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The Goodnight Gecko files The Goodnight Gecko, read online The Goodnight Gecko, free The Goodnight Gecko, free The Goodnight Gecko, The Goodnight Gecko 7f3dd5e14 The Bestselling Hawaiian Children S Book, The Goodnight Gecko , Tells The Story Of A Little Gecko Who Surprises His Mother By Telling Her That He Doesn T Like The Night His Mother Proceeds To Dispel His Fears As One By One She Introduces Him To Some Of The Delightful Sights Of A Hawaiian Night This Charming Hawaiian Bedtime Story Has Inspired A Generation Of Island Youngsters And Young Visitors To Hawaii, And Continues To Be One Of The Most Successful Children S Books In Hawaii

10 thoughts on “The Goodnight Gecko

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    The bright colors in a few of the images are spectacular This book is a good bed time story.

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    A favorite when I was a kid, which my son now loves too Not much than a cute kids book.

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    This is a sweet book about geckos and other flora and fauna on Hawaii that quickly transitions to a nighttime setting and makes for a good bedtime story A few of the pages have narrative that is reminiscent of Goodnight Moon, although of course, with a Hawaiian flair.

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    A simple story about geckos and how they became known as the Goodnight Geckos I agree with another reader that it is a Hawaiian version of Goodnight moon.

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    My mom bought this book for Mia when she went to Hawaii It s a very cute story and has beautiful pictures.

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    We LOVE this book and read it over and over again.

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    My mother brought this book home for my daughter years ago after a vacation she took to Hawaii It was a very sweet story, along the lines of Goodnight Moon and my daughter enjoyed it.

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    The Best Of Most Hawiian Books,But Not Too Good.

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    It was a cool book I loved the illilustrations.

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    This is one of my favorites to read to my son

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