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    One of the things I love about Dan Chamberlain s books is that each is set in a unique time and place, and each leaves me wanting to know about the characters AN ABDUCTION AFFAIR introduces smart ass top secret agent John Ross, and there are many, many places Chamberlain can take him.If you enjoy books filled with mysterious government agencies that don t exist, fast paced storytelling, and a good deal of snark with a little romance thrown in, AN ABDUCTION AFFAIR is for you John Ross is assigned to rescue Jennifer Carnihan, the daughter of a wealthy and influential American, who was kidnapped and held captive in the jungles of Colombia His agency hatches a dicey plan that requires John to be kidnapped, but he pulls off the rescue in fine form and gets her out of the jungle safely That s when things get difficult Think a woman who demands vengeance from her captors and everyone complicit in her kidnapping Think assassination attempts Think bombs Think something even explosive a budding romance.This is a plot filled with twists and turns Just when you re sure you know what s going on, Chamberlain tosses everything up in the air, and you re wondering once again who wanted Jennifer kidnapped And perhaps importantly, why.AN ABDUCTION AFFAIR is a wild ride and a great start to what I hope will be a long series Five stars.

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An Abduction Affair download An Abduction Affair , read online An Abduction Affair , kindle ebook An Abduction Affair , An Abduction Affair 1c86ffe1c6c3 Jennifer Carnihan, The Daughter Of One Of America S Wealthiest Men Is Kidnapped While Vacationing In Columbia When The Kidnappers Suddenly And Mysteriously Break Off Negotiations, Walter Carnihan Is Left With Only One Option He Uses His Considerable Political Clout To Involve A Shadowy Government Agency So Secret Even Some Presidents Aren T Briefed On Its Existence, And One That Was Thought To Have Been Disbanded At The Close Of World War Two When John Ross Gets The Mission To Find Jennifer And Bring Her Home, He S Given Only Two Instructions, Do Whatever It Takes To Find The Kidnappers, And Make Sure There Are No Survivors