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    What a sweet story I enjoyed this one.

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    I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have read lately Author Wanda Brunstetter and daughter in law, Jean Brunstetter, have a hit on their hands I do hope they pair up for some creative fun reading pleasure for readers.I loved reading about Elma and Thelma Hochstetler Although twins, they couldn t be opposite in personalities One being very serious, one jovial and enjoying life They really did compliment each other.This book had me rolling with laughter in many places Oh my, I was actually living what they were going through when they entered their cake for a charity event You will also enjoy reading about best friends, Joseph Beechy and Delbert Gingerich They too have very different personalities and you will chuckle with laughter at some of the things they go through.Don t get me wrong, it isn t all laughter There are some life teaching events in this story It just goes to prove to us all that God is in Control of our lives.I highly recommend this book to everyone Don t miss it There is also a bonus recipe in the back I plan to make this recipe in a few months.I wish to thank Wanda Brunstetter, Jean Brunstetter and Barbour Publishing for gifting me with ,The Lopsided Christmas Cake I was not required to write a review but how could I not write a review on such a wonderful story The opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.

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    A quick and fun read Twins, Elma and Thelma inherit their grandparents store and home One sister sees a flyer asking town s people to bake cakes to be auctioned of to help for a fundraiser The sisters fix up the house but it s a bit overwhelming to them A lopsided cake involving a cat brings a chance at love for these twins.

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    It s December and that means Christmas book reviews here on BFCG Unlike how we did last year with every review day being a Christmas book, this year just Monday Friday will be reviews of Christmas books Wednesdays will be reserved for new releases A couple giveaways are also scheduled this month, so keep an eye out About this book Twin sisters Elma and Thelma Hochstetler have done everything together for their thirty two years of life including remaining unmarried They inherited their grandparents house and general store, which will support them well Now they will take on baking a cake for a Shipshewana charity event together They are decent cooks, but they didn t anticipate having to demonstrate the baking process on stage before their cake will be auctioned off They panic, and Elma struggles to keep order while Thelma bumbles through the process with a smile The pair end up being so entertaining that the bachelor friends in attendance, Joseph Beechy and Delbert Gingerich, think it was all planned Joseph, a shy harness maker, would like to meet Thelma and asks Delbert to bid on the sisters cake Could a lopsided Christmas cake be the key to opening the door for one or of the Hochstetler twins Series As of now, no.Spiritual Content Prayers Blessing over food Talks about God His time H s when referring to God are capital Bible reading Scriptures are remembered, quoted mentioned Mentions of God Mentions of church sermons Negative Content Minor cussing including a shut up and two forms of dumb Killing ants with borax semi detailed Cats attack mice rats up to semi detailed Mentions of deaths barely above not detailed A mention of a horse that was killed no details A mention of vomiting barely above not detailed Sexual Content three semi detailed kisses A married couple kiss on the cheek Remembering a kiss semi detailed Hand holding Noticing Mentions of love at first sight Love falling in love the emotions Elma Hochstetler, age 32 Joy Jorgenson, age 32 P.O.V switches between them, Joseph, Delbert Kathryn once 203 pages Pre Teens One Star New Teens One Star and a half Early High School Teens Two StarsOlder High School Teens Three StarsMy personal Rating Two StarsHmm I was hoping I would enjoy this one better than Wanda E Brunstetter s other books Sadly, I didn t There was so much useless and filler chatter So much It was annoying, really Elma Thelma I wish the names were different, because I kept getting them confused seemed very young for being 32 The actual plot didn t actually start till page 110 of 203 Those twenty pages after were cute, but from then on it felt like it went downhill I didn t like either of the guys or the love at first sight Joseph had Delbert Elma got on my nerves so bad and it was incredibly frustrating to see everyone push them together Elma was okay the first 100 pages, but when Delbert comes to the picture, he definitely brought out the worse in her and her in him Overall, I was very disappointed in this book Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author I received this book for free from the author for this honest review.

