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    Re No Way to Say Goodbye this book squicked me out It started out strong but in the end devolved in an h behaving badly trope, and since the H was already behaving pretty badly by his own self, this one took a ton of chocolate and few moments with the Captain for me to actually make it through Much gratitude to Reader in NJ and Luscious Librarian for the motivation to keep reading to the end The story starts with the H making his entire Vancouver office redundant The h is outraged cause the H never told anyone he had plans to relocate his business office when he bought it out 9 months earlier, in fact he had his incompetent girl friend personnel manager deliberately lie about closing and now all her friends coworkers are out of work, with little severance and no references The h doesn t take the dismissal news lightly and manages to soak the H in cold water on way out the door The h then gets the brilliant idear to call the local scandal rag with a story on how the Heartless H threw good people to the wolves to move to Toronto The H gets wind of the story and charges over to the h s apartment to give her a few punishing kisses and let her know that the story is off The h is attracted physically, but lets the H know he is an utter slime slurping sewer worm Sadly the H does manage to get the h s news expose cancelled as the paper isn t interested since he left for Toronto.The h gets another job and her roommate, who was so anxious that the h would not move back home and leave her stuck with the rent, essentially tries to get the h to leave so her boyfriend can move in instead This means the h has to move and because her roommate is too eager to do what ever with her current fling, the h is stuck trying to move herself The H shows up and gives her a hand He is flirty and coercive and gets her to go out to dinner with him He wants to offer her his girlfriend s job as she is mysteriously retiring The h is no fool and basically says she won t work for a liar who only paid the minimum redundancy on people who had been loyal for years and did not even offer anyone a reference Since jobs are scare and a few of the employees were near retirement but needed another several months to make it, the H s sneaky tactics left a lot of people in very bad positions The H doesn t like hearing that and leaves again.The h starts hearing from her former co workers The H went back and gave everyone references who needed them and the retirement people got better severance packages to help them make retirement age The h ponders it a bit, and then sends a somewhat conciliatory letter to the H telling him she doesn t think he is a totally rotten nematode now, just a average slime swiller.The H wanders back unexpectedly again, this time kissing the h in front of her current date when he comes to pick her up Needless to say the date doesn t go very well Not that the h particularly minds, cause the H is beginning to seriously fascinate her So the H keeps popping up unexpectedly and the h is falling for him, even tho she tells the H she is tired of saying goodbye to him The H convinces her he is going to be around for several weeks and wants to develop a relationship with her The h gradually gets to know the H better, but she is still concerned about how arrogant and uncaring he seems tho a partial explanation is that he was one of seven kids with a father who abandoned them and his mom worked nights and then their house burned down and his baby sister died His mom died a few years later and two of his brothers turned to crime The H tried to take care of the rest of them and succeeded to a certain extent, but he had a hard life and has no compassion, tho he has worked very hard to be a business success Finally the big lurve moment mojo happens when the h takes a chance on seducing the H It is fabulous The h is thinking this is true love forever, then the H announces that he is marrying his girlfriend in a week the former and now retired personnel manager The H explains that he has been involved with the girlfriend for years, she was part of his childhood and they always planned to marry Essentially the H is feeding her a load of excuses for cheating on his fiancee and lying to the h The h is shocked, she thought the H was exclusive with her and she loses her temper and accuses the H of deliberately seducing her because he was bored while travelling on business, but he will go right back and promise to love another woman until the next moonstruck silly girl comes along who will swallow his lies The H loses his temper right back and makes the former virgin h feel terrible for lurvin it up on the parlor floor and tells her yes, he deliberately set out to use her and then dump her.The h has some big mopey moments, until her former roommate shows up again and talks the h into going out and partying Except the h goes off the rails with the party mode, but at least she isn t throwing major drunks on top of it The former roommate, who seems to throw rape suggestions around like is an ordinary everyday occurrence, tells the h that if she keeps dressing like she does and hanging out with the people she does, the h is going to get herself raped The h then completely loses the plot and tells her former roommate she thinks that might be fun I am trying to keep my stomach from churning as I type this, it was srlsy disgusting Finally the h throws this big party at her apartment and is flirting with a ton of people and actually winds up on the balcony with a guy who doesn t want to take no for an answer and has a broken beer bottle to enforce that Suddenly the H shows up and kicks everyone out, the former roommate had called him He helps the h clean up and then gives a fairly coherent I love you but I was blind speech and explains that he and his girlfriend have called it off She gets his Toronto house and the H is free to marry the h, cause he thinks he loves her The h loves him back and is getting evicted after the wild party and the H is happy cause she can now move to Toronto with him for the HEA.Words cannot describe the sheer slimy feeling I got while reading this book I felt like nematode slime slurpers were swimming all around the mud that entrenched this story and that was not a fun feeling by any means I was completely squicked out and definitely did not feel the lurve her AT ALL Which is a bit sad, cause had the rape references and the wild partying been toned down, this would have been a fairly strong and dramatic book KG did a decent job on where the H was coming from and a nice redemption scene could have made this book much better That did not happen and the H was fairly unrepentant for his actions The h was just plain silly and stupid with unrequited love It was sad to see her devolution, cause she started out a really strong character If you read this one, stock up on the chocolate and adult beverages and brace yourself for a less than happy voyage to HPlandia.

