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Melancholy chapter 1 Melancholy , meaning Melancholy , genre Melancholy , book cover Melancholy , flies Melancholy , Melancholy 329d0eb016382 Here In The West They Know A Lot About Hope They Know How To Ration It Just As They Do With Food And Water Josephine Is At Last Free Of The Blood Moon But In A Desperate Rush To Find Help For A Comatose Luke, She Discovers The Strange And Dangerous World Of The Resistance, And It Is Unlike Any World Josi Has KnownIn The West They Believe In Fury They Cultivate And Encourage It The Unruly People Of The Resistance Know That To Survive Means To Fight But Can They Fight The Inevitable Cure For Sadness That Rushes Steadily Closer In The Action Packed Sequel To Fury, Everything Josi Believes About Herself Will Be Challenged Haunted By Atrocities And Betrayals, She Must Find The Strength To Trust Again, And Decide How Far She Is Willing To Go To Fight The InevitableAt Times Both Brutal And Sweet, Melancholy Is The Story Of Second Chances And Finding Love In A Ruined World

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    I think I need to go to the hospital and get my heart checked This book just ripped it to shreds and put it back together Jesus Christ full review to come update This review was originally posted on my blogMy heart was ripped to shreds and put back together while I was reading this book I can t even explain the emotions that I went through there are just no words I love this book even than the first book, which I didn t think was possible Needless to say, I need the next book right now I do not think that I can wait a whole year to find out what happens to my friends Yes, I have claimed them all I jumped right back in at the point that I stopped on Episode One, so I went all in What I didn t see coming was the death of a character that I came to love Just what in the name of God Still, I kept on reading, even through the tears This book is waaaaayy better than the first one, and that book is AMAZING Here, we get characters, action, romance, I am still going through each scene in my head, and trying to figure out what the heck did I just read This resistance camp has turned into something worse than the outside world I d rather live in the city and be cured, than to live in a camp run by Raven and Quinn Asking for permission to procreate just seems ridiculous.Josi and Luke had me swooning left and right Seriously, those two are just the perfect couple I m so glad that they had those stolen moments together, when their interactions were being scrutinized by Raven and Quinn Quinn is Raven s little faithful minion, and it disgusted me how he went along with all of her devious plans They didn t deserve their positions, especially after that little stunt with accusing an innocent and exiling him to his death WTH did they think That he d get away from the Furies I screamed so loud that my ears started ringing Not freaking cool I know that getting Raven s POV is crucial to this story, but that Wicked Witch of the West got on my last freaking nerve She is evil and miserable, and she wants everyone else to feel that way I can t explain how much I hate her And boy, does my man Luke know how to push her buttons Josi grows so much as a character in this book, and it s great to see her change She was filled with so much pain at the beginning of Episode One, but she finally realized that Luke is a very great man, and that he has loved her and fought for her from the beginning She finally let it go, and became a stronger character through and through What she did for Pace touched my heart Pace finding out that the boy she loves, loves another And not just another, another of the same sex Yes, there are LGBT characters in this story Which, actually made it even mysterious when it came down to figuring out who killed a certain character The addition of Claire and Tobias, Luke s parents, was great I like how they both loved Josi so much But when things got down to the wire, that was when all hell broke loose I couldn t put my finger on it until it was too late I just knew that something wasn t right I won t spoil this book, but if you have read book one, then you are in for a wild ride My suggestion is to strap in and hold on tight because you may just fall off It s so freaking good and you will not put it down until you reach the end and then you will be ranting and raving just as I am If you love Dystopia and Science Fiction, this is the series for you to read It has everything that you need, I guarantee it Highly, without a doubt, recommend this book

