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Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4) explained Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4), review Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4), trailer Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4), box office Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4), analysis Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4), Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4) 001b New York Times Bestselling Author Maria V Snyder Wowed Readers With Poison Study, The Unforgettable Story Of Poison Taster Yelena Now She S Back With A New Tale Of Intrigue Once, Only Her Own Life Hung In The Balance Oddly Enough, When Yelena Was A Poison Taster, Her Life Was Simpler But She D Survived To Become A Vital Part Of The Balance Of Power Between Rival Countries Ixia And Sitia Now She Uses Her Magic To Keep The Peace In Both Lands And Protect Her Relationship With ValekSuddenly, Though, They Are Beset On All Sides By Those Vying For Power Through Politics And Intrigue Valek S Job And His Life Are In Danger As Yelena Tries To Uncover The Scope Of These Plots, She Faces A New Challenge Her Magic Is Blocked She Must Keep That A Secret Or Her Enemies Will Discover Just How Vulnerable She Really Is While Searching For Who Or What Is Responsible For Neutralizing Her PowersYes, The Days Of Tasting Poisons Were Much Simpler And Certainly Not As Dangerous Praise For Maria V Snyder Doing Full Justice To The Plot Of This Original And Entertaining Epic Fantasy Is Impossible Suffice It To Say That The Action Is Nonstop The Many Characters Leap To Life, Particularly Yelena, Whose First Person Narrative Is Riveting RT Book Reviews On Fire Study

  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • Shadow Study (Soulfinders, #1; Study, #4)
  • Maria V. Snyder
  • English
  • 01 August 2017

About the Author: Maria V. Snyder

When Maria V Snyder was younger, she aspired to be a storm chaser in the American Midwest so she attended Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology Much to her chagrin, forecasting the weather wasn t in her skill set so she spent a number of years as an environmental meteorologist, which is not excitingat all Bored at work and needing a creative out

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    It took me a long ass time to read this book, because I had to take my time to savor every single word At one point, I considered DNFing it because I didn t want it to end I m weird I know Poison Study is one of my favorite high fantasy of all time, but even I I have to admit, the second and third book sucked I read them, and loved them, and rated them highly anyway because I absolutely adore the characters and the world Valek and Yelena are my favorite couple of all time, if I had an OTP, they would be 1.I am happy to say that this, the highly unexpected 4th book in this series, does not disappoint in any way There is a special place in my heart for the first book, Poison Study, but my bias aside, this may be my favorite Maria V Snyder book ever, and I ve read almost every single one of her books.Why do I love this book As with the entire series, the world building is immense, amazing, incredibly well meshed and believeable From the emerging technology to the system of magic, I can t think of a single element that didn t fit well together The main characters are a fantastic couple They re what I aspire towards, if I ever get into a long term relationship Valek and Yelena s love for each other knows no bounds They are soul mates, heart mates, friendsas well as co workers and co conspirators They are partners, equals There is so much mutual respect for one another Their trust in each other is a beautiful thing to behold.Valek is an assassin, highly skilled Yelena is a liaison, a fighter as well a magician Valek trusts in her ability to defend herself, and she trusts him Their job comes first They may worry about one another, but their fucking job comes first I love that They know their priorities They don t spend much time together, and that s fine, because their love exists beyond that They don t need to be thinking about each other fucking 24 7 in order for us to know that they re still in love.Valek s unwavering loyalty lies, not with Yelena, but with his Commander, the ruler of Ixia He knew the Commander first, before Yelena, and though he loves Yelena, it is his duty and loyalty to his country and Commander that comes before their relationship Yelena knows that, she relates to that, she understands that She doesn t become a whiny little bitch.The other characters are actually OTHER CHARACTERS Unlike other books, side characters do not disappear into the background Other female characters are positive models, strong There is no sexism here I ve gotten to know and love the side characters throughout the series, and I am happy to say that they all play prominent roles here.It was a hard book to read at times, bad things happen to people I love, and it was rough for me reading about them suffering Yelena, particularly But I know her, and I know she can and does take care of herself without anyone s help I only suffer this much when I m highly attached to characters.See why I love this book Oh, and the main reason Valek SO MUCH MORE VALEK Valek as a child is pretty fucking terrifying BWAHAHAHAHA.If you haven t read this series, this is a great time to start.