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    I had forgotten all about this story, so when it popped up on Open Library, I dove in without reading the blurb or consulting Boogenhagen s excellent review So color me as surprised as the heroine when the hero told her late in the book hours after taking her virginity that he was getting married to someone else in a week Now that was delicious angst but this hero had too many strikes against him at this point for me to want anything but the heroine to cut ties with him.And the heroine s mental deterioration after the hero dumped her was alarming She displayed all the textbook symptoms of a manic episode she was in a frenzy of activity, taking and risks She even said she wouldn t mind being raped I took that to mean that the worst thing had already happened to her nothing else would be as bad I didn t think of it as a sane comment in any shape or form and I think that s why the author emphasized that she was sober when she said it This wasn t drunk talk this was mentally unhealthy talk.So the hero s turnabout not marrying his bff from the old neighborhood because he was in love with the heroine was too little and too late for me to believe their HEA Oh, I believed they were wildly attracted to each other But the hero was a selfish pig who believes in his own high opinion of himself That is he will never violate a promise like his dad did when he walked out on his mother so that means he ll never cheat on the heroine now that he s married her Spare me he cheated on his fiance Not a slip after a night of passion he courted this heroine for weeks And he s dragging her to Toronto away from her friends and job at the cat sanctuary This heroine turned out to be too fragile to deal with this thug in a business suit hero He turned on her anytime she made him realize he was in the wrong which was often I don t see happiness ahead for these two.

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    heroine s reactions to the hero confused me sometimes I liked her weirdness though hero has a gf.

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No Way To Say Goodbye (Harlequin Presents, No 1191) summary pdf No Way To Say Goodbye (Harlequin Presents, No 1191), summary chapter 2 No Way To Say Goodbye (Harlequin Presents, No 1191), sparknotes No Way To Say Goodbye (Harlequin Presents, No 1191), No Way To Say Goodbye (Harlequin Presents, No 1191) cf61c4e His Callousness Confounded RoxaneWith Cold Blooded Abruptness, Gareth Mardon Terminated The Jobs Of Most Of His Vancouver Office Employees, Including Roxane Outraged, Roxane Refused To Admit The Fascination She Felt For Gareth S Hypnotic MasculinityWhen, Surprisingly, Her Ex Boss Offered Her A New Job, She Couldn T Accept It Not With Her Friends Thrown Out Of WorkThen Gareth Walked Out Of Her Life Parting With A Smoldering Kiss That Melted Her Reserve Roxane Was Dazed By His Farewell Especially When She Discovered The Truth About Gareth

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • No Way To Say Goodbye (Harlequin Presents, No 1191)
  • Kay Gregory
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9780373111916

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