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    Although it surely qualifies as a great picture book for children, Cats Know Best is also a sensational collection for cat lovers and artists, alike With over a dozen exquisite full color paintings by Lesley Anne Ivory, it offers an excellent opportunity to learn by example, with its wonderful study of movement, light, and texture The ultra realistic and compelling eyes, beautiful fur, and natural poses serve as an informal instruction manual You couldn t hope to learn from a better teacher Ms Ivory really knows her subject.

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    Finding Cats Know Best is a blessing Bright, warm images and endearing sentiments draw our hearts in After finishing and browsing the most cheerful credit page I have ever seen I learned every face is based on the artist s kitties In the credits she doesn t solely name them all but tells us whom is related to whom their genealogy That a cat Mom like me, ensured all her children are represented and recorded in a published book does my soul good The contents and messages are the simplest kind Story snapshots that are brief but resonate as immensely special and so dear.The basic vocabulary is of course composed for children but all of us would savour the joy brimming inside each of these pages Lesley Anne Ivory Colin Eisler name, as we behold each happy and loving scene something a cat knows, likes, or is best at Natural, commonsense statements about milk and the most comfortable place to sit or sleep, about caring for their infants these are all real traits and values of life, to which we can all relate.Lesley s gorgeous assortment of family kitties and the rooms she invites us into too, are art at its loveliest The detail astounds me for instance, the multicoloured mat of the title page These are drawings that resemble real photographs and every place or scene she shows us is inspiring Every inch is impressively illustrated in a way that lulls you inside each room, or lush weather tableau of these homes The cats and kittens, even their portraits and ornaments and kitchen sundries in the background are lifelike, calming, soothing, and mood raising This is an exquisite and emotionally uplifting piece of work to give our loved ones of any age, or to re read ourselves with the utmost pleasure.

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    This was probably my second book I ever read as a child I ve always loved animals a lot so the fact that this was a book about cats, I was easily lured into begging my parents for a copy to sit and look at It s a typical picture book, the main source of allure being in the beautifully illustrated picture that contain an amazing amount of detail for both adults and children of all ages Even as an adult now, both my mom and I enjoy looking at the pictures again.

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    This is a great book for students who like animals, pets, or cats They even learn a little about cats too.

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    The illustrations in this book are beautiful I never can resist a book about cats, but this one is particularly beautiful The writing is not 5he best, but good enough that I will enjoy reading it to kids.

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    This is the ultimate cat lovers delight It has such pretty illustrations and such a cute little story Where is the best place to keep warm on a wintery night Cats know best curled up close by the fire place Good for any season, as long as you love cats

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    Lovely pictures, but not much to the text.

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    Young kids could easily read this book It was not a book I would recommend though

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