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Steady to His Purpose quotes Steady to His Purpose , litcharts Steady to His Purpose , symbolism Steady to His Purpose , summary shmoop Steady to His Purpose , Steady to His Purpose a47cdc1f What If Elizabeth Bennet Was Compromised During That Unchaperoned Half Hour In The Netherfield Library With Fitzwilliam Darcy Would They Still Have Their Happily Ever After This Story Begins As Elizabeth And Jane Bennet Return Home After Their Brief Stay At Netherfield Park

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    4.5 starsThis author has a number of books available on Kindle Unlimited I have read four of her other books and enjoyed them She does quote a number of poems or other works both seasonal and about love This is a story about a marriage due to a supposed compromise one that is actually only on the tongues of certain servants and then neighbors and acquaintances in the Meryton area Barbara, Caroline Bingley s maidservant has heard her rant and rave and make snide comments about Elizabeth Bennet and her attempts to seduce Darcy away from Caroline So when it comes to Barbara s attention that Mr Darcy and Elizabeth sat in the library unchaperoned for approximately 30 minutes Barbara is only too happy and anxious to further her lady s goals of putting down Elizabeth Bennet Sadly, those who have known the Bennet sisters for 20 some years are not at all shy to snub and make stage whispers with rude descriptions about Elizabeth s and Mr Darcy s character.Darcy learns of the gossip and is not shy about doing his duty and he does meet with Mr Bennet Darcy has already had thoughts about Elizabeth s charms, wits, humor and figurebut the man neglects to say any of this even when the issue of marriage is forced I found his actions with the town s tradesmen to show a great deal of sense and generosityespecially as he deals with not only Wickham s aftermath but also with opinions.This story deals a great deal with conversations not only between E and D but also time and again between servants, tradesmen and people of Meryton and London The wedding day shows just who are the truest in their admiration and their respect for ODC as only family fill the church BUT as they walk out the servants of Longbourn and Netherfield are there to greet and bestow wishes on ODC.This story has events in London and then in Pemberley and back at Meryton, etc as Elizabeth and Darcy find night bringing passions to the fore but neither seems to speak of their feelings in the day light Georgiana tries to further help what she sees and needs to learn about knocking on doors before enteringoops This book does not go into MA descriptions I did have tears in my eyes several times I was quite happy with how gossipers were dealt with in the end Not all were slapped down but they did get the message Caroline Bingleywell she, too, finds her own reward

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    Steady to His PurposeVery sweet rendition of our Beloved Couple s struggles It s nice when The Bennet family is nicer This time most of the troubles were gossipy neighbors People love to spread stories and they do take on a life of their own Nicely written Good read.

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    This book started slowly as the gossip of a compromise forces Elizabeth and Darcy together before they find their shared feelings This part of the story was wonderful After they are married they have to learn to get along They both apologize WAY to much, there are plenty of tears, and way to many mentions of handkerchiefs

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    Steady to His Purpose A Variation of Pride and PrejudiceAn interesting set of developments that occur when Elizabeth and Darcy spent those thirty minutes in the library without a chaperone Caroline s jealousy and her loose lipped ladies maid start the destructive rumor that destroys Elizabeth Bennet s name and questions her virtue Darcy hears about what is being said about Elizabeth from one of Netherfield s young groomsmen In love with Elizabeth than he cares to admit, Darcy has no problem going to Mr Bennet to request her hand in marriage Upset at a forced marriage, but resigned to save her sisters chances, Darcy and Elizabeth marry When her Meryton neighbors refuse to accept that the story is false that there was no compromise, Darcy has supplies brought in from London bypassing Meryton s shops altogether As the time together lengthens, Elizabeth begins to see that her prejudices against Darcy were all her misconceptions and that he has loved her almost since he met her Faced with being wrong she apologizes to him most sincerely and hope for the loving marriage of her dreams materialize Hiccups along the way are handled quickly transportation for Wickham, the Earl handles Lady Catherine s interference, and society takes care of Caroline Bingley s loose lips At Jane s March wedding, Mrs Bennet remarks that she can hardly wait for her first grandchild to Elizabeth Happy are the Darcys as he predicts his daughter and she predicts her son A HEA for ODC filled with disagreements for sure, but filled with much love during those times of sincere apologies.

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    I enjoyed the concept of this story, where the forced marriage through compromise was achieved largely through the gossip of servants and townspeople It didn t really affect Elizabeth and Darcy s relationship, though, so other than misunderstandings about their true feelings for one another, there wasn t much conflict in the story After a while, it felt like a series of interconnected scenes about their married life, but there wasn t any real progress Sure, Elizabeth came to understand that Darcy truly loved her, but given how content she was 90% of the time, it didn t feel like any big change The last 25%, in particular, was excessive and unnecessary particularly the Twelfth Night party.There was some weird formatting in this story that could have used a good editor to clean up, with spacing and centering and italics that weren t always properly placed There was also an excessive amount of quoting and footnoting, which was distracting I find that sort of thing, frankly, boring, and I skimmed it or skipped it whenever it occurred, especially after I realized it was going to be frequently repeated.

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    I quite enjoyed this the idea that Darcy and Elizabeth would be compromised by the time spent alone in Netherfield s library is quite an interesting one and the author handles it quite well, although I would have to agree with another reviewer that the story goes on a bit It is a clean story and the author manages to write in a manner reasonably consistent with the time period, although modern expressions do sometimes slip through.

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    Loved the Caroline storyline and overall story Fun read.

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    Fanfiction.net reader who made the transition to KindleI have read over 100 PP variations over the last year yes and truthfully, likely but I started reading on fanfiction.net Astonishment as this dear writer calls herself has ever been one of my favorites and one of my firsts It is wonderful to read her here She is so very talented and I have never read another writer with such obvious research invested in her books This story is pleasing and satisfying with just the right amount of angst Never is it overwhelming, only understandably appropriate I also admire her ability to include so much information without ever leaving the reading feeling confused or like they ve missed out, and yet she doesn t go on and on to the point of boredom This is an excellent and important skill that I feel like so many writers do not have I am excited to continue to read from this author

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    Oddly differentThe writing style for this book was much different to her other books It was ok but I like the other style .It was a story about the lack of control anyone has with the gossip that can spring up out of nowhere.Both Lizzy and Darcy have quite a bit of growing up to do but the HEA was so lovely.

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    Very enjoyable Although there are some minor errors either grammatical or word choice they do not detract from this entertaining story I truly enjoyed the interactions of Elizabeth and Darcy I like seeing Caroline paying for her cruelty I have read many of this authors stories either at or at fanfiction.net and have enjoy many of them some I have read twice.

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