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Gigolo Girl txt Gigolo Girl , text ebook Gigolo Girl , adobe reader Gigolo Girl , chapter 2 Gigolo Girl , Gigolo Girl 4e0ca2 WARNING This Book Contains Comic Situations, Lesbian Sex And Comic Lesbian Sex When Mildred S Girlfriend Runs Off With All The Egg Money, Mildred Decides She Has Had Enough Of Small Town Living She Leaves Her Chicken Ranch Behind And Heads For The Big City Of Bon Chance, Texas Once There, She Gets A Job As A Gigolo Girl And Pleasing Sex Starved Lesbians Is The Name Of The Game She Meets Another Gigolo Girl, Desiree Hart, And Falls Madly In Love But It S Against Company Policy To Date A Fellow Employee Can Mildred And Desiree Find True Love With Each Other Or Will Sex Get In The Way

About the Author: Saxon Bennett

Saxon Bennett is an admitted bibliophile and has the bookcases to prove it Her favorite book is Harriet the Spy She grew up among the pine trees of Washington where she learned to be a Keeper of Odd Knowledge with a special liking for new words the queerer the better She has a penchant for inspirational quotes the motivational the better A serious aficionado of pie, she also drinks a

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    Saxon Bennett is a rare bird, as lesfic writers go Her writing is fluid, easy on the eye and mind, and her characters unpredictably odd and lovely Few women writers would dare write about women gigolos, and fewer still would be able to pull off this light, snappy tale of an innocent farm girl whose runs off to the big city to make a name for herself on the pro lesbian sex circuit This book is a hoot, full of screwball situations and delightfully unexpected twists in both plot and dialogue Mildred, the main character, brims with bright eyed, Midwestern innocence I loved her relationship with Desiree her trainer and best buddy ho about town Their dialogue is full of unexpected utterances and comedic observations like when D teaches Mildred how to sext with women for money between face to face clients D Here, you do the sexting while I drive M But I don t know her D You don t have to know her That s the beauty of sexting It s also germ free I loved this little screwball comedy, a rare find on the lesfic highway, which is littered with too many flat, safe stories of good gay girls languishing away at potlucks and coffee houses in the burbs.

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    Laugh out loud Hilarious I enjoyed it so much I Highly recommend Gigolo Girl by Bennett and Gardner if you re looking for a light and funny read that will have you in stitches

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    This was nearly a dnf for me at a few points I didn t like how stupid Mildred was made out to be I also didn t care for all of the stereotypes, even if they were so overblown as to be cartoonish I made my peace with the book by looking at it as a screwball comedy full of caricatures rather than characters, but this only didn t do it for me.

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    The dumbest book everComedy is one thing but this was a bit much The author went to great lengths to put a story together about a southern air head bimbo and a group of other off the wall people with a lesbian spin on it Sorry but I m a bit offended and I consider myself very open minded.

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    Yet another Bennett and Gardner book that had me laughing out loud Where they come up with these characters and situations I would love to know I compare them to Carl Hiassen They are absolute comedic genius

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    I m generally not a fan of comedic novels but this was an excellent satire The story got a little bogged down in places but overall a really good book.Warning this is a satire, the stereotypes are done on purpose, so understand that going in.

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    This was hilarious.Tears running down my face when Mildred gave her explanation of s m Another time I got pain in my gut with laughter, was when Mildred was texted to an sexter client Simple but so hilarious This was another crazy story of this amazing duo I read it with a big smile on my face and I recommend it to everyone.

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    G girls and JanesLaugh out loud funny Country girl to Google girl Mildred loves life in the big city especially, after meeting Desiree Awesome Need a laugh and a break from the stress of daily life Buy this book and chill with your favorite beverage Loved Loved Loved it.

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    DisappointedI liked your premise, buy your execution sucked I pretty much skimmed through the last 40% of the book I found your depiction of Southerns Your book is full of stereotypes.

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    I have never laughed so hard at a book in my life There were times I was laughing so much I couldn t breathe I absolutely loved it I even had to read parts of it out loud to my wife they were so good I highly recommend this book

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