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    A relevant reading ALL S FAIR IN POLITICS AND WAR I read this novel, back then in 1998, just live a month before of watching the film adaptation Even at that moment was published as an anonymous work It was later than it was known that Joe Klein was the author of the novel.I have to admit that I didn t went crazy about for the book or the movie, at that particular moment, but again I think that it was a too serious story in a moment in my life that I was reading and watching lighter stuff.It s highly likely that nowadays I would watch in a different light the novel I d read again Maybe I ll do it someday However, the book is a solid product with details and development of the characters and events.It s no secret that Primary Colors is a fiction novel based on the real presidential campaign of former President Bill Clinton.It s a book well written and it gives a very amusing view of a Clinton like presidency without saying in open way that it was the intention, but the similarities are obvious.For readers who enjoy politics based books I am sure that this can be a great option to read The story doesn t hesitate to show something that maybe any voter in any country knowsa politician will do and will say anything if that helps him her to win an electiona brutally sad truth in an age where we are eager to have true leaders.Politicians are human as any other person in any other job career, and I can understand their character failures in their personal areas I am not saying that I support marital deception, but in a politician, I think that it s worse when they really don t believe in their political opinions and they are just saying them to gain the support of the voter Political deception is worse in the sense of a voter, since I am not asking them to get marry, I am offering my vote.A cheater husband is a loser to me, not matter their kind of jobs.A cheater politician is a sad truth that each day, it s easier and easier to find in any candidate.

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    I read this when it came out in 1996, even before Joe Klein was outed as the author I love a good behind the scenes political story, and if that s what you like, this novel delivers it in spades It follows the presidential campaign of Southern governor Jack Stanton, and the events are loosely based on Bill Clinton s 1992 campaign Stanton is a notorious flirt and frequently gets into trouble with women He is skilled at telling stories and manipulating people We see the campaign through the eyes of idealistic staffer Henry Burton, and as events unfold, he grows disenchanted with Stanton s behavior.While this is an enjoyable novel, I would recommend pairing it with George Stephanopoulos memoir, All Too Human, which describes his experiences on the Clinton campaign and working for him in the White House Both books are interesting reads and I highly recommend them for political junkies.

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    I thought I may have waited too long to read this one, but since it was for sale at a library book sale, I thought, why not take a chance I d always wanted to see what all the fuss was about The book was interesting, especially given the recent Hillary Barack dust up Loosely disguised as fiction, this book offers an inside peek at the Clinton primary run way back in the 90s I was amazed at how long ago it all seemed Susan and Jack Stanton read Hillary and Bill are shown in a very negative light as political animals who will do anything, and throw anyone under the bus, in order to get elected Back when Bill was president, I probably wouldn t have believed it, but after seeing Hillary s recent campaign and their sense of entitlement, it rings true I still think they re both brilliant and quite an interesting power couple, but Primary Colors certainly tarnishes their luster.Moving slowly, the book reflects the way things get done in a real campaign Miracles don t happen overnight Elections aren t won in a single chapter The book s supporting characters are well drawn and it gave me plenty to think about Even though in many respects, I would prefer not to The truth here isn t pretty.

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    Henry Burton a Democrat too young for Kennedy, unfamiliar with magic is our entree into the psychodrama filled world of the Clintonian Jack and Susan Stanton Libby Holden a brilliant but unpredictable friend from the Stantons activist days takes us even deeper, hilariously and then tragically embodying the wildest swings of our adoration and disappointment with the Baby Boomer power couple.Klein in parts of Primary Colors demonstrates a better feel for character Her strength in the face of this embarrassment was strange She was drawing attention to her perfection, which only served to remind people of her husband s imperfection it was, I realized, a vengeful act , dialogue, meaningful plot development, a good turn of phrase It felt like the quiet scene just before the monster comes , and literary imagery the roadsides were the color of a squeezed fingertip than many full time novelists.However, what makes the underrated Nichols May film adaptation even better than its source material is that it is an undiluted love story between a nation and the Clintons Nichols doesn t bore us with a single relationship conversation or scene between Henry and ad guru Daisy hilariously we just see them in bed together when Henry gets a campaign crisis call It s a great visual joke this is just a campaign romance, not to supersede the one between candidate and country.Reading this novel makes one appreciate their restraint even further as Klein s obsession with the exceptionally stupid love story between Daisy and Henry knocks him two stars About 40% of the way through the book the Stantons disappear, with Jack, our once larger than life politician reemerging every so often as an angry, uncharismatic boss who spouts the profanity laden obvious.Instead, we get lots of this we don t have to talk about it any, Henry Or say any of the words We can wait till this is over and we can think clearly, but I m really feeling kind of quivery and gelatinous over you There is very little great in Primary Colors the movie that was not lifted directly from Klein s book You ve got to be truly brilliant to have Nichols and May steal from you verbatim But how could he not see that the real love story was between Henry America and the Stantons Clintons

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    It starts out slowly, ploddingly, irritatingly Just like most election campaigns You see things develop bit by bit inch by inch, see characters begin to define themselves, see conflicts begin to emerge, and find yourself wishing time or the pages would go faster so you could get to the end.Then it suddenly explodes into a frenzy of kinetic energy as though the author went on an amphetemine binge, chasing the whole thing down with a vat of red bull Which, my half baked mind believes, may well be the breakfast of champions of many election aides.This is where Primary Colors is at its best When it ignores its own self referential nature, when it forgoes the obvious parrallellism to the Clinton campaign of 1992, when it simply revels in the primary process, frantic, chaotic and almost wholly without conscious.Most surprisingly of all, when it slows down again, into a slow, embarassed recounting of mudraking cruelty, is when it reaches perhaps the zenith of its story telling The ideals and dreams that flow into a heart whenever the strains of The West Wing opening credits play, the hopes and dreams of people who want to make a difference or change the political system, turn to foul, putrid, ashes Your heroes, if you had any while reading it, fall, your dreams end not in nightmares, but in the slow, tremulous opening of eyelids to find the same walls, the same alarm clock, the same vapid conviction free career politicians spouting nonsense, just like always.Yet, oddly, the book ends with a whimper Feebly limping into the last pages, before presenting a complex, near Faustian choice for its protaganists But all it does is present it And while you want your eyelids to be heavy, while you want to wash out the ashes with a Listerine waterfall, you re too jaded to want to know how it ends.But just jaded enough, to be glad you don t have to deal with politicsuntil you go home again.