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    t s been some time since I had read Fury, and honestly, I was nervous about heading into book two without a re read There was a lot that happened in Fury and I was hoping I would be able to remember the small details Especially since Charlotte does such amazing work at foreshadowing, I didn t want to feel left behind and blind But fear not, because things came back to me quickly and again, thanks to Charlotte s amazing writing, she intricately weaved in the details without a huge recap It was brilliant.Melancholy started right where Fury left off Josi has unconscious Luke and they re on their way to the West where rumor has it the resistance camp is We meet so many new characters some good and some not so good It s nonstop action and the twisty plot will keep you on your toes One of my favorite things about Charlotte s books is her ability to not only create these amazing characters but her ability to paint the world so sad and so dissolute yet challenges you as the reader in your beliefs of right and wrong What sounds like a good thing lack of anger and now sadness, really makes you wonder if you could experience the opposite emotion and had me question a few times if I would be willing to do it I was challenged on RIGHT vs WRONG many times You don t want to root for murder and mayhem, but at the same time, you do.Again, the character s are nothing short of amazing Josi was and still is my favorite She has so much growth as a person throughout the book, and my respect and love for her grew She made a few decisions early on that had my heart hurting, simply because I just wanted her to be HAPPY But there was a lot she had to come to terms with on her own before she was able to move on Once she does, though, she is an unstoppable force and one to be reckoned with.Josi aside, each character is written unique and complex Even the evil ones I just don t know how she does it We get 3 POVs in the story, all first person, and they re all written with distinct voices Luke continues to be my next favorite, not just because his relationship with Josi, but because he s smart, cunning and his devotion to right all the wrongs that not only he has committed but the Government he works for, has my respect for him grow.Plot wise there is a lot going on Besides the new mandate for the sadness cure, I honestly don t even want to get into many details, as with the first book, because one leads to another and spoilers are inevitable It s action packed, gory, thought provoking and full of heart stopping twists There were a few revelations that had my gasping in horror, excitement, and heartbreak This series is not good for my health I ll go back to the characters and mention the romance s It s very important to the story, not only for the characters individually but because you see such love, devotion and sweet moments it makes the hardships and journey worth it.And that ending AH All in all I loved Melancholy Charlotte s breathtaking writing, amazing characters, and nonstop action make this series a MUST READ If you haven t started this series yet, PLEASE DO I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thoughts When I Finished After devouring the first book I immediately went on to reading this one I think this might be one of those rare case where book two is better than the first book because I couldn t put it down What I Loved I love how great the author is at character development Josi can be strong minded sometimes but she s mostly weak Physically and mentally Her fury is the only thing that drives her She grows so much in this book though She learns to be in tune with her body and her problem solving is better than ever.I especially love the new characters in this book Pace is a favourite because she s not afraid of anything She s crazy brave for being so young Shadow is another great character Like his name suggests, he stays out of the spotlight but is always lingering I have so many questions about him Our new POV in this book is Raven Born and raised outside of the city, she s different from everyone else I can never decide between loving and hating her all at the same time Claire and Tobias were surprisingly favourites of mine as well They were sweet and kind but the story didn t focus on them much I wish we had gotten to see them .I found the plot to be a lot better in this book There was no back and forth between past and present which really helped me get into the book I loved the change of setting and how the resistance wasn t really a resistance They were of a group trying to survive I liked spotting the similarities between the resistance and the city that our characters just escaped from They were trying so hard to be the better community but I don t think they really succeeded.This book had a lot information in it Instead of the focus on Josi, like how the first book was, we were focus on trying to solve a bigger problem The sadness cure is being deployed soon and our characters don t like that idea So there s lots of information being discovered about the cure and the side effects which I found very interesting Also the author is really good at giving us little clues here and there but not divulging the biggest secret until the very end It makes for a nice surprise.What I Didn t Like I don t think there was anything I straight up didn t like in this book I still think we could use a little information about the world created here but other than that it was really well done.Review Characters 5 starsWorld Building 4 starsPlot 5 starsEntertainment 5 starsWriting Style 4 starsTotal 5 starsWho I d Recommend To I d recommend this to people who are in need of a newer dystopian book I ve been getting really bored of them lately and this one seems to have picked me back up It s not for those who aren t fans of strong female heroines right off the bat because our heroine has to work for her strength If you don t mind watching your favourite characters struggle every once and a while then pick this one up for sure.Quick Review This was an even better sequel than the first book It makes my hopes for book three pretty far up there This is probably one of the unique dystopias I ve read since there wasn t really anything in here that reminded me of a specific book For me, it was the characters that really kept me hooked They all had such great personalities that kept me entertained the whole way through It was also really nice that the author kept a little bit of a mystery in this book, similar to the first The mystery part only made the book that much harder to put down.

