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    Could be contender for book of the year Already.I loved this book and couldnt wait to open it and read it There are a couple of themes and passages within the book that are attitude changing.Essentially its a lover story and although there are parallels to Time Travellers wife, this came first It also reminded me a little of last house on the strand, with its references to changing landscapes.We have a newly wed couple Gally and Mike We know Gally has problems sleeping but Mike is a patient man They are avoiding a car accident and take a back road in a village on the Wiltshire Dorset Somerset border when they find a cottage that meets their requirements Its a shell of a building but Gally really is drawn to it Mike succumbs and they buy it with a view to renovation And then they meet Ferney.Ferney is a man in his 80s and starts a friendship with Gally The friendship is based on the following gally and ferney have been lovers throughout the ages and meet in different bodies through reincarnation.The mystery is slowly revealed, with mounting conflict with Mike The cottage shared history is the key and centre to the story and the reason for the revelations first in terms of ring hidden under the entrance of a door and then the two characters from the civil war that are responsible for the nightmares.Obviously, there is some credibility issues to overcome, but the story is so well put together you can overcome this The message of the book is the relatively short period of time modern history has evolved In one passage, Ferny describes how he can get back to the civil war by going back four generations of people his age This is truthful and a little bit eye opening, when you think of it.The pace of the book is generally spot on plenty of mystery and tension that always want to make you read the next chapter The characterisation is good and even the credibility is overcome through masterful story telling.A five star book.

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    This is a review of both Ferney and its sequel The Lives She Left Behind.While Mike and Gally Martin are looking for a country home they stumble across a ramshackle cottage to which Gally feels strangely drawn The whole village seems familiar to her and Ferney, an old man who wanders the local countryside, seems particularly keen to get to know her Gally feels a mounting connection to the cottage and to Ferney, who must wait patiently until she is ready to hear and accept the truth about their relationship The Lives She Left behind continues the story of some of the characters in the first novel and sees the underlying idea of Ferney come to fruition.These are really difficult books to write about as there is so much I could give away and I don t want to spoil them for future readers Will do my best, but please forgive me for any accidental slips.The books don t fit into any single genre a mix of romance, historical novel and ghost story is probably the easiest interpretation But though I like, and read a lot of, these separate genres, I didn t think that these books were a successful mix of the three as it meant there was too much going on for the plot and characters to remain credible even when suspending disbelief as much as possible.My main problem with the books, from which my other issues spring, is that I didn t find the two leads likeable I found them selfish and careless of the damage they do to the lives of others, so much so that I just wanted them to go off and leave everyone else alone I didn t feel that we ever see what it is that these two characters love about each other they seem to be together through force of habit rather than through choice They are cruel to everyone else and rationalise this as being ok as it s due to the enormous love they have for each other I couldn t agree.The setting of the books is well done, and I enjoyed the discussions that pop up from time to time about the pagan versus the Christian world, and the development of country life across the years into village and then town dwelling I didn t find the historical flashbacks all that successful though, perhaps as we plunge into and out of them so quickly, meaning there s no time to acclimatise I assume this is a device to bring home to us the relevant characters confusion about the historical background, but I found it made me a little cross and meant that I started to skip the historical passages.I slightly preferred the second novel, The Lives She Left Behind, to the first as I liked some of the supporting cast of characters better and enjoyed the scenes at the archaeological dig However, I found the ending a bit too pat, with too much effort to tie up all the ends Some terrible, cruel things are done by some characters to the others, which to my mind would leave scars or at least grudges, but by the end much of it seems forgotten This doesn t match what I know of human nature.All this makes me seem that I have no romance in my soul and that I have no truck with anything that isn t entirely rational This definitely isn t the case, but I believe a great love such as that portrayed should make the lovers kinder and understanding to those around them, rather than what I saw happening in the books Those who like a bit of mystery and the supernatural with their romance will love these books I struggled with them for the reasons given above and am glad I ve finished having to read about the selfishness and cruelty of some of their characters.

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    I picked up Ferney as the third book in my 3 for 2 offer at Waterston s, without knowing the first thing about it The cover drew me and the blurb on the back sounded interesting so I thought I d give it a whirl.I m so glad I was tempted because it s such a fantastic book It s A love story spanning countless years and lifetimes It s not exactly reincarnation, but it s a variation of it.kinda , and I really, really felt for Gally and Ferney, imagining how they must have struggled to find each other in some of their lifetimes I loved when they managed to get together at the same time in their lives and hated when they overshot each other through no fault of their own Their very first lifetime together actually moved me when it was revealed exactly what caused them to be so intertwined.I had a real problem with Gally s husband though What a misery he was But then I wonder how my own spouse would be if I were in Gally s position Probably no different However, still don t like him shrug I just wanted Gally and Ferney to be together forever and it pained me when they weren t or had interruptions.I didn t see the 2 big revelations at the end coming though It came as such a shock I almost wept when I found out where Gally had been prior to being this Gally that makes no sense, I knowyou ll HAVE to read it and the end twist was so beautiful but bittersweet at the same time It left me thinking how that would work out for them both, for days on end after finishing the book.Such a beautiful, thought provoking book and one that is definitely worth the read, even if it s not your usual type of reading material.I keep wondering now if I share my present life with loved ones I ve spent time with in other lifetimes I d like to hope so.

