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Stranded With A Billionaire chapter 1 Stranded With A Billionaire , meaning Stranded With A Billionaire , genre Stranded With A Billionaire , book cover Stranded With A Billionaire , flies Stranded With A Billionaire , Stranded With A Billionaire 3c849cd6d9f4a From Bestselling Author, Lexi Duval, Comes A New Billionaire Romance Series, Stranded With A Billionaire Readers Should BeFor Sexy Scenes And Swearing PART ONE Libby S Life Is Starting To Come Together, And Now She S Setting Off On A Private Jet With Billionaire Flint Young To Help Complete A New Real Estate Deal She S Only Really Along To Gain Experience, Fresh Out Of Law School As She Is, But Still It S The Opportunity Of A Lifetime However, Soon That Opportunity Turns To Calamity, And The Private Jet Taking Them From LA To Sydney Crashes Somewhere In The Pacific Ocean After Knocking Her Head During The Crash, Libby Passes Out To Find Herself Alone On A Tropical Beach Only She S Not Alone Someone S Bandaged Her Head And Saved Her From Drowning Someone S Watching Over Her And That Someone Is Flint Young The Only Two Survivors, He Assures Her That They Ll Be Rescued, But As The Hours Turn To Days, And The Days Turn To Weeks, Soon They Re Having To Use Their Wits To Stay Alive And Gradually, As Libby Overcomes The Trauma Of The Crash And The Desolation Of The Island, She Begins To Realize That Being Stranded With A Billionaire Like Flint Young Isn T So Bad After All PART TWO Life On The Island Goes On, And Gradually Libby And Flint Begin To Consider The Idea That They Might Never Be Saved Soon, Libby Is Getting Used To Her Little Piece Of Paradise And The Perfect Man That Occupies It With Her Their Own Little Garden Of Eden Where They Walk Naked On The Beach And Make Love Under The Stars At Night But, Such Things Aren T Meant To Last, And Before Long Flint Is Remembering All Of The Responsibilities He Left Behind Back Home For Libby, Her Life Is Almost Full Now Than It Ever Was But For Billionaire Flint Young, It Starts To Become And Restrictive Slowly But Surely, He Turns His Attention To The Ideas Of Escape That They Ve Both Pondered, But Have Never Considered Too Closely Because Escape Via Raft Means Huge Risk And Almost Certain Deathwith Sharks, Currents, And Great Storms Waiting For Them Out On The Seas But When Libby Comes Around, And They Start Working On The Project Together, Disaster Strikes, Not Once, But Twice, Leaving Them Both In An Even Perilous Position Than When They Landed And Soon, Libby Might Not Be Stranded With A Billionaire Anybut Stranded All By Herself PART THREE Libby Wakes To Unfamiliar Surroundings White Walls, A Rush Of People, The Sound Of Beeping And Humming She S Been Savedbut Has Flint Soon She Discovers That The Man She S Fallen In Love With Is Alive, But That The Island Took Its Toll On Him And His Body But Still, Nothing Can Now Break The Bond That Has Developed Between Her And This Beautiful Billionaire, The Man Who Saved Her And Kept Her Alive ForMonths But Now They Re Back In The Real World, And Its Changed Beyond All Recognition And Libby, Who Only Days Before Was The Most Isolated Woman In The World, Is Now One Of The Most Famous The Question Is, How Will She Deal With It, And How Will Flint And Will The Love They Share Now Be Broken Apart By The Realities Of The Real World Only Time Will Tell, And Soon, Flint Has One Final Surprise That Will Change The Course Of Libby S Life Once

10 thoughts on “Stranded With A Billionaire

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    mehIt was s cute story but one I got on a whim and will maybe read again It was a quick read, nothing really awe inspiring happened Those who like cheesy love stories will love this book.

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    A very nice book

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    So two stars technically means it was okay It wasn t horrible but it wasn t great I felt like I was reading a synopsis for the booka generalization almost I needed depth I wanted to know the characters but instead I felt outside the bubble of goodness the stuff great books are made of It skipped over large sections that I hoped would bring light to the charactersso sad really It became grammatically worse towards the end, which was distracting And then it ended with sugary sweet giggles on the island that was their prison Like I said, it wasn t the worst but it definately was not the best It took about an hour to read so a quick, easy read.I suggest

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    Choppy but readablePersonally I feel like it could have been descriptive, it was very surface when it could have been a lot deeper Lib could wake up screaming from the nightmares for example Also the transitions seemed choppy to me.

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    Millionaire I enjoyed the characters liked the settings, of the story.it was a very fast read book could have had adventure

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    Sweet storyCute short story It s gets to the point with out dragging on forever You still get a great story even though it s a short read.

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