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    I read this as part of non fiction November and i found it very accessible and easy to read.You don t have to have any prior knowledge on psychology as it s all explained in simple terms and each chapter takes a brief look at different theories experiments etc.It is perfect for someone looking for an overview on the topic rather than an in depth study.

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    Nothing i did not read before, but in a casual way It was OK and worth reading.

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    A brief and very accessible intro into psychology Is it all the psychology you need to know, as the books subtitle suggests Probably not But it is a very easy to read summary of the main theories, practitioners, and experiments of psychology Great read if you just want to understand the basics.

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    bahsedilen ba l klar n hepsinden y zeysel olarak bahsedilmi Bu anlamda derinlikli bir kitap olmasa da psikolojiye merak olan, bir yerden ba lamak isteyen, kavramlar ba lang d zeyinde okumay arzulayan ve g ndelik hayattan ok kopmay p bilimsel jargonda fazlaca bo ulmak istemeyenler i in yerinde bir se im olacakt r.

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    A quick and simple introduction to some basic psychology concepts Nothing too deep to confuse most readers and it provided some new ideas to me.

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    It is an ok book, not because it is badly written, but that it contains stuff that is already there in the Wikipedia It aimed to provide a back pocket guide to some popular psychology terms, experiments and psychologists A good book to gift a young person, to develop his her interest in the subject.

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    Good points This little book provides a snapshot view on some of the most well known psychological theories, experiments, characters and buzzwords Each section is short, to the point and uses language which is accessible but not patronising After one or two pages the reader is in the position to decide whether they wish to pursue the topic further A fine introduction to psychology Bad points Should one decide to pursue anything which captures their interest, they will unlikely be pointed in the right direction by the book The bibliography is sparse Anybody who has knowledge of or than a passing interest in psychology won t learn anything new here It is very introductory Summary It depends what you re after If it s a place to begin some exploration or a few interesting sound bites for a dinner party with friends, crack on Anything beyond that and you re wasting your time and money.

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    I m not quite sure one should trust a book on psychology that only has two pages of sources If you have no knowledge of psychology, this might be interesting or you could be me Who has no knowledge and no interest, and I read the damn thing.Not quite sure.I m ambivalent to this read It s just an unnecessary waste of paper in my reckoning.

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    Well written, covers a range of topics and is accessible to the layman Very informative, although each topic is only covered in passing, which leaves the writer a little short on the detailed picture.

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    Bildi imiz t m deneylerin ya arp t lm ya da bilimsel deney prensiplerine uymad okumak deneylerin sonu lar na ilgin demekten al koyuyor imdi akademik d nya yalan gelirdi me er hep yalanm Deneylerin bu y nlerini de bilmek iyi ama Zevkle bir rp da okunuyor.

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