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    What a depressing read.Not the book itself, it s well written and entertaining It s the subject matter political corruption in New Jersey.Remember how on The Sopranos there always seemed to be rumors of indictments floating around Well in New Jersey that shit is real every couple of years Federal investigators swoop in and bag a bunch of criminals Except they re not your typical crooks, they re New Jersey politicians or people in positions of authority and public trust And it happens all the time.This book covers about 30 years worth of this nonsense.If you happen to live in New Jersey as I once did and find yourself wondering Why is this state so terrible Why do things never change , read this book It ll open your eyes to the fact that the state government is not only too big other states have smaller governments and manage to function just fine , too corrupt, and waaay too expensive other statesyou get the idea.If you live in another state and just want to read about people that have it worse off than you, this is an excellent book.I d say the only downside to this book is that there s no payoff at the end Is this supposed to enrage the taxpayers of the Garden State into action That hasn t happened since Hands Across New Jersey, and the politicians know this Not to mention that Chris Christie is held up as a shining knight in this book, which was published well before Bridgegate tarnished his image and dashed his Presidential hopes.Once you ve read it once I see no reason to read it again, unless you re looking for talking points.

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    You don t have to live in New Jersey to read this book, I m sure these shenanigans go on in other states, just not as flagrant or as often This book should be required reading for any adult especially in New Jersey maybe then the average New Jersey voter will stop voting the same crooks into office year after year Besides listing acts which would make any descent person ashamed to show themselves in public, this book makes a point to mention that the corruption is in the culture After all, if everybody commits pension fraud then why shouldn t you The Soprano State is informative, funny and entertaining yet horrifying at the same time as a New Jersey resident I felt like I needed to take a shower after every chapter or segment Only in New Jersey would the state government attempt to close 12 twelve public parks to save 4 million while building a public park behind the statehouse to the tune of 87 million Then they go crying crocodile tears because the state is bankrupt and they must raise taxes I clearly remember when James I am a Gay American McGreevy resigned I was on a cruise for our honeymoon and busted out laughing, telling the rest of the passengers that gay or not gay McGreevy only resigned to avoid going to jail as a sitting governor Ah, yes the joy of being from New Jersey Some reviewers said that this book is biased Yes, there are stories about corrupt Democrats than Republicans, but that is because Democrats ruled ruined New Jersey for decades However, to give credit where credit is due, the authors do include Republicans, since they also had their run, and give them the same credit they give the Democrats There is plenty of blame to go around, even though a lot of it spread throughout the United States since those that destroyed this once beautiful state are now retired elsewhere since they cannot afford to live in NJ after they helped destroy it Did this book change anything A little maybe The same crooks were voted back into office, the same shenanigans are happening in broad daylight New Jersey voted a Republican governor as a referendum against the Democratic incumbent no national politics involved regardless of what the media might want you to think , corruption is rampant, the politician busting federal prosecutor is now governor but the lawyer that defended all the corrupt politician is now the federal prosecutor bad choice Mr President I m sure we ll see the Soprano State 2, 3, 4, 5 New Jersey has endless material and this book didn t even scratch the surface After all Co author Bob Ingle was saying that they had to cut some stuff out of the book because the editor insisted they ll supply references, otherwise no one would believe that this book is not a work of fiction New Jersey needs a systematic change and that won t happen until we vote them all out of office Each and every one that s a good advice for national elections as well.

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    While there is a lot of interesting information in this book, I can t recommend it all that highly There was far too much focus on the authors and their fellow journalists as opposed to the scandals themselves There was very little narrative flow, as the authors chose instead to jump from one horrifying anecdote to another This was analogous to two guys sitting at a bar reminiscing over some of New Jersey s greatest corruption hits At times, it felt like a memoir of a journalist s career than a history or an expose, which was disappointing it was almost as if they were trying to replicate All the President s Men rather than Woodward and Bernstein s substantive The Final Days The All the Presidents Men style, too, works far better when you re dealing with one story there were about 200 stories of corruption in this book, and Ingle and McClure seem to have been involved in reporting on most of them.

