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    Awesome book If you love vamps then read this Amazing plot choices and reads well as a standalone, but treat yourself and read all three.

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    Quinn Forrester is an entrepreneur, but he also happens to be a vampire As if his life wasn t busy enough with his own club VAMPYR, after he buys out two other vampire bars his life is positively hectic As if that wasn t enough, his mortal daughter has tried contacting her dead mother causing her spirit along with his wife and ex girlfriend to take up residence in his home And now his vampire daughter is stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to fight her feelings for her son s father Between the clubs and his own insane private life, will he ever be able to live a normal life Masquerade is another amazing book in the Vampyr series K.M McFarland has managed to take a genre that has been, in some ways, overdone and given it a fresh spin As easy as it would have been to take the same storylines of other vampire books, McFarland has gone the extra mile to make these books unique and entertaining From the minute you open the book you know that this is a different vampire story and you are immediately hooked When I first started reading I didn t realize this was part of a series yes, I know, the title should ve given it away but sometimes I m a little slow lol so I went back and read the first two And I am so glad I did Masquerade can be read as a stand alone book but it is so much better when read with the others The writing is amazing easy to read but the author doesn t talk down to you The details help you see it all as you read, but they don t overwhelm the story or slow it down Just the opposite it elevates everything McFarland also has a way of making everything seem perfectly logical and probable even with the fantasy of vampires and the like It makes you feel like this is actually happening and you are a shadow following these people around.If you love vampires or if you just love a good book regardless of the genre, you need to pick these up You will not be disappointed I promise you An excellent read, and I can t wait to see what happens next

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    I would like to thank K M McFarland and Goodreads First Reads for my free copy of Masquerade Vampry III in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed the book To me, it almost read like a country song who sleeping with who, who s being true, who doesn t care any This book has plenty of action, suspense, family drama, moments of levity, sexually explicit situations, love and of course you can t have a vampire novel without an evil nemesis I loved all the characters except for the evil Evangeline I would recommend this book to those who are over 18 Overall, I thought it was a good read.

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    Slow start The beginning of this story is a little wordy and confusing Too many characters are introduced at one time But after the first chapter the story begins to unravel and the read becomes engaging and relaxing

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Masquerade (Vampyr #3) download Masquerade (Vampyr #3) , read online Masquerade (Vampyr #3) , kindle ebook Masquerade (Vampyr #3) , Masquerade (Vampyr #3) c39528630980 Randi Brooks Is Back In Town, And She Only Has Eyes For One Hot Ageless Vampire, Quinn Forrester Quinn Has His Hands Full As The Owner Of All Three Vampire Bars In New Orleans And Hires The Attractive Young Mortal As His Personal Assistant As Quinn And Randi Grow Closer, The Successful Entrepreneur Also Must Deal With His Unique Blended Household A Vampire Daughter, A Mortal Daughter Who Sees Dead People, A Spiritually Connected Vampire Ex Girlfriend Who Is Her Mentor, And A Deceased Ex Wife That Just Won T Stay Dead Is His Mansion Big Enough Being Undead Can Get Complicated