat to Thunder Heights She meets Ross on the boat He is Orrin s assistant and is stunned to learn that Orrin has taken ill while Ross was on a wild goose chase in New York City She receives a warm welcome from her Aunt Hortense s adopted son Booth Hendricks but while her Aunt Letty seems fluffy and out of it, Aunt Hortense outs out the unwelcome mat To her astonishment, her grandfather tells her to watch Letty and that he does not trust any of them and says he will talk to her about restoring the house to its former glory Unfortunately, he dies quickly before he can talk to her about anything that very night The day he is buried, the attorney calls everyone into the house and says he wants to read the new will Hortense and her son had been trying to pressure the old man into writing a new will favoring them but to everyone s surprise, he left Hortense the bible and Letty a picture and everything else to Camilla with instructions to live there, fix the place up, and provide for Hortense, Letty and Booth If she leaves, she gives it all up He left a private letter for her and she decides to accept.Happily she begins to fix the property up but there is danger Someone creeps around in the night trying her locked door She is given herbal tea that she shares with Letty s cat and the cat nearly dies from the poison She receives mysterious warnings She falls in love with Ross who seems to push her away Someone sabotages the basement stair and booby traps it then sends her down to the basement to get a vase Everyone has much to hide and she does not know who to trust, if anyone Someone is out to kill her just as they killed her mother before her It is when she is out in a storm riding a spirited horse in the same riding outfit that her mother wore to her death that she finds out who.Read this one with the lights on and the door locked Don t accept any tea from loved ones They might be out to poison you.

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    i love reading old romance and mystery book they have a great storyline to them if i could give this book than five stars i would i love this book so much because it kept me guessing what would happened till the end of the book i have not read a book by this writer till now.and i plan to read of her book in the future.

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    The heroine of the story goes to visit long lost relatives at her dying Grandfather s request Once there she encounters long buried family secrets, greed, wealth, fear, death and courage Your typical gothic story.So, between the flighty aunt, the bitchy aunt, the brooding step son and the cantankerous neighbor, who do you think is the bad guy in this story And you d be right So, not many surprises but an enjoyable story of a young woman who finds her confidence and pieces together pieces of the family secret.And speaking of which, I found that while this seemed to be an important part of the story, it really was a lame thing in that one of the characters felt it was their fault simply because view spoiler no word was spoken to stop the unfortunate victim from going out riding in a storm which ultimately spooked the horse she was riding and tossing her hide spoiler

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    When Camilla King is invited by her dying grandfather to visit the family estate Thunder Heights, she is equally astonished and curious to meet her late mother s relatives, which she has never seen before But as soon as she sets foot on the estate, she senses that she is not really welcome in the old house overlooking the Hudson Soon, her life is in danger, just like her mother s was when she died on Thunder Mountain some 15 years agoThis was my first Phyllis Whitney While the ending was a bit melodramatic, overall this was a really solid, atmospheric mystery In some parts it reminded me of Rebecca although there are no dead wives involved Maybe because I felt Camilla was standing in the shadow of her dead mother, who was so beautiful and adventurous and headstrong and good with horses and so on I didn t care for her dead mother, but felt myself rooting for Camilla herself from the very beginning, overlooking some of her weaker moments like wanting to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of a man who hasn t even so much as looked at herI am looking forward to reading by this author

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    A novel to read over and over again without ever getting bored Camilla King takes a trip to a gothic mansion named Thunder Heights where her grandfather resides, a grandfather that her father had done everything in his power to cut connections from Curiosity might just be the end of cat on this one as she meets a family she didn t even know she had She found two aunts an Aunt Hortense who is set in a style of another day, Aunt Letty, haunted beyond reason, also Hortense s adopted son, Booth, a sarcastic man, idle in his ways and Ross Granger, an aid to her grandfather Mystery and intrigue surround this story in Camilla s grandfather s will, a painting never quite finished, and a long kept secret that someone doesn t want revealed.

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    Camilla s maternal grandfather suddenly passes away, leaving her his estate overlooking the Hudson River Thunder Heights She is an orphan and is hoping to have a family and home now, butinstead she gets to deal with two aunts one very ghostlike and the other one cold There are also other interesting characters and dangers to endure in solving the mystery of her mother s death The ending was kind of abrupt, but worked.Ms Whitney is like comfort food familiar and vintage.

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Thunder Heights download Thunder Heights, read online Thunder Heights, kindle ebook Thunder Heights, Thunder Heights 773a64c1f651 When Camilla King S Grandfather Leaves Her The Family Estate In His Will, She Is Shocked Before Her Summons To His Deathbed, She Had Never Met Any Of Her Late Mother S Relatives Although The Rest Of The Family Clearly Does Not Want Her There, Camilla Honors Her Grandfather S Wish And Becomes The Mistress Of The Magnificent Thunder HeightsBut Along With The Grand House, Camilla Has Inherited A Legacy Of Hatred And Secrets Not Knowing Who, If Anyone, She Can Trust, Camilla Searches For The Truth About Her Mother S Death Soon She Begins To Suspect That It Was No Accident, But Rather Murder