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Forever In The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #6) summary Forever In The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #6) , series Forever In The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #6) , book Forever In The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #6) , pdf Forever In The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #6) , Forever In The Sun (Stories from Sapphire Cay #6) b5a5475c54 With Feuding Families, Unearthed Secrets, And A Violent Storm That Threatens The Cay, Will The Idyllic Island With Her Cast Of Characters Make It Through Unscathed It S Time For The Circle To Close On The Story Of Sapphire Cay, And On The Men Who Have Lived And Found Love On Her BeachesWill Lucas And Dylan S Happy Ever After Be Able To Weather The Storm That Is Heading For Sapphire Cay Join Characters Old And New As We Celebrate Dylan And Lucas S Wedding And Delve Into The History Of Sapphire CayConnor And Shaun Are Directly Related To Peter And Alfie, A Couple Whose Clandestine Lover Affair Was Overshadowed By Old Prejudices And A World War Shaun Jamieson Is A Writer, A Romantic And Needs To Pen The Story Of The Affair S Final Secrets Connor French S Family Wants To Stop Shaun When The Two Men Step Onto The Sands Of Sapphire Cay, They Find Than Just The Secrets Of An Old Love They Find Hope And Comfort In Each Other But With The Past Hanging Over Them, Can They Ever Have What Peter And Alfie Could Not Or Are They Just As Ill Fated As Their Ancestors

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    Really lovely ending to a great series.

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    What a stunning finish to a wonderful series Having the love come full circle to present day great greats is brilliant Loved catching up with previous couples, it was like saying hello to old friends Well done RJ and Meredith

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    It took me a few weeks to complete the Sapphire Cay series Somehow I missed it when it was published 2013 2015, but I ve made up for lost time and read this wonderful romance by RJ Scott and Meredith Russell All my wishes for the couples who met on the island were fulfilled and the circle of love and friendship has closed I will have book hangover for a while but this is the delicious, happy kind of hangover.In the fifth book Dylan and Lucas found a box containing letters written between a gay couple in the 1930s and stopping suddenly in the early 1940s They have tracked down the descendents of those two men, wanting to find out if and when they died and if they found happiness in their lives.Two gay men, Conner and Shaun are those descendants and initially they are at cross purposes in completing the story of Peter and Alfie, the men from almost a century ago The story within a story of how they are able to find a conclusion of the love story of Peter and Alfie is so sweet We have multiple HEAs at the end of this series It s hard to tell you that this is not a stand alone book You really do need to have read the previous books to fully understand the characters, although the plots of each book can sort of stand alone Do it Get the entire series and binge read them Totally worth it.

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    Best book of the series by far, and a wonderful wrap up Not much of Jamie and Edward just at the beginning and end , but lovely bits of Dylan and Lucas, Scott and Adam, and a wonderful love story in Connor and Shaun And a wedding for Dylan and Lucas absolutely perfect, to be a bookend with Tasha and Liam s wedding in the first book.

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    A fantastic end to a fantastic series Just lovely 3

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    Original Blog Post Happy Happy Release Day Forever In The Sun Stories from Sapphire Cay 6 by Meredith Russell R.J ScottReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 4 of 5 StarsForever in the Sun have two stories in it One is the wedding of Dylan and Lucas The wedding where everything that could go wrong did and hiding what went wrong from the affected people took a lot of stealth It was short, sweet and lots of good fun and giggling throughout.The other is how the mystery of the love letters between Peter and Alfie finally gets its day in the sun The feuding was stupid, but then again, what feud is not Also, the angst between Connor and Shaun is purely a matter of miscommunication Connor is trying to be the good son, or in this case, nephew while Shaun is just trying to get the truth out Why not What is the shame of two men loving each other when they were still alive So someone does not get hurt Again, sweetly done and gives the reader a light feeling of joy Especially around the parts where the letters and sketches finally tell their all.Two stories, one that makes you laugh, the other makes us smile with tears in our eyes Both are sweetly written Both worth the while to sleep and dream over later.Note eARC copy provided by authors for an honest review.

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    I really loved this series, and this was a great way to wrap things up, to have the first half for the first couple, and then to close things up with a new couple, brought together by their past relatives I thought this was sweet, romantic, I loved how all of the other couples were included, and I just really enjoyed reading about these men This was a great series, I recommend it

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    Great ending What a great ending to the series Dylan and Lucas s weddingseeing some old friends, and solving Peter and Alfie s mystery While I m sorry its over, this was such a romantic, fun filled series Great characters, lots of love and laughter, I will miss them

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    Oh the last book.As I write this review, I have tears running down my face It was such a good ending to the whole story Peter and Alphie got their forever after Thank you Rj for all you put in to those stories I am so sorry it has to end..B.

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    D awwww, this was a perfect ending to a lovely series that I know I will reread again and again like I ve already have Peter Alfie s story was crafted and told so beautifully LOVED it.

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