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INNOCENCE GAMES pdf INNOCENCE GAMES , ebook INNOCENCE GAMES , epub INNOCENCE GAMES , doc INNOCENCE GAMES , e-pub INNOCENCE GAMES , INNOCENCE GAMES 77469dbb033 Johnathan Hammersmith Was A Wise Ass Private Detective In Balti Whose Friends Called Him Jack, And When Abigail Dupree Walked Into His Office The Wealthy Beauty With A Problem Soon Had The Sensual Games Of Mystery Casting An Ever Wider Net Hammers Girlfriend Linda Is The Picture Of Patience, And Abigail Dupree Is The Picture Of Loveliness Who Wants To Find The Blonde Producer Of Erotic Theater Who Has Chosen Her Husband To Play Games Of Sexual Blackmail With When Abby Dupree Insists On Helping Jack Hammer Chase The Sexy Blonde Who Calls Herself Magdalene Monroe, The Games The Creative Blonde Vixen Played Soon Had Them All Watching And Taking Their Own Turns In The Spotlight And When They All Played The Adult Sensual Games No One Was Innocent Everyone Had Their Goals And Desires And Innocence Games Were The Personal Dramas They Made Up As They Went Along And Magdalene Monroe Specialized In Surprise Endings

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