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The Fen Tiger files The Fen Tiger, read online The Fen Tiger, free The Fen Tiger, free The Fen Tiger, The Fen Tiger 5ab765970 Inexorably, She Was Drawn To A Man Whose Past Was Shadowed, And Whose Future Led To Unavoidable TragedyDeep In The Wild Fen Country, Rosamund Morley Lived A Cloistered, Poverty Stricken Existence With Her Sister Jennifer And Her Alcoholic Father It Was She Who Ran For Help The Night Her Father Set His Bed Alight After A Drinking Bout That Night Was To Change The Course Of Rosamund S Life For, Fleeing Through The Woods, She Met Michael Bradshaw, The Man She Christened The Fen Tiger

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    Charity shop purchase, PeterboroughDescription Deep in the wild fen country, Rosamund Morley lived a cloistered, poverty stricken existance with her sister Jennifer and her alcoholic father She was the prop and stay of the family and it was she who ran for help the night her father set his bed alight after a drinking bout That night was to change the course of Rosamund s life for, fleeing through the woods, she met Michael Bradshaw, the man she christened the Fen Tiger.When she knew of Michael s past and the fate that had forced him to live in isolation, Rosamund s initial feelings of dislike changed to compassion and then something deeper Opening Rosamund Morley was dreaming she was dreaming that she was putting her signature to the bottom of a document and this document concerned Heron Mill An early Cookson written under the pen name Catherine Marchant and set outside her usual County Durham setting Not my favourite even though the the subject of land reclamation could have ensured it would be.5 Tilly TrotterTR The Dwelling Place3.5 The Glass Virgin3 The Mallen Streak3 The Fifteen Streets3 The Girl5 The Rag Nymph3 Katie Mulholland3 The Cinder Path2 The Mallen Girl3 The Mallen Litter4 Feathers in the Fire3 Colour Blind3 The Silent Lady3 The Branded Man3 Pure as the Lily4 The Maltese Angel3 The Fen Tiger4 The Wingless Bird

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    Good book Couldn t believe hows evil the Mother was o And I loved the little girl

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    3.5, as I ll probably re read it one day Liked it, but didn t love it Very formulaic, but Cookson always incorporates this introspective self awareness to the cliches, which somewhat rounds it out Like when Rosie began to wonder if Michael s interest in her was simply because he wanted a mother for his daughter, and for himself I m not quite sure where Michael and Rosie found time to fall in love, and that part certainly irked me a bit, as well as the Jane Eyre storyline, the use of Susie as a plot foil, the stupid twist, as well as the fact that Cookson ends it like she ends a couple of her other stories Climactic near death experience, wakes up in hospital, bing bang boom that s it Also, none of the other characters were rounded out was there any point to Glen at all Still, I m enad with the intense way Cookson writes men like God and the Devil in one , and inevitably I ended up liking Michael Especially at the hot line I ve come for my wife Dang.

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    I read all of Catherine Cookson s books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley I recently re read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed However I m sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

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    I read Catherine Cookson in my teenage years I loved them I am not sure if I would enjoy them as an adult, but it is only fair to rate them based on my experience at the time And having read most of her books, I must have been a fan.

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    just like her other novel Heritage of Folly , this one too is set in a rural background.nice and gripping plot enjoyed it

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    Another good read I ordered from the School Library Book Club under Cookson s pseudonym Catherine Marchant Still enjoy it today.

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    A Gothic story.

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    This book was from my mom s shelves when she was in her early 20s occasionally I randomly pull one off the shelf and read it Such a different writing style then now.

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    Back Cover Blurb A romance between Rosamund, a girl from a poor fen family, and Michael, the Fen Tiger , himself suffering from a fateful past.

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