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    Things I can tell you about this book right now It starts almost immediately after book 1 like, about a half hour has passed since Earth Sky s last scene It takes place almost entirely on Kemya If Earth Sky was my time travel adventure, then this is my spy thriller in space.Feel free to comment with questions and if they re not spoilery I will answer.

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    This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. MY THOUGHTS I loved the first book in this series, so I was excited to read this book This book was full of surprises and it was absolutely fantastic Aliens have been secretly messing with Earth s time field Skylar, Win, and the rebels have discovered the weapon that will free the Earth and are now heading back to the space station that this race calls home But Skylar is an Earthling and can t be fully allowed on the station, unless she pretends to be an Earthling pet The rebels continue to meet, but they face betrayal and Skylar is determined to find the spy.I was a bit disappointed at first by the fact that there wasn t really any time travel, but I actually think I like this than the first book I feel like I m getting a better understanding on these people, as horrendous they are towards Earthlings It was interesting getting this look into things and even though I ended up with questions, I felt like things got clearer There is a new unexpected romance in this book and, oddly enough I was shipping it I actually really liked this view spoiler which is why I was sad at the end when he was the betrayer I really wish they could be together hide spoiler

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    I received this book for free from Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Young Adult, Science Fiction Rating 3.5 My Thoughts The Clouded Sky is the second installment in Megan Crewe s Earth Sky trilogy The story itself picks up almost immediately after the ending of Earth and Sky 17 year old Skylar Ross has managed to become a member of a group of Interplanetary rebels looking to stop the Council of Kemya from continuing its experiments on Earth s time field They, or should I say Skylar and Win, have time traveled across several different timelines searching for parts of a weapon that can be used to destroy the time field surrounding Earth FULL REVIEW POSTED GIZMOS REVIEWS 11 18 2015 May 5, 2015

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    I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.So immediately after reading Megan Crewe s Earth Sky, I dove right into The Clouded Sky, which picks up right where we leave off and oh wow This one was just as epic as the first and there were soooo many twists and turns Some I was able to predict, but naturally, there were things that totally blew me out of the water and I am still left in shock When does the third book come out now Netgalley will get it as an automatic read again, right The wait is going to be agonizing Skylar leaves Earth with Win to go to his planet to help the rebels in their cause They want to put a stop to Kemya s interfering with Earth and basically move on to finding their own home They want to destroy the device that does all the monitoring and manipulating, and with Skylar s help and Jeanette s plans it s a possibility.So remember that guy, Jule Not sure if I mentioned him, he had only a brief role But he was kind of a jerk Well, that jerk is about to play a much larger role in this installment Jule agrees to be Skylar s keeper , it s the only plausible way to explain her presence on their space station that is their home away from home Skylar is to be Jule s pet, which is basically as it sounds like A Kemyate taking in a human for a pet because they re so fascinating Which doesn t sit well with Skylar at all, but Jule is truly the only one she can safely stay with that won t arise suspicions.I was throwing all the praises at the first book for not having a love triangle and I really did speak too soon, because wouldn t you know it, Jule isn t as such an a hole like we thought He has a different side to himself that he slowly shows Skylar in the time they spend together He has had it rough over the years and only acts like an ass to put up a good show And sure enough, things progress rather fast between these two While it wasn t a straight up case of insta love, it was close There were still times these two didn t get along, but, yeah, pretty soon Skylar and Jule are a couple So sorry, Win.The other larger part of the story involves a traitor in the rebel group s midst Someone is leaking information to the Enforcers as the group is trying to move forward with their plan There are some close calls and soon Skylar finds herself doing some investigating to learn who the traitor is Being a pet she can easily move around unseen for the most part and she s been teaching herself the Kemyate s language with the programs on the computer she uses in Jule s place.Once again, I found myself enjoying this book, but yet, there were times things just didn t move quite as fast as I would ve like Things dragged a bit It took awhile to get to the action scenes, but again, once we got to those particular scenes, I was in full enjoyment mode This read had a little suspense than its predecessor Mainly because Skylar is in an undercover role looking for a traitor And oh wow, I started to make a guess as to who it was literally a chapter before Skylar got to the conclusion herself And then after which, I felt let down by it I can t really get into the whys or else I ll let a spoiler loose, so take that comment as you will The ending, oh my god, that ending What the freaking freak Endings like this, or any cliffhanger, really need to be illegal LOL It s an ending that is so jaw dropping and shocking, you re left blown away by it, I was shakingand nownow I m miffed I have to wait until the end of October for the conclusion So please, Netgalley, get A Sky Unbroken up asap Times like these I regret binging a trilogy but having to wait for the third book What on Earth was I thinking LOL Again, I ll say if you re looking for a nice Sci Fi YA series, this is one you should definitely check out It s far different than I was expecting The aliens don t really feel alien , but as you ll learn, they are still dangerous individuals The Clouded Sky was a phenomenal followup to Earth Sky and I will be counting down the days to October As if I wasn t already Overall Rating 4 5 starsThe Clouded Sky releases May 5, 2015

