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All the Rage pdf All the Rage, ebook All the Rage, epub All the Rage, doc All the Rage, e-pub All the Rage, All the Rage 06011023033 The Sheriff S Son, Kellan Turner, Is Not The Golden Boy Everyone Thinks He Is, And Romy Grey Knows That For A Fact Because No One Wants To Believe A Girl From The Wrong Side Of Town, The Truth About Him Has Cost Her Everything Friends, Family, And Her Community Branded A Liar And Bullied Relentlessly By A Group Of Kids She Used To Hang Out With, Romy S Only Refuge Is The Diner Where She Works Outside Of Town No One Knows Her Name Or Her Past There She Can Finally Be Anonymous But When A Girl With Ties To Both Romy And Kellan Goes Missing After A Party, And News Of Him Assaulting Another Girl In A Town Close By Gets Out, Romy Must Decide Whether She Wants To Fight Or Carry The Burden Of Knowing Girls Could Get Hurt If She Doesn T Speak Up Nobody Believed Her The First Time And They Certainly Won T Now But The Cost Of Her Silence Might Be Than She Can BearWith A Shocking Conclusion And Writing That Will Absolutely Knock You Out, Courtney Summers New Novel All The Rage Examines The Shame And Silence Inflicted Upon Young Women In A Culture That Refuses To Protect Them

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    TRIGGER WARNING RAPEI mean it This is the most visceral reaction to a book that I have ever had This is the most personal book review that I will ever write Because there is nothing personal than what I am about to tell you If depictions of rape are triggers for you, back away now.They say the devil s in the details I disagree Details are nothing than the pieces of truth we choose to bring to light Everyone knows the devil can t abide the light His kingdom is rooted in the shadowy realm of the unknown His throne is built on lies You can find him in the blank spaces in between the details In those dark corners we don t want anyone to see Courtney Summers understands this She provides just enough illumination to cast long, dark shadows, allowing plenty of space for the devil to hide I don t agree with whoever wrote the blurb for this book It doesn t do it justice It oversimplifies This book is not about the struggle of a young woman to find her voice and save others from suffering a fate similar to her own Not really This book is about the brutal reality of what it s like to be a teenage girl It subtly details all the ways that rape culture pervades our everyday lives and manipulates us into perpetuating it It s about how the voices and opinions of young girls are silenced, even by the good guys It s about how our thoughts and emotions are rendered invalid when someone with a penis contradicts us It s about how we turn on each other, because it s easier to believe that someone is lying than it is to think that someone else you know did something unthinkable to that person It s about what no one talks about what happens to survivors of rape How that act of violence defines you, sometimes for years afterward, even as you resist it How even as a survivor, you still feel like a victim It s about having your freedom stolen from you Having your innocence ripped to shreds Having your voice ignored It s about being dominated Sublimated Deconstructed down to body parts It s about hating those body parts afterward and resenting everything they represent It s about hiding what you are Clothing yourself in costumes and camouflaging yourself with makeup Because if you look different, you are different You re not the girl that thing, that terrible thing happened to You re someone new Someone different Someone it might not happen to again It s about questioning yourself Silencing yourself Being silenced by others, in ways so minute and insidious that you don t even realize it s happening It s about hopelessness Loss Shame Terror This book isn t about the light It s about the shadows About the places the devil lurks It was those shadows I found myself drawn to while reading this Those critical details of Romy s story that Summers chose to obscure Trouble was, I filled them with my own memories This is my story When I was 18, I was raped Up until that point I had lived a charmed life I grew up in an affluent beach community It was and still is a liberal bastion of tolerance and acceptance Nothing bad ever happened there At least not anything you talked about in public I had parents who loved me Who didn t force a traditional gender role upon me, but instead encouraged me to discover for myself who I was and what being female meant They were well educated hippies, aware enough of rape culture to start lecturing me at a young age on the importance of knowing my surroundings, of never taking a drink from a stranger, of avoiding dark alcoves and poorly lit parking lots I had a solid group of friends all through school, mostly male, but with two female friends so close we were called The Three Musketeers I was athletic, pretty, and popular I got voted best dressed in our yearbook, made the junior and senior prom courts, had so many friends I lost count, and was invited to every party One hot summer night shortly after graduation one of my friends older cousins blew into town He was everything I d been raised to believe in A golden child Handsome Rich Charming The moment he walked into the room, I smiled There was just something about him that made him irresistible It manifested itself in the way my female friends leaned toward him when he spoke In the way my male friends threw him jealous glances His family had a summer cottage on the beach After a night of club hopping, he