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    How am I supposed to go on with my life after that ending I m pretty sure my squeals woke the dead along with my not particularly happy parents Shadow Study was as tasty as a steaming mug of caramel flavored cappuccino with loads of sugar accompanied by chocolate brownies It felt like going home after a rainy day and finding dry clothes,a warm fire and an even warmer smile by the person you love the most I savored each word,I welcomed the endearing feeling of returning to a world so cherished and characters so beloved and adventures that made my heart uncontrollably pound If I could,I d give Maria V Snyder a tight hug Dead air surrounded me.My magic was gone As you can imagine,after losing her Soulfinder powers Yelena is vulnerable to every single person who hates her and believe me when I say it,they re many.She has to let other people protect her and find out how to survive with an assassin at her heels and the possibility of war between Sitia and Ixia becoming greater and tangible each day,while Valek tries to balance his loyalty to the Commander and his love for Yelena.Not knowing who to trust and who to kill,afraid and on the run,Yelena might be the key to stop the impending war.Or be the cause of it.The truth is,at some points I had a hard time following the story because I haven t read the Glass series yet and I doubt I ll do so any time soon.But my lack of backround knowledge did not prevent me from inhaling Shadow Study or slowly becoming aware of the things at stake and the motivation of the villains In fact,I loved Shadow Study than Magic Study and Fire Study,and I am content that Maria V Snyder decided to continue Valek and Yelena s story There wasn t a dull moment,I was constantly on the edge of my sit,each chapter ended in a cliffhanger and I swear there were times my frantic heartbeat was the only thing I could hear I loved the sarcastic touch of each narrative that made me snicker even when things got serious,and Janco s chapters were pure delight Action,mystery and suspense,secrets and espionage,assassins and dubious characters,Shadow Study was a blend of everything you could ask for But the book s hightlight was Valek s POV Valed stared at the dead man.No regret pulsed inside him.Just a deep feeling of satisfaction How can you not love this man He s not someone who broods over the ugly things he s done,he accepts them and moves on.He s cold and calculative,cunning and self aware,but he s not immoral.I ve always wanted a glimpse to his past and thoughts and I must admit his chapters were the part I enjoyed the most in this book I was frustrated he had only a few scenes with Yelena but being inside his head,witnessing his struggle between his duty and his devastating love for her,knowing that he would do anything to save her was enough to tame my frustation I d like you to stay with me forever The most refreshing thing about Valek and Yelena is that despite loving each other to death they re independent,they follow their path,they accept that they have different responsibilities and still they make their relationship work Their trust,their devotion,their passion and their warmth make them one of my all time favorite couples,a couple I shipped since their first meeting and I ll ship until I m an old toothless cat lady reminiscing the glorious days of her youth,when a ruthless assassin stole her heart and never returned it And I suspect that he owns a collection of missing hearts

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    Of course I m going to give my own book 5 stars I recently listened to the audio book, which is narrated by the fabulously talented Gabra Zackman Listening to a book is a different experience than reading it and I listen to all my books because it helps me be a better writer I can hear the clunky dialogue and try to avoid it in future books the rhythm and cadence of the words can sometimes sing and other times.jar And the humor either hits the mark or not I was laughing at something Janco said and my daughter asked me, You re laughing at your own book How is that possible I replied that it s funnier when Gabra reads it.For those who are audio book fans, Night Study was just released in audio and I had the pleasure of being in the studio with Gabra during one session it took her 5 hours to record about 2.5 hours of the book it s harder than it sounds Here s a link

