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A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft chapter 1 A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft , meaning A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft , genre A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft , book cover A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft , flies A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft , A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft 0c9149f43b683 Christmas Has Come To Pinecraft In Bestselling Author Shelley Shepard Gray S Final Amish Brides Of Pinecraft Novel, An Uplifting Story That Proves Anything Is Possible When You Follow Your HeartWhen Manager Beverly Overholt S Beloved Orange Blossom Inn Is Broken Into, She S Shaken To The Core The Inn Has Been Her Whole Life Since Arriving In The Quaint Amish Vacation Town Of Pinecraft, Florida Hoping To Repair What S Been Lost, Beverly Calls Eric Wagler, The Inn S Handsome Owner To Her Surprise, He Promises To Be On The Next Flight Out Of PhiladelphiaEver Since Her Fianc Jilted Her, Beverly S Been Closed Off To Love However, With Eric Things Feel Different She Can T Help But Be Hopeful That Their Work Relationship Will Turn Into Something Even Though They Are From Different Worlds She Grew Up Amish And Is Now Mennonite Eric, On The Other Hand, Grew Up On The City Streets Of Philadelphia How Could They Ever Find Common Ground But As Beverly And Eric Put The Inn Back Together, Prepare For Christmas, And Even Witness Romance Blossoming For Another Couple, The Trust And Love Between Them Grows Will Christmas Bring A Second Chance For Beverly And If It Does, Will She Be Brave Enough To Take It

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    This is the last book in the series in Pinecraft and it was just a delightful read I like how the author spun all of the characters from the previous books into this story with several sub plots And I am so happy for Beverly and Eric, after treading carefully through their feelings All of the sub plots have happy endings, a really feel good book.

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    A CHRISTMAS BRIDE IN PINECRAFT is the end of Ms Gray s Pinecraft series I enjoyed each of the books in this collection In this finale, Ms Beverly s inn is robbed and she s a basket case She calls the owner of the inn Eric and he comes to her rescue, as does the community at large.It was easy enough to figure out who robbed Ms Beverly and even why, so this isn t a suspense It is really a very gentle, slow moving romance, that is focused on the inn and on Ms Beverly s feelings about being robbed I did find myself skimming most of the book, but that might been due to the emotional place I found myself in than the writing I m not sure Fans of Mennonite and Amish fiction might want to read A CHRISTMAS BRIDE IN PINECRAFT I bought a copy of this very well used at a garage sale will not show up as a verified buyer on and all opinions are my own.

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    A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft, the fourth and final book in the Amish Brides of Pinecraft series is my favorite SSG book to date The storyline was wonderful and was one I could personally relate to In addition to Beverly s story, we get caught up with the lives of the other characters from the series.When the Orange Blossom Inn is broken into Beverly naturally turns to its owner, Eric Eric drops everything and goes to Florida to not only see to the inn but to make sure Beverly is ok Upon his arrival, he finds that Beverly is a mess Her sense of security is gone and she is a bundle of nerves A conversation between the two uncovers information about Eric s past that Beverly isn t sure how or if she can deal with it I love how Shelley Shepard Gray wrote of Beverly s struggle with the information Having been in a similar situation, I thought the feelings Beverly experienced were genuine and authentic.I also liked the blossoming friendship between Josiah Yoder and Effie Kauffman Their friendship was sweet and I would love to read about thse characters in the future hint, hint Shelley These two were my favorite couple in the entire series This book will naturally be a hit with fans of Amish fiction I think people who love romance books or just good, clean books with a great story will enjoy this book as well Don t be mislead by the title though as this book would be a great read any time of the year, not just at Christmas The story may take place at Christmas, but the message is good year round.I was given a free copy of this book for my honest opinion which I have given.

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    There has been a break in at the Orange Blossom Inn Things like that never happen in peaceful Pinecraft Not only was the Inn a wreck but Beverly was too That a robbery could and did happen took away her sense of security She was angry and also afraid, a feeling she wasn t used to This is the last book in the Pinecraft series and I m sad to see the series end I so enjoyed sharing in the lives of our Pinecraft friends and I will miss them We ve shared in their sadness and joy We ve made new friends We ve come together to help others even looking for their pets We ve celebrated at weddings.This time we watch Beverly deal with her fears and Eric try to bring her a sense of calm again We see an unusual friendship blossom between young Josiah Yoder, whose mother died and whose father leaves him and his older brother Peter alone and hungry for days at a time, and young Effie Hilty who we met in A Wedding at Orange Blossom Inn The loss of the material things at the Inn can be fixed Things can be replaced Will Beverly ever be the same again Will she always be afraid the robber s might return What of Christmas Has Christmas been ruined because of the robbery What happens to the Yoder boys They can t continue to live in a house with no food Whose wedding are we celebrating in this final book You ll want to pick up this well written book by New York Times and USA best selling author Shelley Shepard Gray to find out You won t be disappointed Thank you Shelley for another wonderful read

