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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads.After a topsy turvy run, Celia and Aric s story reached its zenith in A CURSE UNBROKEN, and as much as I have enjoyed their adventures, it was high time for these two to ride off into the sunset Happily ever afters or in their case for now don t come easy in Urban Fantasy, and Cecy Robson certainly didn t don kid gloves for this couple s last dance No, instead she poured salt on old wounds, and ripped them a new one I really liked how the elements in this book came together The weres, vamps, and witches were neck and neck from start to finish in the race to acquire the stone Shah , Taran Gemini s relationship is on shaky ground which set things up nicely for OF FLAME AND PROMISE, and the Wird sisters origins came full circle in a surprising plot twist that revealed that there s bigger things at work than just the Alliance Tribe plot arc.This installment was basically Celia s biggest nightmare incarnate On the tail end of the worst pain she s ever endured, Wird gets dealt SO MUCH hurt in this novel that Emme s healing light couldn t keep up, not to mention the gory visuals that the author seared into my retinas a sea of arms anyone And, if none of that was enough to gut you, Robson dredged up a horror from Celia s past, and managed to make it TEN TIMES WORSE However, as much bad as there was, there was plenty of good too Shah, for one, was darned amusing, and considering he s a rock, that s saying something There s also, I suspect, something brewing between Bren Emme which made me super happy because she s been hung up on the Liam thing for too long Honorable mention goes to sparkly Celia and her tinkling nipples oh, and don t forget the naked cartwheels You had to be there LOLA CURSE UNBROKEN was like getting a warm hug after getting pulverized by a blender.

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    A Curse Unbroken is Celia and Aric s final book but the Wird Sister s adventure in the world of magic, shape shifters, vamps and witches is no where close to ending Cecy Robson did another magnificent job with this novel It was equally hilarious, heart breaking and action filled romance story.Yes, Celia and Aric has gone through quite a bit of hell but in this book they will finally get their happy ever after Of course, Cecy Robson will not make easy on them.This book started right when A Curse Bloodline had ended but with just a little overlap of the stories There were suppose to be a happy ever after, instead, there was complete chaos to ruin the moment Evil yet again threaten everyone s lives and targets them at their most vulnerable state The Question is, can they handle another problem so soon Of course they can Celia and Aric have never been stronger Despite the hardships in this installment, I felt their unity It was a sweet beginning and even a sweeter end This may be their HEA book but I have a feeling we will see of them.I can t help but feel afraid for Taran and Gemini s relationship Ms Robson gives us a glimpse of what s to come but I m sure the little preview we get didn t even touch the surface As far as Emme, well, I feel like a whole monkey was lifted off my shoulder I couldn t bare the heartaches she wentg through I can already tell that it s going to be a heart wrenching story ARC provided by publisher

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    This is one of those series that stays with you, the type that you think about long after you have put the book down, long after it is over and way than you should It is the type that leaves you wanting for because you weren t ready for it to be over and it sadly and truly, makes it almost impossible to pick up something else up afterward because you just know it won t compare with the greatness you just devoured.This is a series that I am very sad to see end, even though I know the spin off is going to be just as great I love the Wird sisters and while I agree that it is time to hear their stories, it is going to be so very hard to say goodbye to Alric and Celia and because of that, I wanted to cherish every minute of this read I wanted to read it slowly over time but with all books Cecy, that just didn t happen.I did cherish it and I did appreciate it but of course I also had to devour it.Cecy never ceases to amaze me how she can break my heart one chapter and have me laughing out loud the next sparkly Celia, I am talking about you I knew this was going to be a hard read, an emotional read but I still wasn t prepared for it How do you say goodbye to a couple that you adore To those characters who are now like family, the very best kind of family, the ones you choose rather than the ones you were stuck with I don t want to give anything away but this was a bittersweet read One filled with a whole lot of emotions, mine and theirs and I loved every single minute of it I couldn t have asked for a better ending One still undetermined but one filled with love and hope as well.I am so satisfied with Celia and Aric and their happily ever after But than that, I am excited that this isn t it There is still so much left to do because evil is put at bay and I am excited to take that next step, that next adventure with the next sister I can t wait.