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    Primary Colors has a great opening, describing the candidate as he might be seen by the public, projecting the image of strength, empathy, intelligence It is what is so often compelling about politics We see some glimpse of what we wish we were.It doesn t take long though for us to start seeing behind the scenes, and Klein whose political columns I often find to be boring reflections of the Washington consensus does an great job of bringing out the day to day drudgery of working on a campaign The way one event after another starts to look the same how you begin to get a feel for the candidate on a personal level how personality differences can be as important as policy arguments Klein is good with these characters For once, we feel Bill Clinton s pain, instead of him feeling ours We also feel Henry s pain, and Susan s, and most of the rest Some of the nuts and bolts of campaigning have changed since 1992, but many of the personality types involved are the same, and obviously the goal winning is still there Primary Colors feels light and fun while you re reading it, but has a pleasing kernel of truth buried in there too Frankly, I can t believe I didn t read it sooner, but it is far from out of date.

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    A strangely nuanced and under rated book It could just as easily be called, A Study of Charisma I m too young to really be familiar with the Clintons I do follow American politics pretty closely, but I was only four years old in 1992 so I cannot comment on that aspect of the book Perhaps that lack of baggage aids my analysis of this book, because I see it as it is Charisma is a very rare quality Most politicians don t have it That rare, winning formula That thing that Clinton had that so few others could ever come close to.The politics is quite interesting, the denouement adds pathos, and overall I was gripped by this book.

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    by Anonymous as a marketing tool Genius Or dumb luck I hope the latter There was no way this was an insider book After all the hype, I read it and was truly disappointed In fact I am changing my rating from 2 stars to 1 star right now Then the world discovered it was a journalist who wrote it, not James Carville or the like No shizzle Sherlock.

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    Primary Colors is a strange beast of a political thriller, a novel based on the 1992 Clinton campaign, where the names have been changed and some events altered Jack Stanton is a charismatic governor of a southern state, a new kind of democrat who blends populist politics with Ivy League credentials Jack Stanton can light up a room, but he s got feet of clay He avoided serving during the Vietnam War, and he can t stop sleeping around.Our viewpoint is campaign manager Henry Burton, the grandson of a legendary civil rights leader think Martin Luther King , and a consummate political staffer Burton is brought on as deputy campaign manager, and joins the slog through the retail politics of the New Hampshire primary Challengers arise, various flavors of strange cold Northeasterners, along with scandal, as Susan Stanton s hairdresser publicly accuses Jack Stanton of an affair, and the teenage daughter of the owner of Stanton s favorite BBQ joint accuses him of impregnating her Burton, meanwhile has his own romance with media whiz Daisy, and teams up with the bipolar and aggressively queer dustbuster Libby partially based on Vince Foster to kill threats to the Stantons, and dig up opposition research on the other candidates, including a strange story of sex, drugs, and corrupt real estate deals.When this book is good, it s very good, capturing the frenetic amphetamine rush of politics, the excitement of the game, and the larger than life quality of those who play it Primary Colors gets the thrill of the great American experiment in democracy, what it means to be a Candidate, why people work such long hours for these people, the sordid deals and lies of what politics is, and the soaring ideals of what it might be But two things bring this down The first is that the narrator is Black, and author Joe Klein so very White I really do not need some white dude in TYOOL 2018 to pontificate about Blackness in America And the second is that Henry is a witness than a protagonist I m not sure if he makes a single real choice in the novel He witnesses horrible things, he sees people destroyed by ambition, he finds love, loses it, regains it, but who is he The political animal, a bag of reflexes watching C SPAN, the ultimate empty suit.

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    When I bought this book the name on the cover was still Anonymous and the book was getting tremendous buzz because it was obvious Henry and Susan Stanton stood for Bill and Hilary Clinton and everyone was speculating someone close to them had to have written the book But the reason I picked it up was simple Back then I worked as a campaign staffer in a presidential campaign no less, only on the state, not national level And a fellow staffer told me I had to read this book that it had the best description of what it s like inside a political campaign he had ever read.He cited a particular passage about the ferocious pace and momentum of campaigns, and I skimmed through the book trying to find it, and this might have been it We moved into all of this so quickly that it was difficult to comprehend It was as if we were being borne, actually propelled, through our schedule by a lunatic tide we were sucked out of high school auditoriums Kiwanis club luncheons, all the other stations of the cross, sucked into this narrow vortex, a combination of gauntlet and undertow.But yes, this took me back back to the land of coffee and donuts and no sleep, to all the cussin I had been a rather priggish girl who wouldn t say even the mildest of oaths, a few months into campaign work I was lobbing F bombs and S words left and right It has taken years to scrub my language clean of casual obscenity and I haven t completely succeeded But most of all the book gets right both what whets your taste for politics and for many causes distaste and disillusion How Americans will forgive anything if you re charming and likable That in politics you sell your soul for power and it s all good because you ll make up for all the reprehensible, dirty things you ve done because you ll change the world But what changes is you.Note, I m not involved in politics any.

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