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    With each book, I have a clearer understanding about what kind of series this is I will never recommend this series to fantasy readers If anything, I will recommend this series to historical fiction readers.Yes, there are dragons, a completely fantastical element that is the focal point in the storytelling However, the dragons themselves have their own personalities and histories The issues that occur in the story are military based and in line with problems arising in historical fiction rather than in a fantasy story Having said that, as someone who adores historical fiction, I really enjoyed this instalment of the series The story continues, and I found myself swept away by it, as well as by the words of Novik, who suits this genre of historical fiction.My only complaint is that I wish there was an obvious distinction between the voices of Lawrence and Temeraire If you gave me a passage from either, I would not be able to recognise who the voice belongs to It wasn t confusing as to whose thoughts we were following, but that distinction would have made for a much enjoyable read I will be remiss not to mention how much I adore Temeraire He is such a great character He just might be my favourite dragon And his relationship with Lawrence is so darn cute

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    I made some pretty incredible noises when I opened this book and realized that I was getting TEMERAIRE S POV but actually, oddly enough, that didn t end up being my favorite part of it I wanted Temeraire s sections to be a little distinct from Laurence s than they were, I think I guess I d just gotten so used to the idea that dragons think very differently from humans that I wanted that to be clearer in the narration.Laurence s enormous pit of despair at being a traitor was pretty fantastically done, although it made for all kinds of sadness while reading and gyah, the bit where Jane was like, So btw, Will, you could have been SUBTLE and still saved all those dragons instead of, like, BEING A HUGE DAMNED MORON, was really a slap to the face for Laurence and the reader both it really highlighted how great a job Novik did at the end of Empire of Ivory in making it seem as though there was no other choice for Laurence or for Temeraire than to act the way they did In happy news, I greatly enjoyed the dragons total disdain for Harcourt and Riley s baby and how it is always just the egg , amazing , and also how Harcourt and Riley don t really know what they re doing with it, either Riley is like, It needs feeding ALL THE TIME I don t understand and Harcourt is like, You mean it WON T be fine on a prison ship AHAHA, OH DEAR I was also FULL OF GLEE at the fact that Iskierka dragged Granby off to the ship to Australia Poor Granby Good thing he s got Laurence there, so they can have 972834 years of UST that they are thoroughly incapable of acknowledging while Iskierka goads Temeraire into trying for an egg OH HI PARALLELS.

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    Out of the five Temeraire book I ve read, this is my 2nd favorite after book 1 Every time I read one of these books I fall in love with Temeraire all over again best dragon ever Not much else to say about it a this point if you re considering reading Victory of Eagles, you already like the series.OH PS I love the narrator on the audiobook He sounds exactly how I imagine Temeraire to sound.

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    So, at the end of Empire of Ivory, Laurence and Temeraire agree to commit treason to deliver a cure to a draconic plague to France Temeraire feeling that the lives of thousands of innocent dragons isn t worth victory of the war, and Laurence agreeing Laurence then wishes to return to Britain, despite knowing he will be imprisoned or hanged for it, and Temeraire confined his own honor prevents him from staying in Europe, either as a French officer or a civilian The book picks up several months later Which I appreciate for two reasons First, it give us a chance to see how dragons organize themselves on their own the breeding ground dragons are pretty much left to their own devices as long as they eat and mate and don t cause trouble One of the dragons we meet, Percitia, is a mathematically inclined and quite clever dragon who refused to serve in the military because she didn t see the sense of getting shot up Second, it gets to the interesting bit where Napoleon and Lung Tien Lien invade Britain quickly Laurence, imprisoned on a ship, is presumed dead for a short while, long enough for Temeraire to be quite put out, and decide that he needs to fight Napoleon, and talks the rest of the dragons ferals, captured dragons, some old retirees, and ones that just refused to fight into forming their own flight to go fight Temeraire himself really shines here He s forced to develop a sense of politics and leadership to negotiate with both other dragons and the human government and military In Victory of Eagles he makes a lot advances than I ever expected mostly because he points out that Napoleon was able to come so far because of giving dragons a reason to fight besides loyalty to their captains Not to neglect Laurence, who is forced to go through a lot dealing with his own actions from Empire of Ivory questioning what honor and patriotism really mean And even some of the secondary characters, such as Admiral Roland, get to play a role I d love to see interactions between her and General Wellsely the Duke of Wellington, simply because the two of them quickly figured out the other was pretty damn good at their job, and developed a professional relationship, despite the fact Roland was a woman Thanks to Gentius, a veteran Longwings, we also got the story about how female Longwings captains got full rank He told the story about how his first captain had left without the drunkard who had actual command, fought a tremendous battle, and then was commended by everyone, and finally got her proper rank As for the end, I was quite pleased by it It ended in a way that doesn t diminish what Laurence did in Empire of Ivory, but keeps our pair flying Plus, this way, we might get to see new parts of the world I think Victory of Eagles is the first book since His Majesty s Dragon where we don t hardly leave Britain.