invited us all back there I d drank just enough to feel tipsy I was in that brief phase of inebriation where everything is magical It was then that he turned to me and slipped an arm around my waist It was after midnight, and yet the sun came out and shone down upon me in that moment I couldn t believe he had signaled me out I couldn t believe I was so lucky He twined his fingers through mine and led me away from the others an hour later The two musketeers I left behind sent me conspiratorial winks and Go get em, Tiger looks over their red keg cups I winked back and laughed When we reached his bedroom he closed the door behind us and pressed me against the wall He was tall and muscular Tall enough that he had to lean down to kiss me Muscular enough that he easily lifted me by the hips when he got tired of that and instead pinned me to the wall I wrapped my legs around him, my head spinning, because I was a virgin, and this was the hottest moment of my life Or was it because I had passed that magical point of inebriation and had crossed into the realm of intoxication I couldn t tell, and at that point, I didn t really care We made our way from the wall to the bed, where moonlight fell across the black sheets in long arcs of silver He threw me down amongst them and covered me with his large body We made out some He took his pants off My dress hit the floor soon afterward We switched positions, and I left a trail of kisses from his chin to his boxers, lavishing every glistening, tanned ridge of muscle in between with attention He growled and flipped us, so that I was once again on bottom Then his boxers came off I wrapped a hand around him It was when he started to slip my panties off and angled himself toward the apex of my thighs that I balked I realized what his endgame was Sex I hadn t been thinking sex Because I wasn t in the habit of having it I had been thinking oral Should have voiced that sooner, I guessed My bad I quickly amended my mistake Oh, no I m not going to have sex with you, I told him I smiled then, attempting to dull the rejection Let s switch Let me go down on you He didn t smile back His entire mood changed I felt it happen even before his lips turned down in a frown Violence crept into the bedroom with us, wrapped its cold fingers around my heart and squeezed I shook it off I rejected the instinct that screamed at me that something wasn t right I rationalized it away as an overreaction Because fifteen people were in the next room playing flip cup and beer pong He wouldn t dare do something terrible to me with so many potential witnesses His frown disappeared as quickly as it had emerged, replaced by a megawatt smile that lit the room up He leaned down and kissed me again, stealing my breath away And then he did something terrible to me Like I said, the devil is in the blank spaces, isn t it And I could fill those in for you I could tell you the horrific thing he said to me when I bled the evidence of my virginity away, the words I still hear in my nightmares But I ll let you fill in the blanks, because then you ll understand just what you re getting yourself into with this book The point is None of this should have happened.I was safe My friends were right outside the door It shouldn t have happened I did everything right It shouldn t have happened But it did.Because in the end, nothing had prepared me for this.All my parents lessons couldn t have prevented me from freezing, because though they had taught me to do everything right leading up to this moment, they hadn t taught me what to do when someone ignored me They didn t tell me what to do when someone covered my mouth to silence my whimpers of, No, please stop They didn t warn me about the crippling shame The embarrassment They didn t tell me that I should scream That I should fight.Rape culture had filled in these blanks Rape culture had taught me how to be the perfect victim And where my parents lessons ended, rape culture stepped in to fill the blanks My parents had taught me how to avoid becoming a victim But society taught me how to become the perfect victim when someone victimized me That night, society won The next morning I slipped out the door while everyone slept I drove home in the pre dawn light, with tears streaming down my face and blood coating the inside of my thighs It took me a full month to admit to myself that I d been raped, another two weeks before I drunkenly confessed this to my friends I could tell by their looks that they didn t want to hear it No, don t tell us this terrible thing He was nice He was beautiful He wouldn t do what you re saying I didn t stick around long enough for their thoughts to make their way to their mouths Unlike Romy, the main character in this story, I was free I had graduated I came from money I had savings in the bank And I took that savings and used it to MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING COUNTRY That s how far away I had to get It wasn t far enough But Romy is stuck, and this book depicts everything that might have happened to me had I stuck around The shock of others, the disbelief, the blaming, the shaming, the hatred This book shows you what happens when you speak up What happens when you stick around after you speak up So pay attention When you think the story drags, look closer Peer deeper at that random bit of dialogue you think could have been cut in the editing process, because I promise you, it s there for a reason It s showing you something A glimpse into the life of a survivor How impossible it seems that you ll be believed when you tell someone you ve been raped Because when you