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    Ugh another TSTL heroine She kept doing stupid things that kept getting people hurt She was too clingy for my taste Way too emotional and screamed too much for my liking I really wanted her to back off and let him come to her for once Her falling in love was a little too sudden The author needs to do research on the electrical part She tripped a breaker when too much was in use That means all the three year old had to do was flip a switch There was no blown fuse When fuses blow you actually have to replace them I guess that s why she made the heroine so ditzy It was easier that way Isabella was adorable but 3 year olds do not talk like that You could have a genius 3 year old and she would still not have conversations like she was having and speak like a grown up 5 Yes a 5 year old would be believable Loganhe started out as sweet and a good dad Then he became mean in a very unreasonable way It was pretty understandable why Jade lied and he took it too far I never got to see that he actually loved her being that he was too busy hurting her He needed to do some serious groveling in order to make up for everything but then he turned around and did it again He had already thought about how he could make a long distance relationship work but then he doesn t speak to her for 6 months Not acceptable Definitely did not redeem himself.

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    So I liked this story butBut I have to like the characters to love a book The H was CONSTANTLY throwing herself at the H, wishing he could keep her safe, or hold her or save her or fix something for her She receives something bad in the mail and instead of calling the police she calls the H do come handle her problems while he s REPEATEDLY told her to basically leave him alone And the H was an asshole. He purposefully says hateful ugly thing even when he knows he s wrong to And the worse for me was when he doesn t get his way he sulks, dismisses, belittles and berates the h Alsi, the ending was SOOO sudden and didn t really have a conclusion Long story short, I didn t like either character I really liked the book before this one, but I hope the next one the 3rd one is like the 1st one, and not like this one Aside from that, I read the book in one sitting It kept me reading and interested.

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    Fun readThis was the first book I e read by this author Nd I was really glad I picked this one up Yes there were some steamy scene, but the story actually had some meat to it The characters were believable and flawed There was action, adventure and some really adorable moments This kept me up at night because see just wanted to read one chapter I will definitely be finishing this series

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    Love Logan and jadeGreat series and carry over of characters, very suspenseful and page Turner digital and Bella are cute and Great single parent story

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    The Fan has is a mix of suspense, lies, truths and love Jade has a career in Hollywood, an actress, although never the lead actress With a failed marriage and a stalker she leaves for a vacation to her college hometown.Logan is utterly swoon worthy that is if you like a gorgeous alpha men with a heart and ex Seals Not to mention how he is when he finds out he has a daughter and how he is with her.When Jade first sees Logan she is stunned He surpassed all the men in Hollywood.I love Velvet s description of him through Jade s eyes.When Logan first saw Jade his heart stopped beating Logan s daughter Bella, she is written to be just the cutest little thing Can Logan love again after his first love left him brokenhearted Can Jade love again or will her stalker find her Can Logan protect her Can she leave it all behind for the one man who makes her feel things she never has before and his daughter that she adores Will they get their HEA Read it. this is an easy read that will have you interested and turning pages I just wish it was a little longer.

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    Great story in a great series This is the first book I ve read by this author and she is now one of my new favorites I ve purchased other books in her Cobra Securities series because this one was so good The plot developed well, as did the characters Logan Bradley, former SEAL, now a PI and co owner of COBRA, finds himself thrown into parenthood when a former fiance, who perished in a car accident, revealed that her 3 year old daughter was really his But he fell in love with Bella, as it seems everyone who crosses her path does The new, hot neighbor falls in love with Bella and lust with Dad, but she, Jade, is an actress hiding out from Hollywood Once she realizes Logan was dumped by 2 women in his life who wanted Hollywood stardom, she holds off telling him about her real life, supposedly until they know each other better Well, you can guess how that was going to go Yep Anger Betrayal But Jade has a stalker and Logan is a true blue hero He may need to help her in spite of his feelings Great story

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    I wanted to love itI have enjoyed other books by Velvet and the primary story made it hard to put it down However my imagination wouldn t allow me to accept the fact that the female lead could cause so much death and endangerment and the male lead just accept her He had trouble with her name deception than disobeying his orders Not an eyelash was batted over her responsibility I m trying the next book in the series, but won t read her again if the plot is this unbelievable.

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    The FanFive stars for this romance mystery Another great storyline and very well written book This series is fast becoming one of my top ten favorites of all time

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    Loved it I can t wait for the next one

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    I ll be finishing this series Great story Not at all predictable.

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The Fan (COBRA Securities Book 2) download The Fan (COBRA Securities Book 2) , read online The Fan (COBRA Securities Book 2) , kindle ebook The Fan (COBRA Securities Book 2) , The Fan (COBRA Securities Book 2) 0698769f4f2b From The Author Of The List Comes The Second Romantic Suspense Novel In The COBRA Securities Series The Fan Is A Captivating Mixture Of Pulse Pounding Suspense And Sizzling Passion An Obsession Can Be Deadly A Demanding Hollywood Career, A Failed Marriage To An A List Celebrity And A Possible Stalker Force Starlet Jade LaRossa To Flee The Spotlight In California For A Long Vacation In Her College Hometown Finally Able To Relax, She Discovers That She Loves Gardening, Suspense Novels And Ice Cream Probably Not The Best Thing For An Actress To Learn, But It Doesn T Stop Her From Buying An Extra Gallon Anyway The Last Thing She Planned On Doing During Her Hiatus Was Fall In Love With A Single Father And His Daughter Healed From The Injuries That Ended His Military Career, Former Navy SEAL Logan Bradley Is Part Owner Of A Booming Private Securities Company His Life Is Turned Upside Down When A Man Knocks On His Doorstep Holding A Diminutive Three Year Old Beauty Logan S Daughter Rocked By The Discovery, He Shakes Off His Fear And Embraces Fatherhood When A Stunning Redhead Moves In Next Door, She Threatens His Carefully Controlled Life And His Heart In Order To Escape The Stalker, Jade Transforms Herself From Movie Star To Midwestern Schoolteacher When Logan Discovers Her Duplicity, He Pushes Her Away Despite His Overwhelming Feelings But When The Stalker Finds Her And Bodies Start To Pile Up, He Puts His Life On The Line To Protect Her Will It Be Enough To Keep Her Safe From The FanComing Soon From Romantic Suspense Author Velvet Vaughn Committed The Third Installment In The COBRA Series Romantic Suspense Book Categories Romantic Suspense New Releases Romantic Suspense Ebook Romantic Suspense Series Romantic Suspense Novel