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Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods, #2) quotes Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods, #2) , litcharts Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods, #2) , symbolism Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods, #2) , summary shmoop Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods, #2) , Gods Save the Princess (Grace of Gods, #2) 6985d0c4 In A World Of Gods And Mythologies Valentina Still Struggles To Identify Her Own Goddess Despite Feeling Out Of Place Amongst Others Of Her Kind, Nothing Will Stop Her From Protecting Her Friends From The Dangers That Begin To Surround Their New Reign While Grappling To Name Her Inner Goddess, Valentina Finds Herself Torn By The Mysterious Griffin Who Leaves Her Frustrated And Confused She Doesn T Understand The Connection She Feels Toward Him Or Why Every Time They Start To Get Close He Pulls Away But Relationships Are The Least Of Her Problems When She S Kidnapped And Trapped In The Underworld Her Goddess Has No Choice But To Awaken To Help Valentina Navigate Her Way Through The Doomed Hallways Of Hades And Try To Get Back To Olympus Before It S Too Late For All The Olympians With A Reluctant Goddess In Her Mind, Valentina Fights To Survive In A Realm Where Death Is The Only Outcome Will History Repeat Itself Or Will The New Olympians Write Their Own Myths

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    Hey, guys So, earlier this year, I posted a review of Ode to the Goddess by Kyleigh Castronaro It was fantastic This book is its sequel, and it was also fantastic You should read both of them because they are amazing, and you just need toThe Cover The cover shows Valentina in what I believe is the Underworld There s a skull under her head It s an okay cover, but I generally don t like covers with models on them They tend to restrict imagination That being said, the cover is fine The I think about the title Gods Save the Princess the cooler it seems It makes perfect sense after you read the book no spoilers , and I like the use of gods since it is a book about Greek Mythology, after all.My Review I expected this book to start off right after Ode to the Goddess ended, but it didn t It actually started before This book led from Valentina s life before she realized that she was a Greek goddess to long after the first book ended the ending was about 50% through the book While at first I was a tad skeptical, I m glad the author wrote it in this time frame This way we can fully understand Valentina s character and still manage to move onwards in the story Let s talk about the plot It worked The plot flowed smoothly from event to event I was worried, excited, happy and all the other right emotions while reading I was fully immersed in the storyline and could not stop reading I went from thinking, this should be good to Oh My Gods I need of this right now and then reading ravenously for as long as sleep, or lack of sleep, would allow I still think that I need I m so glad that there s a book three.The characters Valentina, our protagonist, was wonderful She was complex and strangely relatable I just loved her character, and I imagine that you will too Griffin was also a very dynamic character While I wouldn t say that I liked him, he seemed real and, in a way, I felt for him I was a bit disappointed in how much Aidan Savannah were in book two They made guest appearances, but, while they weren t very relevant to the plot, I wish I could have seen of them Really, my only real issue with this book was Valentina s inability to understand who her goddess was I had worked it out almost immediately Also, I don t know what books she was using in her research, but I think most people looking into Greek mythology learn about Cerberus before Prometheus Who knows I really loved this book I was absolutely entranced by its storyline and I got really into it I strongly suggest reading it, really for whatever reason you might have It was simply fantastic Note This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest review

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    The Gods Save the Princess is a Excellent follow on to Ode to the Queen Valentina is a little behind everyone, figuring out her Goddess, but she gets a crash course fast She really likes Griffin, he keeps trying, and by sharing about his past, she feels closer to him, then things get crazy Turns out his God took him over much earlier than he revealed, and he shows himself to be a vile, evil God, but Valentina doesn t believe it s not all for show Valentia must figure out a lot of things or all will be lost Not so much the invisible girl any I loved this 2nd book