get tripped by a guy in track and it s his word versus yours, they believe his Because when you tell someone a person got in your face they tell you you re overreacting And this is from the good guys I m speaking up about my own story because of Romy Because though she might be fictional, so many other women s stories aren t My own included We need to talk about this We need to change our society We need to stop teaching girls how to be victims We need to stop teaching boys how to victimize us And we need to do it now Because one out of three women reading this knows exactly what I went through Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    You know all the ways you can kill a girl God, there are so many This story these characters those words Courtney Summers has done it again.I don t think, on the whole, I am a person who is afraid of much I d even go so far as to say I have a somewhat reckless, risk taking personality at times But I am scared of a few things you want to know what one of my biggest fears is Telling the truth and having no one believe me Honestly, I think that s truly terrifying Knowing you re being honest, knowing what you know, and being powerless to do anything about it That s the first reason this book affected me so much.What I mentioned above is a running theme behind the scenes of this story, but Summers incorporates many other elements that she excels at For one, the author has an incredible understanding of teen girl politics as shown previously in Some Girls Are I should mention this book is nasty, graphic and contains some coarse language, but I guess that s high school for you how can you put something so golden, a girl who can barely open her eyes or her mouth how can you put something like that in front of them and expect them to be better people Summers writing improves with every book she releases, writing scenes with words that manage to somehow be beautiful and horrific at the same time But most of all, she has a talent for getting inside the thoughts, feelings, worries and insecurities of teenage girls She paints unlikable characters and still breathes humanity into them, something that so few authors can do successfully.As well as all of this, All the Rage also looks at small town life and the alliances that can exist within small communities of people It makes it easy for your crimes to be overlooked if you re friends with the right people, or be called a liar if you re not.I want to explain to you why I think her books are so different from other YA issue novels that deal with angsty teens, but it s difficult to do without just pushing one of her books into your hands I guess there s something very raw, painful and honest about her stories that still steers clear of emotional manipulation Even the characters we are supposed to find sympathy for are complex and flawed in their own way I like that I hope she writes soon because, as you may have guessed, I m an unapologetic fangirl.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    I just finished this and, oh my book, I need to breathe, I need to breathe, I need to breathe he covers her mouth That s how you get a girl to stop crying you cover her mouth until the sound dies against your palm Everything this girl has been through what she s going through, throughout the story scared me I know how it can feel like for someone to be bullied in school and picked at, having lived it myself when I was in middle school, but middle school and high school are two different worlds In high school, people are meaner, cleverer in their scheming and they KNOW where to hurt and at what moment The perfect moment when the hit will have triple impact.But Romy she s been raped It was obvious in the story that she stills had scars from that awful night with reason, I don t think you can ever forget something like that but, you will see, she s still pretty damn strong I would even say that she s stronger than I am, mentally speaking, since I don t think I could have survived something like that and, on top of that, being treated like trash by my classmates.It also scared me to see how a POLICE OFFICER can be so inconsiderate and act in a way that would make you ask yourself who is the adult between Romy and that aforementioned officer I hated him I m one hundred percent sure you ll hate him too But that s okay after all, that was the author s purpose to make us hate him for sure Hell though, so many things to rage over in this book So much unfairness.This was my first book by Courtney Summers and I must confess I never would have picked it up if it weren t for the beautiful reviews on Goodreads praising this novel like crazy and making me feel like not reading it would be a sin It isn t but my god is it a book I wish to shove at everyone There s also a love story yay for diversity and Leon will grow on you I wasn t sure what to think of him at first glance , since Romy didn t either that s how related to the character I was , but he treated her like she was the only girl in the world for him, so I couldn t help but succumb to his charms, too It makes me so genuinely happy to know that I ve discovered a new gem of an author Be sure that this will not be my last read by Miss Summers