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    Cecy pretty much ripped my heart out and stomped it to pieces with A Cursed Bloodline, so you can understand my trepidation when it came time to read A Curse Unbroken However, knowing it was the last of Celia s books, I had faith Cecy wouldn t do us wrong Guess what She didn t There has never been a shortage of action in the Weird Girls series, and that continues to hold true in this book Celia and her sisters are sent on a mission by Misha to obtain a very special and unique artifact The thing is, everyone wants it for the power it holds.Celia and her sisters have been put through a whole lot of crap Not just since they were outed to the paranormal world, but the majority of their lives What s great though, is how everything is pulled together, coming full circle It s instances like this that make me wonder if the author had the entire series arc planned out, because all the pieces from previous books including novellas fit together, completing the puzzle I love that I don t know if it was just Celia s overall growth, but I think this was the most I liked Celia I mean, I ve always liked her, but she just seemed to have blossomed That sounds lame as hell, but I can t think of another way to put it Or maybe it was those special cartwheels she did Now that was funny Seriously though, Celia rocks in A Curse Unbroken When it comes to Aric, he certainly has the whole alpha thing going on There were times I couldn t decide whether to be irritated with him or feel sorry for him, but his patience was tested for sure when it came to Celia Mostly I found it kind of funny I m just mean like that Celia and Aric fought hard to be together, though, so they deserve a HEA Right It s funny, because when the vampires made their appearance in the first book, I thought they were going to be on the corny side, especially when it came to the Catholic school girls Wrong They ve turned out to be my favorites, with the exception of Bren No one outshines Bren But I swear, the vampires crack me up I m definitely going to miss them.At first I wasn t fully happy with how it ended, because there were unresolved issues regarding Celia s sisters More specifically Taryn She s my girl, so I hate that she s in such a bad place Then I remembered that Taryn will have her own books So I m super happy again.As much as it sucks to see a good series end, it does so perfectly with A Curse Unbroken.

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    My first thoughts on this book were literally MIND BLOWN I love this series, it s such a fun lighthearted read with a great plot This story in particular pulls you in from the very beginning, which really helps to immerse you in the characters world Celia is as always the tough sister that s gonna get the job done, I m so glad in this book her relationship with Aric is far solid than in previous books She s definitely pushed to the breaking point in this one, from her wild emotions to her losses, she just soldiered on I love the fact that Celia s story ends on a high note, because I have a feeling the next book is going to play center stage to her sisters I honestly thought the writing itself and the story telling was even better as well The mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy come together perfectly This isn t a real dark book, it s got a lot of action and surprises though Of course, your still gonna get that trademark Wird sisters humor in this book, which really does add to the story I d definitely recommend this book to fans of UF PNR who want something on the fun side of that genre I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    3 starsAric is still a douche, but he s back together with Celia He is a hypocrite and spends this whole book asking her to go back to her day job as a nurse vs saving the world Seems silly since she saved his hide multiple times and he s still out killing baddies This book has a find the genie type of plot, except it s a magical rock that grants wishes and has a personality I enjoyed Shah, the rock, and his antics He was the most interesting character Problem is everyone wants to get ahold of this rock and use it, so baddies are after them More time spent fighting baddies and an unknown threatwhich I guessed in the first chapter It was a blatantly evident thing that happened that no one noticed till it showed itself as the evil That whole plot I wasn t interested, only how it pertained to Shah Nice ending and this concludes Celia s books, they ll now be about her sisters Book 6 and 7 are about Taran.

