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Bailey's Story explained Bailey's Story, review Bailey's Story, trailer Bailey's Story, box office Bailey's Story, analysis Bailey's Story, Bailey's Story 81f4 From W Bruce Cameron, The Author Of The New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Novel A Dog S Purpose, Which Is Now A Major Motion PictureBailey S Story Is A Heartwarming Illustrated Novel Adapted For Young Readers From The Beloved And New York Times Bestselling A Dog S Purpose By W Bruce CameronEvery Dog Has Work To Do Every Dog Has A PurposeWhen Bailey Meets Eight Year Old Ethan, He Quickly Figures Out His Purpose To Play With The Boy, To Explore The Farm During Summers With The Boy, And To Tidy The Boy S Dishes By Licking Them Clean Only When Mom Isn T Watching But Bailey Soon Learns That Life Isn T Always So Simple That Sometimes Bad Things Happen And That There Can Be No Greater Purpose Than To Protect The Boy He Loves Bailey S Story Is A Moving Tale About A Dog And His Boy For Young Animal Lovers By W Bruce Cameron, Bestselling Author Of The Acclaimed Novel A Dog S Purpose Adorable Black And White Illustrations By Richard Cowdrey Bring Bailey And His World To Life A Discussion And Activity Guide At The End Of The Book Will Help Promote Family And Classroom Discussions About Bailey S Story And The Insights It Provides About Humankind S Best FriendsAt The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Being Sold Without Digital Rights Management Software DRM Applied

  • ebook
  • 208 pages
  • Bailey's Story
  • W. Bruce Cameron
  • 01 March 2019
  • 9780765388421

About the Author: W. Bruce Cameron

I ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people What s not to love about an animal who will sit in your living room all day long, waiting for you to get home, and even if you need to work late and then stop for a stress relieving beverage on your way home, when you unlock that front door, is absolutely overjoyed to see you How could

10 thoughts on “Bailey's Story

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    I loved this book The author does such a good job of capturing the emotions and mindset of Bailey, a golden retriever who is devoted to his boy, Ethan A quick read, but nevertheless an enjoyable book Recommend it to all animal lovers who may wonder what truly goes on in a dog s mind, because I feel the author did a great job of expressing it.

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    Such a sweet, heart warming read from the perspective of man s best friend

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    Absolutely LOVED this book It makes me wonder if W Bruce Cameron is at least part golden retriever because he seems to have perfectly captured the personality and mindset of one This sweet story is told from the point of view of Bailey the puppy, who knows immediately upon meeting his boy that his job is to take care of him no matter what He is taught many important things like Get the Ball and Dog Door , but it s the things that he knows instinctively and the boundless love he gives to his boy, Ethan, that make him the most good of all the good dogs This is an excellent chapter book for middle school readers and full grown readers who love dogs Warning, if your child does not yet have a dog, they will be asking for one before they finish reading this book.

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    I really liked the in depth look of the life when the dog was Bailey It was super funny the way a dog thinks of things like kissing as hugging, and how dogs can feel the different emotions of humans Though I didn t think the stories lined up exactly, and the book finished far before the end of Bailey s life, it was still an amazing book.

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    I think young people in the age group identified by the author 3rd through 7th grade will truly enjoy this book For me, I recognized story threads in this book from his other dog s purpose novels so it was, again, a bit disappointing to me Still, I m going to set it back for my grandson when he gets just a little older I think he might enjoy the story.

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    Bailey s Stroy is about a dog and how he finds his purpose When Bailey was a puppy he was always very curious One day Bailey was playing in the grass for the first time When he noticed the gate, Bailey tried to open it It took a while, but he finally got it open He looked back a his mother letting her know he ws leaving, and walked out of the gate Their was a path that lead to the street He started to cross it when a big truck was coming He car stopped and the man inside of the car got out He went over to the puppy and picked him up, and put him in the car Their was one stop and the man left Bailey in the car Bailey was so hot He was lucky when a mom and a boy came and noticed him The mom broke into the car and got him out The boy was named Ethan and had always wanted a puppy, so they took Bailey home Ethan and Bailey played for a long time When the father got home he wasn t sure about keeping the puppy Ethan promised to walk him, feed him, and lots The dad finally said yes and now Ethan had a puppy Bailey realized he had to take care of his boy Ethan and Bailey had of adventures together One night, a old friend of Ethan s named Todd came with a match Todd set the house on fire Bailey was brave and attacked Todd Bailey made Todd s heel bleed Todd ran away and Bailey went inside to get Ethan and his family out of his house He got the parents out, but couldn t get to Ethan Bailey was outside barking at his window Ethan escaped by throwing his desk chair through his window and jumping out of the house When the police came Bailey showed them the blood on the snow from Todd s heel They followed the tracks and found Todd Bailey was a hero I liked all the adventures Ethan and Bailey did together This story made me always want to know what was going to happen next I recommend this book to people who like action, drama, mystery, and dogs This book is alot like Ellie s story because it is about a dog and their purpose with humans.

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    I read this one aloud to my five year old daughter, who is also a huge fan of W Bruce Cameron s books although she simply knows them as the doggie books, or the books that Tucker s Daddy wrote Our nightly mommy daughter reading ritual is something we both cherish, and we really enjoyed sharing this story together It was a terrific way to introduce chapter books into her literary repertoire, and she felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment upon our completion of the story A perfect multi generational reading experience.

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    How many times can this author repackage the same story and pass it off as a new book

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    I love this author Bailey s story is told from the dog s point of view as he gets adopted by a boy that he treasures and ultimately saves This story is appropriate for all ages and adorable.

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    I really really loved this heartwarming tale of a golden retriever puppy and his boy The book is from Bailey s the puppy perspective, and really changes the way you think of your dog You grow to love this book and as you read it, and you genuinely get sad at the sad parts This book is really good for kids, but I think adults would enjoy it too So if you re looking for a book with this type of story, pick this one up and I promise you won t regret it

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