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    An excellent read if you re from NJ, you will alternate between rolling around on the floor laughing and wanting to drive down to Trenton with a baseball bat and some ass kicking boots on

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    I haven t officially abandoned this book yet that happens when I return it to the library and it won t be overdue until Thursday but I don t think I ll continue with it The authors are investigative journalists for New Jersey newspapers and have documented so much corruption that they followed other people s suggestions and put all the stories into a book So, it s basically a compilation of anecdotes detailing how corrupt and screwed up New Jersey s government is I read a couple of chapters and am already weary of it I travel to New Jersey frequently for work so I was curious generally, but not at the level of detail this book provides It s pretty disheartening and I d like to cling to some of my idealism about how government should operate Which is why I m glad there are people helping expose the crap I just don t need this much detail on it.

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    While this was a nightmare to read, it was a good read Re visiting the past 20 years of corruption in New Jersey was not fun, but it is necessary Ingle and McClure do an admirable job in documenting what is wrong with government here in the Garden State.The only downpoint was re visiting Jimmy Hoffa While it served as the introduction to organized crime, Hoffa has little to do with NJ politics directly.Fortunately for the authors unfortunately for the rest of us , new editions can keep being printed with updated information Interestingly, Chris Christie shines in this book, written prior to his election as New Jersey s governor.

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    Well documented with multiple examples of political corruption Upsetting in the sense that good government seems such a quixotic goal in the Garden State A little heavy no pun intended on the praising of gubernatorial candidate Cris Christie

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    Quite outdated, but unfortunately the systemic corruption and self serving political culture is still alive and well in NJ Worth a read to understand the power structure in NJ State politics and the crazy self dealing tactics that, while unethical and unthinkable, in many cases are perfectly legal in NJ.

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    Yes, NJ is a little state with a huge corruption problem It has been for decades Here s the problem you have 2 journalists with whom have been told by their families to write a book And they publish this piece of garbage What I expected a thoroughly researched, carefully thought out, unbiased look into the corruption that has plagued NJ for, well, almost a century What I read a very biased work of self promotion that for the most part begins in 1989 with Democratic Governor Jim Florio you ll quickly notice a pattern and ends with a glowing endorsement for the currently running Republican Chris Christie It was published in 2008 I want to make some things clear I do not have any obligations to any political party I grew up in NJ and I am extremely familiar with, and broke, from the corruption Both parties share equal responsibility Just for starters, the introduction begins with a few spoilers and quick facts Ingle and McClure claim that they re going to go back 30 years, but 1989 2008 is 19 years I m not sure which author wrote this one the book is obviously shared, as every time an author s article is mentioned, they are mentioned as Ingle s article and McClure s article , but they claim that Governor McGreevey resigned after realizing that he was suddenly gay Which they then give facts to disprove the suddenly part in Chapter 2 And my personal favorite as lifelong residents of NJ, they try to claim that the mythical New Jersey Devil lives in the swamps No No it doesn t Everyone who lives in NJ knows that it lives in the Pine Barrens

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    The Soprano State does what it sets out to do provide a comprehensive look at the overwhelming swaths of government corruption plaguing New Jersey s politisphere Ingle and McClure do an excellent job of conveying and being open about their subjectivity with regards to the topic The main criticism is that it reads like an encyclopedia than a book Having read the book three months ago, all I can truly remember is that New Jersey has a terrible corruption problem There are just too many names, scenarios, agencies and the like to effectively extract any knowledge, other than corruption is a problem, out of this book Still, I would recommend it to anyone who has even a cursory interest in New Jersey politics or the political system in general Although you may not remember the individual players and specific stories, you will never forget the full image and recurring pattern 336 pages of outrageous crime followed by heavily corrupt, righteously indignant individual.

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