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    One of my top ten all time favorites This story will stay with you long after you finish reading the book.

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    Ferney has lived a long time A very long time Over 1,500 years.At least his soul has.This novel by James Long makes the case for reincarnation, love, time and history As the book begins, the year is 1990, and 26 year old Gally and her husband Mike take a detour to avoid a car crash, and find themselves in the English village of Penselwood, in front of a delapidated house by the name of Bagstone Cottage Gally, who has been troubled by nightmares for as long as she can remember, feels a sense of peace, comfort and connection with the old house These feelings intensify as an elderly man ambles up and introduces himself as Ferney Gally is instantly drawn to the old man Strangely so, as far as Mike is concerned Within weeks, the young couple buy the cottage and begin renovations Ferney is ever present, which is wonderful to Gally, but annoying to an increasingly fearful Mike, who resents the old man s presence.The stage is now set The age old participants in life s drama are in place, as Ferney slowly begins to help Gally remember her past lives Lives almost exclusively shared on some level or another with Ferney Gally comes to see the truth and history behind some of her worst nightmares, which are really nothing then experiences her soul encountered from the 600 s to the present day Through it all, Ferney is there, and the love between them that has existed for over 1,500 years isn t about to die just because of their ages Somehow they must be together again but closer in age then they are now.Long has a real knack for mixing the past and the present lives together I really enjoyed the first 3 4 ths of the novel I liked how Long explained the concept of time, and how he weaved the reincarnated lives of Ferney and Gally throughout the book Ultimately, I gave this potentially 4 star book only 3 stars, due to what I thought was an exceptionally weak and lackluster ending Definitely a decent book, but with lost potential at the close IMO.

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    Ferney has an interesting concept, but sadly the book itself was not my cup of tea James Long obviously has a vast knowledge or did plenty of research of the history of the area where Ferney is set and tries to put it all into the book While interesting at first, sometimes these historical revelations and retelling jarred and slowed the pace of the story down Rather than focusing on the characters and their development, it felt that Long was interested in conveying his wealth of knowledge My main problem with Ferney, however, was that I could not buy into the love story that spanned many centuries, often thinking of poor Mike This man, who loved his wife, had already given up his dream job to keep her happy and was then paying for the renovation of the cottage, all the while being treated like he was inconsequential In turn Ferney and Gally came across as selfish individuals, who HAD to be together I kept asking myself why I couldn t find any evidence in the book and this further emphasised my animosity towards these characters Maybe I missed something Ferny wasn t terrible, Long has a adept way of describing the bucolic surroundings and maybe with a bit of editing an easy to follow writing style, but it just wasn t for me.

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    It is great to see Ferney being re released in the UK HarperCollins published this book not long before I began working there back in 2000, and I know the publisher felt that it should have had attention than it got I read it over ten years ago, and the ending is still particularly vivid The love story is absolutely original a forerunner to The Time Traveller s Wife with a beautiful English countryside setting I won t give any away, but if you can find it, read it NB There s also a sequel, called The Lives She Left Behind, which I ll be looking out for.

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    I just absolutely loved this book in every way I only read it because I was lucky enough to win the sequel on the Goodreads giveaways, and I m so glad that I did.It is described as a romance that spans 1300 years with the two main characters being destined to be re born again and again However this is no mushy, lovey dovey romance, but what I would describe as a well written love story.I can definitely recommend reading this book it s one that I will definitely read again and probably again after that Truly lovely.

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    A beautifully engaging and beguiling time slip novel that draws you into the bucolic English countryside.Mike and Gally are looking for a dream home in the country They find it in a Somerset village Along with an old man called Ferney who seems tied to the house Gally and Ferney have a connection beyond rational explanation, a love that has endured down the centuries which we discover as their story unfolds In the present day they are at very different stages of their lives so it is hard to imagine a happy ending but with reincarnation no one really dies, they just begin again These characters live on long after you close the book.

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    Ah yes, there it is in my own original Goodreads list which I began when I started writing everything I read into a notebook, with the stars and all This definitely has 5, with a great big tick right along side them as well I recall loving this very much Am very excited to have just discovered there is a sequel How wonderful Definitely an original and clever book.

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Ferney download Ferney, read online Ferney, kindle ebook Ferney, Ferney 970886cf496e A Novel For Anyone Who S Ever Believed That Two People Are Destined For Each Other, That Passion Has No End, And That True Love Never DiesIt Was An Accidental Detour Inspired By One Of Gally S Frequent Panic Attacks That Sent Her Husband, Mike, Down A Twisting Lane To The Abandoned Country Cottage From The Moment She Saw It, Gally Felt A Peace She Hadn T Known In Years And The Inexplicable Sense That She Had Finally Come Home As Her Husband Works At Their New Home S Restoration, Gally Finds Herself Growing Unexpectedly Close To An Eighty Three Year Old Man Named Ferney How Could She Become So Attached To A Virtual Stranger And Why Does Ferney Seem To Know Her Better Than She Knows Herself Through Ferney S Old Stories Gally Finds Herself Transported To A Distant Past Where Two Lovers Made A Vow Even Death Could Not Break Soon Gally Will Face A Life And Death Dilemma That Has Followed Her And Ferney Down Through The Centuries It Will Be A Moment Of Decision That Will Forever Change Not Only Their Lives But The Lives Of All They Touch