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    Unpopular opinion time The blurb of this book says The sheriff s son, Kellan Turner, is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is, and Romy Grey knows that for a fact.The thing is.we never meet Kellan Turner in this book.The book starts after Kellan Turner rapes Romy That is not a spoiler This is the after effects of Romy s story It begins with her using her nail polish and lipstick as armor against the hate from the small town that she lives throws at her She accused the sheriff s precious son of rape gasp Nothing happens to him at all She is shunned at school so she builds up walls around herself Never telling anyone what happened Never talking about anything Her mom tries to help but Romy has shut everyone out The Bad The story jumps from NOW until TWO WEEKS LATER, but didn t really keep the storyline straight for me I was confused with what was happening most of the time I kept thinking things would clear up later in the book but for me it never really did.The main character Romy I didn t care for her I just didn t get enough of a sense of her personality that I never formed an attachment to her I should have In a book of this type you SHOULD rage for that girl Every time she would have something bad happen it seemed like she just made things worse for herself Then she would never explain anything to anyone so it just became one big cluster fuck I know that she had been traumatized and wasn t thinking straight but it was just too much for me.She has somewhat of a love interest in the book I don t think it added to the story at all It actually took away from it She was so traumatized that a boy should not have entered into the picture yet.I wanted to feel for these characters This book has bullying even of her mom s boyfriend who is disabled due to a car accident The townspeople openly mock him for being lazy Then the whole thing with Romy should have had me furious It just didn t.There is girl on girl hate. and through it all I just kept waiting on the story to really start.Now for the good The book does have a powerful message and the writing is good I love Courtney Summers so don t go thinking I m hating on her I m not.The story line of a girl being shunned for accusing a popular boy of rape This happens The stories need told Stick up for your women girl sisters people Even you guys.

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    5 Stars Utterly gripping Even better than expected and, after loving Some Girls Are, my expectations were set pretty damn high There are writers who tell stories, and then there are those who give their stories a pulse All The Rage felt alive, and every breath it took was jagged, labored, and suspenseful You know all the ways there are to kill a girl I do. Courtney Summers knows how to captivate her readers by constructing some of the most flawed characters I ve come across and boldly placing them in gravely unfortunate circumstances Yet nothing ever feels over the top or put on.Her writing has a smooth and natural flow, and maintains an air of sophistication even through its most brutal descriptions Her beautifully constructed stories beg to be not only read, but emotionally digested I ve grown smitten with this author s unique prose and find myself inhaling her words as easily as air.The subject matter in this book is dark and intense, dealing largely with rape, abuse, bullying, and all the messy aftermaths These aren t spoilers, they are the direct driving forces of this plot These areas, although vivid and intense, are handled with taste.Romy s anguish was so incredibly raw and real, I felt like I d somehow swallowed some of it She suffered a gut wrentching tragedy and is forced to keep it buried inside festering and intensifying because no one has the decency or courage to believe her Inside herself is where she ll hide, until she can no longer keep the agony contained Although we do gain enough finality, every outcome in this story is not tidy and complete offering insinuation and hope, instead There were a couple areas I would ve liked to have seen further explored, but overall, this book was beyond fantastic And I guess I became greedy by wanting . Courtney Summers stories have the Young Adult vibes of Gillian Flynn novels, as well as Liane Moriarty s which are every bit as powerful and twisted, and seem to peel back the layers of life until only the importance of survival remains No, I m not there That was a long time ago and that girl I m not her again I can t be I m in the dirt I m on my hands and knees and I m crawling in it, what I came from I don t remember standing, don t remember ever being a thing that could stand If you re a fan of fast paced YA thrillers heavy on the suspense, lighter on the romance DON T let this one pass you by My dad used to say makeup was a shallow girl s sport, but it s not It s armor Book Stats Genre Category Thriller YA Romance Takes back seat to plot, but present Characters Broken Very well fleshed out and believable Plot Surrounds a young girl who quietly suffers a tragedy until she can no longer be silenced Mystery suspense Writing Superb Witty, quick, and intense Fabulous descriptions POV 1st Person Heroine Cliffhanger None Standalone

