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Every Last Word pdf Every Last Word, ebook Every Last Word, epub Every Last Word, doc Every Last Word, e-pub Every Last Word, Every Last Word 7a755338d01 If You Could Read My Mind, You Wouldn T Be SmilingSamantha McAllister Looks Just Like The Rest Of The Popular Girls In Her Junior Class But Hidden Beneath The Straightened Hair And Expertly Applied Makeup Is A Secret That Her Friends Would Never Understand Sam Has Purely Obsessional OCD And Is Consumed By A Stream Of Dark Thoughts And Worries That She Can T Turn Off Second Guessing Every Move, Thought, And Word Makes Daily Life A Struggle, And It Doesn T Help That Her Lifelong Friends Will Turn Toxic At The First Sign Of A Wrong Outfit, Wrong Lunch, Or Wrong Crush Yet Sam Knows She D Be Truly Crazy To Leave The Protection Of The Most Popular Girls In School So When Sam Meets Caroline, She Has To Keep Her New Friend With A Refreshing Sense Of Humor And No Style A Secret, Right Up There With Sam S Weekly Visits To Her PsychiatristCaroline Introduces Sam To Poet S Corner, A Hidden Room And A Tight Knit Group Of Misfits Who Have Been Ignored By The School At Large Sam Is Drawn To Them Immediately, Especially A Guitar Playing Guy With A Talent For Verse, And Starts To Discover A Whole New Side Of Herself Slowly, She Begins To Feel Normal Than She Ever Has As Part Of The Popular Crowd Until She Finds A New Reason To Question Her Sanity And All She Holds Dear

