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The Spirituality of Age pdf The Spirituality of Age , ebook The Spirituality of Age , epub The Spirituality of Age , doc The Spirituality of Age , e-pub The Spirituality of Age , The Spirituality of Age 931e654ee83 A Compassionate Guide For Transforming Aging Into Spiritual Growth Engage With Key Questions Guiding You To Mine Previously Untapped Veins Of Inspiration And Courage Find A Constructive Role For Regret And Fear And Embrace The Freedom To Become Fully Yourself Nautilus Gold Award As We Enter The Years Beyond Midlife, Our Quest For An Approach To Aging Takes On Added Urgency And Becomes Even Relevant In Our Daily Lives Empowering A New Generation Of Seekers To View Aging As A Spiritual Path, Authors Robert Weber And Carol Orsborn Reveal That It Is By Engaging With The Difficult Questions About Loss, Meaning, And Mortality Questions We Can No Longer Put Off Or Ignore That We Continue To Grow In Fact, The Realization Of Our Full Spiritual Potential Comes About Not By Avoiding The Challenges Aging Brings Our Way But By Working Through Them Addressing Head On How To Make The Transition From Fears About Aging Into A Fuller, Richer Appreciation Of The Next Phase Of Our Lives, The Authors Guide You Through Key Questions That Can Help You Embrace The Shadow Side Of Aging As Well As The Spiritual Opportunities Inherent In Growing Older Sharing Their Stories And Wisdom To Both Teach And Demonstrate What It Means To Feel Energized About The Possibilities Of Your Later Years, They Explore How To Find A Constructive Role For Regret, Shame, And Guilt, Realize Your Value To Society, And Embrace The Freedom Of Your Later Years To Become Fully Yourself Coming From Catholic Jesuit And Jewish Backgrounds Respectively, As Well As Drawing From The Latest Research In Psychological And Religious Theory, Weber And Orsborn Provide Their Own Conversational And Candid Answers To The Key Questions, Supporting Their Insightful And Compassionate Guidance With Anecdotes, Inspirational Readings, And Spiritual Exercises By Engaging Deeply With Both The Shadow And Light Sides Of Aging, Our Spirits Not Only Learn To Cope But Also To Soar

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    Good food for thoughtSometimes a bit wordy but thought provoking questionsI appreciate lots of great referencesVery balanced approach Helpful and impressive at times

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    What a surprise to find among a plethora of fine books on conscious aging one that is unique.Weber and Orsborn consider twenty five thought provoking questions on becoming spiritually mature These questions cover the philosophical homework of anyone who is willing to look within at a certain point in their lives.In answer to the question, How can spiritual maturity equip us to face our own unknowns Weber writes, We are not led to ask questions in ordinary life that will help us to grapple with the truths and realities of our human existence and that will set us on the path to fashion answers that will give us hope in the face of the unknown and the spiritual experiences to back up this hope Part One of the book, Calling for a New Vision of Spiritual Aging, speaks of how Weber and Orsborn found their path wending towards their own spiritual aging They write not only from their Catholic and Jewish point of view but from the views of wisdom keepers of the past and present.Part Two, A Journey of Spiritual Inquiry, presents a variety of questions What is Spiritual Maturity What is Spiritual Awakening What is Freedom How Can We Become More Fully Ourselves What is the Value of Aging to Society Exercises are included Within each question, Orsborn and Weber write of possible responses, always inviting the reader to respond In question one, What is a psychologically and spiritually healthy vision of aging Orsborn writes, When we strip away the impositions, the fantasies, and the denial, we begin to view aging as holding the potential for activation of new unprecedented levels of self affirmation, meaning and spiritual growth Weber observes in question nine, What do you think the Sacred wants to awaken you to that American analyst Heinz Kohut s vision of human development is an awareness of the deep yearning in all of us to be seen, protected, comforted, and loved for who we are Are all of the questions and responses focused upon positive aspects of spiritual aging No We are encouraged to look at our difficult times and consider that the future will not all be sweetness and light However, they do guide us towards positive responses to difficult issues and lead us to examine ourselves in ways we might otherwise ignore I look forward to using these questions in an Elder or Wisdom Circle where participants can consider and respond orally or in writing They will stimulate if one works alone, with friends or family or a small group We need to ask these questions of ourselves.by Judith Helburnfor Story Circle Book Reviewsreviewing books by, for, and about women

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    Have you lost someone dearly loved, a close family member or friend Have you felt your physical appearance or muscle strength waning Have you been marginalized or forced to disengage from your career Have you hit psychological speed bumps as you ve become older Considering all the potential losses and trials that come into our lives as we age, perhaps you ve also felt a lack of spiritual wakefulness, a confident belief that meaning and joy can flourish even as we struggle with the losses of aging.If you are now aging past 50, 60, and 70, then you are not alone This is the trajectory of the Boomers, a generation that once upon a time exalted and defined the meaning of youth Now, than ever, this generation is seeking answers to life s most taxing questions that aging can reveal.What do you think the Sacred wants to awaken in you What illusions does aging dispel What can you accept about yourself that you previously have disowned By exploring 25 fundamental questions, the authors help readers recognize and take proactive steps toward greater spiritual maturity From their diverse academic, intellectual and religious perspectives, coauthors Dr Robert Weber and Dr Carol Orsborn examine spiritual and emotional obstacles we face with aging They acknowledge these hurdles within the context of their personal experiences, from his perspective as a former Catholic Jesuit and her views within the context of Jewish religious traditions.The authors then build a powerful platform for spiritual healing and renewal that spiritual growth and opportunity can come to us when we least expect it, whether we feel we are deserving of it or not 2 that such moments of divine intervention can come about not only despite the challenges that aging has thrust upon us, but because of them and 3 that the Divine is both mysterious and loving By sharing their hard won wisdom, augmented by poignant reflections from history s greatest thinkers, the authors show readers how to become engaged in the spiritual dimensions of aging Twelve concluding exercises further nudge readers toward active spiritual growth and maturation.I savored every page of The Spirituality of Age, taking my time to read and reflect, and thus achieving helpful insights about the person I m becoming as a spiritual seeker.

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    Anyone who is a Boomer or who would like to be a Boomer feels the shock and surprise of being old When did this happen Weren t we the generation that announced we would not trust anyone over 30 And here we are way, way over 30 Weber and Orsborn, Boomers themselves, invite us to join them in searching for the answers to the many questions we may be afraid to ask Here is a sample What is to become of me now that my physical health is changing And What am I to do and what will I be now that some familiar roles will no longer be available to me And also What am I to do with the emotions I experience at the loss of family, friends, and peers I am encouraging all of my friends to read this important book so that we can together mull over these questions We owe a debt of gratitude to Drs Weber and Orsborn for having the courage and wisdom to write this lovely book.

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    This book is full of thought provoking concepts, on embracing ageing in a positive and spiritual way Helpful advice about acceptance and adapting to changes in your health and physical well being I found a lot of sound ideas to bear in mind as I age, however there was a little bit religion as opposed to spirituality for my particular rationale Maybe I ve just not clocked up enough years yet to get any comfort from religion An interesting read, well set out and not overly wordy for any reader A gentle book with plenty of concepts for the reader to explore Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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