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    All the Rage chokengis ichokengs constantly being compared to Speak and here s what I have to say about that The two books both about the effects and aftermath of rape and this is where the similarities stop Speak chokengis ichokengs a book I personally think should be required high school reading while ATR chokengis ichokengs a novel I could have gone without reading It didn t pack the punch or have the impact on me that Speak did The first thing I want to mention right away is that the summary for ATR is a bold face lie Kellan Turner, is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is Kellan isn t even in the story He s not even a character in the book He is barely even talked about Second Branded a liar and bullied relentlessly by a group of kids she used to hang out with, Romy s only refuge is the diner where she works outside of town she s branded a liar because she is a liar No, she didn t lie about being raped, but that s basically the only thing she doesn t lie about Third I m pretty sure the place she works is still in town Whoosh, sorry had to get that off my chest I ll actually talk about Romy now I hated her Hated everything about her Romy is kind of a dick She is a loner because most of the school hates bullies her I completely get that that at school she might need that Super B front put up, but Romy was a dick to people she even liked Her mom, her kind of boyfriend, coworkers, you name them she was a jerk to them She has no personality and I felt it very hard to relate to her as a character She is also one of the most bland characters I ve ever read Even moments when she could have shed even the lightest bit of personality she doesn t I know she s suppose to be angry, sad, and depressed but come on she doesn t have to be boring too I think her biggest problem is that she has no development Also I know her name is Romy, but I kept calling her Romney which made me think of that episode of New Girl w here Schmidt pretends to be related to Mitt Romney, so I had a hard time saying her name or taking it seriously throughout the book ATR has no real plot The plot it does have is all over the place Summer s writing style is both choppy and confusing The story starts with the Now which turns about not really to be the now then goes to two weeks earlier, which doesn t read as if it s two weeks earlier I had to actually re read the first three chapters because I was so confused about the timeline Then closer to the end goes back to the now which is actually now the now lol It just doesn t read well what so ever I think the story would have read better if the events just went in order and didn t flip flop back and forth ATR is suppose to be a story about a girl who is raped and how life is for her after, but it s like a story about a girl just going about her day s No seriously, it s just a book about Romy sometimes going to school, sometimes going to work, and most the time just being rude It just doesn t really go into details and the emotional level and depth just isn t reached People warned me about the mature themes and language Yes, there is some profanity but nothing over the top, and the mature themes are nothing we haven t read before Trust me when I say this wont be why it s hard to read Besides the huge problems with the characters and plot I also had a huge problem with the moments that should of had big reveals Romney is bullied at school plot builds builds builds then falls flat She gets super smashed at a party plot builds builds builds nothing happens Girl goes missing plot build builds builds no surprise happens It s just all these random things thrown together that you expect to come together at the end and they just don t All the Rage is a book I feel is way to overhyped It s choppy, confusing, dull, and will give you nothing but dead ends With a shocking conclusion that will leave you very disappointed Your best bet is to go into this book with no expectations that way you wont be letdown READ THIS REVIEW AND OTHERS OVER ON OUR BLOG SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR SBSR

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    I was a rape victim And believe me when I say, announcing this to all of you anonymous faces over the internet is very scary, especially when I ve told less than five people until this day But writing a book review about All the Rage wasn t enough I need to convey to people in some way, that this book is a monumental movement that captures so much of the trauma forced on girls, even in this day and age Romy s story, while much crueler than mine, still resonated so deeply with me because of the shared feelings body shame, blaming ourselves, depression, denial, the list goes on And not just feelings I shared with Romy, but cruel, unfair feelings that one in four girls will experience Romy s story is one of a girl who was victimized, and because of the lack of support, the bullying, the inability to cope, she had developed a hatred for herself that runs so deep, it would ve destroyed her in the end And this is the state of the world, even worse in places outside of my own country All the Rage is not for the faint of heart It s real, raw, gritty, completely and brutally honest as it examines the treatment of women today, from general abuse, to sexual assault, to sometimes even worse consequences It s not a pretty book, but it s the truth that a lot of people don t want to face.All the Rage s main character is just a snap shot of what it could be like for millions and millions of women, and what it is for many It s deftly written, honest, with startlingly real characters, and so many strong statements that it s painful but also enlightening to read This book put feelings into words that I ve struggled with since I was a victim I haven t read a book with such an honest and important portrayal of these issues since Laurie Halse Anderon s Speak This book is important to me, and could be to many others, than I could possibly put into words It can help victims cope and put things to words, it can help others sympathize and understand, and it could help people make the movement towards fixing these issues This book is an ugly, painfully honest portrayal of the struggles of women than we can ever know, but maybe if people see the stark reality, we can make it better.

