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Romeo Alpha, Book 1 summary Romeo Alpha, Book 1 , series Romeo Alpha, Book 1 , book Romeo Alpha, Book 1 , pdf Romeo Alpha, Book 1 , Romeo Alpha, Book 1 016f04a2d3 A BBW Paranormal Shifter StoryDue To Sexually Graphic Content And Language That Some May Find Offensive, This Book Is Intended For Mature Readers OnlyAmanda Walker Thinks That She Has A Normal And Boring Life That Is Until After Her Th Birthday Everything Changes When She Meets The Man Who Says He Is Supposed To Be Her Husband Denying Everything The Man Says, She Fights Him Every Step Of The Way But After He Kidnaps Her, Amanda Discovers That There Are Some Things About Her Family That Her Parents Kept A Secret All These Years Among The History Of The Family She Learns Secrets She Thought Only Happened In Story Books Can Amanda Tell The Difference Between Truth And Lies Or Is She This Mysterious Woman That Holds The Key To A Legacy

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    I really was hesitant to read this, but i m glad i did.

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    DNF at 35% A very lame shifter readThis book starts with our 24 year old na ve virgin being thrown into a shifter world The first day there, a man meets her at her cabin informing her that she is from a royal shifter line, and that she will be a breeder Not just a breeder, but HIS He s ready to knock her up immediately Then after just meeting they proceed to kiss, and make out, he makes her cum etc I mean, come on She just met this guy She knows nothing about him, this world, his family NOTHING If someone told me I was to be a breeder and I couldn t leave, I d find a way the hell out of town There was absolutely no character depth Each and every character felt incredibly one dimensional Nothing about the characters, the story, or the world created felt realistic or enjoyable The writing style was all over the place Overall I found this book absolutely ridiculous and I love smut and shifter reads This one just fell flat for me in all aspects I couldn t even force myself to continue I m glad it was offered as a freebie which is why I m rounding it up to a 2 star review rather than 1 , but needless to say this will not be a series I continue.

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    Disappointing This story has so much potential but the heroine s character is weak willed Who wants a heroine that simply goes along with what she is told will happen without any real struggle or fight against her fate Especially when she is given no real choice The character descriptions are also weakhad no clue what the heroine looked like other than she was a bbw Was so disappointed and gave up reading when I got to 70% of the book.

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    Straightforward read but everything was just blah and awkward No interest in continuing the series.

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    Only finished the book as I kept hoping the story would get better It didn t.

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    A 2.5 rounded to a solid 3 rating I got this story, Romeo Alpha, as a free read on It has potential.

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    What a messAlpha Romeo, Book 1 lacks focus and is all over the place The writing style is juvenile and confusing The details, or lack of them, kills what little plot there is The characters are poorly defined and the author can t seem to make up her mind whether she is writing this story in first or third person A bit of character confusion as well A few grammatical errors throughout Good story idea, horrible execution I had to work way to hard to finish or follow this story I cannot recommend but if you must, proceed with caution On my Were Scale of Hotness, 1 star.

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    Sorry, not one of Darla Dunbar s better books It really needs a good editing and an overhaul on the use of the English language The story itself isn t bad, Amanda has a past she knows nothing of, Romeoville us a Shifter who knows that Amanda is his fated mate, but instead of treating her well, he s very high handed and brutish, with Amanda being a virgin, that s not the best way to handle introducing her into a life she knew nothing about I will read book 2 in hopes that the storyline picks up to the Authors usual standards and the editing is good 3 s.

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    I thought the book was good, but not interested in reading any additional books to find out the end The main character Amanda is intriguing, but not enough time spent in building up the character so that you care what happens to her A lot going on with finding out about her father being a werewolf and her mother a witch and then the author introduces faes, so not sure is her mother a witch or a fae.

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    Good readInteresting and complicated storyline Well written and edited Although I liked it I found it to be less than satisfying as a book but of a serialized story which is not my favorite read These always remind me of the years ago magazines that published serialized stories over a period of a couple of months I prefer a longer read that seems to complete You may still find it enjoyable, I certainly hope so.

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