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    4.5 Stars It is always a treasure to find a writer that creates amazing story, much a series of stories that I absolutely fell in love with and left me on book high It s like Christmas all over DI am so in love with this series My favourite still by far is the fourth book of the series just cause it has so much angst I thought my heart would explode Can you imagine Hehe, kidding But still, the series story is continues, it is fast paced, action packed, a thriller, tugs on my heartstrings and so so funny And it does keeps getting better and better I love the Wird sisters Each has their own unique characters and gifts Then there s the Were they are paired with that are oh so hot and adorable But, since this is about Celia and Aric, I d have to say, I love them the most For now And speaking of Celia, the heroine could this girl not get a break The poor thing Then as much as I adore Aric, he does need to get hit in the head sometimes But I can never stay mad at him, so all is forgiven Let s hug it out Aric my loves Hehe I won t say , except that, I HIGHLY recommend and I can t wait for what Cecy Robson is gonna write next Oh, I would easily rate this 5 stars, it s just that, it has to be at par or with book 4, and that book was just, way way up over the hill, gonna be harder to top that But who knows Series not over yet and thank God cause I want

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    Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewWe had gone through many emotional states in the previous volume Oh yes because Cecy Robson really had not been kind to her characters and that is also why we suffered with them I was therefore really curious about the events there, to see how the sisters would be able to evolve after all the changes in their lives In addition, you must know that this is the last novel featuring Celia as a main character and we will turn now to the other sisters I am also eager to see how the transition will be made.Beginning the story, I admit that I was a bit lost in the first pages I must say that from the first sentences, events keep coming before we really have the time to really understand what is happening This is not really a problem but it s true that I did not really expect that Once past the surprise, we re caught in the history, we also welcome back all our dear characters and we watch them facing the trials of the previous novel No one will be spared by that matter Indeed, Taran and Gimini have some serious problems in their relationship as the woman mismanages the loss of her arm and the consequences This is something that really broke my heart because we don t expect something to break them this way and we hope throughout the story that everything will work out very fast But of course, we focus a little on Celia and Aric as always Ah, our two characters have to face a lot of things and when you think it s over, it s to start again thereafter No respite ounce is granted and we perfectly feel it Both in the moods changes and the strange attitudes, and even if we understand that something is wrong, we will actually have to wait for the end of the story to find out what really happens.Aric is rather insisting on the fact that Celia has to give up her job to go back to work at the hospital, something that does not appeal her at all Understandably, he hopes she will be safer, but we also understand her because this is not something very interesting in the end Yet they will both end up looking for a stone of great power, each for a different faction and I was curious to see how it was going to end Oh yes, because the author has many surprises about it I also did not expect to appreciate that much this stone so intriguing and different.As you can see, Cecy takes us once again into an insane pace The sisters are evolving, changing and finally trying to find their place Enemies that we do not expect appear and I was very curious to see how it would end Relationships are formed, some break, some get stronger and I m anxious to see what will happen to them afterwards So many things here, we ll even get to see Misha and his girls, though it s not a lot and I loved seeing them each time.This is a series to discover and it now remains for me to wait and see for the sequel.

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    3.5 for this bookBook 4 was my absolute favorite of the series, the angst loved it Review to come for the whole series.

