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Legacy pdf Legacy, ebook Legacy, epub Legacy, doc Legacy, e-pub Legacy, Legacy aad3fc000a4 Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN ISBN How Do You Want To Feel Today In , The Choice Is Yours San Francisco Is Deserted, The Bay Bridge Bombed, And The BART Subway Trains Grounded The Guardians, Members Of An Elite And Mysterious Government Appointed Military Police Force, Are Maintaining Order At All Costs Thanks To Emotion Altering Drugs Like Emovere That Suppress Fear And Anxiety Lex Knightley, Daughter Of A Prominent Forensic Psychiatrist, Risks Entering The Devastated City To Partner With The Resistance, A Group Of Rebels Intent Upon Exposing The Dangers Of Emovere Lex Discovers An Ally In Quin McAllister, A Magnetic Guardian Force Recruit With A Haunting Past That Binds Them Together As She Uncovers The Secrets Of The Guardian Force And Confronts The Truth About Her Family, Lex Begins To Realize That Even Those Closest To Her Are Not Quite Who They Seem

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    4.5 starsI received this book in exchange for an honest review The first time that I killed someone, it wasn t at all like I had imagined It was a quick and as effortless as snipping a string I squeezed the trigger, and the man fell back This story had me hooked from the first few pages YA dystopian love story action my favorite formula And this book had it all The story is told from Alexandra Lex Knightley s POV She is an eighteen year old girl living in dystopian San Francisco with her mother, who created emotion altering drugs that led to utter destruction and chaos Lex leaves the safety of her mother to go find the Resistance, a group of people who are working to change things Lex proves to be a survivor and all around tough chick, so I was very pleased with the way her character was written Once inside the Resistance, Lex gets close to a guy named Quin Quin is the typical troubled boy with plenty of secrets And even though I say typical , I never get tired of this type of personality Quin did not disappoint, and I found myself falling for him just as quickly as Lex Qiun s friends, Elana and Max, were also well written characters with plenty of depth I found it very hard to believe that this was a debut novel I was impressed with the writing style, original idea, and attention to detail Some people might not like how this book is formatted with VERY short chapters, but I honestly didn t even care because I was so engrossed in the story.The story takes a turn when the group leaves the Resistance and goes back the Lex s mother At this point, I had no hope of putting the book down Once Lex reunites with her mother, we learn a lot about the world and also back stories of the characters I had many problems with Lex s mom but came to love her by the end Quin and Lex went through some issues that I thought were very realistic and was glad their relationship played out the way it did.I don t want to give away anything, so I will just say that the ending gets CRAZY This book has everything that I love about the YA dystopian genre If you are also obsessed with this genre, I suggest that you READ THIS BOOK Dwww.meetmybookboyfriend.wordpress.com

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    Thank you to author Ellery A Kane for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest reviewFind this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten Legacy by Ellery A Kane was a well paced and well thought out novel that surprised me with it s exciting storyline and tangible characters Set in an alternate future where drugs can alter your emotions and military forces control society to an extent, Legacy was a wonderful debut Following eighteen year old Alexandra Lex Knightly, Legacy is set in the alternate future of 2041 where society is a shadow of it s former self and pharmaceutical companies produce drugs that suppress fear and uncertainty, working together with military forces known as Guardians to create super soldiers incapable of feeling fear and disobeying orders As the daughter of the forensic psychiatrist who first came up with the emotion altering drug known as Emovere, Lex finds herself entering the deserted city of San Francisco to meet up with a group known as the Resistance in order to potentially take down the Guardians and bring to light the truth about Emovere and its devastating side affects Heading into Legacy, I wasn t completely sure what I should expect The description sounded promising, but if I m honest the cover didn t go a long way to fuelling my imagination Still I was hopeful And I m thrilled to say Legacy encompasses the saying that you shouldn t judge a book by it s over Ellery A Kane s debut novel was a very exciting story that has obviously been very well thought out and constructed I quite liked Lex as the main character and have to commend Kane on writing a heroine easy to like and follow Lex takes on a hard task when she risks entering San Fransisco to find the Resistance and even though she is untrained and afraid, she faces her fears knowing that she has the potential to save lives All the characters we meet throughout the story compliment the plot line beautifully I enjoyed seeing Lex make friends with some ex Guardians and see Kane explore the damages harsh childhoods and painful pasts have had on the individuals treated with Emovere I was very satisfied with Lex and her relationship with Quin McAllister, the tough and fractured former Guardian who helps her throughout the story and quickly wins her heart While admittedly I felt Lex and Quin fell in love too soon, I did believe their feelings and their romance By the end of the book it was no surprising at all that they felt so deeply about each other after all they had been through but I would have liked a slower process of them getting there Quin had some very real demons he needed to face and I appreciated Ellery A Kane forcing him to face hard truths and growth requirements in Lecacy My only issue with this story is that I would have liked to explore the world within Legacy just a little bit I m very intrigued to see exactly how society got to be the way it is in 2041 and can only hope Kane expands on this some should she write a sequel and continue on with the series Legacy concludes very well, with Lex and her friends taking on powerful individuals to bring to light the truth about what is going on, and in saying that Legacy could very easily be a stand alone novel And yet, despite how well it concludes, I do hope Ellery A Kane writes a sequel as I wouldn t mind the chance to see and learn a bit about this world and about these characters.

