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Torrid - Book Two (Torrid Trilogy, #2) txt Torrid - Book Two (Torrid Trilogy, #2) , text ebook Torrid - Book Two (Torrid Trilogy, #2) , adobe reader Torrid - Book Two (Torrid Trilogy, #2) , chapter 2 Torrid - Book Two (Torrid Trilogy, #2) , Torrid - Book Two (Torrid Trilogy, #2) 6ebe91 Torrid Book Two The Second, Searing Hot Installment In The Erotic Torrid TrilogyHow Far Would You Go To Save Someone You LoveTora I Play A Dangerous Game I Know This I Have To Play The Part Of Seth S Dutiful Wife In Order To Bring Him Down At The Same Time, I Can T Stay Out Of His Brother S Bed Being With Jack Is The Only Thing In My Life That Feels Realthe Only Thing That Feels At All Jack Sees Me For Who I Really Am And Wants Me Anyway I Can T Tear Myself Away From Him Even Though He Could Rip My World Apart But If Seth Ever Finds Out, He Ll Destroy Me And The One Chance I Have Of Setting Myself Free From Him Forever Jack Tora Is One Thing To The Rest Of The World To Me, She S Everything Only I Know All Of Tora S Deepest Secrets, Her Darkest Desires Only I Share Them With Her I Should Walk Away Before She Starts To See Into Mine Because When She Does, I Might Lose Her ForeverCrossing That Line Is The Easy Part Staying There Can Break You This Is Part Two In The Sizzling New Erotic Romance Series By Jayne Blue It Contains Strong Sexual Content And Is Intended For Mature Readers Book Categories Romantic Erotic Novel Possessive Alpha Male Romance Erotic Suspense Romantic Erotica Adult Romance With Sex

About the Author: Jayne Blue

I am a Jayne of all trades I ve worked in media and law I married my high school sweetheart and am mom to three boys and one tornado of a daughter Along with worky work I ve been band mom, theater mom, football mom, and reading room mom I write witty smut and sizzling love stories.Join The Jayne Gang Here s the newsletter with prizes and exclusive content to come.

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    Cant wait to read next bookThis book is part two of a three book series and you definitely need to read book one first to start to understand the twist and turns of a very unusual love triangle Just when you start to think you have the characters true motives and feelings figured out, the author gives you a reason to doubt what you think you know The sex and the love scenes are both erotic and very believable The story leaves on such a shocking cliffhanger be fore warned that you are going to want to read the next chapter Make sure you have the time to read this story because you won t want to stop and put it down Well done Jayne

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    Oh wowza

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    Torrid Book 2 Torrid Trilogy by Jayne BlueThis sensational series continue where the first book left off Tora is getting close to what she needs Married to Seth she has to act like the dutiful wife but Jack Manning still holds her heart Will Jack be in her corner when she needs him Seth is close to a senate deal with the support he needs or is he Tora has found what she needs but it has implications that she realised The plot has thickened and there seems to be people involved but who is willing to risk it My only negative is I felt like there were too many sex scenes I understand the author trying to show the connection between Jack and Tora, yet sometimes it came across as a page filler The story overall is awesome with so many plot twists that it will keep you entertained This one ends on a cliff hanger and what a cliff hanger it is Reviewed for Hot books and Sassy Girls book blog

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    I felt this addition was a filler between books We get to see of Tora and Seth s relationship, which is a bummer Jack still makes appearances of course, but it feels like it s almost tainted by the other stuff going on a.k.a Seth being gross I also was giddy to figure out that the Jack in this series is the same Jack as The Offer I don t think I would have caught that had I not read the other book first.

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    Could not put these books down

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    Loved every page Couldn t put it down Brilliant characters

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    Love it

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    Warning.you must read these books in order Now that Tora is officialy a Manning, she strives even harder to get the evidence she needs to set her father free Still acting at the show piece on Seth s arm, she has to fake her way through political affairs in order to get what she wants She feels her desire for Jack may be too much and cause her to lose focus, so she decides to avoid him until everything is finished However, a week long political getaway for Seth has her running into Jack the first night and the attraction won t be denied Jack has sworn to stay in her corner no matter what and he won t give Tora up to someone like Seth Things are revealed towards the end of this book that will have you saying omg no way and you ll have to go straight into book 3 This is another can t miss read from Jayne

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    This series ramps up, in a good way, in book two WOW I totally didn t see that cliffhanger ending coming I think things are not as they seem Or, should I say that one certain person isn t who what he seems to be Hmmm, interesting OK, things in book two begin pretty much right where they ended in book one Tora s and Jack s relationship has gone to another level and an ultimatum has been given Tora is about to get all the information she needs to reopen her father s case Seth is about to close the deal on the support he needs to be elected to the senate seat he has his eye on Everyone thinks they have everything they want in the palm of their hand Until they don t..I m diving into book three Immediately

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    I was given this book by the author for my honest review However had she not I would have purchased my own copy This series is incredible With hot and delicious illicit sex between the new bride and her brother in law and of course set in my favorite town, Chicago What has not change in forever is corruption, crime and politicians here in the Windy City Jayne Blue just added lust, live and hot sexy couples to put a snag in ongoing corruption I read a review where the reader shouted OMG at the end Ohmygosh I cried when Jack was leaving Tora and then the very end I was screaming NO

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