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    UPDATE 2 From Maria V Snyders Facebook As promised, here are a few details about the SHADOW STUDY yes, it s a new book with Yelena and Valek if you didn t know where have you been It is tentatively scheduled to be released early January 2015 in the US, but I m sure the UK and AU will be releasing the book very close to the US date Yelena and Valek s POV will alternate chapters, starting with Yelena There may be sections of Janco s POV working that out with my editor The reason the book is titled, SHADOW STUDY is because during Valek s chapters, there are a number of flashbacks to his past and the place where he learned how to be an assassin is called, The School of Night and Shadows The second of the new set of Study books 3 planned in all is tentatively titled, NIGHT STUDY No title for 3 yet As for the story it starts soon after the events in SPY GLASS Valek is returning to Ixia because the Commander has ordered him home seems crafty smugglers have found a new route into Ixia and he needs Valek and Ari and Janco to investigate After an all too brief vacation with Valek, Yelena has to deal with an increasing anti magician sentiment from the Sitian Council and she goes on a mission to find Ben Moon Owen Moon s brother Ben escaped from Wirral prison Ben had tried to kill Yelena after Owen was executed in Ixia To read the story about Owen Moon s nefarious deeds go here in fact, Ben has a pretty big part in SHADOW STUDY so you may want to go and re read the story before January Familiar characters that are in SHADOW STUDY Leif, Mara, Opal, Devlen, Reema, Bain, Irys, Maren, and Kiki of course New characters Onora young hot shot female assassin , Gerik new soldier for the Commander s detail , Ben Moon, Hedda Head Mistress of the school of Night and Shadows , and Arbon a fellow assassin trainee that was in school with Valek.I hope that satisfies some of the curiosity or did I make it worse From Maria V Snyder s News Letter SUPER, FANTASTIC, AMAZING Thrilling NEWS This is especially exciting for all my readers who have been BUGGING me about Yelena and Valek books Well guess what I ve a new contract with my publisher for four books One is the last book of the Healer series, TASTE OF DEATH due out December 2013, and the next three will be Study books Yes, I m returning to Yelena, Valek, and the gang with a new series of adventures Yay The first book will probably be out the Fall of 2014 key word probably I ll know better next year Is everyone happy now Yes Good you can all stop bugging me This is so exciting I can t wait but in the mean time.

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    I read and liked the Study books, but I never went any further with The Chronicles of Ixia and read the Glass stuff Maybe I should have Or maybe I should have at least re read the original books with Yelena and Valek, because I was sort of lost during Shadow Study Having said that, I m still feeling pretty generous about those 3 stars This story was just choppy and strangely written I didn t mind the POV switches, but I did mind that only Yelena s POV was told in first person It was incredibly jarring.And maybe it was like this in the other books, and I just don t remember, but half the time everyone seemed to be all Days of Yore, and then abruptly they would switch into Surfer Dudes Valek s flashback sequences wore on my nerves, as well First, because the transitioning sequences were so damn cheesy that it felt like Snyder would have been better off doing something like this insert wavy lines here And second, because it didn t make Valek sympathetic to me, it made me want to crack him in the head Also, he seemed like an old fart that didn t deserve Yelena.Get excited, there s a BIG HUGE LIFE CHANGING SECRET TWIST at the end Don t worry, you ll see it coming from a mile away.I thought I would really like this one, but either my tastes have changed dramatically or this is a sub par addition to the series I hope it s the former, and I d love to hear the opinions of die hard fans of these books If you are a big fan of Snyder and her Chronicles of Ixia, you may really enjoy this one I wouldn t recommend anyone else jump into this series here, though Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital review copy.