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    This story had me intrigued from the first couple of chapters and the synopsis The story is told from Alexandra Knightley s POV An eighteen year old girl living in the suburbs of San Francisco with her mother, who created emotion altering drugs that led to utter destruction and chaos The story revolves around Lex leaving the safety of her mother to go find the Resistance, a group of people who are working to change things and stand up to the corrupt government Sounds cool right I tried to like this book because I really wanted to like this book I love dystopian novels and tied in with this are a lot of elements from popular dystopian books a unqiue setting, interesting history, a communist government, mind altering drugs, and romance As great as all of this sounds, I just did not like the book Lets start with the writing It reminded me of a few other dystopian novels in the sense that the author gets to involved in the plot line and loses touch with the characters and character development That had a huge impact on the book as I could not relate or connect to any of the characters Even though the author was good at describing the horrific events and traumas that they went through, westill didn t get to really know the characters They all seemed paper thin, and completely unreal to me The pacing was slow in the sense that little things happened here and there but they were not of much importance The end was predicatable and some characters, such as Lex s father just seemed random and out of place With the characters, even though I knew they were all different and since thereweren t many within the book it was easy to remember who was who but I still saw them as the same people I knew each person had a different background but they all acted the same Distant, moody and untalkative The dialogue at times seemed so forced because of their lack of emtion bringing us to the next point The romance in this book was painful It came out of nowhere I could see that perhaps the author was trying to show us that in a crumbling society people may just want to be with one another, but then it isnt love so much as lust or seeking comfort The romance was intense and awkward, and it was just random It seemed weird because once again, the characters didnt feel real and they didn t seem to have real emotions, but it did get better towards the end.Overall I would recommend this to some younger readers, as an introduction to the dystopian genre, but It is is not one of my favourites It is a really good story line, which is pretty much what I liked about the book.www.globalbookmania.wordpress.com for reviews

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    Book provided by author for an honest review I really wanted to like this book I love the dystopian genre, and tied together a lot of elements from popular dystopian books that I love a cool setting, interesting background, advanced technologies, a repressive government, mind altering drugs, and romance Maybe it s just me, the time, whatever, but I couldn t enjoy this as much as other people did from the reviews I ve read While there were some parts I did enjoy, overall, I felt like there was a lot to be improved.The writing The writing reminded me of other dystopian novels, such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, because it s very detached from the character I didn t enjoy it and I felt like I never got to know the main character, Lex, because of it The character was constantly describing her reasons for doing or feeling something, and I wanted showing whereas most was just telling I thought there would be action It would appear in spurts, coming out of nowhere, and I couldn t anticipate it because there was no rising action.The pacing was slow and although the book was short, it dragged on and I had to force myself to read some parts.The characters Because of the writing, I never really got to know any of the characters I understood them because of how Lex told me they were like, but I didn t really see it in their actions or dialogue The cast of characters wasn t that big, so I could easily identify them, but I still didn t feel anything for them Most of the characters came from some emotional background, but even knowing that, I couldn t connect to them or feel sorry because of how it was executed I character development and better dialogue could have made a big difference in my enjoyment I also didn t like the romance because of my lack of emotion for the characters.The romance I m a big romance fan, in any type of book Even so, I just couldn t understand the romance in Legacy It came out of nowhere, and I didn t even know Lex was in love or whatever it is , until she had to tell us herself Even when they were together, I didn t know anything about Quin s character apart from his past A lot of the story revolves around the romance, when I think it would have been fine, or even better, without the romance I was definitely interested in the synopsis, which was the reason I wanted to read this book I think some people might enjoy this, but it s not something I would recommend if you are in the dystopian mood If you are put off by my review because the issues I brought up here are things you also dislike, then I wouldn t recommend this book to you.

