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Tuesday Falling pdf Tuesday Falling , ebook Tuesday Falling , epub Tuesday Falling , doc Tuesday Falling , e-pub Tuesday Falling , Tuesday Falling fdd7ca93833 A Relentless Thriller That Will Grip You By The Throat And Refuse To Let GoYou Ve Never Met Anyone Like Tuesday She Has Suffered Extreme Cruelty At The Hands Of Men, And So Has Taken It Upon Herself To Seek Vengeance She Wants To Protect And Help Others Like Her, To Ease Their Suffering A Force To Be Reckoned With, She Lives Beneath The Streets Of London In The Hidden Network Of Forgotten Tunnels That Honeycomb The City And This Is Her Preferred Hunting GroundWhen Tuesday Is Connected To A Series Of Brutal Attacks On Gang Members, DCI Loss Takes On The Investigation A Burned Out Detective Still Suffering The Devastating Effects Of The Unsolved Murder Of His Daughter Three Years Earlier, The Case Starts To Hit Close To Home Because Soon Loss Will Discover That Tuesday Could Hold The Key To Uncovering The Truth About What Happened To His Daughter

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    The weak That s me Five foot fuck all and all dressed in black, like i ve got nothing better to do with my time than watch The Matrix , and make pretty pictures on my arm with a blade A pretty girl, pretty fucked up.Ripe for the plucking.Come on then, boys.Pluck me.Goodness, gracious me This one grabbed me by the jugular and would not let go.Tuesday is just a tiny waif of a goth girl, or better still a goth ghost She lives and manoeuvres in London s underground, hidden in a network of old subway lines, sewers and tunnels She is also very tech savy She knows her underground world, thoroughly,and completely Where to go, where to get everything she needs, how to get away and where to hide It is her labyrinth.Three years ago Tuesday suffered an enormous loss She was badly hurt, broken inside and out, battered beyond repair Three years, hiding underground, three years healing and three years training her mind and body Three years developing her plan The time is now.Six boys have just got on the tube, ranging in age from thirteen to sixteen, with their drop crotch trousers and gangsta attitude It takes them a couple minutes before they spot me, goth girl, sitting all alone Easy pickings They exchange a couple of low fives and the one in front approaches me, wants to know if I am up for some fun as he shoves his right hand down his trousers and jiggles the goods But me, well I can t be fucked any I turn round to face them, pull the knife out of my bag and stab trouser boy in the throat.Who is she DI Loss wants to know as he is looking at the CCTV from the tube It may be a recording, as opposed to a live link but there is no disguising the blood His DS is not looking at what her boss is, she has seen it already There is blood everywhere, all over the bodies of six teenage boys They know it is not the girl s blood because they just bloody well watched her walk out of the tube Is that was she smiling Tuesday may well be in hiding but she has no intention of hiding her long planned revenge No she wants everyone to see, especially the authorities They can watch her do what they have been unable to accomplish Revenge and not just for herself either For every young girl or boy like herself who have been victimized by the drug gangs that have taken over housing estates all over London Raping, brutalizing and pillaging, all the while capturing everything on film and using it to vilify their victims on social media. Well come on then boys, two can play at this game.This story is so fresh and exciting and unlike anything I have read before in this genre Tuesday, our goth girl is one tough as nails heroine villainess whatever, that you just can t help cheering for And you are going to love her weapons of choice, all plucked from yesteryear, from another time and place And even though your sane,and rational brain knows that this vigilante bloodletting is wrong, your reader s mind also knows all about the atrocious crimes this criminal element has perpetrated So come on down to Tuesday s labyrinth Trust me you cannot look away.

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    Officially one of my favourite contemporary books of all time.Oh wow What a total surprise this book is Absolutely fantastically brilliant and definitely one of the best books I have read in 2016 so far This one really intrigued me on every level and really touched on some new plot ideas that are so original I absolutely freaking loved it So basic plot for you We meet a ghost of a young woman who makes the hidden tunnels under London her base and home, she is super technology savvy and uses it to help victims of horrific crime where she steps into heroine vigilante mode with the greatest of ease She is a human force to be reckoned with and if you are one of the bad guys you are going to regret every crossing her path The way she uses the web, especially those areas of it where most of us don t go or even know about to help others and create total havoc in London is so well researched and presented I was VERY impressed by the content in this novel.It is uber thrilling from page one, I was sucked in and it did not let me go, I just kept reading until the end and am ever hopeful that there MAY be a follow on book She is playing games with the police, the crime lords and the criminals and has some very clever tactics and techniques for instigating her schemes to achieve vindication for the victims that she so passionately helps Her character is tough, gritty, smart, brave, broken and so darn likeable How did she get to be this way That is a huge part of the story and one I won t spoil for you here.A fast paced plot that is a smooth as silk, chapter upon chapter of awesome writing that will really take your breath away This book OWNED ME and will stand out as a favourite forever If this is ever made into a TV mini series or movie I am so there Absolutely awesome The author I give huge praise to as for a debut novel this is up there with some top authors that hog the best seller list As she slashes and slices her way through London s most undesirable, despicable criminals you will be cheering her on whilst feeling slightly concerned that you are condoning her vigilante violence Well at least I did a bit There are brilliant plot lines that all intertwine as it picks up gear to what is a fantastic finish that totally spun my head and took my breath away My house could have blown away in a tornado at that point and I would not have noticed.Exceptional writing, brilliantly developed characters, a plot that is to die for pun intended , a message that hits home and one darn ripper of a book Do not miss this one, put it on your to read list or better yet go grab it now and settle in for one hell of a ride with a young woman called Tuesday I wish all books had this level of readability and strength to absorb the reader into the book Thanks for reading my review For of my book reviews, plenty of awesome books to win, author interviews and features come over to join me for book fun at follow me on Twitter enquire about joining my reviewers team to enquire about my book publicity services

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    An impossible to put down thriller of a read about victims and revenge, and what happens when the tables are turned, making it so incredibly satisfying to read.Absolutely brilliant Fast paced and easy to follow, so has a bit of a feel of Young Adult fiction to it, but not being a huge fan of YA, I still loved this, and would say it can be enjoyed by those who love adult thrillers too Although there is heavy subject matter covered, there was also a hint of dark humour too, so I felt the overall storyline had a good balance of serious topics mixed with humour and excitement to keep you entertained throughout I highly recommend this to fans of thrillers, and if you loved Normal, by Graeme Cameron, I would definitely recommend this, as it has a similar mix of dark thriller and humour to it.