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    A break in at Orange Blossom Inn What a sad state of affairs Emotions run rampant as Beverly tries to come to terms with what has happened to her beloved inn Her prayers and leaning on God are most evident as the story proceeds Beverly discovers how much she can lean on Eric and also how the city of Pinecraft loves her Will the inn continue Will Beverly survive I experienced many ups and downs reading this ever so lovely final book in the series Again, relationships are developed as well as characters My heart has so very much loved being in Pinecraft I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    An emotionally charged Christmas story that can be enjoyed any time of the year I loved the story of forgiveness and mercy that was woven throughout the book This was well written A Christmas bride in Pinecraft is the fourth book in the series It can stand alone but will be enjoyed if the series is read in the correct order I hate to see this series end I loved all the characters and felt like I was right there in Pinecraft I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    This was a sweet Christmas story I have really enjoyed this series of books and I was very happy to finally be able to read Beverly and Eric s story Some of Beverly s uncertainty and fear throughout the first portion of the novel was frustrating to me and I wanted to her to bounce back faster than she did However, it did cement the fact that she came from a very different background than Eric and was quite naive about many things I enjoyed Effie and Josiah s storyline a lot It was fun to reconnect with quite a few characters from previous novels This was an uplifting and fun Christmas book to read.

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    This was a sweet Christmas story I m so glad that Beverly and Eric finally had a chance for a romantic relationship Eric s past was interesting and sad Also, it was nice to follow up on Effie and Josiah I felt bad for him, too I was happy that each character was given a happy ending.

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    Title A Christmas Bride in PinecraftAuthor Shelley Shepard GrayPublisher Avon InspireSeries Amish Brides of Pinecraft 4Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft by Shelly Shephard GrayMy Thoughts A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft was a beautifully well written enchanting Amish Mennonite romance I found this novel somewhat interesting because as I was reading I found out that this was three stories in one that seemed to tie altogether I loved how this author presents us with Beverly who manages the Orange Blossom Inn in Pinecraft, Florida and their has been a robbery where now she must call Eric the owner and tell him of this situation It seems like since Eric had met Beverly some time ago he had feelings for her, so he leaves Pennsylvania and moves to Pinecraft Will this bring him closer to Beverly What secrets did Eric have than may destroy any feelings Beverly may have for him Will these two people be able to find common ground and love But where there is forgiveness, mercy, happiness and good will to all men will there be any good from all of the unexpected obstacles that are put in front of them Well, this is a Christmas novel so what will happen after the robbery at the inn Be ready for a read that will give you humor, tears and even finding yourself cheering your favorite character on as you will see such fear, faith, love devotion, redemption and second chances that is displayed in this well told story The main questions Will Beverly be able to face her fears and move on after the robbery Beverly has gone to a lots and when it looks like she may even love again will her faith be put to the test How will this Amish community react to a marriage between Beverly and Eric Now, to get all of those questions answered and much you will just have to pick up this fantastic Christmas novel to see just how much it will capture and warm your heart.What I extremely liked about this novel was how this author was able to bring out the realization of how there were young people going hungry in the town of Pinecraft and that solution to the person who had robbed and vandalized Beverly property was also wonderfully presented.I received a copy through NOR in exchange for an honest review.

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    It is always a joy to review a book by Shelley Shepard Gray Her Amish themed books are always sweet and inspirational, and I have especially enjoyed Shelley s Amish Brides of Pinecraft series Shelley bring that series to an end with her latest book, A Christmas Bride In Pinecraft This time the story revolves around Beverly, the manager of the beloved Orange Blossom Inn in Pinecraft, Florida and Eric, the inn s owner Romance is in the stars for Beverly and Eric, but a tragic incident threatens to derail that special love when the inn is broken into As the duo put the inn back to right, the mystery of who did the deed taints Beverly and Eric s relationship as secrets surface and feeling are hurt But the story resolves with a positive outcome and perhaps a happily ever after Shelley wraps up this series with updates on the previous couples whose romances were followed in the first books, and gives her main character a mystery to solve and a romance to brighten her life I love the inspirational message Shelley includes in her stories, and really, really love the delicious recipes she always includes in her books This book was truly a sweet treat to enjoy and really sparks the Christmas spirit as well Fans of Amish related Mennonite related stories will adore this book and I highly recommend all the books in this series, as well as Shelley s other series

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