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    Trigger Warning Rape My finger has hovered over the delete button for a few minutes now, and decided to leave that warning, despite the fact that my attacker gave me no such courtesy I am a statistic I am a percentage I am a warning story When I was sixteen I was raped Put like that, it sounds really simple doesn t it I woke up one morning an innocent girl who had never been, and the next I was a girl who had been Raped How can five letters change your entire life In every possible way, I assure you All The Rage isn t my story it s Romy s but it is close enough to my story to cause anguish To press against those moments that still feel like they own me, in a way, sometimes I didn t rage reading this book, I broke I broke in all the places that I hide myself, that I ve hid myself for years All the half finished sentences, the thoughts that are just too much What it feels like to not feel alone in your own body, to HATE that body To have no fucking tears left but to be unable to stop miming the tears, dry eyed and afraid of what comes next What do you do after you STOP crying How do you move past that moment All The Rage is the story of Romy s afterwards And it was a painful read for me, but a necessary one It tells the story of a girl who has been forced to deal with the afterwards and it is horrifying How the filth of one person s action can stain EVERYTHING A touch becomes unwelcome A conversation a chore A cute boy, TERRIFYING I can t figure out the kind of heart it takes to do something like this.I will never understand why my rapist did what he did, and neither will Romy And that is, arguably, the hardest part Summers did an interesting thing in All The Rage, she introduced a love interest and man I hissed all over the page when he showed up, guys, those pages are COVERED in saliva to our main character A nice boy, who really liked her However, he didn t heal her He broke her in new, disastrous ways The ways the boy after broke me And this is one of those things that isn t talked about, that should be What it feels like to NOT be threatened by a boy and feel even threatened To be stained by your past so that you check his face for signs of that filth that permeates every breath, every kiss, every move To feel ashamed of your own skin and horrified by a person who may want to touch it I know I can be faster than this, I know I can be faster than this I can outrun the boy in the truck bed I can outrun the boy in the truck bed and all the boys that made themselves in his likeness just because they could, just because no one said they couldn t This was one of the hardest books I have ever read This is a book that NEEDS to be read And one of the reasons why, is that when I tell my story I STILL hear Well, you must have DONE something I know it s impossible to talk about I know that it feels like it needs to hide in the shadows where no one can see it I know what it feels like to be ashamed that this happened to me BUT I SHOULDN T I SHOULDN T feel shame We need to bring these stories into the light, with the other crimes, where they BELONG 1 in 3 women know how I feel 1 in 33 men do too THOSE NUMBERS ARE TOO HIGH Talk to someone, PLEASE Category A Book That Scares You

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    3.5 stars By now, I ve already read almost all of Courtney Summers books and it is no secret how I am a huge fan of her writing and the risks she takes when writes her stories She reveals naked ugly truths thanks for the term, Aunt CoHo about people in her stories with assertion and undeniable truthfulness and for these things my salute goes to her always But even though she wrote dark stories in the past including an apocalyptic duology with zombies in it, I think All the Rage is her darkest novel yet It turns out I had good reasons all along by trying to avoid this book the longest time possible because damn , that was a seriously heavy read I know I vowed to keep myself away from cheesy romances with happy endings but after reading this book, I think I d gladly go back to those comfort books I emotionally and physically suffered through the story, at the sadness and grimness of the tone and the unkindness of the people I don t understand why people would commune to aim for something really bad but it is a really sad and ugly fact that it does happen People could do really