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    Thank you Pan Macmillin for sending me Melancholy I don t know what to say I finished this last night at 3AM I just couldn t stop Ms McConaghy has such a way with her prose It s lyrical It s beautiful It s poetic And I truly cannot write a review great enough to do her work justice Is it the Dystopian society she builds that holds me captive No While I love it, it s the characters Ms McConaghy writes that captures me and will not let me go I cannot emphasize enough the amazing level and depth she captures in her characters, and the talent it takes to do so Josie is so beautiful In all that she has endured Surrounded in a world full of emotionless people when she s so overwhelmed with emotions herself and not at liberty to feel with others because they are incapable of it and she s marked if she does so Luke whose past haunts him day and night, forced to watch the ruin of his family through the Cure It s the beauty of Luke and Josie together that captures my heart There was a subtle beauty in Luke taking Josie to see the ocean and to pretend that she sat in front of her cello I could hear the music pouring out of that cello set against the backdrop of the ocean It s so pure, so fundamental and that the writer can convey such depth is something so magical and rare To read both of their dreams for a future that seems too impossible a task to accomplish, but their passion, their emotions, their belief that there is still something good and green out in the world, a world that still exists where there are no Furies, there is no cure, a world where people can live free of a Cure that has ultimately led to their damnationMs McConaghy makes me believe through Luke and Josie, that yes, yes, there is the world they dream of out there somewhere and someday they will find it together I remember vividly getting my hands on the Fury ARC, and remember reading it while at Myrtle Beach At times I would stop and pause only for a moment and ask myself, Am I really reading this Only to say that Fury was so good, I was stunned that I stumbled across something so beautiful Same thing happened when I read Fury I stayed up so late in the night, but it was so good, I had to purchase the second episode and stay up even later It was so good I couldn t wait for the ARC of the second episode I had to know what happened It was infectious, addicting, so good that nearly a year later, I did not struggle one bit to recall the cast of beautifully flawed characters Nope I remembered them well, because the author wrote them so well, they were real to me Luke Josie Ben Luke s brother and parents And I nearly jumped out of my skin when Melancholy landed in my in box I called my sister the minute I received the ARC, so excited was I And now at the finish, I can say there is no disappointment Melancholy was as beautiful as Fury The world is scary The characters real, flawed, tragic But the emotional depth and hope the author weaves leaves the reader on the edge of their seat, glued to each page, devouring each word like there is no tomorrow If you are a fan of Dystopian themed novels, it doesn t get much better than Ms McConaghy Truly, her novels are the contemporary version of Mr Aldous Huxley s This is literary beauty at it s best.

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    After I read the first book in the Cure series called Fury , I knew I needed to start reading the second book Melancholy as fast as I could I loved Fury and I really wanted to know what would happen next with Josephine and Luke So I cleared my reading schedule and began reading as fast as I could Melancholy is another great book by Charlotte McConaghy Men. I really love this series I devoured the pages of Fury , and with Melancholy it was really the same From the moment I started reading I didn t want to stop Melancholy begins right where Fury ended Josephine and Luke have escaped and are now with the resistance in the west Everything is different there The people are different, the food is different and above all the rules are different But Josephine had no choice about where to go with Luke being comatose And now there are new treads and dangers Luke isn t the same guy any and Josephine has to try to find the strength to make a new life for herself I don t know what it is with this series but it s just so good I was hooked to every single page and I didn t want to stop reading until the end But when I was at the end, I was just so frustrated because I really wanted to know Yep, that s how good this story is The characters in this series are all very different, but Charlotte McConaghy describes them all in a way I feel like I know each and every one of these characters And Josephine and Luke are definitely my favorite ones Josephine really is a very strong character, although she really doesn t think so herself She doesn t agree with the rules of the resistance and although she tries to fit in at first, everyone knows what she really thinks I really admired that about her Josephine also wasn t afraid to fight for every person out there She just wants to make the world a better place and forget all the horrible things that were done to her And Luke. Well, Luke is a great guy Everybody likes him Luke is tough, nice and just really a good person In this second book we get to learn about Luke and although he changes a little, he is still an amazing character.If you re a fan of the Hunger Games and Divergent, you will definitely also love this series It s just so good and really makes you want to read until you finished all three books The story is intriguing and the world is just normal enough that you can actually believe a world like this would be a possibility That is if the world went really crazy And I really love the covers of these books They are just so pretty and I really need to get my hands on some paperback copies

