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Rise from the River summary Rise from the River , series Rise from the River , book Rise from the River , pdf Rise from the River , Rise from the River 02b3b658f9 What Would You Do If You Found Yourself Pregnant After Being Brutally Raped Abort Carry The Baby For Nine Solid Months Of Everyday Reminders Of Your Night From Hell And Then Adopt It Out As If The Nightmare Never Happened Keep The Baby And Raise It As If It Wasn T A Product Of Unthinkable Violence And Invasion On A Fall Evening, Year Old Single Mother Rainey Milbright Walks Through A Park Past Curfew With Her Four Year Old Daughter, Tish A Shadow Steps Out Of The Bushes Rainey Knows What He Is After Quickly, She Tells Tish To Run Back To The Playground, Then She Turns To Face Her Attacker She Is Brutally Raped Tish, Who Comes Back, Observes It AllThe Reader Follows Rainey Through The Next Ten Weeks As She Struggles With The Resulting Pregnancy Rainey Is No Stranger To The Surprise Of Unplanned Pregnancy, Nor Is She Stranger To The Joys And Challenges That A Child Can Bring She Is Also No Stranger To Abortion Rainey Became Pregnant At The Age Of Fifteen And Aborted But This Time, This Isn T Simply An Unplanned Pregnancy It S A Violent One, The Result Of A Rape By A Total Stranger The Book Details Rainey S Battle As She Fights With Herself, Her Guilt, Her Grief And Her Own Healing Process As She Tries To Figure Out The Right Thing To Do Rise From The River Is A Brave Novel, Addressing Many Social And Taboo Issues, Treating Them With Honesty And Compassion Readers Will Go Through This Ordeal With Rainey, And Come Out Of It With A New Perspective, A Deeper Realization And A Greater Appreciation For The Strength And Resilience Of Women

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    Relentless, heart wrenching story of a young, single mother dealing with her rape and the older neighbor who helps her get through the nightmare while tackling her own demons Characters whose simultaneous frailty and courage make the nightmare and healing a page turning plot Book that bears an important message to those dealing with unspeakable hurt everywhere.

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    This is an amazing book I was transfixed from start to finish It s a powerful story of a young single mother who is brutally raped and finds herself pregnant That makes the book sound depressing, but it s not It s a story of pain and fear, but also love and acceptance and resilience The book is beautifully written with vivid description that pulled me right into the story I loved Rainey, the main character, and her four year old daughter, and their neighbor, a middle aged woman who has been helping to take care of them They are all real and human and incredibly strong This is a wonderful book.

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    My third Giorgio book this year was even gripping than the first two When Rainey Milbright and her four year old daughter Tish go walking through a riverside park one dark night, they become victims of violence that will affect them long after the visible wounds heal Tish stops talking, and Rainey is tortured by guilt and a decision she has to make very soon Helping them through it all is their next door neighbor Doris, who has become a surrogate mother and grandmother to them But Doris, deeply religious, wonders about a god who would let such terrible things happen The story trades viewpoints among Rainey, Doris and Tish, gradually making its way to an ending that while not completely happy makes sense It s not a perfect book One of the most important questions is never answered And Doris does dither about her faith for a long time The violence at the beginning is disturbing, but hang in there It s worth the read.

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    What a heartwrenching story but written so well A story that must be told Rainy and her child were walking home and decided to take the shortcut Unknown to them this night will change their lives Rainy is attacked and raped She tells her child to run The story that follows is sure to break your heart The questions was the rape your fault why did it happen why won t your child talk And then the pregnancy A very tough decision to make A violent rape told with so many different emotions and tears for someone who has to deal with this situation.

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