ugly things The entire narrative wasn t easy to read either because it seems a bit disjointed at times and there were certain places I m not sure I m reading a present event or a past And yet despite the challenges I went through during the entire reading experience, I am once again thankful for yet another eye opening novel that courageously takes on an issue most of us would rather avoid and develops it into a believable story, perhaps not that of a hero s or a survivor s story but of someone broken and lifeless and how she in spite of it all tries to keep moving on, how she could still have the strength to simply breathe and do the usual things she was supposed to do even after losing herself In retrospect, she IS a survivor and even though there weren t real resolutions to the conflicts in the story like most Summers books, it ends with a tiny sliver of hope to the characters and to the reader and that little hope is all it really takes to make us believe that the good could still prevail To Ate Holly September 9 and Vane September 19 , You can check out their brilliant reviews by clicking on their names

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    3.5 starsCynical Natalie Nice Natalie Cynical Natalie Well, we re not going to get anything done by staying quiet, so I ll start All The Rage is not worth the hype.Nice Natalie Cynical Natalie Well Aren t you going to get up all in my face and say it s a scarily accurate book about rape and feminism and completely aligns with our values Nice Natalie I m trying to disassociate myself So when the mob comes, I won t be implicated.Cynical Natalie Coward Fine, I ll do the talking All The Rage manipulates readers like The Fault in Our Stars You get all sad and moved because it s a book about a rape victim or cancer kids and feel like you have to like it despite its flat characters and confusing narrative.Nice Natalie The characters weren t flat Cynical Natalie I thought you weren t getting involved Nice Natalie Yeah, but I m not going to sit here and let you bash it like that Cynical Natalie Kitty s grown teeth We ve no right to dictate how a rape victim should react or feel, but I thought Romy was a very good representation of someone trying to pick up the pieces in a world where no one believes her She just seems flat because she s numb inside And the side characters are really diverse You got a black love interest, whose personality bleeds off the page a mom who s actually prominent and a disabled stepfather male parental figure.Cynical Natalie Please, the protagonist in Wintergirls was likewise dead inside and we loved the hell of that novel Romy, not so much No sparks at all.Sorry, Taylor, not this time.And need I remind you diverse characters doesn t mean an auto five star You could parade the cast of Glee and The Wiz in a book and I wouldn t give a damn unless the story or character personalities were compelling Diversity is supposed to be a given, not a checklist Nice Natalie I still think we re being too harsh All The Rage represents everything we love feminism, a rape victim getting over trauma through her own means and not True Love, feminism, the stunning reality of a rape victim, feminism We practically wanted to highlight the whole book He waits He waits because he s a nice boy He s on the football team His father is the sheriff and his mother sits at the top of a national auto supply chain and they are both so proud He waits until he can t wait any My dad used to say makeup was a shallow girl s sport, but it s not It s armor When the world wants a girl gone, she s gone Cynical Natalie I concede the quotes are beautiful and real and yadda, yadda, yadda, but I stand by what I said All The Rage is sheer, genius manipulation It s feminist fodder Nice Natalie Now you ve basically insulted everyone on Goodreads.Cynical Natalie Eh, they ll get over it So 3.5 stars Nice Natalie Sure.Cynical Natalie Why are you edging towards the door Nice Natalie Cause I hear pounding footsteps and don t want to get blood on my new dress.Cynical Natalie Don t be such a wi ARGH Other Nice Natalie Cynical Natalie brawls reviews A Girl Like YouIf I StayDreams of Gods MonstersThe MartianMe and Earl and the Dying GirlThe Fault In Our StarsCatching FireAn Ember In The AshesHarry Potter the Cursed ChildThe Hammer of ThorThe Ship of the DeadCaravalWarcross

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