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    I love this series Melancholy has also been released in episodes and I had actually read Episode One so when I received the omnibus edition via netgalley I was so excited skipping past the part I had already read I jumped straight back into the story and re entered Josie and Luke s world.The basic idea behind The Cure series is a world in which the government have erased our anger, creating a society of drones who gently go about their business Things have inadvertantly arisen because of this cure which I won t go into in case you havent read book one Fury, which incidentally was in my top 5 YA novels read in 2014 Our main protagonists are Josie who faced down her demons in book one and Luke who is very much facing down his in book two In this instalment they have escaped the city and are with the resistance But people are dying, suspicion is rife within the community and there are dark secrets hovering just beneath the surface.Again I won t talk too much about plot if you are a YA Dystopia fan I highly recommend you give the Cure series a go, the story is beautifully constructed and has enough that is different about it from the crowd to make it really stand out and be noticed It is also highly addictive reading that will keep you on the edge of your seat a lot of the time, getting you emotionally involved with the characters and making you really worry for them The story itself is highly compelling and flows well throughout.I m a fan for sure Book two being the middle book, Charlotte McConaghy has set things up beautifully for the next I m unsure if the intention is to make this a trilogy or if there will be to it, certainly the world building has set up tremendous scope for an awful lot of adventure so it will work either way Highly Recommended.Happy Reading Folks

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    Actual rating 3.5 stars Review to come soon

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    I received this book from the publisher through Net Galley for an honest review.I absolutely loved Fury, book one in this series, and was so excited when I stumbled across book two being offered over at Net Galley that I instantly put in a request despite the several other reviews I had waiting Melancholy is a great second book, and while my affections for this one have not diminished, the pacing was a bit off in the first half and is reflected in my star count There are still the great questions about society vs government and control vs freedom that are being explored in the second book It too is not just a thrilling ride, but a study of human nature and what is lost when we give up a part of what makes us human.Book two picks up shortly after we left off in Fury, and in this book we get to explore the resistance to the domineering and controlling society Josi and Luke fled There is a new third narrator, who is both horrifying and mesmerizing at the same time I m still processing how I feel about her, but man she was interesting to be in the head of for those few brief sections This book has supporting characters and we soon have a band of heroes that I became quite attached to Of course being a dystopian novel not everyone makes it and that attachment lead to some heartbreaking moments, but also some touching ones as well.Having been a good while since I read the last book I struggle with how I felt about Josi in the beginning She just didn t seem like the same heroine that I fell for in book one Luke spent most of those sections comatose, but after he rejoins the story we get a chance to know him better than we did in the last story While Fury focused on setting up the world and Josi s past, this book focuses on building the relationship between Luke and Josi Such a juicy love story this angle of the plot is I really enjoyed watching them come together, they compliment it other so nicely We also get to watch as Josi decides and sorts out who she really is and what she wants She is now free of the nightmare of the blood moon and has reached freedom with Luke But has she Most of this book is set in the West among the resistance, but we quickly learn that this other society in this world in not much different from the one they were fleeing We get to see how twisted and power hungry people can become when the world has collapse It is almost as if Josi and Luke trade one prison for another With no place that is truly free, it pushes them to step up and demand change It pushed them to find the strength to fight back start working to build the world they want and deserve.The writing is quite good, just a little slow in the beginning, plenty of action and intrigue and Ms McConaghy does an excellent job of not giving everything away at once We are again left with a freaking cliffhanger, but I am most definitely hooked I need to know what happens next and I have such hope that Ms McConaghy will do right by these characters and deliver us a satisfying end I can t wait to see how things play out and to learn what happen to several key players and see other to get what s coming to them