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    This book is a saccharine sweet fairy tale version of a very real mental illness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD , as well as the very serious issue of bullying, without true emotional depth It s the equivalent of ordering a black coffee at Starbucks, taking a sip, only to find out that you ve been given a caramel mocha instead It is unrealistic, it is a Disney fied version of real life, complete with a happy ending.Real life doesn t work that way Mental illnesses don t work that way I know very well it doesn t work that way because I ve got it.I have OCPD obsessive compulsive personality disorder It s a lesser form of OCD I don t obsessively count things, I don t get massive panic attacks, I don t get major anxiety attacks, but I know what it feels like to have your own mind turn on you at times My mind is constantly racing at hyperspeed I can t relax It takes me 2 hours to fall asleep every night because I can t be at rest Like the main character in this book, I have survived on very little sleep for a very, very long time I m constantly tired.When something falls out of pattern in my day When I don t get a certain machine at the gym When I can t do this or that at a certain time I do not get major panic attacks over them, but at the same time, things just feel wrong Certain things, minor to others, will ruin my day Why can t you just use another machine It doesn t work like that.Most often, if people ask, I just laugh it off, because honestly, I don t care I feel like my OCD does make me a better person, in some ways I know I work efficiently than most, I know that my boss loves that part of my mind because it ensures I m THE BEST EMPLOYEE EVER because I will not let anything slip through the cracks I know that this part of my personality drives me towards knowledge because that, too, is an obsession I m not ashamed, but I still know how the character in this book feels, knowing you re not entirely normal, and hiding it from most people you know so that you won t be judged, because most people can and will judge anyone with a mental disorder.I know I m not my mental illness I think I m an awesome person I m smart, I m funny, I m pretty good looking for my age But at the same time, there s a part of me that just constantly whispers You re not normal You ll never be normal It takes a lot of effort go to through my day sometimes.I know what OCD is, and for me, this book does not accurately portray it As I mentioned before, this is a book published by Disney, and it is for the dreamy Perks of a Wallflower crowd than anyone who truly wants to understand the depths behind this mental illness This book is far too sweet, far too improbably, far too unrealistic.The main character, Samantha, has OCD She is a repetitive thinker This feeling of obsession does not persist throughout the book, her mental illness only resurfaces occasionally There is no feeling that she is constantly under the weight of this mental illness the way a real mental illness should be When I finally pulled into the driveway that evening, the last digit was resting on a six, so I backed out again and drove around the block a few times until the odometer stopped where it belonged And now I have to do that every time I park. Everything in life is perfect, pretty much, understanding mom, fantastic psychiatrist not all psychiatrists are that awesome, I assure you , and she is a part of the popular Mean Girls at school She hates them, but she fits in perfectly well with them, and she is perfectly able to disguise her OCD despite having been diagnosed with a severe form of it by the age of 10 I assure you, this is not true in real life Nobody who has OCD can conceal it that well, particularly not a child It is almost impossible that Samantha can fit in and disguise herself as normal to the most conceited, most judgmental, most observant group of girls on campus, girls who have known her since childhood.And then there s the artificially sweet and improbable artsy fartsy little Poetry Corner with whom she falls in when she tries to make some true friends, people who understand her, people who express their emotions through words and poetry and song A private little club that nobody knows about Gag me, really Real life doesn t have this shit As I scan the room, taking in the slips of paper scattered around me, I think I catch Caroline and pixie cut girl look at each other What is this place I ask again, hearing the amazement in my own voice.Pixie Cut answers me We call it Poet s Corner Real life doesn t have friends with whom you can constantly click, with whom you immediately reveal your inner self.This book not only deals with OCD, but with the issue of bullying, and it deals with it in a manner that feels completely false The main character may not be a bully herself, but she does so out of peer pressure Her group, the Mean Girls, have constantly taunted and made fun of others whom they deem inferior A A A Andrew to the tune of the Chia Pet jingle, and then she starts cracking up How can you not remember Andrew That kid stuttered so badly he couldn t even say his name We used to follow him around singing that song You have to remember this Oh, God I do It s all starting to come back to me, and when she sings that horrible song again, I can see Kaitlyn and me in our skirts and ponytails, trailing behind him on the playground while he covered his ears, tears streaming down his face, trying to run away from us We never let him get far. Bullying is a very, very serious issue, and this book does not give weight to it It glosses over the fact that the character was a bully It never truly delves into the mental process and the depths behind such an act The main character feels bad about it, she feels a lot of remorse, but there is never any feeling of true emotion or sincerity upon her reflection into it There have been a lot of bullying stories in the news There s so much that goes on in the mind of a person who tortures someone so much This book should have portrayed the feeling of self hate, of insecurity, of the darkness in the mind of the person who does the bullying In my opinion, this book completely failed at it.Again, this is a Disney fied book about mental illnesses and bullying I understand that the author does not have OCD, and she is doing her best to portray a mental illness One does not have to have a mental disease to write about it, but a book about such serious issues should feel realistic and relatable to the reader, and particularly, one who suffers from it This book failed to do that, for me.

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    3.5 This was a really nice read and I think it dealt with mental illness in a respectful way, but I did find it to be a bit inconsistent at times For the most part I enjoyed it and I loved the poetry aspect of the story.