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review This book sounded so good just from the description we could control our emotions Heck yeah sign me up and sometimes I m let down by that This wasn t one of those times This book was fantastic, the characters seemed tangible and the plot was really flushed out well This story follows the young Alexandra nicknamed Lex, it s set in the future 2041 The society we know is long gone, replaced by pharmaceutical companies who produce drugs that control how you feel Lex just happens to be the daughter of the forensic psychiatrist who invented the drug Things get going quickly and soon Lex finds herself helping the group The Resistance, to show everyone the drugs aren t a good thing and hopefully take down the military group known as the Guardians.This is an amazing debut novel, it s so good it doesn t even feel like a debut The writing is simple and easy to follow, the characters are wonderfully written and the plot is pretty awesome.I enjoyed Lex as the main character she is strong and very likable Even though she is so scared to embark of this rebellion with the Resistance she goes ahead, knowing it could save lives If that s not a good person I don t know what is.There is some sweet romance in this book that I really enjoyed I really like that Kane made Quin real, he wasn t perfect by any means but he was still so freaking wonderful that you can t help but fall for him I also really enjoyed the rest of the cast, in some books, I feel the side characters are just there to be there and they don t feel real at all Not the case here, they all of their own realness about them.This book does have very short chapters but I actually liked that I m the kind of person who tells myself that I will stop after one chapter, but when they are this short I just keeping reading thinking to myself just one and before I knew it, the book was over.

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    Welcome to Book CityDate December 12, 2014Special ReportSpoilers AheadHeadlineLegacy Ellery KaneHow do you want to feel today In 2041, the choice is yours San Francisco is deserted, the Bay Bridge bombed, and the BART subway trains grounded The Guardians, members of an elite and mysterious government appointed military police force, are maintaining order at all costs thanks to emotion altering drugs like Emovere that suppress fear and anxiety Lex Knightley, daughter of a prominent forensic psychiatrist, risks entering the devastated city to partner with the Resistance, a group of rebels intent upon exposing the dangers of Emovere Lex discovers an ally in Quin McAllister, a magnetic Guardian Force recruit with a haunting past that binds them together As she uncovers the secrets of the Guardian Force and confronts the truth about her family, Lex begins to realize that even those closest to her are not quite who they seem.Personal Ads Lex.Daughter of a scientist Kind Caring Determined to not be left out Has gone father Likes Quin Heroine Not good with stressful situations Cares for the people she loves Quin.Ex Guardian Force Happy one moment, sad the next Has a bad past Has convict father Was cold hearted Likes Lex Willing to heal A bit distant at first Opinions This book is hard to place I ll admit I did like some parts.I really liked the psychological trauma part of the book was good That might sound bad Oops The psychological aspect of life affects you as much as your surroundings and your genetics Giving the Guardian Force traumatic situations they went through in the past was a good move I, as an aspiring psychologist, was fascinated by the drugs I know that sounds bad But still The question is if people can actually make drugs to alter moods I admit that it would be quite amazing if that was a real invention You could make soldiers fearless You could make surgeons prepared for surgery by making them calm The possibilities would be endless It would be amazing As the book said, though, there would be people who abuse the drugs That is envitable All things that are good have negative downsides as well I also think that the dark pasts give these characters depth They had terrible things happen to them There are no amazing, rich people lives These are real situations Real people There might be an Elana out there Maybe a Quin A Max An Eddison A Lex You don t know These characters are real They have depth that other characters don t have I do think that this book showed promise Especially when I read the blurb Oh gosh That blurb It was perfect I just wanted to dive into this book I really did not like Quin Oh gosh I don t like him He was annoying He kept changing moods He kept acting like two different people Does he have bipolar disorder It seemed like he had a slightly mild case One moment, he was happy and carefree Another moment latersolemn Dreary I don t understand I guess you could say that it was his father And the romance Admittedly, there is promise for that couple Quin needed Lex Lex needed Quin If they hasn t been clingy, I would have liked it Maybe Barely They didn t seem like a good couple They kept kissing and playing cat and mouse Quin was hot and cold I think Lex put too much of her heart into the relationship Quin didn t give enough He seemed to only put his body into it, not his soul or heart I also dislike the ending It seems rushed Like the plot just ends right there We had action piled on Lex s mother Her father Quin s father We get things happening Fast Quick It was too rushed It was hard to keep up As I read the last few chapters, I kept groaning It could have ended sooner Not all the fluff in the epilogue We don t need to know they love each other We get that The story should have ended sooner It went on for too long Weather Sunny with 50% chance of rain3 5