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    Once , Maria V Snyder has done it again This is the first instalment of the second trilogy, telling the story of Yelena and Valek s epic tale in the Ixian Chronicles and it was AMAZING Needless to say, this series has cemented itself onto my favourite series of all time list I absolutely adore the characters and the world that Snyder has created It is such a well crafted believable world, and I found the mixture of magic and technology to be utterly fascinating Do I admit that some books are better than others Yes Will that stop me from giving all of these ridiculously high ratings No P Also, I do think that this book comes in as my second favourite Ixian Chronicles book with Poison Study firmly at 1, of course.It s very strange to think that Yelena s life was so much simpler when she was a mere food taster for the Commander Now, no matter what she does, not only does her life consistency hang in the balance, but there are political implications in regards to Ixian Sitian relations, as well The stakes are SO HIGH Yelena typically uses her cunning intellect and powerful magic as a liaison between the two countries until now As dissent is rising as to the involvement of magicians on the political stage, Yelena is attacked and awakens to find her magic either blocked or completely gone POOF UH OH.PSA Before reading this book, you MUST have read Ice Study beforehand because that is the prequel to this book If you have not read that, you will be completely unaware as to who Ben Moon and Owen Moon are, and why Ben Moon wants Yelena and Valek dead In this instalment, Yelena is sent to locate Ben Moon, who has recently escaped from the high security Wirral prison and is seeking vengeance for his brother s execution Valek pulled the glass from my grip, set it on the table, then took both my hands in his When we re apart, I worry about you Even when I know you re fine and doing some boring research for Bain or visiting your parents, I worry Even though you are than capable of taking care of yourself, I worry I was capable You still are Owen couldn t break you If it wasn t for you, he would have Your voice gave me the strength You used your own strength I just reminded you that it was already within you Now, onto my OTP, Yelena and Valek, aka one of the best YA power couples EVER It is such a wholesome and genuine relationship that actually FEELS real It doesn t feel like some YA couples, who couldn t possibly have worked in real life They are truly equal partners By the time that this novel begins, they have been together for eight years longer than even some marriages, haha , and it really feels like it, too They both act like a married couple They are so loving and supportive of one another, but remain their own people Their duties and jobs are their first priorities in fact, Yelena even specifically stated that she recognised that Valek s loyalty to the Commander came before her , and they do not sit around, moping about each other s absence and thinking about one another They are true soul mates or heart mates, as it is termed in this world and their trust in each other knows no bounds Talk about unwavering loyalty I aspire to have a relationship like this, one day May we have couples like this, please, dear authors of the YA community I m begging you Yelena Hmm I d like you to stay with me while we figure out how to unblock your magic We re stronger together All right He laughed I thought I d have of a fight I m too tired to argue Then I should take advantage of the situation I cracked one eye open And I d like you to stay with me forever 3 3 3 3 3 I NEED A MAN LIKE VALEK IN MY LIFE Talk about swoon worthy Does anyone know where I might find one There is a new addition to this series cast, by the name of Onora She was a very interesting character, who gives Valek a run for his money Having said that, this second trilogy is now told in three points of view rather than Yelena s solely Yelena so brilliant , Valek so amazing , and Janco so hilarious I m not even ashamed to say that OF COURSE Valek s POV was my favourite D During Valek s POV, I was especially fascinated by his past and the time that he spent at the School of Night and Shadows, training to be the assassin that he is today Also, Valek as a child was TERRIFYING He d have killed me in less than 2 seconds if he were ever sent to assassinate me, that is And if I had one complaint about this book, it would be that Ari has unfortunately faded into the background because he is constantly overshadowed by Janco I m now going to read Night Study, as soon as humanly possible because THAT ENDING OMG view spoiler When I began this book, I literally said that I wanted a Valek Yelena wedding and little assassin babies and the book ended with the cliffhanger I m pregnant AHHHH I hope that she really is and that it isn t a false alarm They re going to be bloody brilliant parents I can t wait to see them finally settle down aka no people trying to kill them, haha and start a family 3 Also, I m thinking that the baby is siphoning Yelena s magic because Valek is immune to magic , and that s why she can t tap into her powersI guess we ll see if I m right hide spoiler

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    This fantasy world is one that I have always lovedand always will love It s lush history and beautiful setting, the simple yet exciting social structure and the wonderful mystical elements it possesses are something that I have always latched onto I never wanted to say goodbye to this world, and now thanks to the Soulfinder series I don t have to I convinced myself that I could not wait to get my hands on a copy of this I talked about it all the time, counted down the days and bought my copy the day it came out However it took me a long time to physically open up the book and start reading At first I couldn t figure out why but when I thought about I realized that I was scared.scared that I would not love this and as a result not love poison, magic, and fire study as much as I used too This did not happen, though, and for that I am so glad Shadow Study was action packed, full of adventure and humor, and that little hint of romance that warms your insides I was so happy to read about some of my all time favourite characters again, I have missed Yelena so much Her kickass nature and always moving personality has always pulled me in and this book was no different Her chapters were full of depth and I enjoyed her thought process so much There is something about Maria V Snyder that I cannot get past and that is her inclusive writing style She wheels you in and makes it impossible for you not to love her characters even if you don t relate to them at all, you feel connected to them all and her descriptive writing and rich world building only adds to this Her writing is always a joy to read and makes me adore everything that she writes and that hasn t changed.However something did change and for a long time I could not figure out what it was because this had all the fantastic elements of the Study trilogy that I adored, however it was missing some as well I didn t commit to the book like I did with the Study series, and I think it s because of the different perspectives While I enjoyed the humor and finding out about Valeck s past it made the novel a little disjointed Something exciting and magical would happen to Yelena and then BAM it would move to a different perspective, and the novel lost some of it s flow because of this I did like the addition of the new Miss assassin, and her banter with Janco was funny as hell, but again because of the constant change of perspective I found it hard to commit to that as well To be honest I really just wanted Yelena Her perspective is the one I connected with the most and while the others were interesting and funny, I found it hard to connect to them all at once.In terms of the love story I did have a slight love hate relationship with it Because it s Yelena and Velek I will always love every little bit of romance I get, I just I didn t feel a pull entirely However it was still complex and there were hints of what was to come The silly, girly part of me wanted Valek to be all protective, chase after her and go all alpha male however that is not him, it s not his character and the characters is something I have ways loved in this series because the author crafts a characters fears and dreams and stays true to that She doesn t change them to please, she instead molds them and defines them and I really can t fault that.In the end there was a new dynamic I had to get used to and by the end I had I have mentioned my criticisms, however as a whole I really loved this novel and cannot wait to see what is next for everyone UPDATE OH MY FREAKING GOD THERE IS GOING TO BE FOUR MORE BOOKS DID YOU HEAR ME FOUR MIRE BOOKS FOUR MORE BOOKS FOUR MORE BOOKS FOUR MORE BOOKS I just died and went to book heaven