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    4.5 stars.Great Thank you, book Knowing what I now know, I ll have to read you all over again Bet you re real happy right now, aren t ya Mind blowing, unexpected turn of events.I fell head over heels for this EVERY LAST WORD heart warming creature It s a lyrical, theme filled and romantic story about OCD sufferer Samantha McAllister She s obsessed about the number 3, among other things But no one can know about that, especially not her popular bitchy friends, the Eights.With the help of Caroline, Sam discovers a secret poets club Her first chapter to becoming a braver, assertive and accepting person starts right there And who knows, maybe it ll even bring her love Despite the stereotyped Eights who bring a contained amount of shallowness and clich dness to the story, it s a deep, meaningful book And hey, even the Eights situation has a realistic quality Many of us understand what it feels like to have to end a relationship that s been going for a long time, because of the natural phenomena that are called growing up and finding our true self YET, it never is easy.I loved the flirting It didn t last long, but god did it captivate me I was so close to the paper I thought I might, by some magical luck, step into the book to join the flirty conversation Because why not The , the merrier Beautiful, beautiful book Seriously recommend You don t even have to be a fan of mental illness books to love this You really don t and that s the beauty of it It can appeal to a large group of people Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    FINALLY A mental health book with excellent rep I m soI m so freaking emotional right now This was incredible and you could feel the realism, the love, and the respect on every page It also totally highlights how having a mental illness can be devastating, but noooo it doesn t have to ruin your life Your brain being different isn t crazy or broken or wrong and I justthankkkkk you to this book for existing I feel like I ve read so many crappy reps of mental illness lately it s just encouraging to finally read one that a cares about mentally ill teensb actually has POSITIVE REP of medication and therapyc has lovely and supportive parentsd doesn t use romance as a curee shows dark sides but also ways to build yourself back upf SAYS YOU CAN STILL BE MENTALLY ILL AND HAVE A GOOD LIFEAlso one thing I REALLY liked about the therapy too is that it was professionally done Like usually with books it s two teens doing their version of therapy like exposure therapy is a huge one _ and it s always so problematic imo because therapy needs to be done with a professional Sure you can do things for yourself and with the support of family friends, but I hate hate hate the trope of two potential love interest teens doing therapy together and falling in love THIS DIDN T HAVE THAT AND I AM GLAD.Also so Sam is sort of part of the in crowd at school, and she knows they re pretty poisonous but she doesn t want to leave When I saw this in the blurb it was like cue eyeroll I m so tired right now But it was reallllly well done Like Sam s Queen B friends were, yes, really nasty at times, but they were also PEOPLE So they were kind and sometimes funny and just They were real people, so not cliche at all But ultimately still poisonous haha I also really relate to Sam not wanting to leave because sometimes having friends who passive aggressively wound you is still better than nothing HEART BREAKSbut I just like how Sam ended up dealing with this aspect OK and Sam Best narrator She was interesting and scared and complex and just ahhh HHH HHH The kind of narrator I love to read about honestly 3 Her OCD is also about thought spirals so like in Turtles All the Way Down and I m sooo glad it was repped like this because it was done so well Also author s note says she consulted with multiple doctors about her rep AND she based it off a 14 year old girl who had input as well CAN I JUUUUUST SAY THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD DO MENTAL HEALTH IN BOOKS And also the only reason it s not 5 full stars is just because while I totally adored it, it didn t QUIT hit me as deeply as some of my other total favourite books have So this is nothing against the book Just me still hungover from The Cruel Prince It s like a 4.5 stars And AJ Sam the cutest It was seriously sooo stinkin cute And AJ was an anxious guitar playing cinnamon scone as well, so basically what is not to love here I also liked how their relationship was healthy Imagine that HEALTHY ROMANCe Omg this book is just hitting me in all the feels.I shall go sit in a bucket of cornflakes now I m in so much appreciation wow.

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    this book is sooo me i loved it when i first read it a few years ago, and i love it even now down to every last word.as someone with a psychology background, i have to praise TIS for her very real portrayal of OCD i cant even begin to tell you how often people are misinformed about the disorder or how debilitating common misconceptions of OCD can be i really admire how the story was inspired by someone close to TIS who has the disorder, because it makes its representation so personal and the storytelling writing definitely shows it im also so enamoured by how this story is a love letter to words from their healing powers to inspirational strength, words play such a large role in this story and sams management of her OCD i think many readers, myself included, understand sams connection with words whether its poetry or song lyrics or anything else and can see themselves in that aspect of the story this is such a touching, motivational, and highly informational read definitely a recommendable favourite 5 stars

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    A very beautiful and touching story.

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    i cried for nearly the entire last fifty pages and i can t even tell you why it s not even sad this book is just really beautiful and very well done and so important i need to go wipe my nose.