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    Book One, Fury, was a surprising favorite for me last year The story was full of mystery, different in an interesting way, and certainly the antidote to the rash of saccharine dystopians popular at the time Book Two, Melancholy, eschews the mystery and worldbuilding in favor of humorous snark and a larger cast of for the most part interesting characters But at the same time, it feels very much like the sopho in the series a between book padded with a few extra side plots in order to prepare for a third book I enjoyed the read but missed the world building and mystery of the first book.Story Josephine is free from her transformation but has a comatose Luke in tow and a rebel camp to win over As she makes new friends and enemies there, she finds that things are not quite as white washed as she was led to believe It soon becomes apparent that the camp may be no better than the City she just left.Most problematic is that the storyline reads very familiar unique snowflake girl flees dystopian city to rebel camp only to find that the rebels are just as bad as the city folk Haven t we seen that in nearly every recent dystopian from Hunger games to Divergent A very long subplot of murders happening at the camp felt unnecessary and forced they could have been extricated and we d have a streamlined story By the time discussion comes back to stopping the Cure, it felt like no one even cared any .The first book had a great narrator in Anthony his pathos was a great counterbalance to Josephine s reticence and gave the story heart But with book two, we re given a new narrator in the form of catty Raven she wants Josephine s Luke and is not afraid to get annoying about it Her motivations felt shallow and petty she s meant to be flawed and conflicted but somehow felt like every mean girl in high school instead Her drama queen antics got old fast and she just didn t feel real at all Certainly, she was no foil for Josephine.Josi s insecurity and Luke s resilience in book one are traded for a comatose Luke and a cautious Josi in this book The cast of new characters at the camp were welcome the banter and snark was amusing and several times I smiled or chuckled while reading But the inert plot didn t make up for the great dialogue and especially by the middle, it felt like the book wouldn t end Fury defied so many expectations and felt so original I just didn t get that impression from Melancholy.The third portion of the book episode three ends on a cliffhanger so I am going to assume we will get a book 3 I am hoping the story steamlines a bit and doesn t fall into cliche territory as much as this book did In all, I enjoyed it but admittedly felt the first book was much better Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.

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    As excited as I was to get started with the second installment in the series, I felt like it took a long time for the story to really get started in this one On one hand, I totally get it Melancholy, by definition, is pensive, slow, and lethargic In essence, the start of the novel embodied the feeling it was named after However, that doesn t mean that part of it was great fun to read I felt like it dragged quite a lot and it took me longer to get through the first half of this one than it did to read the entire first book in this series Even so, McConaghy s vivid writing style drew me in and I could really feel what Josi was going through That takes talent and I applaud her abilities Once things got started, though, I was every bit as invested in this book as the first Again, there were plot twists that totally shocked me I fell right into the trap that McConaghy set for readers, and I absolutely loved being surprised by things The second half of this book than made up for the first half as far as action goes Probably my favorite thing in this book was the feel of a dystopia within the dystopia I don t think I ve ever actually seen that done in a novel before, and I absolutely love it I couldn t get enough of the parallels between the society these people were living in and the one they d run from I also love the way that McConaghy wove mythological references and gave nods to other dystopian literature in this one I also love the fact that they banned the very book that I compared the series to in the first review It makes complete sense This book gave so much detail to the exact situations that people in both groups were living in, and that made the societies so much real It also made them a great deal terrifying The thing I love most about dystopian literature is the feeling of fear that comes along with it when you recognize that our world could so easily become this fictional creation The world that McConaghy has created with this series is one of the easiest for me to see coming to life, which is part of what kept me so invested in the series, even when the book started off slow The suicide triggers in this book are much pronounced than they were in the first, so I would caution readers to consider that when picking this one up I didn t note this before because it wasn t as noticeable in the first one, but the author is plainly Australian Definitely not a bad thing at all, but a lot of the casual language and slang reflects her culture I did find myself pausing to look things up every now and again Because a singlet is a completely different thing in my Americanized head than it is in this book But that s okay Just be prepared to think outside the box and make friends with google if you re not also Australian Again, the ending of this novel was perfect It left me excited and eager to dive right into the third installment I can t wait to see what happens next

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