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    Well, here we go It definitely feels like we are getting close to the final stretch in this series Victory of Eagles certainly has that setting up for the endgame feel to it, especially as the playing field starts to shift to equality, pretty much for the first time England has always been reactive to Napoleon s tactics and numbers, but we finally get a sense of strategy and forethought from our British military leaders a nice switch.Picking up shortly where Empire of Ivory left off, we see Laurence fully dealing with the fallout of his fateful decision that ended book 4 Utilizing the bond between captain and dragon to full effect, the British military is keeping Temeraire under wraps at a breeding ground, separated from Laurence, with the implicit threat of action against his captain should he misbehave in any way It s cruel but effective, shackling Temeraire as wells as any physical chains could And because of this forced separation, we finally get chapters from Temeraire s point of view I daresay that this has been a long time coming, and I am glad that we are finally at the point where we get to see things from his perspective While Laurence was by no means a bad main character, the world definitely felt smaller due to only seeing things from his point of view Temeraire has always been a rich and detailed enough character that he could stand on his own, and in Victory of Eagles he gets to do just that Not that he hasn t had a voice before, but now we are privy to his thought processes as well, some of which are downright amusing It s interesting to see the differences between the lifelong patriot Laurence, and the progressive leanings of his British by association dragon For King and Country is the stance that has been instilled into the fiber of every British officer, which is a mindset that they stick to like glue even when the rules or expectations are outdated or useless But Temeraire sees right through the social expectations and vagaries of command politics, and just wants simple answers to his simple questions He s like a child, without a filter, unfazed though frequently slightly confused by the socio political nightmare of a country at war As such, his chapters stand as a good counterpoint to Laurence s We see things as they are, and then we see things as they could should be It s an interesting dynamic that helps keep the narrative fresh It must be said, however, that even though Temeraire is given his own chapters, Laurence still has the greatest character arc in this novel, as we see the consequences of his decisions start to make him hardened, bitter, and ultimately disassociated from everything around him.Tharkay makes a return yay , but only in a small, albeit, pivotal role Iskierka Granby are back, and she s just as feisty and egotistical as always and he still at the mercy of her whims We also get introduced to Perscitia, a new cross breed dragon who becomes sort of the logistician tactician for our band of British misfits She s nearly as excitable as Iskierka, but with a focus on numbers and problem solving as opposed to pyromania She s fun, and a great foil to Temeraire, as they both think they are correct on all things mathematical I hope we see of her going forward, but I m not going to hold my breath This series definitely gives you some cool supporting characters to root for, and then pulls them away just as soon as you get comfortable with them Or they may make a return, but in a much diminished role that is ultimately disappointing The rest of the established supporting cast are relegated to just a few sentences or paragraphs each.The dragons finally get their voices heard in regards to their treatment, even though it s done at about the worst possible time But, given the British mindset towards dragons and military service in general, there probably wasn t any other way for them to get some concessions I m glad we are moving forward on that front, as it s now one of the central themes in the overarching story and definitely needed some kind of progress It s also amusing to see just how happy and full of themselves the dragons get with their new roles and responsibilities.And, like I mentioned above, we finally get some NEW and EFFECTIVE tactics for combatting the French forces Some wins for the home team have been sorely needed in this tale, as our heroes always seem to be effectively retreating or scoring only minor triumphs at best So here have some actual victories in our Victory of Eagles, and it feels oh so good It is also a much needed slap in the face to the British commanders, who haven t realized until JUST NOW that maybe, just maybe, dragons have the best ideas for battling other dragons Go figure So yeah, much ground is covered in book 5, both literally and figuratively I didn t like it as much as Empire of Ivory, but then I didn t expect to However, it feels like the stage is finally being set for the grand showdown that has been looming on the horizon since book 1 I m excited, and a little impatient, to see what changes are in store after the closing of this latest installment.

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    Can I give this six stars It s the best book in the series since His Majesty s Dragon, and I ve enjoyed them all.No spoilers here, but I read this entire book with my heart in my throat I came away thinking what an incredible commentary it was on how the right choice isn t necessarily the easy or popular one, and how making a moral decision can still exact an unbelievably high cost I admire Novik so much for never taking the easy way out, for making her characters pay the consequences for their actions, and yet still leaving me both smiling and weepy at the end I can t wait to see what happens next Highly recommended.

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    4.5 starsThere will be spoilers in this review for the last book in this series Empire of Ivory and the information the blurb on the back of this book provides.After being left on a bit of a cliffhanger in the last book I was relieved to finally have time to read this and find out about the consequences of Temeraire and Laurence s so called treason of preventing the slaughter of thousands of enemy dragons through poison Temeraire and Laurence spend about I third of this book separated and it was really fascinating to see as this is the first time you really see them act independently of each other and while I adore them together watching Temeraire really develop as a leader was a lot of fun Experiencing things from his perspective was also a nice change of pace.There is a good mixture of action and plot character development in this novel, so there is alway something to keep you turning the pages There were so many returning characters in this novel and it was lovely to see people that were left in England while Temeraire and Laurence have been travelling the world And some that were less lovely to see but no less interesting for it.There was also a lot of emphasis put on dragon rights in this novel and you get to witness people who haven t had much experience with dragons realizing that dragons are actually thinking and feeling creatures with minds and stubborn personalities of their own Considering how this novel ended I m very curious to see how this theme is developed in the next few books.Overall it was a fun read that I devoured in about three days which is a record for me at the moment I can t wait to move onto book 6 and see what is next in store for our dynamic duo.

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    4.5 Stars

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    I enjoyed this installment of the Temeraire series, but I had to take a big break after book 4 This is the type of series that gets a little repetitive if you try to read the whole series at once, but it is still a great series that takes you to many different places in the world in the time of Napoleon It is wonderful how well the fantasy element fits in with the history

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    As you might notice, I quickly got addicted to this series Just finished book 5 and especially enjoyed this one Not 80% of travel again, but real progress for both of our main characters and crews if the progress might not be for the good, it is another thing completely It really was a step up again from the last two books, and I bought book 6 9 right away too now.

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