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    Here s the thing I truly did not enjoy this book The writing was ok, no fault in the writing, but I did NOT like the characters of the book They seemed shallow and without any real emotional depth Kirk was the one character I liked but he wasn t as present in the book as I d hoped I m sure that there are people out there that like this sort of book, but I m not one of them I couldn t connect with any of the characters, so the story and issues didn t resonate with me.Dani K writes about a world that s as foreign to me as Middle Earth So, I ll have to take her word that Louboutins are the end all, be all to shoes, and Agent Provocateur underpants are the bees knees Personally, I had to look both up while reading the book to know what was being talked about And though the story flowed, I think my disconnect with the characters really prevent me from enjoying the story at all Read the rest of the review behind the link.

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Footballers and Louboutins download Footballers and Louboutins , read online Footballers and Louboutins , kindle ebook Footballers and Louboutins , Footballers and Louboutins 8928f2cc6709 Footballers And Louboutins Follows Belles On Her Journey Through Essex Belles Loves The Finer Things In Life, She Loves Partying With Her Girlfriends, Her Holidays In Marbs And Not To Mention Christian Louboutins All Girls In Essex In Fact Love A Pair Of Loubs, Belles Believes There S Nothing Like A Round Of Cocks Cocktails With Her Girlfriends Whilst Partying In Essex S Elite Nightclubs Wearing Her Louboutins However Her Coffee Shop Assistant Boyfriend Is Worlds Apart From Her Glamorous Essex Lifestyle Everyone Around Her Disproves Of Him, After All In Essex It Is All About The Cash And The Bling Will Belle S Coffee Shop Assistant Ever Get Accepted Into Her Essex Circle Of Friends Or Will Belle S Be Too Drawn In To Her Essex Social Life That She Doesn T Realise What Really Makes Her Happy Belle S Finds Herself Cheating On Her Coffee Shop Assistant With A Premiership Footballer Who Is Much Appealing To Belle S Friends And Family When She Finds Herself Pregnant She Is Confused About Who The Father Of The Baby Is Since She Has Been Stringing Both Men Along What Will Belle S Do What Path Will She Take Will She Choose The Safe Path With Kirk Or Does She Like Glitz And Glamour Too Much To Settle Down With A Coffee Shop Boy Read Footballers And Louboutins To Find Out, With Many Twists And Turns And A Surprise Ending This Book Will Certainly Be A Page Turner That You Can T Put Down