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    Four and a half stars Another solid, action packed Wird Sister adventure.Celia and Aric are reveling in all their time together They seem to have overcome their obstacles, and they are finally together Just when things are perfect, another paranormal disaster strikes Aric, Celia and the pack are attacked on the shores of Tahoe by three dangerous and formidable shapeshifters It turns out an old and deadly power is about to expire and if this powerful object ends up in the wrong hands, the world could be doomed Unfortunately for Celia and Aric, the danger hits too close to home and before long, Celia, Aric and everyone she loves are drawn into a life or death battle Can Celia and Aric once again overcome the odds What I Liked Whew Another exciting thrill ride from beginning to end I never can get enough of the Wird Sisters, and each installment in this series has proven to be an adrenaline fueled thrill ride I loved all the action in this one, but than that, I appreciated the strong romance Even though this book is the finale for Aric and Celia, I think the two deserve a long earned respite, and so I am okay to let them go for now, but eager to hear Taran s story If you are a fan of this series, this is a must read, and if you haven t yet picked up the series, now is the perfect time because you can do some serious binge reading At the heart of the story is the strong bond between Aric and Celia Even though the two have been through hell and back, their love remains the force the drives them I have long been a fan of the romance in this one, despite the odds and the drama I was relieved and happy to see how it all played out and ended If any couple is going to make it, Celia and Aric will If you like a sizzling hot romance with lots of action and hurdles, get this series This book took a different stance compared to previous books In this one, it is the alliance of good battling the forces of evil, but in a different way I can t get into specifics, but I liked the tone and story line of this book It was unique I also liked seeing the witches, vampires and werewolves working together Speaking of witches, this was the first time that we have seen the good witches play a strong role in the story There have been plenty of wicked witches, but this time the good witches play a big and important part in helping to fight the evil I liked the addition of the witches, and I am hoping they will have a strong presence in the next books Ms Robson s books always have intricate story lines with many side stories, and this one is no exception I liked the inclusion of the side stories, and I appreciated that they were setting up the stories in the spin off books This time around Taran is struggling with her powers and her relationship, and I was just itching to know , but I am going to have to wait A new fledgling romance is in the works, and I am eager for of that one as well The ending was satisfying and conclusive as far as Celia and Aric go I know that will still be making appearances in the other books, and I am relieved that their torment seems to be over This book concluded most of their story, and tied off loose story threads on the sister s past and their origins, while setting in place exciting threads for the next book which is all about Taran I liked this final book for Celia and Aric, and I am than excited for Taran s book.And The Not So Much As I mentioned, Taran is dealing with some big issues, and consequently, she is a shadow of her former self I missed her brash, crazy humor The book wasn t the same without her mouthing off and getting into trouble Still, I understand why, and I know it was done to set up her story I have grown used to Taran s comedic relief and I missed it Not to mention, there was only one encounter with Mrs Mancuso the nosy neighbor, I wanted of that wackiness as well While I enjoyed the bigger role of the witches, that excluded Misha a bit He does make his appearance at the end, but for the most part his role is diminished in this one, and I missed the posturing between he and Aric The school girl vamps are still there so they helped make up for Misha s absence Danny and Bren had small roles in this one as well I am hoping they will have large roles in Taran s story I was a bit frustrated that after everything Celia and Aric have weathered that there were a few moments in this one where they revisited the same romantic issues they have been grappling with from the the beginning I didn t like that these issues once again reared their ugly heads Thankfully, it is short lived.A Curse Unbroken is a thrilling conclusion to Aric and Celia s story I loved the danger, the action, the romance and the reveals I have been a fan of this series from the beginning, and I was satisfied with this final installment in Aric and Celia s story I am pleased though that this journey is not yet over as Taran is waiting in the wings with her story I cannot wait to see what Taran has in store If you have not yet picked up The Weird Girls Series, now is the perfect time as you can binge read all five of the books before the spin off series starts This is one of the best new series I have read, and I highly recommend it Favorite Quotations What you should have told me was that you were my sun that rises to the morning and the moon that makes me howl at night That you were than I ever needed, or desired in a mate I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review Posted Rainy Day Ramblings.

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A Curse Unbroken download A Curse Unbroken, read online A Curse Unbroken, kindle ebook A Curse Unbroken, A Curse Unbroken 6537b000edc9 The Preternatural World Is Changing After A Massive Magical Throwdown Tore Apart The Established Order, The Dark Elements Are Rebuilding Their Ranks Unopposed Celia Wird S World Is Changing, Too She S The Mate Of The Pureblood Were Aric, And His Warriors Are Honor Bound To Protect Her Family As She And Her Sisters Recover From Unimaginable Horrors Celia Hesitates To Reveal The True Extent Of The Wird Sisters Trauma, But They Aren T The Only Ones Keeping Secrets Aric And The Werewolf Elders Are Tracking A Stone That Grants Limitless Power So Is A Tough Coven Of Witches Then Misha, A Master Vampire With His Own Plans For The Stone, Sends Celia After It Can She And The Vamps Beat Both The Weres And The Witches To The Treasure Before It Falls Into The Wrong Hands Fearing For Celia S Safety, Aric Begs Her To Stay Out Of The Hunt What They Don T Realize Is That They Re The Ones Being Hunted But Celia S Ready To Prove That She S Not Easy Prey