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was captivated by a description of this book San Francisco, evacuated and desolate after the use of an emotion altering drug takes over the populous and government Awesome Super soldiers are happening and a Resistance is forming Awesome.And, I have to say, the plot wasn t terrible It had echoes of Revolution NBC and Divergent, so there was that.However, I had a major problem with a couple of key aspects of the writing 1 The Exposition Fairy visits every page.Nothing is subtle in this book It s almost as if Ms Kane thinks that the reader is not intelligent enough to connect any dots, even if things have already been spelled out 80% of the way Here s one of my favorite examples Max chuckled What is the old saying Drive it like you stole it You d know something about that, right, Quin Apparently, in another life, he had been a car thief.When an author hits me over the head with exposition like this, it takes all the joy out of reading and discovering the story.2 The portrayal of girls and how girls are I guess it s a pet peeve of mine when a character explains away her actions as just the way girls are This overgeneralization is often just an excuse for catty behavior, and I think it s lazy writing Either a at some point acknowledge that your character needs to grow up or b don t write this sort of excuse at all Here s an example Elana and I studied each other cautiously, the way girls do.Or the way strangers do in an uncertain world Or the way a trauma survivor might study someone 3 Lex s stupid stupidity about boys.So, in the first few pages, Lex kills a member of the Guardian Force in self defense This is her first time killing someone, and it s a big deal for about three seconds Then, she meets the Love Interest and has this to say My mother referred to me as a late bloomer , an expression I despised I imagined myself as a cold, hard seed in the ground, waiting impatiently while life sprung up around me.You literally just killed someone four minutes ago Why aren t you in some sort of shock Why don t you wait to have these life has just begun moments until tomorrow This is disgusting.4 People tell Lex everything immediately upon meeting her.It is my understanding that Ms Kane is a forensic psychiatrist herself, and thus deals with survivors of trauma in her work I think that she had a good idea here, imagining how the military might exploit these survivors in a dystopian future.However, three different people share their traumatic experiences with Lex Max, immediately after meeting her It is their first conversation Elana, on the second day of knowing Lex, even though she s been reserved with everyone else about it I guess she just feels like she can talk to Lex Edison, and his timing is the only one that makes any sense based on the relationship he has with Lex and his personality.I just kind of hated the info dumping characters did to the protagonist in general, considering they d never met her before, but the trauma sharing really bothered me view spoiler 5 Lex is sidelined for the Boss Fight.Others bring down the Big Bad Yep, that happened hide spoiler

