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Actual Stop (Agent O’Connor, #1) txt Actual Stop (Agent O’Connor, #1) , text ebook Actual Stop (Agent O’Connor, #1) , adobe reader Actual Stop (Agent O’Connor, #1) , chapter 2 Actual Stop (Agent O’Connor, #1) , Actual Stop (Agent O’Connor, #1) 427307 Special Agent Ryan O Connor S Life Is Exactly On Track She S With A Wonderful Woman, And She S Doing Something She Loves Sure, Her Boss Can T Stand Her, But She Figures If That S Her Biggest Problem, She S Pretty Damn Lucky She Should Have Known It Was Too Good To Last And That When Fate Finally Slapped Her, It Would Do So Hard Enough To Leave A MarkWhen Ryan S Ex Girlfriend, Special Agent Allison Reynolds, Suddenly Reappears In New York, Her Carefully Constructed World Is Thrown Into Chaos As They Re Forced To Work Together, Ryan Is Compelled To Confront Several Realities That She Wishes She Could Avoid One Of Which Is That It S Terrible To Mix The Past With The Present The Other Is That It S Not Only The Past That Paints The Present With Lead

About the Author: Kara A. McLeod

Kara A McLeod is a badass by day and a smartass by night Or maybe it s the other way around Or quite possibly neither It really depends on who you ask A Jersey girl at heart, Mac is an intrepid wanderer who goes wherever the wind takes her A former Secret Service agent who decided she wanted out of life than standing in a stairwell and losing an entire month every year to the United N

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    Netgalley ARC provided by The Publisher in exchange for my unbiased review A very disappointing read no spunk,no spice or fire in the writing The storyline just drags on on and was way too long in the details,when coming to the partners the author could not seem to developed any kind of chemistry or connection with them Now back to the writing which was a little off and not up to par boring plus the series storyline and plot twists did not make any sense because it just felt a bit disconnected in addition both the information and the research that was needed for this book investigation did not seem to jell together when come to the writing.

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    Ryan and Allison are both secret service agents based in New York After an amazing love affair and an even spectacular break up, Allison moves to DC for a coveted position protecting the president Ryan stays behind and immerses herself in work and finds a new girlfriend Things begin to feel like she has finally moved on But when Allison returns for an assignment in NY and specifically requests to be partnered with Ryan, memories of their intense and all consuming relationship haunt Ryan all hours of the day What does Allison want now Is it just work or is Allison attempting to rekindle the old flame She can t possibly be expecting the good old times after the way she unceremoniously dumped Ryan and left without looking back And where does that leave Luce, her current And what are they exactly, she and Luce For the first time in two years, after the Allison affair, Ryan is finally going steady with a girl But can any relationship ever compete with an ass over teakettle, rocket ship to the moon, heart stopping, nerve wracking kind of love Before I started this book, I couldn t help noticing the multiple low ratings on GR and cringe, omg, did my fave lesfic publisher just drop the ball again, lol I still shudder at last month s cringe worthy Murder at the Rocks, and promptly braced myself for a similar experience A Netgalley book can t be returned, unfortunately Much to my surprise, I very much enjoyed this book Chapter after chapter, I kept waiting for it to get worse It was like, so many reviewers couldn t be wrong, could they I had such low expectations, lol It didn t though and it even finished with a nice, kick ass ending The thing I loved the most about the book was the constant, just simmering below the surface angst This is due to the first person point of view the book uses Since we don t see other pov s, we see the world through Ryan s eyes and suffer with her through all the past hurts and present confusion and indecision I didn t have trouble at all getting inside Ryan s head and heart And while Allison turns her emotional world upside down, Ryan has to navigate nasty bosses, teach cocky rookies a lesson, and work, work, work Somewhat unfortunately for the book, secret service protection is mostly mundane and boring and very unglamorous work And while I applaud the book s authenticity, it does nothing for the excitement This is clearly not a thriller, even if the cover seems to suggest something dark and gritty view spoiler Nothing remotely thrilling happens until very near the end And even then, what Ryan does is exactly what secret service agents do in real life they take the hit for their protectees That s what they re for Nothing exciting than that, I m afraid hide spoiler

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    Actual Stop would be a much better book without cca 15,000 words all of them related to the tedious job of Secret Service agents That s because this is not an intrigue thriller cum romance as it says on the publisher s site, but a romance as properly tagged on NetGalley.Still smoldering old flame is back in town after than four years since the breakup This is when it all begins love triangle, passion, jealousy, deceit, angst, drama, fear, insecurities The aforementioned promised an interesting romantic part of the story, which in fact is the case The romantic part is done well regardless of the use of some common tropes and a not very convincing explanation at the end.Contrary to that, the part of the story related to the job of main characters is boring as hell Virtually nothing interesting happened regarding that, except towards the end view spoiler when two parts of the love triangle served as sitting ducks for unknown perpetrators hide spoiler

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    Talk about BAD communication This book really did pissed me off, I mean what the actual fuck was all the talking in riddles business, every character talked like there was a big secret goin on and if there was It probably went straight over my head because The only thing I understood in this story was the romanceI also think it had too many characters, I didn t have a clue who was who apart from a 4 of them, all that said, I really liked Ryan so much I ll be reading the second in the series AND I really hope all the bad communication isn t in it, I think this book could have been a top star romance if not for the crap that filled the pages..2.5 stars for the romance and zilch for the rest

