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The Golding chapter 1 The Golding, meaning The Golding, genre The Golding, book cover The Golding, flies The Golding, The Golding dc0ffee7eef4d A Mystical Forest A Forgotten History A Love That Spans LifetimesGOLD MEDAL Winner Global Ebook Awards USA SILVER MEDAL Winner Readers Favorite Award Contest USA RED RIBBON Winner Wishing Shelf Awards UK GOLD AWARD Winner Literary TitanFirst In The Book Epiphany Series, And A Captivating Blend Of History, Mystery, Contemporary Romance And Magic, THE GOLDING Is A Story Within A Story, A Whimsical Tale About Money And Its Unknown Otherworldly OriginsRosetta Melki Part Time Tarot Reader, Struggling Sole Parent And Full Time Idealist Begins A Reading Group To Examine A Fantasy Novel And Discovers The Book To Be Anything But Fiction The Book, Written In The S By Edward Lillibridge, Is A Hidden History Revealing The True Beginnings Of The Global Monetary System Lillibridge S Story Surrounds Ancients From A Gold Obsessed Empire And The Sprites They Oppress Elfin Clan Dwellers Whose Currency Of Choice Is Kindness Whether Discontent In Rich And Poor Will Ever Make Way For A World Free Of War And Poverty, Whether Anyone Can Believe Enough In Humanity S True Ancient History To Activate The Dawn Of A Benevolent New Era, Remains To Be Seen One Thing, However, Is Certain Someone In Modern Times Must Fulfil A ProphecyThe Time Crossing Sprites Of Lillibridge S Descriptions Have Set Their Sights On Rosetta, But First They Must Ensure She Meets Her One True Love Feet On The Ground Finance Executive Matthew Weissler Is Hardly A Likely Candidate Even Less So After Their Klutzy Introduction He S Polished, Successful, Admired, And Is Disturbed To Find He S Being Shadowed By An Elf

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    A clever page turner sprinkled with wit and wisdom I was intrigued with the way the author effortlessly moved from a lyrical prologue in an 18th century writing style to a light and pacey modern style interspersed with an exquisitely magical inner story which the modern characters are studying.The characters are entirely believable, complete with virtues and flaws The outer story s heroine is Rosetta, an exuberant and lovable character who has begun a book club with close friends in order to study a novel set in ancient times.The hero of the modern story is Matthew, an unassuming and engaging character who questions the substance of his life as a banking executive and slave to the dollar At the height of his confusion and discontent, Pieter of the Brumlynds a sprite from an ancient timeline intrudes into an uneasy and unexpected dream Matthew s life begins to change as each question he asks leads to transformative decisions.There s much to love about this book The underlying theme of both its ancient and modern storylines an explanation for humanity s suffering throughout the ages was far fetched, yet strangely believable.Beginning with an excerpt of a letter written in the autumn of 1760 and ending with a gripping final scene, the novel had me enchanted throughout From the warmth and vibrancy of the book study evenings, to the pre dawn campfires of a sprite clan in a Scandinavian forest, Epiphany THE GOLDING truly glows.

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    Three and a halfIt was the cover that caught my eye but if I m brutal as much as I was intrigued by the synopsis and ideas here the execution didn t quite wow me In fact I was quite tempted to just give up but I don t like to be a quitter although I do admit it was touch and go initially The author paints a picture of what I can only describe as an ancient world with Elves, Sprites and all manner of magical creatures but sadly their very existence is threatened by Body Kings, who seek less kindness ironically it s very powerful and tactile rewards The author takes us between this astonishing world of long ago and a very much mundane, modern Australian setting as Rosetta introduces a book to her reading club written in the eighteenth century that seeks to convince readers that once there was no need for a monetary system Rosetta is lonely but Matthew, a passing businessman has kindled her interest and the author cunningly draws the reader in as we learn that Matthew is at a crossroads of his own Honestly I had no idea what would transpire as this story unfolded I feel that I m supposed to like Rosetta but oddly didn t find her written vividly enough and I got very bored with her constantly criticising herself Matthew is on a journey of self discovery but it s pretty obvious that the author envisages a romance at some point between the pair For this reader it was the Elf Pieter that shone the brightest and I d actually say he was the highlight of this story for me Pieter changes so much and will sacrifice anything to help others There s clearly to come in the next book The Silvering so all I will say is persevere if initially it s not grabbing you with its concept of Body Kings who are just physically aware and less cerebral or mystic This might not please everyone but I was absolutely hooked by it eventually I admit it and if you love fairy tales than this uniquely, inspired concept of Sleeping Beauty with its time travel ideas was truly different and kept me glued to the very last page.This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair

