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Stage Dive The Complete Collection (1-4) quotes Stage Dive The Complete Collection (1-4) , litcharts Stage Dive The Complete Collection (1-4) , symbolism Stage Dive The Complete Collection (1-4) , summary shmoop Stage Dive The Complete Collection (1-4) , Stage Dive The Complete Collection (1-4) 6495f5f0 New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Kylie Scott Has Rocked Thousands Of Readers With Her Sexy Stage Dive Series Here Together For The First Time In A Stellar Boxed Set At A Discounted Price Are Her Beloved Stage Dive Novels LickThe Morning After Celebrating Her Birthday In Vegas, Evelyn Wakes Up On A Bathroom Floor Next To One Of The Hottest Rock Stars In The Planet, Wearing A Diamond On Her Finger Large Enough To Scare King Kong Now If She Could Just Remember How It HappenedPlayAnne Never Expected To Meet The Rock God Who Plastered Her Teenage Bedroom Walls Or To Be Paid To Play Pretend Girlfriend To This Wild, Life Of The Party Drummer But This Temporary Fix Can T End Well, No Matter How Hot He Is Or Could It Lead As The Lead Singer Of Stage Dive, Jimmy Is Used To Getting What He Wants, When He Wants It Until He Meets Lena, A New Assistant Hired To Keep Him Out Of Trouble But When Jimmy Realizes That Lena S The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened To Him, Can He Convince Her To Risk It All And Let Her Heart Take The Lead DeepBen Is The Unattached Rock God And Lizzy Is The Off Limits, Best Friend S Little Sister But After A Mistake In Vegas, Lizzy And Ben S Lives Are Completely Changed By Two Little Positive Lines On A Pregnancy Test Can This One Night Stand Lead To A True Connection Of The Heart

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    Pretty good series, I hadn t been motivated enough to read one in a long while Glad I did.Merged review Fun, very cute series

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    I really LOVED books 2 and 3 in this series I really liked books 1 and 4 I am glad I read the series.

