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Ride pdf Ride , ebook Ride , epub Ride , doc Ride , e-pub Ride , Ride 653e6c0c623 SterekThe Howlers Emerged After The War That Stripped The World Of Its Colour All Stiles Knows Is The Wasteland And He Calls The Road His Home, Hunting The Mutants Wreaking Havoc On What S Left Of Humanity But When He Becomes The Hunted, He Has To Team Up With The Very Thing He Kills And It S Possibly The Worst Road Trip He S Been OnWords COMPLETEDAlternate Universe Post Apocalypse, Barebacking, Brief Mention Of Suicide Attempt, Character Death, Happy Ending, BAMF Stiles, Hunter Stiles Stilinski, Road Trips, Angst, Tattooed Stiles

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    3.75 starsNot bad Not bad at all.This takes place in the future after some war that decimates the world and it s now a wasteland a la Early Mad Max.Stiles is a BAMF hunter Derek is an omega They come together to destroy the alpha pack Snark and sex and violence ensues.P.S Stiles is covered in tattoos and has a few piercings Nummy

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    3.5 stars Mmmm, I love the road trip post apocalyptic like Stereks Post apocalyptic like setting, werewolves are known and hunted, BAMF Stiles POV Stiles is a hunter Derek is a werewolf Unlikely reluctant allies, but Stiles has the Alpha Pack on his back and Derek has a bone to pick with them so a tentative truce emerges Decent tension with emerging respect of each other If you like this and want something canon divergent rather than complete AU, then try this Riders on the Storm.

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    3.5 4 starsThis was a pretty good story This is a Sterek fanfiction story For those of you that don t knowSterek fanfic is based off 2 male characters, Stiles and Derek, from the TV show Teen Wolf In the show they re both heterosexual but some viewers have fantasized about them together in a m m relationship and thus Sterek was born This story isn t based in the TV show world at all.In this world, there was some sort of major cataclysm and werewolves became known to the world People don t know if the werewolves aka howlers existed before things went bad but there are a lot of them now Stiles grew up in Beacon Hill, well after everything went bad and became a hunter after a howler killed his father He felt uncomfortable staying in Beacon Hills and hunting with the Argents so he left to travel around and hunt howlers on his own for the bounties.Stiles and Derek meet when Stiles is targeted by the leader of the Alpha pack and Derek warns him of it The Alphas killed Derek s sister so he wants Stiles help to kill them, which would also keep Stiles safe from them They team up, if somewhat reluctantly, but they slowly discovered that they worked well together and there s a mutual attraction There s a bit of angst because of the disbelief that a human and a howler could live together in this new world but things do work out so that by the end, Stiles and Derek are starting on a HEA together.This was a pretty enjoyable story Stiles and Derek were pretty well portrayednot the best portrayals but not bad Derek was a little on the submissive side for my taste but he s an Omega that apparently never became an Alpha so I guess I can see it Stiles was kind of BAMF but still had his mess upswhich seems like Stiles The story was pretty straightforward but it was enjoyable note I listened to the podcast of this fanfic The narrator did a good job but the accent threw me a bit at times.

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    Interesting world Somehow the world has been destroyed as we know it Marbles and wolfs bane the common currency Howlers aren t the only danger The Alpha pack is after Stiles, Derek helps him hunt them down Stiles hunts Howlers without conscience, so it s an uneasy truce I loved the road trip I always like bamf Stiles.

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    3.75 Stars

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