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    Part fairy tale, part fantasy and one hundred percent enjoyableAt the beginning of the book, Epiphany introduces a novel set in the eighteenth century by Edward Lillibridge which the main protagonist, Rosetta Melki, and her reading group happen to be reading Some would describe Rosetta, depending on one s slant, as an unusual combination of tawdry according to a former boyfriend and eclectic, with possibly some Romani blood running through her veins She does tarot card readings and her decorating style involves crimson rugs, vases of fake Spanish orchids and a crystal ball on her mantle At thirty nine years of age, Rosetta still gets tongue tied when dealing with good looking men, admits to needing to lose a few kilos but wants only the best for her fifteen year old daughter, Izzie, who seems to take her mother s various eccentricities all in stride However, it s largely because of Rosetta s disarming and utterly likable anything s possible character that this concept of a story within a story actually works Make no mistake about it Epiphany is like a delicate piece of lace, where strands of the eighteenth century Lillibridge novel are masterfully looped and twisted into intricate patterns within the strands of Rosetta s own life Part fairy tale, part fantasy and one hundred percent enjoyable, the book is sure to have fantasy lovers basking in the afterglow that can only follow a great read like this one

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    Review of EPIPHANY The Golding a story within a story by Sonya Deanna TerrySweet, whimsical and visionary, the Author has skillfully woven fantasy with reality, Dream State with the future and takes the reader on an odyssey of their own Her characters move through the text smoothly, each carved expertly, so that the reader is transported into the worlds that are within the story The reader will be engrossed from the first pages Brilliantly done and recommended for anyone who wishes to do a little travelling in the Dream Sphere of their own S D Anderson, PhD Visionary Fiction Author

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    I have just completed Epiphany The Golding by Sonya Deanna Terry How refreshing to read a novel that has an uplifting theme without the macabre content so common today in the fantasy genre.The writer skilfully transports us back to another age where kindness is the currency in a devic kingdom Just as adroitly she introduces both the writings of an 18th century vicar in England who records the unknown history of the world s monetary system under the guise of fiction and modern day characters who are studying his book.The characterisation is very convincing the scenes atmospheric and unexpected twists kept me guessing outcomes A romance element adds another dimension to this absorbing novel The book has a depth that appealed to me on so many levels.What surprised me as much as anything was to discover that this was the author s debut novel.I am looking forward to reading the remainder of the story in Epiphany The Silvering, and any future works by this very talented writer.

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    Felt I was part of the storyline s book study group, taking in the ambience of the main character s Californian Bungalow lamps, rugs, aromas drifting in from the kitchen, the coziness and comfort, then I was transported across time with an increasing desire to know as I travelled this descriptive, unique, unwinding path For those who wish to experience thought provoking possibilities in relation to a better world, interwoven with mysteries, romance and humor, this is the book.