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    Stage Dive is the four book rock and roll award winning, bestselling romance series from Australian author Kylie Scott So, I inhaled these books over the course of one week recently alternately kicking myself for waiting so long to read them, while being secretly glad that 4th book Deep came out this year and I got to read the series in one shot And now I ve been faced with the hard task of writing a series review that s not just unintelligible happy reading grunting sounds of sheer delight this is my attempt at a cohesive review, though you should know that my face lighting up at the mere mention of the series is kinda all the recommendation you need First book Lick is about Stage Dive lead guitarist and songwriter David Ferris, and the woman he marries in Vegas on a whim, Evelyn Evie Thomas Play is all about hyper drummer Mal Ericson, and his unlikely love interest Anne Rollins Lead singer Jimmy Ferris s book is Lead , all about his relationship with sober companion turned something , Lena Morrissey The series concludes with Deep and unlikely leading man, bassist Ben whose life and that of Anne s sister Lizzy Rollins is turned completely upside down by each other and the consequences of their one night stand Do you actually state what a pain in the ass I am in these songs Not those words exactly No He chuckled, his good humour returned You don t want me to lie and say everything s always fucking unicorns and rainbows, do you Maybe Yes People are going to know these are about me I have a reputation as a constant delight to protect Kylie Scott, Lick I loved every single instalment in this series, which is about rock and roll band Stage Dive who have already hit it big and are maybe facing some inner band conflict, when these various women enter their lives I really appreciated that while every book is a contained love story for each band member, there s an over arching theme of the band s shifting dynamics which are in need of an overhaul David kicks off the series with his Vegas wedding, and when Evie is thrown into his high profile world she kind of stumbles into a hornets nest within the band too David and lead singer Jimmy are brothers who have family secrets they re trying to keep a lid on, and are also attempting to forget the woman who came between them and nearly fractured the band Ben s family are also tangled up in David and Jimmy s uneasy relationship in the wake of a ruined romance, while tragedy striking Mal s family impacts on the band in a huge way It seems obvious that a series about a band should have them as a sort of lodestone throughout that series, but I ve read my fair share of rock and roll romances and I can tell you that some authors struggle with hinging the entire series on the core group Kylie Scott has no such struggle, and does this rather masterfully So much so that by the fourth book Deep they really did feel like a family I was quite sad to leave by the last page I also loved these books, of course, for the romances I do have my favourites David and Ben s books Lick and Deep but I adored every instalment I really loved how challenging all the heroines were, and that while the pressure of the fame game was explored throughout, Scott paid service to deeper issues within everyone s psyche, the women especially And I found real enjoyment in mapping how each new member to the Stage Dive family shifted the dynamics ever so slightly, which was beautifully summarised in Ben s book Deep when he s the last man standing and both terrified craving the stability and love all the other men have found With all the skill and speed of a seasoned male stripper, Mal turned on his heel And you, young lady You are grounded until further notice I m grounded Babe Anne winced That s not going to fly And you are never to talk to Ben again He is clearly a very bad influence on you The drummer continued, oblivious, sneering at his former friend Is that understood, Elizabeth Lauren snickered Yeah Okay, I said Good Get out, I said. Kylie Scott, Deep Kylie Scott can also write the hell outta sexual tension and ahem climactic scenes She s just a thoroughly enjoyable author to go on this ride with, and I m over the moon at the prospect of her new series a character for which, appeared in Deep called Vaughan Dive Bar is going to be her new series coming in 2016, and it sounds like it s going to act as an intriguing mirror series to Stage Dive , about musicians who haven t made the big time and are instead slinging drinks behind a bar I can t wait to get stuck in to that series, because I think the same way Scott brilliantly explored the pressure of fame and excess, she ll do seriously intriguing justice to characters who are dealing with the fallout of failure and how they handle having to adjust their dreams or not Either way bring it on Kylie Scott should be every romance reader s automatic buy

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    I just needed an easy to read series about a band to put me in the mood again This is the kind of books you will find me reading when high fantasy has taken the best of me and my brain.

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    Kylie Scott s writing is my gateway drug to my irrational addiction to the Romance genre This has become serious I have favorite authors that I love and follow on a variety of social media, mercilessly exploiting my Kindle Unlimited subscription, and find myself cursing the characters out as they make mistakes and the whole 9 yards This is the series that started my downward spiral Stage Dive, for me, is a great series It incorporates real issues and doesn t over romanticize them The characters feel like walking, breathing humans, and I love that their flaws and issues are palpable Ev and Davie were a great way to start the series, but my ultimate favorite would have to be Lena and Jimmy Mal and Ann s was heartbreaking and beautiful, but the heavy issues that Jimmy and Lena dealt with addiction, betrayal, dealing with addicted parents really hit home The genuine love between the boys and their ladies is so dope I was ruined by the fun writing of Kylie s books So much so, that I have literally read EVERYTHING she has published As a rabid reader and listener to the audio versions , I can honestly say that as a full grown woman, I am such a Stan And I cannot wait for what s next

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    I blazed through the first three of these books wondering half the time what was so good about them I could see the flaws as I read, but I keep going anyway That s a kick ass writer The first one was the best, I think, because the situation was so fresh and funny at first even if it was a Vegas marriage plot By the end of the third book I kind of got it already the insecure average heroines who win the super hunky rockstars in the end I would have liked a little variety and by book 4 I wasn t interested in another version of the same story for Lizzy and Ben So maybe don t read them back to back like I did.But that said, the books are charming, with a breezy loose feel that makes them fun and easy to read So kudos to Kylie That takes a lot of skill.

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    Hence the reason I became a Kylie fan What s not to love Funny banter, hot guys and enjoyable stories It s nice to enjoy a little bad boy stories now and then.