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    Maria V Snyder has been contracted for three Study books Update 3 6 14 It is tentatively scheduled to be released early January 2015 Yelena and Valek s POV will alternate chapters, starting with Yelena There may be sections of Janco s POV The reason the book is titled, Shadow Study is because during Valek s chapters, there are a number of flashbacks to his past and the place where he learned how to be an assassin is called, The School of Night and Shadows The second of the new set of Study books is tentatively titled, Night Study As for the story it starts soon after the events in Spy Glass Valek is returning to Ixia because the Commander has ordered him home seems crafty smugglers have found a new route into Ixia and he needs Valek and Ari and Janco to investigate After an all too brief vacation with Valek, Yelena has to deal with an increasing anti magician sentiment from the Sitian Council and she goes on a mission to find Ben Moon Owen Moon s brother Ben escaped from Wirral prison Ben had tried to kill Yelena after Owen was executed in Ixia To read the story about Owen Moon s nefarious deeds go here in fact, Ben has a pretty big part in Shadow Study so you may want to go and re read the story Ice Study before January Familiar characters that are in Shadow Study Leif, Mara, Opal, Devlen, Reema, Bain, Irys, Maren, and Kiki of course New characters Onora young hot shot female assassin , Gerik new soldier for the Commander s detail , Ben Moon, Hedda Head Mistress of the school of Night and Shadows , and Arbon a fellow assassin trainee that was in school with Valek Maria s announcement

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    We re stronger together Well, that was crazy I m so so glad that Maria decided to continue on with Valek and Yelena s story because I had not seen enough of them in only 3 books I think this book was set up the best purely because of the alternating points of view I loved that we still stayed with Yelena in first person, but we still got to see Janco and Valek s point of view too in third person I m really looking forward to seeing if POVs are added especially Leif and Ari because I d love to see what they re up to all the time Seeing Valek s POV was the best part of the book I adored seeing his backstory and how his journey went from random child to King killer Obviously my favourite part was 17 year old Valek dressing up as a woman working in a salon in disguise in order to sneak into the castle and kill the royal family for the Commander My problem will forever remain that we don t see enough of Yelena and Valek together However, it s also really good to see a relationship so strong when the couple is basically in a long distance relationship After that ending though, I feel like we ll be seeing way of their scenes together Janco and Ari have also become main characters and I couldn t be happier I loved the power twins together again and seeing them have a prominent role I just love them both and they re honestly both such a mess that I can t help laughing to myself when they converse I have so many mixed feels on the Commander right now I thought he was a good dude but like what the fuck is he doing I m so conflicted and confused and I need answersOkay, let s talk about that ending which I was spoiled on view spoiler So, I was randomly looking for fanart for this series and when I typed in Yelena and Valek , the first option that popped up was Yelena and Valek BABY i almost threw my phone because WHAT A BABY WHEN So, of course I ended up hunting to find out and I found out that Yelena finds out she s pregnant in Night Study, even though it s first mentioned in Shadow Study Look, I m excited to see about this pregnancy because, you know, Yelena has thousands of enemies and there s so many complications and now she has to deal with all of this while pregnant Honestly, I m excited for a Valek and Yelena baby and HOPEFULLY a wedding I just want them to be happy and I m sure this baby will bring them closer together hopefully resulting in scenes of them together and Valek s POV being full of panic Also, it s really interesting that she is pregnant and has lost her magic You d assume that she lost her magic because of the baby but I wonder why Also, it honestly makes so much sense because she had the symptoms AND her magic disappeared literally just after they had sex hide spoiler

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