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    plotA perfect continuation from Ode to the Queen, Gods Save the Princess follows Valentina as she struggles with adapting from the horrors of her mortal life to the glamour of being a Greek Goddess living on Olympus but things aren t always glamorous once she s kidnapped and finds herself stumbling in the Underworld.While the first book in the Grace of Gods series was focused heavily on the characters and had little plot development, Gods Save the Princess fully makes up for it with an adventurous and mythical plot to save not only the Princess Valentina , but also all of Olympus.As I mentioned in my review of the first book, I adore the Greek Mythology aspects of this series I love how and details are intricately woven into this modern take of the Gods and Goddesses In this book, we get to understand some other Greek characters such as Erinyes and the three headed Cerberus.charactersWhile Gods Save the Princess was plot orientated, the characters were as strong as ever Savannah and Aiden are developed even , which I loved I was worried they wouldn t be as involved in this books, but they played important roles in the life of Valentina and her story.In all honestly, it took me a while to fully warm up to Valentina, mostly because her meek voice at the beginning of the story, but as she grew stronger and confident I grew to love her She has a lot of baggage but handles herself incredibly well.Griffin on the other hand, was very, very hard to like even at the end of the book Although, at the end, I accepted his role a bit I guess you can never truly like Hades to the full potential because well he s Hades But despite my dislike of his character, he was well developed and complex.I complained in my review of the first book of the characters bouncing back and forth between personalities, but in this book, it wasn t a problem at all The characters still have their Gods Goddesses in them, so there was an alternating of personalities, but it was very defined and obvious that it was a God or Goddess doing the talkingWhich leads to me saying I LOVE HOW AMAZING Kyleigh is with writing dialogue She manages to easily create distinct voices for all the characters, which was immensely important because of how the Gods Goddesses sometimes take over the body of the characters technically they re the same, but I don t know how to explain that in terms of what I m saying this whole sentence didn t make sense Deal with it D.Also, the dialogue never failed to entertain or amuse me For example, Valentina was being chased in the read the book if you want to know why because people aren t often chased through the without a good reason and now you re curious, I bet and it s intended to be a serious scene, I believe because she could have died but anyway, here s the quote Oh, come now, I promise it won t hurt I ll snatch you up in one bite, one single crunch and it s be over That s not really comforting, I said as I sidestepped once , his claw catching my armValentina just seemed to have a very witty inner dialogue and I loved it.overallGods Save the Queen was an excellent addition to the Grace of Gods series If you enjoy romance, action, adventure, and Greek Mythology, this is a series you shouldn t pass up Gods Save the Princess will likely make you laugh and have your heart aching for the characters.

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    After reading the first book in this series and you really should read them in the right order to enjoy it best I needed to know what will happen next So I immediately got the second one and started reading But it didn t start where the first one ended but earlier That made me pause first but then I found it especially interesting, because this one is written from not one but two other points of views and it shows quite nicely that everything that happens can be seen in very different ways depending on who sees it This time we follow Valentina and she is a heroine that I really like She loves books, she struggles through difficulties so very hard others would break, she still is kind to others, tries to see their way, tries to help them feel good Only thing I couldn t understand is why she doesn t find her goddess in the books she does her research in Because it was clear from the start what she was and if she really read those books about Greek mythology there is a lot she should have understood way earlier But then, maybe those books where deliberately forged to not make it easy for her It is a challenge for them to find out who they are, maybe it would be to easy if they could just find it in a book So that doesn t take away from my reading enjoyment enough I would rate one star less And Griffin oh my Bad boy par excellence That he struggles so much to let her near I can understand that after the life he had, after the god that is inside him and tries to have it all his way But still he comes through for her But my favorite in this compelling and sexy story is Cerberus I would definitely keep him if I had the chance Great read with a very special spin on Greek mythology I can t wait to read the next book in this series

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    Better than first and I loved Ode to the Queen Valentina is a heroine whom I really liked from start.Valentina is kind to others, sees their way, helps them feel good and she grows stronger, confident through the bookShe struggles with her own beliefs she was raised in strict Christian family.Struggles to identify her own Goddess But nothing will stop her from protecting her friends, not even her reluctant Goddess.Griffin is also well developed and complex Hades is strong, stubborn, frightening god with bad temper but still there is love in his heart He makes a lot bad choices and decisions because of his temper Can he change And of course there are Aidan and Savannah in the book too They continue to grow even .This book causes right emotions at right places while reading and I could not put it down Just had to finish it in one take.I recommend it to everyone.

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    Weak female characters I m so disappointed I started this series with high hopes I thought it might be a new series with strong female characters and reversing the roles of power m but in this book, Val remains weak.Savannah was weak too I just am not seeing powerful women nor am I seeing them guile into their powers, I bought this second book after finishing the first hoping to see of Savannah.Sadly disappointed I will not be finishing the series.

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    So I really enjoyed this book, again loved the characters I like the over lap between the first and second book so you get another perspective on a key event and what an ending I simply cannot wait for the next book Love the ideas in the book although I won t go into specifics for the sake of spoilers brilliant brilliant brilliant

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    I was gifted this book at a book event by the author Interesting twist about Greek Gods

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    Not very good.

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    could not finish

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