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    I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review What a beautiful book Definitely one of the best contemporary books I ve read this year Sam s story was so moving and my heart was honestly pounding towards the end This book touches on some really serious topics like depression, anxiety, and mental disorders, but I thought that Tamara Ireland Stone did it beautifully One of my favorite parts which was a huge part was the poetry in this book This is the type of book that makes YOU want to write. And it doesn t even have to be good Just to express yourself and to try. I feel like many people that have been through high school will relate to what Sam goes through. The pressures from your peers, and sadly, your friends I loved Sam s character and was so, so pleased by her progress just like Sue throughout the story This book made me laugh, cry, and really inspired me to write Thank you Tamara for this beautiful book

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    LC ltimaPalabraTras dos intensos d as de lectura, finalmente he terminado de leer Hasta la ltima palabra Tamara es una autora que nunca hab a tocado y que poco me interesaba hasta ahora La manera en la que trata temas complicados, como es el caso del trastorno obsesivo compulsivo en adolescentes, me ha gustado much simo, y espero que con esta rese a os convenza a leer esta obra.La protagonista de la novela, quien padece el trastorno comentado, me ha parecido un personaje m s complejo de lo que se muestra durante la trama y hay varias cosas destacables Por ejemplo, el hecho de que no se nos ponga en situaci n continuamente Comenzamos la historia de Sam in media res con vivencias del pasado que recuerda pero con mucho que vivir por delante, y siempre transmitiendo esa sensaci n, hecho que consigue que la historia no se haga en ning n momento pesada Se agradece de verdad que la autora no recalque continuamente lo mal que vive la protagonista o la necesidad que tiene de tomar pastillas se trata como algo normal, como parte de la personalidad de Sam, y gracias a eso es un personaje que conecta de varias formas con el lector.En cuanto a la historia en s Bueno, ha sido predecible Sin embargo, creo que es tambi n un punto a favor Porque mientras sabes a lo que se est enfrentando Sam, te vas dando cuenta de los segundos significados que tienen esas situaciones, de c mo la autora juega con ellas y sobre todo, de como pese a ser algo obvio la trama no recae en ello Hasta la ltima palabra tiene varios elementos como la amistad o la superaci n personal que son de lo m s importante, y de hecho, dir a que la base de la novela Pero lo m s importante de sta es la lecci n sobre conocerse a uno mismo que quiere transmitir, y que logra de una manera magistral.La evoluci n que sufre el personaje de Sam es incre ble, entendible y detallada En un entorno realista, sin estereotipos y con una trama rom ntica que parece algo t pica pero que se va convirtiendo en una simple excusa para la evoluci n del personaje principal Todos los elementos de la novela juegan un papel importante, y creo que es como deber a ser que todo confluya en el protagonista, de alg n modo u otro.De verdad, me ha gustado mucho No es nada del otro mundo, lo s , pero quiz por no tratar de ser algo que no es y por ser cl sica en cuanto al arco argumental y elementos de la trama, me ha llegado tanto Es una buena novela.

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    Special thanks to NetGalley and Disney Hyperion for this review copy This book was phenomenal It was one of the best young adult contemporaries that I ve read that deals with mental illness The main character, Sam, has OCD which is an anxiety disorder I suffer from an anxiety disorder too, so I really wanted to read this and see how I could connect with it and how well Tamara Ireland Stone portrayed it I have to say, she did this fantastically You really get a feel for what it s like to go through her mental disorder and I think people who don t suffer from mental illness firsthand will really get to see what it s like and the effects that it can have on a person, their life and the people around them I was honestly hooked from the start It had a plot line that kept me completely engaged the entire time and the romance was portrayed so realistically and was so swoon worthy it had me smiling to myself while I was reading I just think that the romance is so real and fun to read about and it was perfectly paced The characters were all great I loved her psychologist and the poetry group and everyone in it so much I just felt for them all and felt like I was friends with them too by the end I also loved how poetry was incorporated into the novel It was done wonderfully and the poems were all so unique and different and lovely The only criticism I have for this book is that there is a HUGE absence of Sam s family They appear a couple of times, but other than that, I don t know anything about them at all I really wanted them to be fleshed out a lot because I feel as though they played a huge role in helping Sam through everything especially at the start and end of the novel, as well as before the events in the novel even happen Other than that, what a beautiful, engaging and inspiring novel Absolutely adored it

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