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    In trademark fashion, Wanda Brunstetter, along with Jean Brunstetter, has created another captivating Amish novel It s a fantastic start to a new series, and kept me hooked until the end The blended writing style of these two talented ladies was a refreshing experience Thelma and Elma s characters stole my heart completely Their characters are unique They are identical twins, but they are older, in their 30s That s unusual in books like these but I loved that twist to the story They are twins, yet so different These sweet ladies really kept me smiling Their devotion to their grandparents, God and to each other was really wonderful The mishaps of their lives, the possibility of being old maids and never finding love, the quirkiness woven into the story, all of it kept me engrossed in the story Watching one lopsided yummy cake change that, well it was not what I was expecting but was also refreshing I loved Joseph and Delbert s characters, too They really livened up the story This is definitely a book worth 5 stars and 2 thumbs up It s going to the top of my list of 2017 top reads If you love yummy cakes, quirky characters, God and family, be sure and snatch this one up You ll be left wanting mishaps from these lovely twins This review was originally posted on Cafinated Reads

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    First, I have to say that I normally do not read Amish fiction When it first became popular, they were all so similar that they began to feel very formulaic after reading a great many But Wanda Brunstetter s, The Lopsided Christmas Cake, takes a totally different spin and provides a delightful, humorous read Identical twins, Thelma and Elma, have inherited their grandparents home and store upon their death At the age of 30, moving away from home is a definite step in a new direction for the young women They find their grandparents home is in great disrepair and the business is totally disorganized Having never had to deal with these types of things, the girls meet the challenge head on The problems that arise are due to the girls widely different personalities Thelma is a disorganized chatterbox and Elma is a tell it like it is, opinionated, OCD organizer When Thelma enters them into a cake contest to help raise money for some Amish families with health needs, the antics begin Add two young Amish fellows, one a stutterer and the other as opinionated as Elma, as well as a promise that the twins made as young girls, and romance has a bumpy road Very enjoyable afternoon Christmas read The recipes for the various Christmas dishes the twins made are included at the end.

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    Thanks to the publisher for an advance reader s copy.What can I say about this book that doesn t contradict another point I ll make about it To start, the cover is hilariously terrible, but it s also what made me want to read the book The dialogue feels like reading an elementary school workbook In addition to blankets, I also brought sandwiches, cookies, chips, sunglasses, extra batteries etc , but I know that the author is widely respected for accurately depicting the Amish lifestyle, so who am I to think the book was light on plot, heavy on filler, and awkwardly written My overall impression was that the book was hokey, but this would be a perfect choice for someone looking for a heartwarming, clean romance I guess the bottom line is that this was definitely a guilty pleasure read for me, but for people that love the genre power to you I really enjoyed learning about the details of modern Amish life, and this was kind of exactly what I want to read this time of year.

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    3.5 stars I have a longtime obsession with Amish and enjoy reading well written stories involving them This is a humorous, light hearted shorter novel featuring a set of 30ish identical Amish female twins It recounts their adventures in moving to a different state into their now deceased grandparents dilapidated homestead and store Though they are twins, they have quite different opinions and personalities We have adventure, romance and definitely humor I felt like this showed a lighter side of amish fiction, which I enjoyed, and liked that it made them seem normal and easier to relate to Even though the title suggests a Christmas story, it is only a passing part of the book I recommend it to those who enjoy amish fiction and want something a little less serious Many Thanks to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing for providing a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review

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    Twins, Thelma and Elma, are still living with their parents and are uncertain if they will find husbands and have families of their own When they inherit their grandparents home and store, they soon discover indepedence can be challenging The home has been neglected, and the store needs organizing But ever optimistic Thelma and practical Elma set to work Always community minded, they enter a charity auction Unfortunately the cake they enter is not what they intended But a handsome bachelor is determined to meet the twins, and the bidding begins Is romance in the future for Thelma and Elma Can they make it on their own A lighthearted, humorous, sweet Christmas story Really 3.5 stars.

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    This was a cute, delightful book written by Wanda Brunstetter and her daughter in law, Jean Brunstetter It s about twin sisters, Thelma and Elma who inherited their grandparents old house and store The twins are kept quite busy with the store and doing repairs to the house I loved reading about Thelma and Elma who are completely different in the personalities and who say they will never separate from each other They decided to bake a cake for the community auction and end up meeting two Amish bachelors, Joseph Beechy and Delbert Gingerich Joseph has been wanting to meet Thelma and gets Delbert involved I don t want to write too much about the book but I will tell you it s a quick read but very delightful Both authors did an excellent job writing this book.I received a complimentary copy of The Lopsided Christmas Cake from the author and Barbour Publishing in exchange for an honest review The review and opinions that I express are strictly my own.

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