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Trapped in Bangkok chapter 1 Trapped in Bangkok , meaning Trapped in Bangkok , genre Trapped in Bangkok , book cover Trapped in Bangkok , flies Trapped in Bangkok , Trapped in Bangkok 278dc015f94ee Alice, A Girl Recently Kidnapped From A College Campus, Wakes To Find Herself In A Nightmare In A Foreign Country She, Along With Three Other Girls She Meets In The Dungeon Like Facility, Are Forced To Do Things She Would Never Consider Doing, Just To Stay Alive In Another Part Of The Training Grounds, An American Girl Named Jenna Is Almost Completely Conditioned To Obey Her Masters, A Fate That Awaits All Girls Who Arrive There When Freelance Reporter Ben Hapgood Gets Wind Of A Gang Possibly Kidnapping And Selling American Girls, He Has To Find Out If It Is True, Even If It Means Risking His Life With The Help Of A Crackerjack Researcher And A Rogue FBI Agent, Ben Travels To Bangkok To Follow A Tenuous Lead Once There, He Pretends To Be A Rich Cattle Rancher Looking For A Well Trained, Submissive Girl To Buy What He Finds Will Shock Him Can He Help Rescue The Girls

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    Trapped in BangkokI ve been unable to put this book down Shockingly accurate Nothing left to to the imagination This shouldn t happen in this day and age So cruel to be put through all of that

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    It was ok.This is a story of a freelance reporter, Ben, who forms a team with other reporters and FBI agents to impersonate a rich Canadian rancher in Bangkok to purchase a white, American woman as a well trained sex slave Each chapter is told from a different POV, including Alice, a college student who has been tricked into a dark, secluded location and kidnapped She wakes up half a world away, naked and forced into a room with 3 other young women to begin her training as a slave The author seems to go to quite some length to let you know that these are white women who are also American who are being taken Perhaps one would expect this to happen to other types of women but not white American ones It came across as a little xenophobic, perhaps even racist.This is a story about human trafficking I think that it was supposed to be an adventurous thriller with a bit of eroticism mixed in, however, due to the subject matter, the eroticism totally fell flat for me The characters were fairly undeveloped and I felt no emotional connection so there was no sense of peril and erotic bits came off as a generic amateur BDSM sex fantasy.I must admit though, that reading the book made me think about human trafficking, which is still a huge problem, not only in the world, but also here in the US So, the little research that I did my greater degree of awareness can be credited to spending time with this book.In the end, the plot resolution was a little too simplistic, to the point of unbelievable But, you know, it was fairly well edited, quick to read, and free with Kindle Unlimited.It was ok.

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    Erotica with a purposeThis story tackles the subject of human trafficking The story was well written and progressed at a good pace The characters could have had development Still it was a good story.

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    AwfulI would love to tell readers this book was far fetched But in the reality of life, this is probably a sinister side of traffickers The side the papers try not to be too explicit about Good read.

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