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    These brothers aren t really living, they re simply decomposing in slow motion Metropolitan police detectives Loss and Stone can barely believe what s going on, when a gang of rapists and drug pushers is taken down effortlessly and in seconds by a tiny wisp of a Goth girl, who films the encounter and posts the footage to social media Her name is Tuesday In the days that follow, Tuesday emerges from the shadows like a wraith, strikes with the deadly accuracy of a cobra, and then vanishes in the manner of a magician s assistant She is the most enormous fun Within hours of the first attack Tuesday and her antics are trending around London, giving hope to victims of drug dealers and gang rapists, sending fear into the heart of London s underworld, and making some powerful men very angry indeed Half the city wants to erect a statue to Tuesday, a sizable chunk wants her safely in police custody and the rest want her to die a slow and painful death A high speed, action littered, techno sprinkled battle commences, regularly punctuated by scenes of high tension, in a three dimensional London, the like of which we ve rarely seen before, because Tuesday lives in the tunnels, sewers and cellars of the world beneath In an overcrowded marketplace, this debut author, S Williams, has managed to achieve something remarkable He or she I don t know has combined a likeable, engaging, awe inspiring main character, a fascinating sense of place, some serious social themes and a healthy dose of real, kick ass humour Tuesday Falling is quirky, original and as darkly funny as a pantomime villain I recommend it hugely.

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    SoI ve got a stack of books I ve been adding to for years in a some day pile This year, I decided that every 5th read would be a random selection from that pile in an effort to make a little space on my shelves my kindle I got this a couple of years ago so I m really late to the party but now I see what all the hoopla was about While I try to shape my thoughts into something vaguely coherent, just know this was brilliant Read it in a day because I could not put it down Where, oh where is book 2 Review to follow.

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    I can t begin to explain how much I loved this book Firstly it grabbed me by the throat on the first page and did not let go until the last page This is a brilliantly, clever and witty book which would appeal to anyone with a sense of humour The main character Tuesday makes Lisbeth Salander seem like a techno phobe This book is like the love child of Kill Bill and Kick Ass and I absolutely loved it If you like dark humour and enjoyed Normal by Graeme Cameron, then I am pretty confident that you will love this too.

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    WOW I need to come down from this book What an exceptional story and brilliant writing.Tuesday is living in the hidden underground and tunnels that hide beneath the streets of London She is not your average girl sleeping rough, though She is seeking vengeance against the likes of men that have contributed to her horrible past.I don t want to give any spoilers you can read the synopsis.All I can say is READ THIS BOOK Fast paced, brutal, page turning, and an amazing storyline.It blew me away I can t recommend this book enough

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    Thank you to Net Galley, the publishers and the author for an advanced copy, and what a book.So of my favourite authors praise this book.An awe inspiring main character I recommend it hugely SHARON BOLTON I could not put it down Totally loved it Excellent writing, brilliant story ANGELA MARSONSA relentless thriller that will grip you by the throat and refuse to let go Perfect for fans of SILENT SCREAM by Angela Marsons, and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.You ve never met anyone like Tuesday She has suffered extreme cruelty at the hands of men, and so has taken it upon herself to seek vengeance She wants to protect and help others like her, to ease their suffering A force to be reckoned with, she lives beneath the streets of London in the hidden network of forgotten tunnels that honeycomb the city and this is her preferred hunting ground.When Tuesday is connected to a series of brutal attacks on gang members, DI Loss takes on the investigation A burned out detective still suffering the devastating effects of the unsolved murder of his daughter three years earlier, the case starts to hit close to home Because soon Loss will discover that Tuesday could hold the key to uncovering the truth about what happened to his daughter Tuesday is a young girl who has had a tough life Instead of acting as a victim, she decides to take justice into her own hands She lays on a macabre theatre to catch the attention of the only policeman she knows she can trust DS Loss and DS Stone.Fantastic characters, very clever story, very fast paced, and keeps you guessing all the way you cannot but like this great character Tuesday, and also the great relationship with Loss and Stone.A great debut book, this author could go places.

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    At first, this book felt like it should have been a YA book The main character, Tuesday, is a young girl who has suffered extreme pain and loss The author has given this girl a voice that is very realistic with the lingo and profanity and snarky comments This irritated me at first, but maybe I just got used to it the I read Tuesday lives in the underground of London, which gives her access to many things, including the ability to disappear quickly Until the end of the book, I didn t have much sympathy for Tuesday, but I admired her for surviving brutal circumstances.DI Loss and DS Stone make quite a team They seem like equals than supervisor and subordinate I sometimes wished that Loss had a common name It didn t feel natural to read loss as a proper name Background on Loss and Stone was too brief I would have liked to know about them.I enjoyed the book, but I didn t love it Halfway through, I began to consider stopping What kept me going was the need to find out what happened with DI Loss s daughter and how she connected with Tuesday The pace picked up during the final 20%, and the basis of the entire book was a shock I m not sure it s really believable.

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    Trashy, violent, and brilliant Can t wait to read .

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