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    Where do you come from I asked How do you know of such magic Sonya Deanna Terry makes her literary debut with EPIPHANY THE GOLDING and trying to find how this obviously very gifted writer arrived at such an auspicious introduction we find only that she is a former Canberra resident, a communications student and a rabid threatre goer So we must assume that she is Australian, has a keen sense of history and magic, and will continue this novel with a series to follow.What strikes this reader first is her ability to transport us in time in a prologue that is poetically stunning and establishes the origins of the story that follows To taste her skill, a portion of that Prologue is shared here An excerpt of a letter from Edward Lillibridge to his sister, Meredith Written in the autumn of 1760 The boy has led me of late into a rather extraordinary situation Several days ago, he traipsed to the wood on the morn, telling me he would return to the cottage in time for dinner Midday passed, as did the afternoon Ned was nowhere to be seen When the sky became streaked with garish displays of orange and violet , and smoke whirled and curled from chimneys in the dale, I stood on my doorstep, paced for a spell, and watched the shadows beyond the oak grove, anxious for Ned s return Ned did not arrive home and so I donned my cloak and ventured into the darkly mossy sanctum of the towering pines and elms It was at the edge of a clearing that I discovered a clue as to where Ned might be His wood cutting axe was lying upon a nest of pine needles My heart became chaotic then All through my chest and head was the thud of fear I could not for the life of me see any sign of my dear son, and I thought of my Mrs Lillibridge, peaceful now in her grave, and my thoughts dwelt horribly on the morbid In my fettered imagination, I saw two gravestones side by side and felt that familiar tug of grief that Iona s demise had so thoroughly instilled in me Presently I heard the promising sound of rustling leaves and then, when I looked to where the leaves had alerted me, found my son, prone upon the ground with eyes closed I cried out his name in despair The leaves parted then, and there before me appeared a dark complexioned woman of considerable beauty , with hair that was not gathered upwards as is proper for anyone of that sex In a strongly accented voice she said, He fell from the tree She gestured to the boughs of an oak above He attempted to chop one of the higher branches Please The woman , obviously a gypsy of some sort, insisted on continuing to talk to me Me in my ill feared mourning Allow me to return this boy to health, she said Allow me, sir, I beg of you etc, as we sense the return to life of Ned and the mystery surrounding the tale.Sonya then jumps us to the year 2008 and the author s synopsis of the subsequent story is excellent Rosetta Melki, part time tarot reader, struggling sole parent and full time idealist, begins a reading group to examine a fantasy novel, and discovers the book to be anything but fiction The book, written in the 1770s by Edward Lillibridge, is a hidden history that reveals the true beginnings of the global monetary system Lillibridge s tale surrounds ancients from a gold obsessed empire and the sprites they oppress intuitive clan dwellers whose currency of choice is kindness Whether discontent in rich and poor alike will ever make way for the Currency of Kindness, whether anyone can believe enough in humanity s true ancient history to activate the dawn of a benevolent new era, remains to be seen, but the time crossing sprites of Lillibridge s descriptions have set their sights on Rosetta Their attempts at providing a companion to assist in the quest they have planned for her leads to a clumsy introduction to Matthew Weissler, a feet on the ground finance executive who is disturbed to find he s being followed by an elf It would seem Matthew and Rosetta have nothing in common, and yet the sprites believe if the two work together, a renaissance known as The Silvering will occur But someone from the empire of the past is intent on preserving Earth s pattern of pain, and is determined to prevent the sprites from succeeding Sonya manages to sustain our fascination with this story within a story throughout this long epic She very ably captures the life sorting of contemporary teenagers, paints tapestry like settings for her story locales, and introduces mythological ideas and creatures with contemporary realities and people influenced by concepts only accessible with sensitivity to the ancients Warm, humorous, intuitive, and imaginative, this book bodes very well for a continued cycle Welcome to the strange near prophetic reflections of Sonya Deanna Terry.

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    Epiphany is a name well suited to this brilliant novel Epiphany means a moment in which a person experiences a sudden and striking realization The characters of the novel experience the same epiphany when they find themselves connected to an 18th century book The novel is pretty unique in its storyline It is something which I have never encountered before and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.Rosetta Melki is a part time tarot reader with a teenage daughter Izzie She is the mistress of an artistic home with gallery like walls Rosetta joins a reading group and finds that the fictional novel is not at all fictional At first she thinks it is a coincidence when she finds herself portrayed in the out of print book Our True Ancient History However, as the story progresses she becomes and convinced that there is a mystery involved with the old piece of fiction.The two stories the actual novel Epiphany and the fictional novel inside the book Our true Ancient History move side by side and as a reader I enjoyed both the pieces simultaneously and was eager to know what new truth was going to be disclosed again.The 18th century novel has a number of magical creatures like pixies, faerie clans, dryads and such Maleika an elf is the main character of the book Maleika lives with her son Pieter who can travel into space The fictional novel speaks about numerous realms with Dream sphere realm being the most effective one.

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    EPIPHANY The Golding A story within a story by Sonya Deanna Terry is a 498 page fantasy It has a prologue and nineteen chapters The story jumps from the 1770 s, when the book was written, to 2008 as the book was being read I thought that was ingenious I also love to read about legends, prophecies and lore, and this book did not disappoint me The story is complex, layered and the different story lines intersect perfectly I was never bored It is nice to read a book with a fresh, unique plot There is enough foreshadowing that I cannot wait to see where the next volume goes Onto Book 2 now.

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    I haven t come across a fantasy book like this in quite a while, one that was so far from the madding crowd of the genre It was unique and intriguing, and unpredictable in a way that I miss after reading so much fantasy This premise was complex and deep, winding the past with the present, reality with fantasy, and fiction with fact The characters were fully fleshed out and a joy to read, with Rosetta whose name was suspiciously symbolic being the most interesting of the pack The realizations she undergoes throughout the story aren t forced the flow of the novel and the gradual revelations to both the readers and the characters are timely, keeping us interested without giving away the ending I enjoyed watching Rosetta be swept into this world, disbelieving but eventually becoming an integral part in this aeons old battle I particularly like the sprites characterization, and their currency of Kindness If anything, this book could work as a major allegory, as so many fantasy novels could, and there are certainly enough teachable moments and opportunities for growth acceptance throughout this work that it could be a valuable reading experience for almost anyone I have no idea how this is all going to play out in the second part, but I do know that Terry hooked me, but I don t mind.

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