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Last Chance Lane summary Last Chance Lane, series Last Chance Lane, book Last Chance Lane, pdf Last Chance Lane, Last Chance Lane c0c2751fe0 One Fateful Night, A Young Woman Flings Caution To The Winds And Speeds Up Last Chance Lane In Search Of Escape She Wants To DisappearShe Knows The Hairpin Turn Is Ahead, But She Doesn T Slowdown Atonement, That S What She S Been Searching For After All These Years Of Guilt And Misery, And She Thinks This Desperate And Impulsive Act Of Self Destruction Is A Solution Instead, It Takes Her To A Place Where The Line Between Reality And Illusion Blurs And She Knows Nothing, Not Even Her Name As She Searches For Answers In This Bewildering World, She Embarks On A Journey Of Self Discovery And Learns That Nothing Is As It Appears

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