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    If you like books where the author uses the word tactical to describe almost every tool or piece of clothing used then this is the book for you I almost want to read it again so that i can count how many times he wrote tactical pants What is the obsession with tactical pants He also used tactical flashlight and tactical knife quite often He also referred to AR s as assault weapons come on guyus real gun folk call them by the manufacture and model The author knew his hand guns well enough, but all rifles were tactical assault weapons I had the pleasure of listening to this via audible, which meant I got to hear the narrator use very racist and confusing accents The strange voice modifier they used for when the weird alien Egyptian god like cone heads spoke was an especially nice touch It scared the shit out of my kids, which was by far the most entertaining aspect of this whole book listening experience.

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    Really cool book, I really liked the way it discusses the end of a civilization and the author s writing style was easy to follow along with.

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    Dark Ages 2020Dark Ages 2020 is a Political Thriller that has amazing potential in further releases The first novel attempt by the author that I am aware of , and a darn good one You start off at the precipice You start out by looking at everything that is to come, but you have no real idea as to how the future shall come to be.The characters are easily relatable, depending upon your own actual history Us veterans will have a fellow to connect with enough to make your eyes tear up You small business owners with employees will have a fellow to bond with in their struggle Us family folk will have plenty of chances to set the novel down, and have a Holy crap moment or five Simply, everyone will have something to connect with, and make the novel personally realistic to boot, there are no characters that end up being supermen when the world needs them None of them have extended blabbering scenes to espouse a political agenda via the authors keyboard There are a few instances where it would not have been practical to water it down, but they do not drag or detract Some of the characters are heavily based off of actually players in our politics, so be aware of that as you crack it open The settings are real world, making it that much personal for some of us While there could possibly be descriptions of the surroundings, my own imagination never failed me It fills in necessary gaps If you do not have an over reactive imagination, then do as best you can.The plot as a whole certainly needs a little maturation and attention, but remember that this is the authors first go at this There are a few gaps, a few places that could do with a little TLC Some parts seems a little rushed, and awkward to read an imagine at the same time, but that is not a big deal at all if you keep his literary history in mind Also keep in mind that there will be further installations in this story, so any shortcomings here, can be ironed out later.If I were allowed to give than just a handful of stars, perhaps a 0 100 score, it would score 85 90, but here, I shall award a five star I really like this book, and eagerly await further installations

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    This was a surprisingly good read I had won a copy through a Giveaway and was a bit skeptical of the quality of the book as the author seemed new, but as I read I was drawn into the story.My thoughts The writing was quality work though there were quite a few typos that were missed in editing.The characters were for the most part interconnected.The story didn t have any flow issues.I had a little trouble identifying with some of the characters.The ending left me wanting, but that left a sequel wide open.Overall, I d recommend this book to anyone who is interested in conspiracy theory.

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    This is a different approach to an end of the world scene It could happen in the present day climate, biological warfare, but the author takes it a little further He looks at the end from four different individuals viewpoints, who have at first glance nothing in common He then ties these individuals together by seemingly random events There is also, in the background, the devious plots of the world governments This is a very interesting, intriguing, and exciting read A good book to get lost in.

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    I received this free from a goodreads giveaway.Damn this book is awesome loved how the different characters all got tied together.The character Ivan was pretty cool I liked his handy car grinder.1st book I ve read that s like this or just deals with this kinda stuff and damn glad i got to read this.Ending is awesome makes me wish I had the 2nd book already but cant wait to read it when it comes out.

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    I received this book free through Goodreads This was not an easy read for me First of all, it is set in the future, and I am not a big fan of the genre Secondly, the events described here could actually happen and that scares the living daylights out of me It took me an unusually long time to read because I kept walking away from it Since I have finished it, I am glad I stuck it out.

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    It didn t have any dull spots I am looking forward to the next book in this series.I hope it comes out soon I really liked this book, it had a lot of action It was good.

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    Really good read Not bad if this is the authors first attempt, kept me engaged I will be looking for the follow on books.

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    THIS BOOK WAS RECEIVED FROM A GOODREADS GIVEAWAY If you like to read to escape from reality, this book is not for you Practically pulled from today s headlines, Dark Ages 2020 takes a look at a potential future that could be mere years away Of course, in order to do so, there s a lot of conspiracy theories that would need to come true in order for this novel to be a reality That being said, the one thing this book does well is remove any hope you might ever have in humanity Not only on a local and personal level, but as a civilization as a whole.Unfortunately, none of the characters in this book are likeable They all have flaws and these flaws aren t just minor character flaws, but full blown ethical quandaries The reason for this is that each one of these characters is an extreme stereotype Honestly, this book almost comes across as incredibly racist because of these characters The Islamic Terrorist The Welfare dependent Black people The Caucasian cuckolder in jail for white collar crimes The successful Asian with ties to the mafia Look, I get that the current state of the American political system isn t the best, and I agree that some of these regulations and laws can be quite ridiculous But is it the author s job to make his opinion that blatantly obvious As it is written, Dark Ages 2020 is a pretty quick read, even if it is cringe worthy at times There are still a number of proofreading errors like whatever was going on with the quotation marks occasionally changing to the double angle style that pulled me out of the story, which is unfortunate The plot could probably have also worked without the minimal bit of alien influence as well Overall, this is your standard apocalyptic to post apocalyptic story and there weren t that many unpredictable elements in it at all.A book that tells people who watch the news things they probably already know I give Dark Ages 2020 3.0 stars out of 5 For reviews of books and movies like this, please visit www.benjamin m weilert.com

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