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The Sanctuary Seeker: A Crowner John Mystery summary The Sanctuary Seeker: A Crowner John Mystery, series The Sanctuary Seeker: A Crowner John Mystery, book The Sanctuary Seeker: A Crowner John Mystery, pdf The Sanctuary Seeker: A Crowner John Mystery, The Sanctuary Seeker: A Crowner John Mystery fbc70fade8 November, AD Apointed By Richard The Lionheart As The First Coroner For The County Of Devon, Sir John De Wolfe, Recently Returned From The Crusades, Rides Out To The Lonely Moorland Village Of Widecombe To Hold An Inquest On An Unidentified BodyBut On His Return To Exeter, The New Coroner Is Incensed To Find That His Own Brother In Law, Sheriff Richard De Revelle, Is Intent On Thwarting The Murder Investigation, Particularly When It Emerges That The Dead Man Is A Crusader, And A Member Of One Of Devon S Finest And Most Honourable Families

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    In 1194 in the county of Devon, England, Sir John de Wolfe has just been appointed to the new position of coroner by King Richard the Lionheart When a body is discovered in the village of Widecombe, Sir John, is called in to solve the mystery of the death, with the help of his man Gyn and the new coroners clerk, defrocked priest Thomas, despite the maneuverings of his brother in law Sheriff Richard de Revelle I am not used to reading stories where I don t like the main character He was such a rude, abrupt, unlikeable fellow He hates his wife and she hates him, he fights with his brother in law all the time and he treats his new clerk abominably Somehow, because of all this or despite of it or I don t know why, he makes one of the best characters I ve read He feels authentic to the era and time, where women weren t always treated well and most people were not open minded or liberal The life was rough and short and he embodies it well.The mystery was good, the story was better and the characters were the best Well worth the read.

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    THE SANCTUARY SEEKER Historical England 1100s GKnight, Bernard 1st of seriesPocket Books, 1998 PaperbackSir John de Wolfe was appointed by Richard the Lionheart as the first coroner for the county of Devon, a role he takes very seriously Sir John, along with his bodyguard Gyn and clerk Thomas, travels to the village of Widecombe because of an unidentified body found there Sir John believes the murder links back to an important family and is outraged which his brother in law, the Sheriff, arrests and subjects another man to trial by ordeal Knight creates a picture of 12th century England and explaining the system of justice without bogging down the story I found myself caught up in the characters of Sir John, his uncomfortable relationship with his wife and brother in law, loyal bodyguard and somewhat weak, but dogged, clerk These are characters I should like to follow further Happily, there are books to this series for me to enjoy I certainly recommend this those who like to combine their history and mystery.

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    So I said his when I first read this one. and still agree. 5 Star Reread I can immediately immerse myself in this period, thanks to this great author and his research Some of my distant ancestors also worked for the Norman Kings and were in Ireland also.Crowner John is not a warm and fuzzy character but he is quite believable, as is Matilda his wife They are well developed and the story line so far has never disappointed This first of the series is no exception.Very enthusiastically recommended for Medieval and mystery fans as well as Plantagenet buffs like myself.

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    The first in the Crowner John series about a medieval coroner It s not a fast paced thriller like some of the modern set novels but it does move along at a decent rate as we follow John s investigation into the deaths of a returning crusader and his squire The murderer s identity was fairly easy to spot but that didn t spoil the fun of the novel.

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    Enjoyable and particularly strong when it came to the descriptions of everyday life I enjoyed the character of John and Gwyn, the self pitying Thomas, and rather enjoyed Nesta, Matilda and Mary I did feel as though some of the secondary characters were a bit vague, but there are a lot bks in this series and I think that the author had that in mind This bk was to introduce John really The descriptions of the towns, villages, moors inn houses etc were things I enjoyed fulsomely, the author has a good eye for detail I will be reading on in the series, as I think this enjoyable read was just the start of something which I hope will improve with each installment I look forward to discovering all the characters in greater depth and embarking on adventures in medieval Devon.

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    This wasn t my favorite book I might buy another one in this series if I found it in a thrift shop but I wouldn t go out of my way to get one Crowner John is a coroner in England under King Richard The job of coroner has just been created by the King as a way to bring revenue to the crown and to keep the sheriffs a little bit honest Of course, the sheriff is John s brother in law, and there are major jurisdiction disputes between the two A corpse is found in a stream in John s territory, and when he goes to fulfill his coroner s duties, he gets entangled in the mystery of how the man died I m sure this book was well researched, but I just wanted to choke all of the characters Good thing it was an easy read.

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    I basically enjoyed this book It wasn t completely predictable and the style was readable if slightly overly introspective regarding the main character at times There are some rather modern attitudes from a medieval coroner at times which is somewhat jarring Thomas is somewhat unattractive as a character, rather too self pitying for my taste but I like the coroner himself and his loyal officer, Gwyn The ancillary characters are a pretty unprepossessing bunch with the exception of the shrewdly down to earth Nesta but I am still interested in reading of their adventures I think I might get very tired of Richard de Revelle fairly soon though unless he gets some measure of his just deserts relatively rapidly Book two remains on my reading list but not at the top of it as yet.

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    There s just something about how poorly women are portrayed that really bugs me I m not usually one to care about that sort of thing and actually prefer a male protagonist but there are just literally no well formed female characters and the ones that are mentioned just seem to be annoying or prostitutes I obviously don t expect women to go sleuthing with Crowner given the time period but I just feel as though women could have been tactfully involved in the story Also, I m loathe to be rooting for Crowner since he just seems like a misogynistic jerk, it s always nice when the protagonist seems to have empathy than the normal bad guy.

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    Having read the 8th installment first I was really glad to be able to go back to the beginning of the series and start where I should have done before.This is an enjoyable piece of historical escapism, the characters are all larger than life, and although it was for me the second time I had met them they quickly become characters you want to know of In this story we have see several grusesome crimes around Dartmoor in 1194, with the ancient rite of sanctuary being eventually sought John De Wolfe s brother in law the darstardly Sheriff is particularly vile in this book and makes for a great regular villan A good series that s not too heavy weight.

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    The Crowner John mysteries pass the time enjoyably enough but Bernard Knight needs either to do his historical research accurately as a forensic pathologist, you d think he d be respectful of accuracy or he needs a better editor to advise him In each of the three novels I ve read so far there has been something that has grated in terms of anachronism In Crowner s Quest, set around December 1194, he keeps referring to the New Year coming after Christmas when January 1 only became New Year in 1752, after England adopted the Gregorian calendar In 1194, New Year would have fallen on March 25th Some of the attitudes imputed to his leading character fail to ring true In the first of the mysteries, The Sanctuary Seeker, his hero Crowner John, on witnessing a public hanging, muses whether England would in the future bring in a civilised mode of justice Such forward projection would have been completely alien then Finally, after the first novel, there is simply too much backstory reiterated even at points in the story when the reader doesn t need the information In novels which are sequenced, other authors manage this much elegantly in terms of modern crime novels one could mention Ian Rankin and in terms of the historical crime novel there is, of course, Lyndsey Davis Such a disappointment Knight s starting premise is a fertile one for development and John de Wolfe, Nesta and Gwyn are interesting enough characters even if Richard de Revelle is straight out of Sheriff of Nottingham mythology I ll carry on reading because the books pass the time on a wet Sunday but they could have been so much better.

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