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    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.Insert here my standard this is the first work I ve read by this author statement.In praise of this book and this author the author appears to be capable of writing a coherent, competent, clear book with relatively detailed characters In the opposite of praise of this book though not of this author baring a few minor characters, I somewhat grew to rather dislike the characters To a deep level of dislike Plus, while the book appeared competently written, there were a few issues I had with it on a structural level as opposed to substance level.There were several occasions in which the author spent time creating build up, and then not delivering Specifically referring to 1 a great deal of time and energy was put in by the characters to get ready for the president of the USA to visit NY, it is the reason why the main character s ex girlfriend was in NY for that visit of the President And then nothing Mind you, I wasn t exactly expecting much Heck, I d have lived if there was just a line that said roughly the president entered the car and was driven to the hotel Instead we got build up and then the after party The story line went something like the president is coming to Wheels up in other words, the president has left It is not a huge issue, just felt like something of a let down Though I didn t specifically deduct any points for this issue 2 for some unknown reason, a real jackass of a man popped up in the book Ryan s boss Ryan being both the main character and only POV asked Ryan to put him in his place , or words to that effect Because he is being a real arrogant asshole The storyline went from having that boss asking Ryan, to Ryan at her desk looking tired As in, none of the actual event takes place in the book I ve no idea why this scene was in there in the first place, there s no inherent reason for it s inclusion, and then the action part of the scene like the action part above got cut 3 for no known reason, Ryan s direct boss different guy than in 2, who is a higher up guy , is a real asshole Towards many, but especially towards Ryan I ve no inherent problem with this characterization Nor do I have any inherent problem with the why being left blank My problem has to do with how a mystery got generated around him That was never answered view spoiler he acted suspicious in several occasions a screaming at his wife b practically begging Ryan to not investigate the suspected terrorist c storming into Ryan s office then coming to a surprised stop when he realized she was actually in there what was that about etc Clouds of mystery Added to the real asshole characterization I kind of assume d that this might have been build up for another book hide spoiler

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    3,5 starsI have some mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed it but there still are some questions open to me, but that s maybe because it s the first book in a series It seems like almost every character which will play a role in the future books has his appearance in this one I liked Ryan as a character but she and the other two MCs in this book, Allison and Luce have some terrible miscommunications and misinterpretations, which could be solved with some real talking.But I will take on book two, I m wondering where this journey will be going.

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    This book grabbed me in and wouldn t let me put it down I found both characters compelling, their chemistry was great, and the story feels like it has just started I m so glad the next two books in the series have already been published I m diving right into book 2.

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    This is one of those books that the cover actually sold me on the book I like a good cop procedural but sometimes it has too much crime That s probably an oxymoron, right, too much crime, but you know what I mean, you read romance novel too I will confess the romance is what I want, catch the bad guys sure, but let s have smoldering romance than chasing villain s, okay Special Agent Ryan O Connor is a secret service agent that works the on the Protective Intelligence Squad handling threat cases Ryan has finally got her life back on track after having her heart shredded by the love of her life Ryan uses oodles of duct tape and pieces back her heart to finally begin dating again She has entered in to new relationship with a one of NYPD s finest The only problem is Lucia feels way attached that Ryan does Enter the heart breaker herself, Special Agent Allison Reynolds This is secret service agent is one of Mr President s own guard She is calm, cool and collected in a constant storm of chaos Ryan is her weakness though You can tell as soon as they come back together to work a detail to guard the President as he travels into the city The old flame is back, but what is it she s after So my thoughts on this one are mixed I really, really liked it, well most parts of it What I love specifically is the angstiness of it Ryan and Allison have chemistry HOT It s obvious as soon as they see each other again after their four year hiatus To me as the reader the attraction and dynamic these two had just jumped right off the page I loved the parts of the story where these two were together and trying to navigate how to be friends and colleagues.What I was not a huge fan of is too much detail about the Secret Service Too much procedural stuff, details that are important to the line of work sure, unglamorous at times, but still just a smidgen will do I understand why it was there it just became rather dry This is what may turn some reader off, but if you can look past this there is a diamond in the rough.For me Kara A McLeod s first novel Actual Stop is a big hit I thought this book had emotion and I loved it The feelings Ryan has for Allison is dynamic, the emotions and intensity of their attraction just pulled me in chapter after chapter While reviews maybe mixed, I quite frankly loved this one.4.25 stars I was given this book by Netgalley Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review My Blog theromanticreaderblog.com

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    3 1 2 Stars Even with this book having such mixed reviews, I was dying to read it And I m glad I did because I enjoyed it I must admit, yes there are reasons for the mixed reviews Parts of this book were very frustrating I was just able to get past a lot of the issues and enjoy myself.I very much liked the semi flawed character of Ryan, though I wish she wasn t the narrator of the story I did enjoy her girlfriend Luce, until the author made her crazy all of a sudden The ex Allison, I had trouble with I did not like her and found myself upset that Ryan was so infatuated with her Allison did kind of grow on me towards the end, I m still up in the air about her The secondary characters, where not so great They were kind of thrown in a random, never really letting you get to know them.When it came to the mystery crime of the book, I thought it was better than other people gave it credit for I was following the breadcrumbs and became extremely suspicious of Ryan s view spoiler Boss, the way he found out about her investigating the counterfeit ring, and how he acted and asked her to run everything by him first, had my antenna pinging that he s dirty for sure hide spoiler

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    This is good but not great and I think it s because it s the first in a series It feels like just about everybody who is going to play a part in the series has been introduced in this book I really like Ryan as a character but I m not sure about Allison as her prospective partner There is a lot of angst and tension between the two which I seem to be in the mood for at the moment.Essentially I m trying to get to book three but need to get through the first two I m intrigued enough to want to continue and I did enjoy the way it was written.

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