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    This was an epic series I loved everything about it if you like books based on Bands Rock stars you re going to love this series you so need to go and click the buy it now button

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    LICK I m thinking Cameron has a jealous side, did he now Cameron growled, fighting the desire to rise and go fetch Sorcha himself Cameron can be really sweet at times, it better be only me, he growled and kissed her soundly on her pretty mouth I have nae ever been jealous over a lass, but with ye, it is different Ye are mine I d kill any man who dared to touch ye I liked this book, I fell in love woth Cameron, and Sorcha was so lovable.PLAY Sweet Jesus Mal I ve missed your a , yeeah, your name, he drawled The point of me telling you my name, even when you already knew it, was so you d give me yours That s how these things go I mean a drunk Mal is just something else, liar, he taunted in a soft voice You re totally thinking of me with no pants on And the text messages he sends to Ann sweet lord I have to give the girl props for putting up with that, when are you on the rag David said to find out if you want cupcakes or ice cream He s fiercely protective, you woke her, a wipe For once, Mal didn t sound the least bit light and easy as he gave Reece hell Do you have any idea how stressful sh s been for her lately Plus she had to work late last night I have to say I enjoyed Mal s book than David s probably because of all the playfulness that is Mal, nonsense We just effed so hard we broke your bed They wish they were us The natural order of sexual status has been restored We both laughed It was all so ridiculous I mean he sometimes does have to straighten things out with Ann, you want a song No problem I ll ask Davie to write you one later He put a hand to either side of the bathroom doorway I know you wanted to go for it last night But I wanted you sober Now you are I want you You want me Let s eff And when Mal is disoriented it is damn hilarious, why d you put my hand down your panties while I was asleep What s that about he mumbled Christ woman You re out of control I feel violated Can t wait to see whose next in this series.LEAD To say that Jimmy doesn t do feelings well is an understatement, he sat on the edge of my bed His broad shoulders seemed to have fallen by half a foot at least You have, you ve been effing crying I don t believe you Lena she has some balls, and well the way Jimmy is I applaud her for sticking it out and going to those extreme measures now and then, get some ice, Jimmy directed, kneeling beside me Lena, what the hell did you think you were doing You re not strong enough to kick in doors, for eff s sake It s funny before the sex, it already felt like these two were a damn married couple but then add the sex and all hell breaks loose, eff s sake Can we not argue when we re having sex Please I was so proud with how Jimmy turned out I know it feels like I m talking about a kid who graduated high school but honestly Jimmy was I don t really know how to describe Jimmy he needed work and Lena put that work in and results started to come, slowly, but they started to come, thick steely arms froze into position around me Jimmy, are you actually hugging me A grunt Okay, you re doing very well I set my chin on his chest and looked up at him I m proud of you I m excited for Ben s story his should be a doozie.DEEP The boys are back And Mal he s still an over the top type of man, exactly Aren t I just the best Ohmigod I m effing amazing My own mind is just blown by me Put it there, little sis He held up his hand for a high five Ben he s a little over protective, and what the eff were you doing with that guy he growled Ben is caveman then the rest of the guys, Ben just grunted So I smacked him on the a You re being absolutely ridiculous Put me down Ben there s no boundaries with him everything is on the table, anyway, he said, still frowning Male egos So touchy Soon as I m around you again, my d decides to come out of hibernation Thank eff Was worried I d have to wait till you d had the baby to get it back Like seriously Ben is an animal, his gaze on mine, he held my underwear up to his nose Oh my god, do not sniff my panties, Ben A slow grin spread across his face He has strict rules for his woman, no touching yourself, he ordered in a low, gruff voice Getting you off is my job now You need me, call Get to you as soon as I can, okay I loved this book, sad to see this series end but I can t wait to see what Kylie has in store for us.

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    Okayy, this series was not what I accepted at all It was lacking I had very high expectations and it did not meet it My favourite was the first and last book They were really enjoyable I loved Ben and David the most Kylie Scott s style was okay and known and I did not hate it nor loved it.

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