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    Cover Thoughts It s a bit plain for my tastes, but I enjoy the background that everyone recognizes as the Bay Bridge in San Francisco I love how the color gives off the desolation feel that one would expect from most dystopias First Thought First off, dystopia is my favorite genre Further, I am very critical of it I am also in the processes of getting a degree in forensic science So, when I see that this YA novel has a forensic psychiatrist in it, I am immediately interested Review Legacy did not disappoint Ellery Kane begins the novel with Lex Knightly starting her dangerous trip across the bridge to deliver a flash drive of information to the rebels She beautifully switches from present to past explaining how Lex got there, and how her mother is the person who began this devastation I was not at all expecting what happened next Usually while I m reading I can come up with my own theories of how the characters resolve their broken societies Legacy was something different It is enjoyable because it is original The characters are easy to follow and empathize with, well except for Quinn I really wanted to punch Quinn sometimes Quinn s character was almost unbelievable for me Some of his actions were ones I couldn t see happening in real life Most of the parts of the book were page turners I couldn t set it down until the 3rd part of the novel There was a lull where Lex, Quinn, and their rag tag group of rebels stay in Lex s house admiring or hating Lex s mother The best part about the book is learning about the different emotion altering drugs Listen, I m no druggie but I wouldn t mind trying them Well maybe not the one that turns me into a heartless super soldier Legacy makes me feel like this could happen in real life It could be than fantasy It isn t an end with aliens or zombies This is a powerful drug being abused by the government Even the ending is great in a sad way It has one of those sacrificial endings you don t see coming This is what I like in a novel It took me on an original journey through my imagination of what is bravery and what is not Overall Readability If you enjoyed dystopians such as The 5th Wave, Ash Fall, or Eve, then I know you would enjoy Legacy All of these novels have a lead character trying to make it through a situation on their own and then finding support in the end My Final Thought I have to know Is it really over No super soldiers Unfortunately, I have to wait awhile until the second one comes out 5 out of 5 Haunted RosesWant to see the guestpost written by Ellery Kane Visit

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    I received this book in a GoodReads Giveaway.I truly enjoyed this book Although it was short, it didn t lack anything The book was easy and quick read Once I actually was reading it only took me all of two days The prologue took me by surprise The contrast in those two paragraphs was remarkable, and made it that much interesting I was laughing my head off because of how shocked I was Now as the story goes on, there was insta love, but I don t believe it was badly written like some others are In the story Lex is drawn to Quin because she basically likes to solve puzzles and he was definitely a puzzle to be cracked.The friends Lex makes are amazing Now while new characters were being introduced and Lex just felt like she could trust them, much less that she couldn t keep a secret , I was very sceptical of them It was one of the things that I didn t like about Lex either I mean when you live in a world that they do, secrets are one of the biggest things that need to be held Now, I m not saying she should have kept secrets like someone she knew did, but at the same time, not everything needs to be told either Now, I m going to contradict myself I also did like that she didn t keep secrets from those close to her That itself was refreshing because with all the dystopian books that are out, they all have feel a need to keep secrets from even those that care about them.I do give the book a 4 5 mainly because every time I was able to read it would be a short period of time and then I would have to wait even longer periods of time to actually be able to read again Legacy was a good book I cannot wait until I read the second book Prophecy.

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    I received this novel through Goodreads First Reads This novel was incredibly amazing I want to compare it to another novel but it would be an insult to this book because it was unique The premise of the novel is very interesting It is 2041 and there are pills that are available to alter moods Lex is the main character and her mother plays a large roll in the after math of the abuse of the pills I didn t immediately fall in love with these characters and I believe that is what makes them so great Lex is very relatable and does not put up a front about how she is feeling She does not fake interests and does not pretend to be strong when she is terrified Quin is also a very lovable character He isn t your typical boy with issues I got to a point in the novel where the thought of I seriously love these characters and I cant wait to see what happens hit me There was one moment and after that I couldn t dislike the book if I tried The romance in the novel had to be my favorite part because it was very realistic It wasn t just oh we are forbidden to be together so lets prove everyone wrong It was a I will love you no matter what and if you need time to figure yourself out, that s okay I will be waiting type of love Love plays a large part in this novel Its not all romantic love either Its love for a child and love for your friends.I highly recommend this novel to everyone If by chance the author of this novel sees this review, I would like to tell you that you have done an amazing job and I can not wait for novels from you.

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