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    Aliens, rebels, traitors and space, The Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe has it all This seond story of the Earth Sky trilogy begins immediately where book one left off It is one of the most thrilling mysteries I ve read This sequel definitely won t disappoint The Clouded Sky is an amazing sequel to Earth and Sky It begins right after the first book ends, with no gaps in the story I found it really interesting how The Clouded Sky is basically the opposite of Earth Sky In this book, the main character, Skylar, is taken to the alien planet called Kemya where she must act like a slave In book one, an alien from that planet arrives on Earth to discover parts of a secret weapon I really enjoyed how the characters had gone through the same stress of living on a new planet, though Skylar has it much worse.The Clouded Sky is an epic mystery novel also set in space After residing with rebels in space, the police of the series, the Enforcers, are after Skylar and her group of alien friends When a member of the group leaks information to the Enforcers, Skylar is tasked with finding out who The reader is along for a ride that is so suspenseful and humorous, it will engage and delight at the same time.The Earth and Sky books both have such cliffhanger endings They blow the reader s mind and then just end Thankfully, the books are published on a six month basis, so readers won t have to wait a whole year for the final book Thank you, Megan Crewe If you are a sci fi fan, I strongly recommend The Clouded Sky to you It is filled with mystery and an all new alien planet Before you read The Clouded Sky, however, you should probably check out book one, Earth and Sky.

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    2 stars The sci fi genre really does not appeal to me I should have thought of that before I started reading and before I requested the whole trilogy on Netgalley and now I have to read all three parts But I m not a quitter I have to finish what I started Even though I ll be suffering. A lot.In The Clouded Sky there was almost no Win for which I am grateful I don t know why but I imagine him as this annoying, thin, nerdy boy with stinky breath sorry Win But there was lot of Jule He s the cool kid He s funny, out going and doesn t put his foot in his mouth And he s also incerdibly sweet inside So if I have to choose one team, I m on team Jule Definitely.Sky was even worse then in the previous book She got boring, she counted with higher numbers and my hand twitched almost the whole time I was reading, I wanted to slap her so hard.There s not much to say about the plot Because there was none Well Okay, there was some but not much The majority of the book was just never ending circle of thinking, doing one thing over and over again and the rest was Sky s inner monologue.And when something finally did happen it was predictable For a while I was confused how come it didn t happen the way I thought it would, but then I found it couple of pages later so. This series is really not for me and if you like fast moving, gripping books it s not for you either For reviews visit ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Just not as good as the first book This isn t bad, but it s just not great Nearly the entire book takes place on an alien space station, which sounds exciting, but isn t It s pretty boring Skylar is basically trying to find the traitor in a group of people she s just met Why her Why can t anyone else figure this out And the mystery of who the traitor is is just too damn obvious What is she even doing there You d think that for all the trouble of bringing her along, they d have something important for her to doThe pet thing just freaked me out too much A lot of people keep humans as pets and it s just as creepy as you would think I ve actually avoided other books that include this and probably would have avoided this one too if I had known it was part of the storyline.I liked the idea of the love interest, but it just fell a little flat I just didn t really feel anything I actually really liked Jule, but I never got the sense that Skylar did.

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    Warning Wet blanket review The action was terrific, the mystery spell binding the romance tender for puppy love But what happened to the yellow, red, black and brown citizens of earth How can a race of white men and women populate a planet A little bit research into world building would paid off great dividends.

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    7 January 2016

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    Huge thank you to Skyscape and Netgalley for this ARC I really enjoyed Earth Sky when I had read it last year, and part of me felt I needed that second book right away Funny enough how things change, because the sequel, The Clouded Sky took me forever to get into and it begins right where the last book leaves off I am struggling to put my finger on why I simply liked this sequel as opposed to loving it the way I did the first book Part of it was I didn t find myself instantly connected even though I still enjoyed these characters I felt there was a bit too much going on, even though most of it was quite interesting Weirdly this book felt like a space thriller mystery novel, and I liked and disliked that aspect Again, it s hard to put into words why this sequel didn t entirely work for me.I still love these characters, and I think the world building is still great Being on Kemya the whole book was definitely quite the treat, and it was so fascinating the amount of detail Crewe put into the world I still appreciate that the characters are in fact aliens and not just aliens looking like humans Still, the action packed pacing in there, there s lots of intrigue, and it is a solid sequel I m still on board for the last book, but for the life of me I wish I could figure out why I liked and not loved this one

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The Clouded Sky (Earth & Sky, #2) download The Clouded Sky (Earth & Sky, #2) , read online The Clouded Sky (Earth & Sky, #2) , kindle ebook The Clouded Sky (Earth & Sky, #2) , The Clouded Sky (Earth & Sky, #2) f09eacd4701f Skylar Never Imagined That She D End Up Helping A Boy From Another Planet Search Through Earth S History For A Way To End His People S Secret Control Over Her World But Now That She S Been Drawn Into Win S Group Of Rebels, She Can T Walk Away Until Their Mission Is CompletedWhisked To The Immense Space Station That Win And The Rest Of The Kemyates Call Home, Skylar Discovers That Even The Rebels Don T See Her As An Equal Determined To Prove Herself Amid Her Homesickness In The Alien Environment, She Throws Herself Into The Work To Free Earth Her Keen Attention To Detail And Skill With Numbers Start To Earn Her Colleagues Respect, But That Doesn T Make Her Position Any Less Precarious As The Enforcers Escalate Their Attempts To Capture The Rebels, It Becomes Clear That Someone Within The Resistance Is Leaking Information To The Enemy And Skylar May Be In The Best Position To Uncover The TraitorWith Each Step Toward The Truth, Skylar Is Pulled Deeper Into The Lives Around Her And The Full Horrors Of Her Planet S Imprisonment To See Her Mission Through, She Must Risk Her Life, Her Heart, And The Future She S Worked So Hard To Preserve